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Lia the kitten: "Yay good story! cant wait for next chapter!"

Reply: "Thank you for the support and I'm sorry it had to come to a remake for this to be possible!


But I love the story."

Reply: "I realize that now and I apologize for the incorrect term usage. Thank you! When I first wrote this, I didn't realize how much people liked the premise, so I hurried to find a better narrative than the one I already had and threw in some shit I thought was good.

AnimeVulpaGirl: "Interesting idea... I hope you'll continue it!"

Reply: "I suppose this could be its continuation. Thank you for your support!"

7Artemis7: "I like it, please continue.

Followed and Favorited"

Reply: "I am, I am! Thank you for your support!"

nicksack01: "You really got the story rolling. Please continue!"

Reply: "I'm not particularly sure how I got it rolling but I guess it's a coveted type of story - 'the character gets stuck in another world cliché'. I'll do what I can to make y'all proud!"

manticore-gurl071134: "interesting start! will be fun to see happy's reaction to Blake, considering his reaction to loke (in the anime at least), lol."

Reply: "I don't even remember what I originally had planned with the original KT. I hope I made the union as enjoyable and humorous as possible!"

HammerSlammer21: "Your good at writing, not gonna deny that, but writing like 7-8ish chapters on one thing is going to bore people."

Reply: "First of all, how the hell was that good writing? I sucked, badly, in the first chapter. The second chapter was a testament to several months of learning and I still sucked even then. Second of all, what the hell do you mean by one thing? Do you mean your preferences are a bunch of loosely connected stories?You likeoneshots? You came to the wrong place if you did - I hateoneshots (I will still write stories off as one if I fail to continue one anyway). After all this time, I still don't understand your comment, sir/ma'am. I dunno."

Nira Lemis: "This is great! Would be hilarious if you could have milliana meet blake without her bow on!"

Reply: "I was actually thinking about how Milliana would meet Blake similar to how you just described. And, thank you for the compliment, Nira!"

Qrow's Talon: "Why would Blake actually want to be reminded of Adam? I mean we know what he was like to Blake (volume three episode eleven) so why would she want to remember him over say Ruby (her color is red as well) or Yang."

Reply: "I've actually been meaning to answer this one for a while! As you could see in the original's summary, it was written before Volume 3 aired. In Volume 2, she just hated the White Fang's motives. In Volume 3, it's cemented that Adam is evil. In that portrayal of Blake, I was giving everyone my opinion on Adam and how I believe that he originally had good intentions, but was corrupted somehow and turned into a monster. I have actual empathy for the guy. He was either taught by his parents to be cruel (which would contradict Blake's statement vaguely describing Adam to slowly becoming a monster over a long period of time), or something must have happened to him to cause him to have such hatred for humans. Hatred is cultivated, not learned. I calmly and eagerly await for Adam's backstory to come out and the public to end the backlash on evil!Adam! Thank you for asking and letting me get this out."

Jalis: "You had me at the pairing. Memory loss interesting. This will lead to interesting consciences in both worlds."

Reply: "Ah, yes! The pairing was actually a whimsical idea, my friend (that I now plan to make serious)! The memory loss was equally whimsical, and I have removed it. I'd rather her keep secrets she can eventually confide in someone to rather than her having to slowly remember over time. Yes. Consciences. Consciences that will actually be elaborated on this time around. Thank you for supporting me!"

Also Jalis: "Not bad O.c. captain hmm. Let me see what he's made of first before I make my judgements. As for one thing Wendy the pacifist stronger than Ds Elders Gajeel and Natsu is laughable."

Reply: "Ray was an OC I was working on around that time for a Fanfiction that would never have been written. He's going to be implemented into Shatter, Kyōka Suigetsu! sometime. I worked hard on him and he deserves a debut. Also, the whole Wendy being stronger than them was whimsical~!

Neon Wish Likes Pine Trees: "WORK IT BLAKE"

Reply: "...what scene are you even talking about? Nonetheless, I'm glad you were amused!"

Lancelot Du Loc: "Jellal's been taking lessons from Maka"

Reply: "Indeed! I was worried no one might catch that. Thank you for commenting!"

BlackDragonShinigami: "ahahahahhahahahaa gajeel thpugh! ahaha im dying over here! awesome story. please update. bye bye"

Reply: "I'm glad you liked myomake, no matter how terribly written it was! I'm updating now! Chana~ and thank you for commenting!"

Guest: "Keep writing this story"

Reply: "Your present is at your left."


Reply: "IT'S RIGHT HERE! :D"

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