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Can I love you?


It has been a couple of years since Allen first arrived from Britain. Working hard paid off, he thought, as he lounged on his black sofa in his new apartment. He glanced briefly at the white walls around him, considering a suitable colour scheme for his new apartment. He should keep a wall white, and maybe something blue, he mused, blue like…


Allen choked. He scrambled upright from his position on the sofa and succeeded in falling off onto the marble floor. Groaning, he sat back and glared at the intruder.

"Lavi! What are you doing—or rather, how did you get in?"

"He stalked you here and dusted for your fingerprints off the electronic passcode lock. You should change the passcode, Allen, '0000' won't deter any burglars."

Allen huffed, before walking towards the door to push his friends into his house.

"You should try '0606', Allen."


"It's Kanda's birthday."

"Ohh—Wait. What? Kanda's—I—Lavi!"

Lavi snickered, lying down on the sofa and taking up the entire space. Lenalee shook her head at Lavi's antics.

"Are you going to redecorate the apartment?" Lenalee asked, looking around.

"Of course! Maybe a white rug here and a small coffee table…cushions, perhaps…and maybe I'll get the piano that I always wanted, Neah saved it for me…and I'll like to repaint those walls—"

"Blue. Like Kanda's hair. Or eyes."

"Yea—huh? LAVI!"

Lavi curled up, laughing at Allen's horrified expression. Allen proceeded to punch his best friend's head, while said best friend ignored the pain.

"Ignore that idiot, Allen. We—well, I, at least—wanted to accompany you to go shop for a couple of things for your apartment."

"Ah, thanks, Lenalee!"


"How about some grey? Or red, like that hair tie Kanda gave you? Or blue—blue sounds nice…" Lavi rambled, an arm slung over Allen's shoulder. They looked at the stack of buckets filled with paint. Lenalee stared at the turquoise paint, while Lavi lifted three different paint buckets—Slate, Crimson and Indigo.

"Too bright, too dark..." Allen muttered, taking Indigo and comparing it between Dynasty and Liberty Blue. He took a bucket of Dynasty and Royal Mist and stacked it in his cart, before heading off elsewhere.

Lavi gave a shrug, before taking Lenalee's hand and wandered off. It's a good time, he thought, to see what furniture there was and make plans for their future home. After all, he didn't confess to Lenalee for nothing.

Allen picked up a circular white rug and went to the check-out counter to have his items paid and delivered to his apartment. Looking around, he realised that Lenalee and Lavi were nowhere to be seen.

Well, I could always call them later, he thought.


He went to the florist across the furniture shop, thinking about the kind of plants that fit his colour scheme. Daisies seems like a good choice, white against a dark blue wall. Cactuses seem fine too.

Allen's eyes widen at the variety of flowers in the shop. Red, blue, pink, white, you name it, he probably saw it.

He browsed through the flowers, choosing a small cactus that might see well on his coffee table, and some daisies, like he planned. He headed over to the counter to ask the store owner to wrap the flowers for him. Except there was no one at the cashier.

He went to the back of the shop, surprised to see a door leading out to a greenhouse. A man was squatting at a corner, tending to some little white stems of a plant that Allen didn't recognise.

"Excuse me!" Allen called.

The man glanced back and upon seeing Allen, stood to full height, a slight frown on his face.


"Eh? Kanda?"

Kanda was dressed in a tight shirt and black pants tucked into his boots. Strangely enough, he had wound his hair up into a loose bun, with a pencil stuck through it. His glove-clad hands were wet and muddy from work.

Allen stifled a laugh; Kanda's hairstyle suited him, although it was a little feminine. Allen caught sight of a little dirt smudge across Kanda's nose, subconsciously moving forward and wiping the dirt off with a tissue.

"You work here?"

"Yeah. The old man had a private art studio initially, but he went back to France and gave the shop to me."

Allen guessed that the aforementioned "old man" was quite close to Kanda, even though Kanda sniffed at the mentioned of him.

"I didn't know you were a stalker for real."

Allen recalled the accidental house visit two years ago—the last time he saw Kanda. He gave a glare, before muttering a soft "I'm not!".

"So, what did you came here for?"

"Oh! I want to buy that cactus over there and those daisies…"

"Any special occasion?"

"Decorative purposes, I just thought they look beautiful…I'll transfer them into a vase later, so there's no need for any nice wrapping."

Kanda mixed some white and yellow daisies together and wrapped them in transparent plastic, putting the flowers and the cactus into a paper bag.

"You like lotuses?"

Kanda raised his head, looking at Allen, who was prodding at a lotus in a bowl of water.


"Where have you been these…years?"


"I haven't seen you around."


"What were you planting in the greenhouse?"



"To eat."

"What is this… moh-yah-shee?"

Kanda chuckled at the pronunciation. "Beansprouts."

"Ohh—wait, so you've been calling me a beansprout?"

Kanda inclined his head as a form of affirmation, before his eyes softened and he went to the greenhouse.

"Wait, Kanda, I haven't—" Allen called, stopping himself as Kanda came back with a bunch of small, blue flowers and a piece of twine.

Kanda lay the flowers on his table and slipped the twine around the stems, looping the course string around the stems a couple of rounds. He tied a knot with nimble fingers and placed the bouquet, and a laminated pressed flower, into the paper bag containing Allen's items.

"Wait, Kan—"

Kanda went over to where Allen was standing, the paper bag in his hands.

"I'm leaving."

"—da. Huh? Where to?"


"Wait, soon? But—why—why so suddenly?"

Kanda didn't answer, but instead walked forward, which Allen responded by shuffling backwards and to the entrance of the shop.

Kanda bent his head down, pushing his nose down to the crook of Allen's neck. He had one hand holding Allen's upper arm. The other hand caught Allen's own and he slipped the paper bag over Allen's fingers.

Allen blushed, breathing a little heavily as he felt air brush across his neck. He turned his own face towards Kanda's head and accidentally buried his nose into Kanda's hair. It smelled vaguely of sweat and something earthy and flowery. Kanda pulled back and pressed his forehead against Allen's forehead, his minty breath washing across Allen's face, sending his emotions crazy. Allen was tempted to push forward and just—

Kanda closed his eyes—those alluring, blue eyes that Allen cannot tear his eyes away from—and pressed his lips to the corner of Allen's lips.

Pulling away, he guided Allen (who was still stunned) out of the shop, before closing the door and locking the glass door from inside. He turned off the lights and made his way to the back of the shop.

Upon seeing the shop turned all dark, Allen snapped out of his reverie and he rushed forward, knocking the glass door, none to gently.

"Kanda? Kanda! Hey!"

There was no response.


After contacting Lavi and Lenalee and meeting up with them, Allen trudged back home. He pulled out the daisies from the paper bag and placed them into a vase. He placed the plants on his coffee table and examined the blue flowers that Kanda decided to give him. A small slip of parchment was hastily tucked between the stems. In cursive, it said:


Remember me always.

Allen smiled, before picking up another piece of parchment from the bottom of the paper bag.

"I'll see you soon, Moyashi."

- 神田ユウ

Allen smoothed out the parchment and smiled.


Allen was lounging out on his black sofa, the fluffy white carpet below the sofa and the grey coffee table. He stared at the small cactus—which was not so small since the time he bought it—seated on the centre of the table. His eyes moved to the white daisies on the dinner table, and he recalled the forget-me-nots tied with a red rope on his study desk. He stared at the blue walls opposite him—Dynasty, is he remembered the name of the paint correctly—and smiled when his eyes fell on the framed parchment papers with black motif background. A white mask hung between the frames.


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