Season 1: Protect, Play, Puppet | Act 1: Roped In

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-=*Unforeseen Circumstances* =-

Blake, after hearing enough from Torchwick, just decided to kick him in the face and have it be over with. Which it was, as she was temporarily satisfied with his swift silence.

She let the empty magazine of Gambol Shroud fall to the floor, its sliding across the floor in response as she grabbed a new magazine, with Schnee Dust as well. But, with a thud from the other room, she lost concentration and dropped the magazine, letting the bullets fly out of the stock as the metal carcass bounced across the floor.

A few of the more fragile Dust Rounds exploded, sending Ethernano all over her body and and turning her mind to black.

"At least you didn't break anything this time, Flame Brain, but that's still unusual about you."

"What did you call me, stripper?!"

"What was that-"

Lucy, Happy and Erza all sighed at their idiocy as the five of them came home from another successful job, with a nice, juicy amount of Jewel for each of them. Honestly, with a reward of 600 thousand, Lucy was ecstatic for her rent! She could practically go months without having to go on another job!

And with that, the five of them entered the guild, the magical juxtapose idiots still up and fighting, and Lucy taking her part of her rent to her apartment, Erza taking her spoils of battle to Fairy Hills, and the two idiots plus Happy were around a single table.

However, someone wasn't having as best of a time.

Crime Sorciere, containing Jellal and Meredy only since Ultear had sacrificed herself for the sake everyone else, trudged through the trees. Meredy simply fell to the ground, landing on a soft bush for relaxation.

"Meredy," Jellal said. "We don't have time for naps."

Meredy pouted, so she used Body Link magic to give him the same feeling of fatigue, which seemed to work as he sighed, stopped and slumped against the tree. "Five minutes."

With a smirk of victory, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

If only the two could have that luxury.

A great ball of light appeared, and an ear shattering explosion of the small area around them was softened after a few feet. However, Jellal and Meredy were within this radius and felt every bit of it. Body Link magic still connected, the pain coursed through both bodies and multiplied as the amplified back and forth between them.

Meredy, after a great struggle, finally managed to rid of the magic, giving them a sense of relaxation as the pain subsided. Jellal, however, wasn't a happy camper either way.

He had been launched into a tree behind him, with a brunette in his arms. Battered and beaten, the ravenette still breathed, but it still scared the hell out of him.

"What just happened?" he asked.

"Is she alright?" Meredy asked, lighting the fire within the small cave they recently found underneath Fairy Hills.

Jellal lifted a blanket and draped it over her, turning her face towards he for a moment. "Looks fine to me, she's breathing and she still has a pulse...but the question still lies…"

Meredy's eyes hardened. "Where is she from?"

"Exactly," he said. "She doesn't seem to have an ounce of magic power in her, but she has a power in her alright...something we don't have…" he looked out of the cave for a simple moment.

"What is it?" Meredy asked.

"Just...nothing. We must stay cautious of the ravenette."

Meredy brushed off his brush off. "We can drop her outside of Fairy Tail," she suggested. "They might be able to take care of her…"

"Yeah…" he mumbled.

The girl wore a white v-neck zip-up shirt that was black along the bottom and has mid-length sleeves. On the left side of the off-white shirt was printed a belladonna emblem. She wore black pants that had a vertical gray stripe on the outer side of each leg, and she wore a black belt on them.

Attached to the inner side of the slightly curved, black banner-like piece of fabric that hung from the back and extended forward to her hips. On the underside of that was a thinner, longer, similarly-shaped purple piece of fabric.

Her black high-heel boots came halfway up her calves and have a pair of belted straps over them. She wore black ribbons on her arms. A massive bow also rest place over her hair.

"But…" he continued, lifting up the blanket on her left side, revealing a printed emblem of some kind. "I've never seen a guild mark like this before...let alone on clothing."

"Neither have I," Meredy said as he covered it back up.

"I think it'd be best to Body Link her to a Thunder Lacrima, just in case she tries something. We still don't know who or what she is."

"Right," Meredy said, and she set herself to work before heading to bed like Jellal.

Blake fluttered her eyes open, shaking her head in the process. She felt numb all over, especially in her head. She couldn't remember a damn thing and she could care less if it defined her, but right now, she needed to figure out most importantly, where the hell she was.

Wordlessly, she looked about the small cave, finding a white light that eventually simmered down to what seemed like a small beach and water. So she was close to the sea, or at least a hot spot for a freshwater cove?

Looking around a bit more before shedding the homely and warm dark green blanket, she landed her eyes on a floating ball, which seemed to be glowing. Metal stretched around it, a spike every so inches. A lightning bolt was etched on one side.

When she moved, she felt a tingle on her wrist. Quickly pulling off the blanket, she noticed what seemed to be a seared on bracelet of pink and hearty lines. As much as it was cute, she had a bad feeling about it.

Deciding to let curiosity get the better of her, she reached out towards the globe, slowly spinning in mid air. Touching it, she nudged it a little and felt an electric shock send the same wave back. Though non damaging, she could feel electricity all the same and stifled a scream of small, prickly pain.

"What the hell is this thing?" she asked herself, finally noticing a faint pink line like on her bracelet. She immediately figured that doing anything hasty might hurt her in response, so she set to rubbing off the seal.

"She's smart…" someone whispered in the cave.

She turned around to see a girl with pink hair and a man with dark blue hair, both with strange clothing. However, the mail seemed to have an unusual tattoo lining underneath and above his right eye.

His eye showed great remorse. Something he had done, perhaps?

"Who are you?" Blake asked.

"Who are you?" they asked back, rather at the same time. Rather than retorting, Blake let an amused brow raise as the two awkwardly looked at each other. "I am Jellal," the male introduced. "This is Meredy," he pointed to the pink haired girl. "Now, who are you?" he asked.

"Blake...that's all I remember."

"Just your name?" he questioned further. With an approving nod, he sighed and facepalmed. "She doesn't seem like part of a Dark Guild to me…" he mumbled.

"Are you sure?" Meredy asked.

"Yes," he replied, looking back to Blake. "Do you know where you are?"


"Do you think Fairy Tail can help those who know no magic?" Jellal asked Meredy, getting an awkward smile in response.

"Magic?" Blake asked, and with their nod, she continued. "What? Like the ability to control fire or shatter ice?"

"Or teleportation or mutual feelings?"

Blake tilted at the second half of his response, but shook her head and inquired about the first. "Teleportation?"

"Just an idea."

She immediately remembered something.

"I...I think I might be able to do something like that…" she said, soon poking her fingertips together.

"Something?" Meredy asked.

"Like...this!" she yelled, disappearing into a flurry of black smoke, before reappearing near Jellal and Meredy.

"Wow…" Meredy said with mirth, before realizing what Jellal just realized.

"Sorry…" Jellal said with an awkward smile. "You might feel...well...shocked…"

Blake felt the need to groan, but instead, went, "Huh?"

That cave was filled with an echoey scream.


"I doubt that was a guy, Flame Brain…"

"Ow…" Jellal whined.

"Oh, stop it, you big baby," Meredy said.

"I am not a baby!"

"You're a big baby!" Meredy said innocently.

"Well, I oughta-"

"You deserved to be, that was a bad pun…" Blake interrupted.

"Sorry," Jellal apologized again. "It's just that...we didn't know whether or not to trust we just..well, you know…"

"Set up an emergency tactic," Blake finished for him.

"Right…" He sighed. "So, you don't really remember anything?"

"Just that...Shadowkinesis...thing and my name. That's it."

"Well…" Jellal got serious, Meredy leaning. "Let me start with how this world works."

Several Hours Later

After countless hours, Blake had a great understanding of the world, however, the world had been revolving around their educational time and the light outside slowly dimmed.

"Hmm…" Blake hummed. "So, basically, there's the Council, their army, and Guilds."

"There are three types of guilds," Jellal trudged on.

"Official, Independent and Dark Guilds," Blake finished, soon pointing at the two of them. "You're Crime Sorciere and Independent, at that."

"Right," Jellal clapped his hands together. "You should head to an Official Guild," he continued. "You have nothing to repent for, or at least nothing you remember. In my opinion, it's best not to remember anything you did and try to move on."

"What makes you think I could survive if I don't even know who I was?" Blake inquired.

"First off," Jellal started. "You don't move on based off who you were, you go on who you want to be. Second off, you basically knew nothing of this world. Something would've reminded you of this world throughout our conversation, but it didn't. The only thing you recollected was your Shadowkinesis skill - magic, whatever - whenever I mentioned teleportation, simply because of the similarities," he explained.

"Right," Blake said. Contrary to popular belief, she understood all of that.

"Throughout our entire conversation, your bow has been twitching," he said, leaning over to grab it.

"NO!" she yelled, backing up. "Sorry," she apologized. "I can't remember why, but I don't like it when people touch the bow."

"Okay…" he said. "Let's talk weapons now." He picked up the sword and sheath.

"Gambol Shroud," she mumbled. "The sword is also a gun, the sheath is also a sword. I can use the ribbons on my arms and tie them to these two and whip 'em around, creating a devastating flurry!" she said, unrealizing of her smile.

"You really like your weapons, don't you?"

"I think I made them myself...when I was in a time of...well, bad, I guess…" she continued to drone on, taking Gambol Shroud and running a hand down one side. "I think I do have something to repent for...but I can't remember," she strained.

"Don't remember it…" Jellal said. "It's best not to. You can live better like that."

"How?" she asked.

"I have done many things to hurt my friends, nearly destroyed one entirely and killed another…" he said, making Blake falling back against the wall that wasn't too far away.

"You don't have to say…" Blake said.

"I have lived with this guilt for many years...I will continue to do so if I must. Until I have repented for every sin."

"Okay…" Blake said, leaning in and rubbing a hand on his face. "But, seriously, do you have a girl out there or no?"

Meredy giggled at that. "He lied about having a fiance because he's so righteous about being unable to be with someone in the light, I-"


"Oh, sh-" Meredy tried.


And like that, Meredy had a huge indention in her head, and Blake panicked for just a moment before calming down. Then, she gave him a look.

"What?" Jellal asked. "Oh, don't you give me that look."

"That was a little harsh, you have to admit…"

"What?" Jellal asked. "With Meredy? Nah, I do that all the time, I-"

"NO!" she cut him off. "I mean the girl! You must've really hurt her feelings! Now, you have another sin to repent for!"

"And how do I go about fixing that, eh?!"


Erza coughed out her cake for an unknown reason, and the two juxtapose wizard seized their fighting for but a moment to look at her with fear.

"What was that?" she asked herself out of nowhere before continuing with the sweet, sweet strawberry-

It got knocked out of her hands.

"Ahem…" Blake coughed. "Sorry about that…" she said.

Jellal was all but sprawled across the floor with steam rising from her head.

"But, you…" she mumbled, turning towards Meredy.

"Huh, me?" she asked.

"Where's your boyfriend?!" she teased.


Natsu sneezed and fire sent Gray and Erza back a little during the fight.

"Ugh…" he mumbled. "What the hell was that?"

The three look at each other in confusion for a few more moments before shrugging and returning to the fight.

In a similar position, Meredy lay, steam billowing into the ceiling.

In a few moments, the sky darkened ever so slowly, signifying that they three had talked all night about useless topics and boyfriends and girlfriends and Blake's unnatural victory in having no feelings for anyone.

Feeling an unusual moment of triumph, Blake decided to get back into the makeshift bed Jellal made for her and pulled the blanket over herself, not without rekindling the flames on the fire. Something told her that flames like that would save her one day.

Oh, who was she kidding? Fire couldn't save her, could it?

Oh, how it could do so, so very well.

-= *End of Chapter 1* =-

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