Authors Note: I decided to scrap my first edition of "World's First" due to the fact I feel it was poorly written, and wasn't flowing as nicely as I would have appreciated. I've been trying to update it for a few weeks now without much luck, so starting over I begin. Don't worry I'll keep a lot of the aspects I had been using the same, with an element of suprise.
Character names are made up, but do represent people who are very close to myself, and I may reveal their identities if they choose for me to do so. I have also included myself, and would like input about the new characters as well.

I do not own any of the original Transformers characters, I just appreciate the fact such amazing characters were created. I do own the rights to the characters I have added, however, and would appreciate if you choose to use them in any of your fanfics to ask permission.

The war was over and they had won, or so they thought. Optimus Prime was ready to call Earth his new home, however there was the matter that the humans had activated Galvatron, by accident. The government had fallen and now a new government was in place. Groups of supporters of Galvatron had disbanded while the support for the Transformers grew stronger. Everyone realized they made a mistake by trying to make human made Transformers.

Cade and Tessa Yeager were cleaning up the remanants of their now destroyed home, along with Ironhide, Bumblebee, and Optimus Prime when President Donald Carneigh pulled up to the yard. Handing Cade an order which turned the Yeager farm into a full blown military installation. The military was initiating a top secret organization planning on studying Transformers and ultimately their powersource, Energon. The base would be under the command of Colonel Joe Sham.

Cade, Tessa, and Shane were all enlisted into the military under a new organization, the Transformers Exploration Program or T.E.P. for short. This was the new top secret military plan the Yeagers were led to believe, although the military had much more in depth plans.

The military promised to rebuild everything better than it was before, and gave Cade and Tessa an all expenses paid trip to Yellowstone National Park, along with Tess's boyfriend, Shane. Much to the dismay of Cade. Also Optimus put Ironhide in charge of protecting Cade as well as Drift being assigned to Shane.