It was a Friday and Ellie was at school. She was so glad it was Friday as she couldn't wait for the weekend. She hadn't been feeling right all week.

"Aren't you gonna eat those?" Ellie's friend Rosie asked referring to the chips that Ellie had bought for lunch but barely touched

"I'm not really hungry. Help yourself"

Ellie had just ordered plain chips as she didn't feel like eating at all but knew she should have something. She'd only managed to eat about 5 though.

All through lunch Ellie was really quiet which was so unlike her. Normally she was so chatty but today she was mainly just listening to her friends as she really wasn't feeling herself.

Once the bell went Ellie made her way to her PSCHE lesson. It was the last lesson of the day thankfully.

Once everyone was settled and quiet, which wasn't an easy thing to achieve on a Friday afternoon, Ellie's form tutor Mrs Edwards started the lesson.

"So today we are beginning our new topic which is going to be on contraception"

Ellie rolled her eyes. They'd done it before so she didn't see the point in going through it all again.

Ellie still listened to what Mrs Edwards was saying but as she was talking, the realisation suddenly hit Ellie.

She'd been feeling sick loads, her boobs were really sore and her period was late.

Suddenly Ellie began to think that maybe she was pregnant.

Throughout the whole lesson thoughts were racing around Ellie's mind.

Surely she couldn't be pregnant at 15. She'd only had sex a few times and they'd used protection.

By the end of the lesson Ellie felt so anxious. The symptoms she had all added up to her being pregnant.

Ellie was completely in her own world as she walked out of the classroom.

Jake, who Ellie had been going out with since November, was talking to her but she hadn't realised.

"Ellie" Jake said bringing Ellie out of her thoughts

"Sorry what?"

"I said do you want to come to mine for a bit? Mum's working today and Katie's going to her friend's straight after school"

"I don't feel very well. I just wanna go home. Sorry"

"What's up?"

"I just don't feel right. I'll see you another time"

Ellie would normally walk home with her friends but she just wanted to be on her own now so she went off to the toilets and waited 5 minutes before leaving.

Ellie regretted sleeping with Jake in the first place now. If she hadn't then she wouldn't be worrying about all of this.

They'd been really good friends for ages and then a couple of months ago they ended up kissing each other.

Ellie hadn't told anyone for ages because she was unsure about being with Jake when they were such good friends.

She told her friends but she still hadn't told her Mum. Ellie hadn't been getting on with Ronnie that well recently and so she hadn't told her.

Ellie slowly walked home whilst trying to convince herself she wasn't pregnant.

By the time she got back everyone else was home apart from Jack.

Ellie went straight up to her bedroom without talking to anyone.

Ellie didn't know what to do with herself because she felt so anxious. She started pacing up and down her room and didn't realise when Ronnie came in.

"I didn't hear you come in. I was just bringing your clean washing in" Ronnie said before putting Ellie's pile of clean clothes on her bed

"I haven't been home long"

"Are you okay? You look a bit pale"

"Yeah I'm fine. Just tired"

"Me too. Have you got any plans for the weekend?"

Ellie shook her head. This was unusual as she'd normally have plans to do something with friends at least once over the weekend.

"Maybe we could do something tomorrow just the two of us. It's been ages since we have" Ronnie said. She always tried to make time to spend 1 on 1 time with all of the kids

Ellie nodded again but she wasn't really concentrating on what her Mum was saying.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine" Ellie replied unconvincingly

"Are you sure there's nothing on your mind? You know you can always talk to me"

"I said I'm fine. Just leave me alone" Ellie snapped

Ronnie sighed. She really didn't understand why Ellie was in a mood with her so often now. They used to be really close but now it felt as though Ellie was trying to keep everything to herself.

Once Ronnie had finished dishing out the rest of the clean and ironed washing she decided to go and speak to Ricky.

Ricky also didn't seem himself and his teacher had asked to speak to Ronnie after school. Apparently he'd been found on his own crying at lunchtime but wouldn't tell anyone why.

Ronnie went into Ricky's room where he was playing on the PlayStation.

He didn't stop when Ronnie came in so she had to ask him to.

"Can you take your headphones off for a minute please?"


"Because I want to speak to you"

Ricky rolled his eyes but did as Ronnie asked.

"Miss Hall told me you were a bit upset at school today"

Ricky felt really embarrassed that Ronnie knew.

"Is that what she told you when she wanted to speak to you earlier?" Ricky asked and Ronnie nodded

"But you told me she wanted to speak to you about how well I'm doing in maths"

"Well I didn't think you'd want me to bring it up in front of Matthew and she did say how well you're doing in maths too. So how come you were crying at lunchtime?"

"I fell over in football and it really hurt. I don't know why I was crying though" Ricky said saying the first thing that popped into his head. It was embarrassing admitting he was crying because he fell over but much better than admitting the real reason.

"How come you were away from everyone else on your own though?"

"I didn't want everyone to see me crying did I?"

"Hey it's okay to cry. Are you okay now though? It must have really hurt"

"It was my knee that I hurt but it's okay now"

"Are you sure?"

Ricky nodded

"And that's definitely the reason you were upset? There's nothing else going on at school?"

"I already told you"

"Well Miss Hall said you haven't seemed like yourself at school for a while now. There's no-one being horrible to you is there?"

Ricky shook his head.

"Is there something worrying you?"

"There's nothing wrong" Ricky said starting to get annoyed

"Okay well you know where I am if there is something going on you want to tell me about"

"Can I go back to my game now?"

"Yeah go on then"

Ronnie left Ricky to it. There was definitely something going on with that boy and she wanted to find out what.

After speaking to Ricky Ronnie needed to pop to the club so went to ask Ellie to keep an eye on the kids, especially Matthew.

Ronnie knocked on Ellie's door.

"Don't come in, I'm getting changed" Ellie lied. Really she didn't want anyone coming in because she was crying

"I need to pop to the club to sort a few things out for tonight. I won't be long but will you keep an eye on the kids?" Ronnie asked through the door


"Matthew's downstairs watching the TV so he shouldn't be any trouble"

Ronnie popped to the club and ended up being there for about an hour which was longer than she expected. One thing just seemed to lead to another.

As soon as she got home she poured herself a glass of wine before getting some fish fingers out for the kids dinner.

She was making a curry later for her and Jack. Ellie was going to eat with them too but she wanted to go and check what Amy and Jess wanted to do.

Ronnie went into Amy and Jess' bedroom where Amy had just finished giving Jess a makeover. It had made Jess look really grown up.

"Wow look at you Jess, you look gorgeous"

"Thanks Mum"

"Don't think you're going out with your makeup done like that though"

"I won't"

"I'm about to put some fish fingers in the oven. Do you want that for dinner or do you want to eat later with us and have a curry"

"Curry please" Amy said

"Yeah same but don't make it too spicy" Jess said

Amy and Jess came down and sat in the kitchen whilst Ronnie made the curry. The three of them had a nice chat.

"Mum it looked like Ellie was crying earlier. Do you know what's wrong with her?" Jess asked. Her sister had been quiet all week

"I'm not sure. I'll go and talk to her in a minute"

Ronnie felt even more concerned about Ellie now and wondered what was upsetting her daughter and why she wouldn't talk to her about whatever it was.

Once Matthew and Ricky's dinner was ready she shouted them through to the kitchen.

"I'm just going up to speak to Ellie" Ronnie said before going up the stairs

Ronnie went into Ellie's room. She wasn't crying anymore but it was obvious she had been.

"What's wrong sweetheart?"

"I already told you nothing"

"I can tell you've been crying"

"It doesn't matter, I'm fine"

"Please talk to me Els" Ronnie said sitting down next to her daughter but Ellie didn't say anything

"Look I know I'm not your favourite person at the minute because I keep interfering with your plans and asking too many questions and whatever. I'll try and not be so nosy but please just talk to me about whatever is going on in that head of yours"

Ellie felt the tears forming in her eyes so looked away from her Mum.

The thought of telling Ronnie terrified her. Her Mum didn't even know she'd lost her virginity.

"Just stop pestering me" Ellie said before walking out of the room

Ronnie ran her fingers through her hair.

She hated that her daughter felt she was too grown up to need her Mum.

Ronnie went back downstairs.

Once Matthew and Ricky had finished eating Ronnie stacked their plates in the dishwasher before pouring herself another glass of wine. It was a Friday and Ronnie felt like she needed it.

They all went into the lounge and put a film on.

It wasn't long before Jack got home so Ronnie went out to the kitchen to put some rice on.

Once it was ready she shouted Ellie downstairs.

Ellie came down and sat at the table. It was obvious she'd been crying but no-one said anything about it.

"Are you not hungry tonight Ellie?" Jack asked as Ellie had barely touched her food and everyone else had pretty much finished

"No I'm really not feeling that well. Is it okay if I go back upstairs"

"Of course it is. Do you need anything?" Ronnie asked

Ellie shook her head before going upstairs.

"Did you find out what's wrong with Ellie Mum?" Jess asked once Ellie had gone

"I'm not sure sweetheart. She'll be okay though, don't worry"

Once they'd finished eating Jack cleared up whilst Ronnie put Matthew to bed.

After tucking Matthew in Ronnie went into Ellie's room.

She wasn't getting anywhere with asking Ellie what was wrong so she decided to try another approach.

"Do you want me to run you a bath Ellie?" Ronnie offered

Ellie shook her head. She didn't want to do anything nice. She just wanted to not be in this situation.

"Are you sure? It might make you feel better"

"No I don't want one thank you"

"How do you not feel very well?"

"I feel sick and I just don't feel right"

"You've been feeling sick a lot recently sweetie"

"No I haven't" Ellie said defensively

Ronnie didn't bother to disagree with her.

"Well let me know if you change your mind about the bath" Ronnie said. She could tell by the mood Ellie was in that if she tried talking to her daughter anymore she would just get annoyed

By the time Ronnie went back downstairs it was only Jack left down there.

Ronnie went and sat on the sofa and snuggled into him.

"Did you check on Ellie?" Jack asked

"Yeah apparently she's feeling sick. I can't help but feel there's something else going on"

"She's probably just picked up a bug or something"

"Maybe. Ricky's teacher called me into the classroom to speak to her after school today. Apparently he was crying at lunchtime and he hasn't been himself at school recently"

"Why was he crying?" Jack asked

"Apparently it was because he fell over and hurt his knee"

"Well is it okay now? He didn't mention it when I spoke to him"

"He said it is. I think he was pretty embarrassed about crying" Ronnie said but Ricky always had been a sensitive boy

Ronnie and Jack ended up having the rest of the evening to themselves as all the kids were upstairs.

They decided to head up to bed at about 10.

Ronnie checked on Matthew who was fast asleep as was Ricky. She then went into Amy and Jess' bedroom and they were both still awake.

"Don't you two think it's time for bed?" Ronnie asked

"I guess" Amy said

"Night girls, see you in the morning"

"Aren't you going to come back to say goodnight once we're ready for bed?" Jess asked. She still liked Ronnie to tuck her in at night

"Okay I'll come back in a minute. Hurry up and get ready for bed though"

Ronnie then went into check on Ellie.

She was laying in bed with the light off but she wasn't asleep.

"Night night Els" Ronnie said quietly as she wasn't sure if Ellie was asleep or not


"Love you sweetheart"

"Love you too"

Ronnie turned around and was about to leave but was stopped by Ellie.



"Can I get a cuddle?"

"Of course you can" Ronnie said before getting under the covers and wrapping her arms around Ellie

Ellie forced herself not to cry whilst she was cuddled into her Mum but it was a struggle. She couldn't cry though as she didn't want her Mum to push her to tell her what was wrong.

Ellie needed her Mum right now but she just couldn't tell her what was wrong. Her Mum would be so disappointed in her.

Ronnie started stroking her hair.

"What's going on with you baby?"

"Nothing I'm fine Mum. I think I just need a good sleep"

"Don't keep things bottled up Els, it's always better to talk about your problems"

"There's nothing to talk about. I just want a cuddle and to go to sleep"

Ronnie laid there for a while with her daughter but eventually got up to go to bed herself.

"Night Ellie. You know where I am if you need me, even if it's the middle of the night"

"Night Mum"

As soon as Ronnie had left and closed the door behind her Ellie burst into tears.

She'd never felt as scared as she felt now. What would she do if she was pregnant?

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