Going to restart this story. It still has Ronnie'e daughter's, Ellie and Jess, in it but it's going to be set at the current time. Ronnie didn't die on her wedding day and is still married to Jack. They live together with the 5 children they have between them. Ellie (15), Amy (12), Jess (11), Ricky (10) and Matthew (5).

It was a Friday and Ronnie had just finished up in a meeting with a supplier at R . It had overrun meaning she was now late for picking up Ricky and Matthew from school.

She passed Linda walking out of school with Ollie but didn't have time to stop and speak.

Once she got to the playground luckily there were still pupils coming out of Matthew's classroom.

Matthew was called out by his teacher so he rushed over to Ronnie.

"Mummy I painted this Christmas picture for you at school today" the five year old said

"Wow that's amazing Matthew. I definitely think that's going to have to go on the fridge" Ronnie said looking at the picture Matthew had painted with all of their family in

Ronnie took hold of Matthew's hand before walking round to the other side of the school where Ricky was already outside waiting for them.

"Hey Ricky, how was school?"

"It was fine"

Ricky didn't seem to be enjoying school at the moment. He was in year 5 and really clever but neither Jack or Ronnie could get him to tell them why he didn't like going to school at the moment.

"At least it's Friday. Let's get home"

"Can we do a family Christmas movie night like we did last weekend?" Matthew asked excitedly

"Well I think Amy is going for a sleepover tonight and Ellie is going out for a meal with some of her friends. I'm meeting Linda for a drink tonight but maybe you could watch one with Daddy, Ricky and Jess"

"Which one shall we watch Ricky?" Matthew asked

"I don't care"

"Ricky pick your feet up properly when you're walking, you're going to ruin your shoes"

Ricky rolled his eyes but did as Ronnie said.

They walked home and once they got in Ronnie instructed the boys to go and change out of their uniform.

Ronnie sorted through the boys school bags before flicking the kettle on.

Not long after Amy came through the front door and into the kitchen.

"Oh hiya, I thought you were going straight to your sleepover after school"

"I forgot a couple of things. I'm going to get changed and then go over"

"Okay well I can give you a lift over when you're done"

"Thank you" Amy said as she grabbed a bag of crisps out of the cupboard

"So how was school"

"It was alright. Anyway I'm going to get changed"

Ronnie made her cup of tea before going upstairs to get some washing out of the laundry basket. Having 5 kids certainly did create a lot of washing.

"Hi Mum" Jess said as she came up the stairs having just got in from school

"Hi sweetie. Have you had a good day"

"Yes thank you, how was your day?"

"Busy but good"

Jess talked to Ronnie for a couple of minutes before heading to her bedroom.

She opened the door and walked in much to Amy's surprise who was in the middle of changing out of her school uniform.

"I'm getting changed. Why didn't you knock" Amy shouted

"Sorry I didn't realise you were in here. I thought you were going straight to your sleepover after school"

"Well I didn't. Why are you still standing there? Leave me alone"

Jess sighed before walking out of the bedroom. Her cousin could be really moody sometimes.

"What was all that about?" Ronnie asked having overheard Amy shouting

"Amy's in a mood because I walked in when she was getting changed. I didn't realise she was here though"

Jess and Amy shared a room which had been fine but it was getting to the stage now where they needed their own space. Jack and Ronnie had decided to have an extension done so that they could have their own rooms but it hadn't been finished yet.

"Oh yeah she forgot a couple of things for tonight so I'm going to drop her over once she's changed"

"She didn't need to be so moody, all she was doing was getting changed"

"She probably just wasn't expecting you to come in. Give her a few minutes and then you can get out of your uniform too"


"Do you mind going to get Matthew and Ricky's dirty uniform while you're waiting"

Jess nodded before going into Matthew's bedroom.

"Jess we're going to have another Christmas movie night tonight"

"Are we?"

"Yes just you me, Ricky and Dad though because everyone else is doing something"

"Okay that will be nice"

Once Jess had got Matthew and Ricky's dirty uniforms she passed them to Ronnie.

"Thanks sweetheart"

Ronnie went and put the washing on when she heard the front door close.

"I'm home" Ellie called

Ronnie went into the hallway to speak to her eldest daughter.

"Hi Els. How was school?"

"Not too bad. I need to go and jump in the shower so I have enough time to get ready"

"What time are you leaving?"

"We're meeting by the entrance to the tube at 5" Ellie said before running up the stairs

Ellie was going for a meal in central London with her friends tonight. Ronnie still wasn't keen on her daughter going on the tube at night with just her friends but they were a sensible group of girls.

Ellie had a shower and washed her hair before going into her bedroom and putting her dressing gown on. She then made a start on doing her makeup.

Ellie was doing her eyeshadow when Ronnie knocked on the door. She'd just got back from dropping Amy to her friend's house.

"Yeah" Ellie called so Ronnie went in

"Where are you eating tonight? I've forgotten where you said"

"Spaghetti house"

"Which one?"

"The one in Leicester Square"

"Are you just going for your meal and then coming straight home again?"

"What's with all the questions?" Ellie snapped

"I just want to know exactly what you're doing"

"It doesn't make a difference to you. You're going out with Linda tonight anyway"

"Yes well Jack will want to know roughly what time to expect you back. You're lucky I'm letting you go into London on your own so you can at least let me know what your plans are"

"I'm not going on my own"

"Cut the cheek. Have a think about what time you think you'll be back and let me know before you leave please" Ronnie said before leaving her to it knowing if she didn't it would only end in an argument

Ronnie and Ellie seemed to be falling out a lot at the minute because Ellie felt Ronnie was too interfering and didn't see why she needed to tell her exactly what she was doing all the time.

Ronnie went to check what all the kids were doing.

Ricky was in his room on the play station and Jess and Matthew were choosing a film to watch later.

Ronnie went and made a start on tea as she wanted to eat a bit earlier tonight so that she'd have time to get ready before meeting Linda in the pub for a drink.

Once it was ready she called Jess, Ricky and Matthew into the kitchen. Jack would eat on his own later when he was back from work. Usually Ronnie would wait and eat with him too.

They'd all sat down ready to eat when Ellie walked in.

"You look nice" Ronnie said when she saw her daughter


"So do you know what time you'll be home roughly?"

"Once we've been for a meal and looked at some of the Christmas lights. I might stay at Chloe's house tonight but I'll let you know"

Ronnie really didn't understand why her daughter couldn't just properly make plans in advance but didn't say anything about it.

"Okay. Text me when you get home please. Whether that's here or Chloe's"

"I will. I'm off now"

"Okay have a good time"

Once everyone had finished eating and Ronnie had cleared up she poured herself a glass of wine before going upstairs to get ready

Ronnie was really looking forward to having a few drinks and a nice girly chat tonight.

Ronnie had a quick shower and changed into a pair of black jeans and a blacktop. She She then sat at her dressing table to do her makeup.

Jess came into her Mum's bedroom and sat on the bed.

"When will Dad be home?" Jess asked

"Probably in about 20 minutes"

"Okay we're going to wait for him before we put the film on then"

"Make sure you put in on as soon as he gets in then or Matthew will be too late to bed"

"We will. Can I sit in here while you get ready?"

"Of course you can"

Jess loved watching her Mum get ready.

"Mum how come you, Amy and Ellie all have blond hair but I have brown?" Jess asked

She always had been a bit jealous of being the only girl with brown hair. She wished she was blond too.

"It's just how it worked out I guess. You can't choose your hair colour. What's made you think about that?" Ronnie asked as she turned around to face her daughter

"I don't know it's just weird that I'm the only one with brown hair"

"Matthew and Ricky are brown"

"Well the only girl then. Auntie Roxy had blond hair too"

"Your hair is gorgeous sweetheart. It doesn't matter that you're not blond, you're still beautiful"

Jess shrugged her shoulders. She couldn't help but wish her hair was blond too.

"Can I dye my hair?"

"Maybe when you're older. I wouldn't want to if I were you though. You're hair is gorgeous"

Jess felt her eyes fill with tears but she was quick to brush them away so Ronnie didn't notice. She didn't know why she'd got so emotional all of a sudden.

"What time will you be home tonight?"

"I don't know. It won't be too late though. I'm only going for a few drinks with a Linda"

"Will you be back before I go to sleep?"

"Probably not but I will come and kiss you goodnight no matter what time it is though, don't worry"

Jess liked Ronnie to put her to bed every night and didn't like it when she wasn't there to tuck her in.

"What do you think of what I'm wearing?"

"It looks nice but why don't you wear that nice sparkly top we bought when we went shopping the other day?"

"I'm only going to the Vic"

"I know but I still think you should wear it. It looks so good on you"

Ronnie had a look at the top and thought maybe her daughter was right.

"I'll try it on"

Ronnie got changed into her new top.

"What do you think?"

"You look amazing Mum"

"I do quite like it. Maybe I'll keep it on"

"You definitely should"

Ronnie decided to keep the top on. She drank the last of her wine before putting on some lipstick and spraying some perfume.

"Right let's go downstairs and wait for Dad to get home"

Ronnie slipped her shoes on before going downstairs with Jess.

When they got dow Ronnie realised Jack was nearly home.

Jack came straight over and gave Ronnie a kiss.

"I think I'm going to head across to the Vic. Are you okay here?"

"Yeah yeah course. You go and have a good time"

"Ellie's gone into London. I've had one glass so I'm probably not going to drink anymore in case I need to go and get her"

"Don't be silly Ron. She'll be fine but if she's not I'll go and get her. Just go and have a few drinks"

"Okay then" Ronnie said laughing slightly

Ronnie headed out and had a great time chatting with Linda.

By the time they left Ronnie was feeling slightly drunk. It wasn't often she went out without the kids though and she'd had a great time.

Ronnie walked home and everyone was in bed so she checked on all the kids. They were all fast asleep and Ronnie spent a while watching her beautiful children sleep.

Life with 5 kids was crazy but Ronnie wouldn't have it anyway. A family like this was all she has ever wanted.

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