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Rachel Berry looked in the mirror, looking at the gold star necklace around her neck. She wanted to wear this necklace to school. When she was little, her dads put her in singing, acting and dancing lessons, and she came to love performing. Her elementary and middle school fed into Carmel High in Akron, which had a national championship winning show choir that she hoped to join in high school.

Then the summer before freshman year, Rachel's dad had been transferred to another ACLU firm in Lima, and they'd moved away. Instead, she was going to McKinley High School. The guy who ran the glee club gave Rachel a bad vibe, so she joined the cheerleading squad in hopes of furthering herself as a performer.

Joining the cheerios had been a bad decision. Rachel hated the person the cheerios had turned her into. The other girls on the cheer squad constantly made fun of the other kids at the school. They particularly made fun of Finn Hudson, a shy boy who sat in the back of their classes who was very tall and liked to play the drums.

Rachel took off the gold star necklace. Every day she wore the same old cheerio uniform. Guys from around the school were always looking at the girls in their short skirts. Rachel had been asked out at the end of freshman year by Kurt Hummel, the first freshman and the lightest weight person to ever become quarterback of the football team. Rachel's best friends, Mercedes Jones and Tina Cohen-Chang, talked about how Rachel and Kurt had the potential to become the school's power couple, with him becoming quarterback and her becoming head cheerleader as a freshman. Mercedes was the other head cheerleader, and Tina, who was a freshman, had already been named the substitute head cheerleader, having made the team as an eighth grader.

"Are you ready for school?" Rachel heard her dad call.

"Yeah," Rachel called. She wasn't. She wanted to go back to her old life, where she could just be Rachel Berry, not be under the pressure of being head cheerio or having the fear of being made fun of by the people she thought were her friends. People thought that Rachel was one of the most popular girls at school, but she even felt like a bit of an outsider with the cheerios. She didn't hang out with the girls much outside of cheerios practice. Well, she would sometimes hang out with Mercedes and Tina, but they were much closer to each other than to her.

Rachel's dad pulled the car up to the school, and Rachel walked over to where Mercedes, Tina and some of the other cheerleaders were standing by the dumpster with Santana Lopez, a girl who Rachel had some classes with. Santana had Latina roots and sometimes spoke Spanish instead of English and got made fun of a lot for it.

"Rachel!" Mercedes called out. "You just made it in time!"

"What's going on?" Rachel asked.

"Come on," Tina said, handing Rachel a slushie. "You can have the first one."

Rachel didn't like the idea of this. She'd never been slushied - in fact, while the other cheerios threw slushies on people, she often stood back.

Why did high school have to be so tough?


Finn Hudson thought that the best way to get through high school was to be as removed as possible.

Freshman year had mostly consisted of not talking, coming to class and just focusing on school. Even with trying to be on the outside, Finn was still made fun of. Some people made fun of his height, some made fun of his good grades, some made fun of the videos he used to post of himself singing and drumming on YouTube that he stopped posting because he was tired of being made fun of.

Finn's mom had told him high school was the best years of her life. She'd met his dad in high school and had close friends. So why was it such a nightmare for Finn? What had he done to these people to make them hate him so much?

Finn ducked to avoid a slushie he saw some of the cheerleaders tossing on Noah Puckerman. He looked over at the cheerios. Mercedes Jones and Tina Cohen-Chang were cracking up. The third one, Rachel Berry, had an uneasy look on her face. Finn thought Rachel seemed nicer than some of the other cheerios. She'd never been mean directly to Finn, or anyone. Finn actually thought that Rachel was pretty. She had a nice body, nice legs, pretty brown eyes and brown hair. No. He couldn't think like that. No way would a girl like Rachel Berry want to date a nobody like Finn Hudson.

Finn went into his Spanish class, listening as Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson and Artie Abrams snickered when he gave Mr. Schuester the correct answers. Kurt was tiny, but he'd somehow become the quarterback of the football team. Blaine was another football player, and so was Artie, depsite the fact that he was in a wheelchair. As class ended, Mr. Schuester announced that he was taking over glee club and that auditions would be held after school that day.

Maybe this would finally help Finn make friends. He liked to sing and drum, and maybe spending time with other people who liked those things would help him enjoy high school more. He walked into the auditorium, ready to try out. "I'm Finn Hudson and I'll be singing Can't Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon."

"Great, let's hear it," Mr. Schue said.

The music began and Finn started singing. This had always been one of his favorite songs.

Finn: I cant fight this feeling any longer
And yet Im still afraid to let it flow
What started out as friendship, has grown stronger
I only wish I had the strength to let it show
And even as I wander
Im keeping you in sight
Youre a candle in the window
On a cold, dark winters night
And Im getting closer than I ever thought I might
And I cant fight this feeling anymore
Ive forgotten what I started fighting for
Its time to bring this ship into the shore
And throw away the oars
Baby, I cant fight this feeling anymore
My life has been such a whirlwind since I saw you
Ive been running round in circles in my mind
And it always seems that Im following you, girl
Cause you take me to the places that alone Id never find
And even as I wander Im keeping you in sight
Youre a candle in the window on a cold, dark winters night
And Im getting closer than I ever thought I might
And I cant fight this feeling anymore
Ive forgotten what I started fighting for
Its time to bring this ship into the shore
And throw away the oars, forever
Cause I cant fight this feeling anymore
Ive forgotten what I started fighting for
And if I have to crawl upon the floor
Come crashing through your door
Baby, I cant fight this feeling anymore.

"Wow, Finn," Mr. Schue said. "That was great. We've had six other kids try out, but you were by far the best."

Finn felt so happy. "Thank you!"

"Our first rehearsal is after school tomorrow," Mr. Schue said. "I'll see you then."


When Finn arrived for the first rehearsal, he noticed that it was a very small group so far. There was Santana Lopez, the sophomore girl whose family had immigrated from Puerto Rico. There was Brittany Pierce, a freshman who did a web series with her cat on YouTube. There was Quinn Fabray, one of the biggest nerds in the sophomore class who thought she was smarter and better than everyone else and was very religious. There was Noah Puckerman, a Jewish boy who constantly talked about his Judaism. There was a freshman named Sam Evans, who had a big mouth and attempted to do impressions. And there was Mike Chang, the smartest member of the sophomore class.

"Finn!" Mr. Schuester said as Finn came in. "All right, everyone's here."

"So, can we dance?" Mike asked.

"We'll work dancing into our routines," Mr. Schuester said. "I wanted to give you guys your first song. When I was in glee club, we brought the house down with Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat."

Finn looked at the sheet music. He didn't think this song was going to get them anywhere. If they wanted to attract more kids to the glee club, they'd need to do songs that other kids would like. After all, the glee club would need 12 members to go to the first competition.

Mr. Schuester had given the solo to Santana, but Finn could tell this wasn't going well. As he left rehearsal, Finn looked at Mr. Schue. "So... can I tell you something?"

"Sure," Mr. Schue said. "I know I didn't give you the solo, Finn, but I stand by what I said: you have the best voice there."

Finn smiled to himself. "Thanks. But Mr. Schue - I think we need a really strong female lead. The three girls we have so far are good - but they don't have the epic feel we need if we want to destroy the competition."

"Finn, it was only the first rehearsal..." Mr. Schuester began.

"I know," Finn said. "But my high school experience has sucked so far. And I want things to get better. We need a strong female lead." This hadn't gone how he'd hoped. These kids weren't ever mean to him, true, but they definitely avoided him in the classes he had with them...


When Rachel had heard about the glee club starting up again, she'd wanted to join. She loved singing. But what would the other cheerios think? They'd once slushied one of the girls on the team when they found out she went to a Broadway show. Today Rachel had to leave cheerios practice early and was showering in the locker room while the other girls were still practicing. Still thinking about music, Rachel began singing On My Own from Les Mis in the shower.

Rachel: On my own
Pretending he's beside me
All alone
I walk with him 'til morning
Without him, I feel his arms around me
And when I lose my way, I close my eyes and he has found me
In the rain
The pavement shines like silver
All the lights are misty in the river
In the darkness, the trees are full of starlight
And all I see is him and me forever and forever
And I know it's only in my mind
That I'm talking to myself and not to him
And although I know that he is blind
Still I say there's a way for us
I love him
But when the night is over
He is gone
The river's just a river
Without him, the world around me changes
The trees are bare and everywhere the streets are full of strangers
I love him
But every day I'm lonely
All my life I've only been pretending
Without me, his world will go on turning
The world is full of happiness that I have never known
I love him
I love him
I love him...
But only on my own...

Then she heard footsteps and stopped singing. She looked out the curtain and saw Ms. Pillsbury, the guidance counselor. At least it wasn't a cheerio. Still, she probably shouldn't let the cheerios hear her singing.


"Rachel, can I borrow you?"

Rachel looked up from her desk in study hall, where she was reading a cheerleading magazine with Mercedes and Tina. She saw Mr. Schuester. Was she going to get in trouble for not studying during a study hall? "Sure," Rachel said.

"Come with me," Mr. Schuester said, leading Rachel to his office. When they arrived, Mr. Schuester handed Rachel a packet labeled "Chronic Lady." "I saw you drop this on your way out of class."

Rachel examined the packet. What was this? "What? I don't even know what this is!"

"Seriously?" Mr. Schuester asked. "Want to tell me how long you've had a drug problem, Miss Berry?"

Drugs? This was drugs? "What? Someone must have gotten this in my stuff!" Drugs? She knew her dads hadn't been happy with her lately... but drugs? "I swear, that isn't mine!"

"Rachel, I saw that fall out of your books," Mr. Schuester said. "This isn't who I thought you were. I thought you were better than that."

Rachel's dads had been telling her a lot that she thought she was better than the cheerios. Now her teacher was saying that. "I am better than that! I swear, this isn't mine!"

"You could get expelled for this," Mr. Schuester continued. "You could end up in jail."

"I can take a test to prove this isn't mine!" Rachel protested. "You just can't tell my dads!"

Mr. Schuester stared at Rachel. "Well, if more people find out about this, they could find out."

"Is there anything I can do?" Rachel asked, feeling desperate. Now she was going to become a loser...

"There are two ways you can get out of this," Mr. Schuester said. "For one, you can spend a month in detention, but that'll go on your record."

"What else can I do?" Rachel asked.

"You can join glee club," Mr. Schue said. "We need more girls."

Glee club? Rachel had wanted to join glee club. But what would the cheerios think? And what would Coach Sylvester think?

"If you join glee club, your dads won't find out about what fell out of your books, and you won't have detention on your record," Mr. Schue continued. "You may only be a sophomore, but this would go on your record and colleges will wonder why it happened..."

Rachel gulped. "Can we not let Coach Sylvester and the other cheerios know about me being in glee club?"

"If that's what you want," Mr. Schuester said.

"Okay," Rachel sighed. "I'll join glee club." But she was still concerned. Would the cheerios make fun of her now? Would Kurt break up with her?


"All right guys, how about some Grease today?" Mr. Schuester asked the glee club the next day as he handed out music.

Well, Finn knew that high school kids did like Grease. He looked at the sheet music. Then the door opened, and Rachel Berry came in. Rachel Berry. The pretty head cheerleader. Finn was pretty sure she was the only cheerleader who'd never slushied him or called him a name.

"Everyone, welcome our new member, Rachel Berry," Mr. Schuester said.

"Oh, no me gusta!" Santana shouted. "She slushied me the other day!"

"Yeah, she and her friends are always calling me Trouty Mouth," Sam added.

"Don't we get to vote on her?" Quinn asked.

Finn felt bad. Rachel had always seemed like one of the nicer cheerios. But what was he supposed to say?

"Guys, Rachel is joining the glee club!" Mr. Schuester said. "She's not with the cheerios right now, I want you to treat her like an individual, not a cheerio."

"Her friend the football player in the wheelchair always running over my feet," Mike grumbled.

"Her friends aren't here now!" Mr. Schuester said. "But Rachel is. And Rachel, I want to see how your voice sounds with Finn's. You're going to take the Sandy part of You're The One That I Want."

"Okay," Rachel said. It was the first time she'd spoken. Mr. Schuester handed the sheet music to the piano player and Finn began the song.

Finn: I got chills, they're multiplyin'
And I'm losin' control
'Cause the power you're supplyin'
It's electrifyin'!

Finn looked over at Rachel and listened as she sang her part. She was good. Really good.

Rachel (New Directions): You better shape up (Doo doo doo)
'Cause I need a man (Doo doo doo) (Doo doo doo)
But my heart is set on you (And my heart is set on you)
You better shape up (Doo doo doo)
You better understand (Doo doo doo)
To my heart I must be true (Doo doo doo)

Now Finn and Rachel had to sing together. This was the most fun Finn had had singing in glee club so far. He thought his voice sounded great with Rachel's. She was such a good singer. And she was so pretty. He could only imagine how pretty she looked wearing clothes other than her cheerleader uniform... or not wearing clothes at all...

Rachel and Finn (New Directions): Nothin' left, nothin' left for me to do (Doo doo doo)
You're the one that I want (You are the one I want)
Rachel and Finn with New Directions: Ooh, ooh, ooh
Rachel and Finn: Honey! The one that I want
New Directions: You are the one I want Ooh, ooh, ooh

Santana interrupted the song. "Why are you letting the cheerio have the first solo?"

"It's only one song," Mr. Schuester said.

"And this is the best we've sounded so far," Sam admitted.

Finn agreed. This was the best. He had a feeling having Rachel in the glee club would be a good thing.


"You were really good yesterday," Finn told Rachel, coming up to her at her locker.

Rachel smiled at Finn. "Thanks. You're really good, too."

"You think so?" Finn asked.

"Yeah," Rachel said. He was. Yesterday was the most fun Rachel had in a while. At glee club, she didn't feel pressure. The kids were a little distant at first, but maybe they could warm up to her. And she did like singing with Finn... and she'd never noticed how cute he was...

No. She couldn't think like this. She had a boyfriend.

"So, I was telling Mr. Schue about a song I have in mind for you and me to lead the glee club in," Finn said. "Don't Stop Believing, by Journey."

"I love that song!" Rachel exclaimed.

Finn smiled. His half smile was so cute. "Me too."

Kurt, Blaine and Artie came over. "Hi Rachel. Hi Frankenteen," Kurt snapped. "What's going on?"

Rachel paused. Kurt would probably make fun of her if he found out where she'd been yesterday. She'd told everyone her dads needed her help around the house, but that wasn't true...

"Oh, I'm paired with her for a project," Finn interrupted.

"Oh," Kurt said. "Well, I hope you have time this weekend, Rachel, to go to the mall with me. I want to see all the dresses you're considering for Homecoming. I need to approve of them."

Rachel wanted to choose her own dress. And shouldn't her boyfriend be surprised by her dress? Kurt was always critiquing her wardrobe. "Yeah, we'll figure something out..."

"Great," Kurt said. He smirked at both Blaine and Artie as his friends each grabbed a slushie and threw them on Finn. Now that Rachel was friends with Finn, she noticed how upset he looked.

"What was that for?" Rachel called as they walked away, Artie wheeling over Finn's feet.

"He's a loser," Kurt called. "I don't want my girlfriend talking to losers."

Rachel looked up at Finn. "Are you okay?"

"This happens every day," Finn said as he walked away.


As Rachel began to leave the glee club meeting, Mercedes and Tina came over to her with some other cheerios. "What's going on, Rachel?" Mercedes asked.

"What?" Rachel asked.

"We totally saw you in the choir room with that freakishly tall guy and the crazy cat lady and the big mouthed guy," Tina said. "And the Jew, and the Jesus freak, and the Latina, and that Asian nerd."

Rachel gulped. She guessed eventually they'd find out. "Well, I joined the glee club."

"What?" Mercedes asked. "Rachel, since when are you a loser?"

"It's fun," Rachel protested.

"Fun?" Tina asked. "Cheerios is what's fun."

Not for Rachel. But she couldn't tell them the real story. Those drugs weren't even hers. "I got caught cheating on a test and Mr. Schue said he'll give me extra credit to make up for that test if I join."

"Please, it's one test," Tina snarled. "You're either one of us or one of them. Make up your mind."

Rachel watched as her freinds walked away. The people she thought were her friends. She saw what they did to people. Would they start doing this to her if she stayed in the glee club?


Rachel hadn't been at glee club meetings in a few days. Mr. Schuester had liked Finn's idea for the number led by Finn and Rachel, but they couldn't do it if Rachel wasn't there to do it with Finn.

On his way to the glee club meeting, Finn saw Rachel at a vending machine. "I haven't seen you at glee club lately."

Rachel looked uncomfortable. "I don't know if I can keep doing it."

"Why?" Finn asked. "Because of your superficial friends and your boyfriend who has to approve of everything you wear?"

"Finn..." Rachel began.

"I know what it's like to be made fun of," Finn told Rachel. "It sucks. But if you stick with us, you'll get a chance to really develop your talent instead of just jumping around in a short skirt screaming and waving pompoms. You're better than that. I know that. And you know that."


Rachel couldn't stop thinking about what Finn had said. She'd liked to think that she was better than the cheerios and caring about nothing but image and popularity. As she arrived for cheerios practice, she saw the girls standing around a port-a-potty. "What's going on here?"

"We wanted to see what side you're on," Tina said.

"What do you mean?" Rachel asked.

"We got that blond girl from the glee club who thinks she's so smart and pretty and perfect locked in the port a potty," Mercedes said. "Maybe Jesus can save her if he really does exist. But to prove your alliegance to us, you need to knock the port a potty over."

Rachel felt sick to her stomach. She didn't know Quinn very well. But she didn't deserve to be locked in a port-a-potty. Rachel walked over to the port-a-potty and opened the door. "Are you okay?" she asked Quinn.

"Oh, hell to the no!" Mercedes shouted. "Rachel, what are you doing? Helping that loser?"

Rachel was tired of this. "We live in a town full of losers. Only three kids went out of state for college in last year's graduating class. So many of the parents here work dead end jobs. Very few married couples stick together. I know I'm a loser. But I'm not going to quit something I enjoy."

"So, you're quitting?" Tina asked.

"I'm doing both," Rachel said. "And if you guys have a problem with that, that's your problem, not mine."

She'd done her best to look confident when she talked to the cheerios, but it had been hard. Still, Rachel knew that Finn was right. She couldn't turn her back on something that had made her happy. And she did like the idea of spending more time with Finn.

"Thanks," Quinn said, interrupting Rachel's thoughts. "You coming to glee today?"

"Yeah," Rachel said. "Let's go."


Finn had to hold in his excitement as Rachel arrived in glee club with Quinn. She had listened to him. She wasn't quitting.

"I thought you quit," Mike said to Rachel.

"No," Rachel said. "And I'm sorry for making you think I would. I really want to be in this group. It made me feel good. This is the first time I've been able to be myself, with a group of people working for a common goal. And I want us to do that number Finn had in mind."

Finn gave Rachel a half smile. "You do?"

"Yeah," Rachel said. She turned to the group. "I'm sorry for what the football players and the cheerios have done to you all. And if you don't think you can trust me, I can't make you. I can't make you like me, either. But I just want to be here."

"Welcome back, Rachel," Mr. Schuester said. "Let's get started on that number."


Finn couldn't help but wonder if his talk with Rachel had made her decide to come back. As he performed Don't Stop Believing with Rachel, with the rest of the glee club backing them up, he knew that this was the right song for him and Rachel. This was the happiest he'd felt during his time in high school. And until now, he'd never noticed what a beautiful smile Rachel had. Their voices sounded even better this time.

Finn: Just a small town girl
Livin' in a lonely world
She took the midnight train
Goin' anywhere
Rachel: Just a city boy
Born and raised in South Detroit
He took the midnight train
Goin' anywhere
Finn: A singer in a smoky room
Rachel: A smell of wine and cheap perfume
Finn and Rachel: For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on and on and on
Finn and Rachel with New Directions: Strangers waiting
Up and down the boulevard
Their shadows
Searching in the night
Streetlight people
Livin' just to find emotion
Hiding somewhere in the night
Rachel: Workin' hard to get my fill
Everybody wants a thrill
Finn and Rachel: Payin' anything to roll the dice
Just one more time
Finn and Rachel: Some will win
Some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
And now the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on
Finn and Rachel with New Directions: Strangers waiting
Up and down the boulevard
Their shadows
Searching in the night
Streetlight people
Livin' just to find emotion
Hiding somewhere in the night
Don't stop believin'
Finn and Rachel: Hold on to that feelin'
Rachel and Finn with New Directions: Street lights people, oh, woah, ohh
Don't stop believin'
Rachel and Finn: Hold on to that feelin'
Rachel and Finn with New Directions: Street lights people, oh, whoa, ohh
Don't stop!

"You guys sounded great," Mr. Schue said at the end of the song. "I think we could take Sectionals with that."

Rachel smiled at Finn and leaned over and whispered to him. "Thanks."

"For what?" Finn asked.

"For coming up with the song," Rachel said. "For convincing me to come back."

Finn smiled. "You're welcome."