Aboard Babylon 5: Chapter 9
"Ivonova to Garibaldi, Ivonova to Garibaldi. Meet me in the command deck, ASAP!"

Ivonvoa: Garibaldi, it seems we were transported through some kind of time paradox. I know you have experience with this, as you and Jeffery Sinclair had been transported back to Babylon 4. I want you to see when we are, and to check out the ships integrity. It appears our landing on Earth was a bit rougher than I would have liked.

Garibaldi: I'll send Zach down to check out the ship, and I'll assemble a crew to check outside of the ship. If there is anything we need to be warned about, I'll use my link to let you know. I'll also get a hold of Franklin to prepare for any injuries.

Outside of the ship the crew was shocked to see their former commander, Sinclair, their Captain, Sheradin, the Nimbari ambassador, Delenn, her second in command, Lennier, and that weird creaturer Zathras, that only Garibaldi seemed to know. Also they had found Optimus Prime, Ironhide, and Drift as well as the Yeagers.

"Welcome, welcome to Earth. You are probably wondering what year you are in, and why there is two of each person (Delenn, Lennier, Sheradin). You are in the year 2015, there were two time paradoxes which occured at the same time, and I really don't have an answer to the last. I am General Daniel Oranik. Welcome home."

Ivonova: Let me correct you, sir. There is not two of anyone. On our ship, Sheridan, Delenn, Lennier, and Jeff went missing on their mission with the White Star. Along with their disappearance so did the Shadows. Molari came back aboard, along with Vir and G'Kar and they were much like old friends once again. The Centauri Republic had fallen, as did the Narn regieme. Both groups agreed it was much better to work together than to constantly bicker and have useless wars.
We have been living peacefully and quietly since. A few of the Nimbari warrior casts, had been trying to start trouble, but once they learned of the true Identity of Sinclair, they backed off and gave in to the Religious Cast as the leading party on Nimbar. Marcus became the Ambassador to Nimbar, and I must say he does grow on you after a LONG time. *Laughs, he and I are expecting our first child soon.*

Garabaldi: Jeff, Sheradin! I never thought I'd be so happy to see you two. Susans, been doing a wonderful job manning the station in your stead. I must know what is occuring though, because there is panic on the ship at the moment. There is a possibility that the peace and quiet we have been enjoying is about to be broken.

Sheradin: Let me go back and try and explain what has occured. They may not believe me, but I'm sure they still respect me. Most probably think I'm dead, and would be given a heroes' welcome.

Delenn; I do not think that would be wise, John. I believe that General Oranik and Mr. Yeager should go. Everyone on the ship knows the history of the Transformers, the war against Galvatron. It seems that we became stuck here in the time line, and never made it back, but somehow caused the Shadows to also become stuck and defeated them.

Once upon the ship, Cade introduced himself to the muffled gasps of many. It is true, many exclaimed. They began to stop their arguing and listened to the story.

Cade: I am not quite sure what exactly is occuring myself. I know that a week ago, I was cleaning up my farm and I was sent out here on what I was led to believe was a vacation. I also know that about two hours ago, two time paradoxes were occuring at the same time, and I've met more aliens that I ever knew existed. I do know that Galvatron is still out there somewhere, and he may be the key to everything occuring. This seems to have his fingerprints all over it. Anyhow it seems like we have had a series of two future time paradoxes occur in the same sequence.

We must get to the bottom of this. Right now we know it has something to do with Dark Energon being tampered with. Also it seems fate has given us some of the brightest minds of the time.