Season 1: Protect, Play, Puppet | Act 1: Roped In

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-= *Antics and Stories* =-

Somewhere to the Southeast of Fiore

A Japanese style square door opened to reveal a second set of circular doors. The second set immediately opened with the first set only to have nothing but a blinding white light breach the dark, thick brush of a forest.

Three silhouetted figures appeared to simply undulate with the bright white, only for them to quickly become opaque with darkness, only as they exited that their features became known in the blue moonlight that exalted their looks.

The first of which stepped forward to reveal a rather tan looking male with chubby features albeit his skinny look, but only emphasizing in a young-like manner, further proven by his wavy brown hair cut short. His eyes were a soft hazel, though looked to be able to turn downright menacing at a moment's thought, though he chose not to think this. His clothing consisted of a white tee with long sleeves of the same color, reaching down to his wrists. However, his left sleeve was brought up past his elbow for the time being. His pants were simply blue jeans.

The second, seemingly on his left, was an older looking guy, though not particularly older by the varying looks. Shiny cyan hair graced the top of his head, a rather grim and arrogant look traced the features of his face as they were presently pulled back into a scowl. The cerulean eyes glaring at nothing as he looked to the side, body hunched over in a delinquent manner. His clothing was also white, an overcoat that was unbuttoned and bottom empty, revealing a quite great set of an eight-pack, also evened out with an underside blackened with the edges poking out the sides. But this was not the only strange feature about him.

Underneath a thick black belt fell a long shihakusho that flowed elegantly down near the bottom of his calves, revealing his feet to be wearing nothing but socks and sandals. Not to mention the mask-like teeth, cheek-and-jawbone that held upon his left cheek.

A similar fashion followed the one on the first's right, with significantly more clothing than she thought she needed (the first swore that she was too dense about clothing for her own good). While she held a blank expression, it was hard to tell given that the collar of her top seemed to cover a good half portion of her face. This was coupled by the fact that the lower half of a shihakusho also lined up underneath a black belt, which evidently seemed to reveal too much of a luscious stomach that was barely covered by the small shirt she wore (evidently, this still covered a larger portion than she would be with her original choice of clothing).

"This clothing is stifling," the seemingly otherwise thought to be quiet woman spoke. The first fidgeted with a sword's handle which rested at his side, evidently black other than the intricate white designs that flowed throughout. The sword's location was mimicked with the other male, though the female had it horizontally on her back rather strangely.

"The only stifling thing I find to be about your clothing is the fact that your value for it is practically rock bottom zero," the first replied.

"Oh, Captain," she said, feigning ignorance with waves of her hand towards him. Though, the males both profusely sweatdropped upon realizing that that happened to not be feigned.

"On another note," the bluehead continued, "what the hell are we to do now, Captain?" he questioned, not without an abrasive attitude that the captain obviously allowed due to that being irreversible, despite being a psychologist who was prideful in the regard in changing people's minds.

"We both have to scout out this world considering we've never been here before (like the previous hundreds we've been to) and locate Aizen," he explained. "The cheap bastards over at Central 46 should've just executed his ass, if you ask me."

"I agree," the woman said, stifling a wince all the more. This greeted the two's eyes all too well, but they continued to walk forward, the Japanese style doors shutting behind them.

"While I agree with Halibel, how are we to do the first?"

"Easy," said the first, "find a library."

Both easily groaned at this.

"I find that to be a waste of time."

"Why the hell should we?"

"Would you rather ask people and look like an idiot?" questioned the seeming captain. The other two grunted in confirmation that they most definitely did not want to be taken for fools. They had killed enough assholes in the previous worlds, and unfortunately, maybe even a few good guys. They stopped caring after awhile though, despite the fact they had agreed that it had been against their best interests.

The captain sighed.

"Let's get going, you two," he ordered, disappearing in a Flash Step not any slower than an average Sonido.

"Yes, sir," they said simultaneously, disappearing into the distorted lines of a Sonido with the low sound of vibrations.

-= *Magnolia* =-

"This job was easier than I thought," said Gray, getting various looks from people in Magnolia as they walked through.

"You forgot your shirt in Crocus again, Gray," Natsu said normally.

"AGH!" Gray yelped from getting slapped at the back of the head from Erza.

Lucy giggled as Wendy continued to tell Natsu something. "Natsu-san?"

"Yes, Wendy?"

"You didn't insult Gray," she smiled. "That's nice."

"Huh?" Gray started. "That is a nice thing to hear considering it's Natsu."

"Let's not start anything, guys," Lucy consoled as Natsu began to growl before suddenly stopping.

"I'm trying to turn over a new leaf," Natsu said.

"Well, good," Gray said. "It'll allow me to as well."

"Maybe you two can have a maturity battle."

That was the wrong words to say, Happy. The wrong damn words, dammit!


"That sounds nice."

"Everything sounds nice to you, Gray, since without the N, it's Ice!"

"Shut it, Neko!"

"Happy is an Exceed!" Carla defended.

"Oh," Gray teased. "Protecting Happy, are we?"

"Wha-no. I-"

"Aw," Natsu cooed. "You have a girlfriend, Happy!"


"NOPE!" Carla yelled, turning away and flying off into the distance with a starry-eyed Happy close on her tail.

Wendy simply giggled along with her friend's banter, soon catching herself falling behind the jovial team. She caught up quickly, not without picking up two familiar presences with her recently discovered innate ability to smell, thanks to Natsu's training.

-= *One Year Ago* =-

"No," Natsu said firmly. "You have to distinguish smell from air, they're different."

"How are they different?" Wendy asked, clearly confused.

"Smell wafts in the air, air is what we breathe. Don't breathe. Smell." Currently, Natsu was having a personal training with Wendy. Natsu had gotten Gajeel to get Pantherlily to trick Carla into accepting Happy's invitations on a date, which required Wendy and Carla to be separated for a while.

After Carla finally got used to going with Happy on short dates (she actually began to like it to the point of being the offeree), Wendy was able to have prolonged and more practices with Natsu on Dragon Slaying arts.

Wendy even caught onto Cheria's trail (from Lamia Scale), which was nearby at the time, had a short battle with her because they didn't recognize her at first, and actually learned the art of eating others' element. Soon, she became known as Wendy the Sky Dragon God Slayer. She was all sorts of powerful, copying that of Natsu's Thunder Flame Dragon and Gajeel's Shadow Iron Dragon modes.

Natsu once got Gajeel to come with the two of them on a short training, and she soon overtook the two in Dragon Slaying magic, to the point of going into Dragon Force and sending the two on their collective asses.

However, she still had certain weak points she had to work on, and that was the ability to track by smell, today was that training session.

Wendy did as she was ordered and smelled instead of breathing and she caught its scent! She was soon seen in a doggy position comically, walking around on all fours and smelling the ground. She continued on, even though she was unable to distinguish between smells, but continued forward because she was happy about learning the difference between air and smell!

"Wendy! What scent did you catch?!" Natsu yelled at her, trying to follow at her brisk pace.

"I don't know, Natsu-san!" she yelled back, trying to concentrate. "I don't know the difference betweens smells yet!"

Then, she felt a looming presence over her. Looking up, she saw a damn Forest Vulcan.

"Why, hello, there, little girl~"


Natsu came in at the last second, having heard everything and his ears nearly shattering, he chambered his fist and readied for the single attack against the Vulcan. He lost one girl to it, he wouldn't lose another. "IRON FIST OF THE FIRE DRAGON!"

And like that, his fist collided with the Vulcan, sending it out of the forest instantly and saving Wendy. The Vulcan soon twinkled out of existence.

"That seems to be a Forest Vulcan," Natsu normally said, having seen Wendy follow the scent like he would.

"I'll never forget it…" Wendy said tiredly, before becoming a heap in Natsu's arms.

"What am I going to do with you?" he mumbled with a small smirk and carried her out of the Forest.

-= *Present Day* =-

Wendy turned around and looked into the shadows. There stood two hooded figures and a smaller figure, though it had no hood. The three exited and approached her.

Upon realization that it was Jellal, Meredy and an unknown, Wendy called for everyone. "Minna! Come here!"

Rushing back to the urgent voice of the small blueheaded girl, Natsu, Gray, Erza, Lucy, Happy and Carla met with them, and with a swift greeting, Crime Sorciere entered the shadows of the alleyway from whence they came.

"What's going on, Jellal?" Erza asked, seemingly unable to read the current situation, nor unable to realize what was with the unknown.

"This is Blake," he said, motioning towards her. Erza felt a pang in her chest and slightly wanted to be just like terms of...never mind.

"Hello, Blake!" Natsu yelled, greeting the ravenette with a wide smile and wildmannered wave towards her.

"Eto…" Blake mumbled. "Hi," she mumbled.

Meredy then began to give it to them straight, getting them to understand that she has literally no memory nor an ounce of magic power in her body. Only that she has a power that she herself couldn't remember by name.

With that, they mentioned everything they have taught her about the current world to get her moving forward.

As Crime Sorciere departed, Erza realized it would take a while for Jellal to realize that she had placed a message in his jacket.

Lucy ultimately decided that she would help Blake in the regard of magic, but when laughed off by Natsu, she lumped it on him.

"Well," he said, throwing his arms back to rest his head on a little. "I don't think I can teach Dragon Slayer magic, but I'll try."

And with that toothy smile, Lucy vaguely felt like Juvia in terms of love rivalries.

She shook her head and mumbled "Don't say love rival, don't say love rival- LOVE RIVAL!"

Blake shivered.

-= *line break* =-

As usual, the Guild was about as hearty as a house divided amongst itself. Luckily, the intention wasn't actually meaning to murder anyone to death as every Guild member instead literally grabbed each other and beat the ever living shit out of each other.

That was when Blake strolled in after her talkative teammates she'd come to be happy with instantly. Except...the moment she walked in...a remnant of cake slammed into her face.

Everyone quieted down instantly and turned to the newcomer in fear. They know not what they have done and the city of Magnolia knew that there was a new player in town what with all of the screams of agony that came anew from the Guild Hall.

"WHAT IS GOING ON, BRATS?!" stormed in the Guildmaster, tall, silhouetted and with a big burning glare of amber eyes.

Blake rose an eyebrow and tightened the ribbon on her pistol form of Gambol Shroud, leaving the sheath on her back. She stood upon a pile of wizards, clumped together and mostly unconscious.

She idly thanked God for her memory of wearing pants instead of a skirt.

"WHO IS THIS?!" demanded the seeming Guildmaster.

"Uh, Master Makarov?"

"Yes, Lucy?" his voice became more soothing, but still burning in a way of echoes.

"This is our friend. We want her to join Fairy Tail," she replied as if this was a normal thing, Blake noticed.

The giant being known as Makarov began to shrink as a sigh of relief and short laughter burst from his lips.

"If she can dispatch Fairy Tail wizards like that without the assistance of magic, she's definitely going to join!" he completed, showing his short size.

"SHORT!" Blake comically yelled, though she went unnoticed as of now.

"And besides," the master said, taking a good look at her legs. "She has a good choice in clo-"

Getting a bladed gun to the face, Makarov was sent barreling over. The gun returned to its owner and Blake gave him one look.

"SORRY!" Makarov yelled, and team Natsu - especially Erza - dropped their jaws to the floor.

"I don't think I need to teach her magic…" Natsu said.

Blake glared at Natsu. "I must learn the ability to eat flames, dammit."

"Scary…" Natsu mumbled to himself, but Blake picked it up. How? She didn't know. Well, she probably did, but the knowledge was buried deep within layers of psychosis. She glared at him harder. "Scarier than Erza."

"I'd like to contrast that!" Erza snapped out of her senses. "Heaven's Wheel Armor!"

Blake rose and eyebrow and shot at her armor.

Ice enveloped Erza, causing her to yelp. "C-C-Cold…"

"An Ice Maker Wizard!" Gray yelled, only to be slapped upside the head. "What the hell was that for, Natsu?!"

"She can't use magic, numb nuts."

"Hmm…" Blake hummed, ejected the ammo clip into her hand gently and checking over the ammunition.

"You had magic bullets, Blake?" Gray decided to say.

She tossed one to Gray and he examined it. "S-ck-he-neee?"

"Schnee," Blake said, pronouncing it correctly. "I believe, at least."

"What does it mean?" he tossed the ammunition back, Blake nimbly capturing the weapon evenly in the palm of her hand before reloading her weapon and sheathing it.

"Snow. I think it was for someone very important."

"Your lover?" Happy chimed in.

"N-NO!" her cheeks flushed, turning a deep shade of crimson. "I meant to society! Like a rich person!"

"Oh…" Happy said.

There was a moment of silence.

"You lllllllliiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeee himmmmm!"


"Calm down," Natsu said, and everyone - including Makarov - looked at him correctly. Natsu, being normal?! HAS THE WORLD ENDED?! "Who is Weiss Schnee?"

"I think she was a friend of mine."

"Think?" Master Makarov boomed. "Do you have amnesia?"

"I believe so, but with the right words, I can recount particular thoughts," Blake recounted thoughtfully.

"What about this Weiss person?" Gray asked. "Is she an Ice Maker Wizard?"

"I don't think so…" Blake mused, pacing around over the mound of bodies, making everyone's hearts attack themselves. "She was a fine, elegant girl. I believe she was the heiress to the most powerful company on the planet, however, I do not know what it was for again, I-" she looked over at the group. "ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING?!"

"What?" Natsu asked, munching on popcorn.

"Food makes us pay attention...sometimes," Lucy said.

Even Wendy was all for the food, nibbling on a hotdog. "Yeah," she said with an innocent smile. "We always do this when a smart person is talking."

"Are you all idiots?" Blake asked.

A woman walked in with white hair. "That's Fairy Tail."

"Hi, Mira!" Natsu yelled. "Could you bring me another steak, please?!"

"Hai, coming right up," she said politely, walking out towards the bar area.

Blake facepalmed herself. "I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the world."

"Hey," Carla said, walking in. "At least we're the biggest."

"CARLA?!" team Natsu, minus Wendy yelled.

"What?" Wendy and Carla asked.

Natsu picked her up against her will, causing her to yelp. "Hey, choto!"


Natsu was filled with scratch marks for the rest of the orientation the place has become, with a mound of unconscious bodies being Blake's stage. Her usual rant ending with her outburst of disapproval of the state of her soon-to-be Guildmates.

-= *Later* =-

Mirajane Strauss held up the Marker to Blake, inquiring of the color she wished for.

Red, came her mind, reminding her of Adam. Adam... she mused on the inside.

"Blake?" she asked and she shook out of her reverie.

"Sorry," Blake apologized. "Red, left cheek," she declared.

A small trickle of light leaked out through the holes as the Marker pressed into her cheek, making her shudder a little. She felt something enter her body of which she will squeeze the ever living Christ for information for someone when she's done getting her Guild mark.

"What did I feel when I got that Guild mark?!" demanded Blake comically, only having her tone ignored as her question was answered.

"Fairy Tail's divine protection," said a person from behind her. It sent shivers throughout Blake as she looked around in fear, practically staring at a spectral body.

"GHOST!" she yelled, hiding behind Natsu.

"Hi, First Master, how's it going?" Natsu said normally as the small blonde in a dress bawled her eyes out a little.

"F-fine...I'm not crying."

"First Master?" Blake asked. "How many Guildmasters have you guys had?"

Erza pointed at the current Guildmaster, Makarov. "He is the third and sixth."

"What happened on the inbetween?"

"It's a long story…" Lucy huffed out, turning towards the bar and taking a swig instinctively. She instantly coughed it out, Natsu helping her.

-= *Omake* =-

"Blake?" Happy asked.

"Yes, Happy?"

"If you were a tuna, would you mind if I ate you?"



"I would probably eat myself without question…"

Gajeel only got the end of that conversation and collapsed. However, Blake was on the other side of the room at the time to notice.

-= *End of Chapter 2* =-

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