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Misty's POV

My name's Misty, I've recently started traveling with two boys, Ash and Brock. But there is something about me they don't know. I'm a Futanari, a girl who also has male parts. I've never heard of another one so I assume it's just me, alone, with a penis. I've never actually used the thing, aside from occasionally masturbating. I've heard that Futanari are super rare and super special but I don't know what that means exactly.

Ash is a strong trainer, he managed to beat me and Brock for his first two badges.

Since I've been journeying with the boys I sleep spate from them and when I need some relief I walk off and take care of business. This is what I'm doing tonight because I can't sleep and my erection is nearly ripping through my shorts.

"Haa!" I moaned as I shimmied out of my shorts and grabbed my cock with my hand, slowly starting to jerk off.

I had my shirt hiked up as o could grasp my small breasts, I wasn't much bigger than a B-cup but I wasn't really complaining.

"So good…" I moaned stroking faster "Haaaaa…I needed this."

I reached down and cupped my balls as I stroked. My hand moved at a blinding pace, making naughty fapping noises.

"OHHH!" I gasped feeing a surge in my loins "Here it comes!"


"OHHHHHAAAA!" I moaned as my cock twitched and cum flew out everywhere.

When I came down off my high I came face to face with a shocking sight, I had covered Ash's Pikachu in my cum.


"Oh my gosh Pikachu I'm so sorry!"

Pikachu suddenly started glowing.



Pikachu's body started changing right in front of me. Pikachu got taller and started to take on a more human shape, towards the chest area C-cup sized breasts formed and between the legs a clear vagina developed. On her head shoulder length blonde hair grew. The only thing convincing me this girl, who was about my height, was still Pikachu was the ears and tail reminiscent of her old form.

"What the…" the girl covered her mouth "I'm…talking?!"

"Pikachu?" I said confused "Is that really you."


The blonde haired girl stood up and looked around "What happened?"

"I'm not really sure."

Could it be because my cum got on her? Could that be the special power of the futanari?

"I think it was because of me." I said gesturing to my penis.

Pikachu looked at it "Hmm…"

Looking at how cute Pikachu had become I slowly felt myself starting to get hard again.

"I feel so weird." Pikachu said poking her breast "all bouncy and jiggly."

"And this too." She said touching her new pussy "Feels really nice."

Oh god…I'm gonna lose it."

"Pikachu!" I gasped when the Pokegirl poked my penis.

"Does that feel good?" the girl asked "I have an urge to stroke it."


"My mind is filled with thoughts…about sex." Pikachu looked up at me very sexually "Misty…please fuck me."

The electric Pokémon suddenly licked my length.

"OH!" I gasped at the suddenly pleasure.

Pikachu suddenly started sucking on the tip before engulfing my penis with her warm mouth.

"That…feels so good." I moaned.

I've never gotten blowjob before….this feels incredible…what have I been missing.

Pikachu looked up at me as she made sexy slurping noises while she sucked me off.

"Pikachu…suck harder." I begged.

"Mmmmm." The mouse hummed as her head bobbed faster and faster.

"Uhhgh." I groaned throwing my head back as Pikachu ran her tongue over my dick.

I can't hold it in much longer…I'm gonna cum soon.

"Hmmmm." Pikachu's humming made my balls tingle.

"Oh! I'm…I'm gonna…HAAAAAA!"

My testicles clenched and started filling Pikachu's mouth with hot spunk. The sexy blonde eagerly swallowed the seed, smiling up at me.

"Lay down." I said getting on my knees "I'll take care of you know."

Pikachu did as I said; I crawled between her legs and flicked my tongue over her fold.

"OH!" she gasped "Misty that feels really good."

I looked up and saw the mouse grabbing her breasts and rubbing her clit with her finger as I probed my tongue into her hole.

"Deeper Misty…go deeper." Pikachu said pushing my head harder against her snatch.

I increased my motions and pushed my tongue as far in as I could manage. Pikachu tasted so sweet, her juices were pouring into my mouth.

"I feel so good!" Pikachu moaned "I'm losing my mind…I'm…OHHHH!"

I felt Pikachu's walls shift around my tongue as she climaxed.

"That was an orgasm." Pikachu moaned "I've never felt that good…I want to feel that way again."

I kneeled up and smiled down.

"Misty." Pikachu spread her legs "Stick it in me."

I'm about to take my first girl ever…

I leaned down and kissed Pikachu, our tongues twirling in our mouths before I slowly pushed forward and penetrated her.

"Haa!" we both gasped in pleasure.

It's so tight.

"That feels so good…I'm being stretched to the limit!"

I grunted and slowly started to thrust my hips, stimulating Pikachu's pleasure core.

"Ha…ha…" she moaned "Harder Misty!"

"Sorry." I said bucking my hips "You're just so tight there's a lot of resistance."

As I leaned down I felt Pikachu's slightly bigger breasts pressing against mine. The electric type wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled my closer as I thrusted.

"Pikachu…this feels so good!" I moaned.

"I know…more!"

Pikachu and I grinded against each other, my cock plunging deep into her, I felt my balls swinging around slapping against Pikachu's thighs.

"UGH!" I groaned "Pikachu…I can't hold it!"

"Me too…I…MISTY!"

Pikachu suddenly got unbearably tight. It was almost impossible for me to thrust against her vice grip like walls.

"AHH!" I moaned as I felt myself starting to lose control "OHHHHHHH!"

I felt my balls clench and start pumping a load of cum into Pikachu. I pulled out slowly, cum spilling out of the cute girl.

"Misty that was so good." Pikachu smiled sitting up "We should do it more."

"Yeah…hey umm…how are we gonna explain this?" I asked.

"Oh yeah…Hmmm." Pikachu focused "Don't worry can change back."

"You can?!"

"Well my mind says I can." She said focusing "I have a whole bunch of new thoughts since I changed, I guess when futanari cum gets on a Pokémon it turns into a Pokegirl, we can switch back and forth…but we keep the ability to talk…to the one who changed us."

"Wow…how convenient."

Pikachu focused and shifted back to normal.


"That's great." I said looking at the little mouse.

"The suns gonna be up soon, we should get back." She said scampering off.

So I can change Pokémon into cute girls…Maybe this cock isn't so bad.


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Welcome to my newest Futanari story. I've been a Pokémon fan since I was a kid and since I started writing stories I've been thinking about doing one and I finally decided to write this today.

This story will focus on Misty and her collection of Pokegirls. They story may vary from the main plot, stuff may evolve that didn't in the cannon, people may catch other Pokémon, so on and so on.

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