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Misty's POV

We were close to arriving in the next city Ashley had a Gym battle in, it was going to be her second of Sinnoh, first though we had to stop and camp in a forest, I hated it until I found a nice little spring to bathe in.

"This is refreshing." I said splashing the cool water up onto my tits, my clothes in a neat pile nearby.

There was a faint foggy mist in the forest that made it hard to see to the other side of the spring.

"I didn't realize I had company." Piplup slowly waded out of the fog "I came here to bathe alone you know."

"I didn't realize this was a private spring." I smirked back as she approached.

"I don't bathe with just anyone, I have standards you know." She huffed "You know I'm rather jealous of you, if anyone is deserving of a place as a legendary Pokemon it's I."

"Oh, really now." I laughed a bit.

"Of course, my body is flawless and will only get better as I evolve, I'm smart, sexy and people respect me."

I chuckled again at her somewhat stuck up attitude, it was almost cute how serious she was.

"I just can't resist giving you a big huge." I laughed pressing our moist bodies together.

I gave her ass a squeeze to make her moan as I played with her, rubbing my tits on her body. She began to moan more as I moved my hands lower and teased her slit a bit, my digits rubbing her under the water as I shimmied back to the ground nearby.

"Ha!" she moaned a bit as I put my fingers inside her and started pumping as she sat in my lap, the little birdie moaning more and more.

Slowly I slipped my cock up and held her hole open with my fingers as I pushed my cock into her.

"OHHH!" she moaned as I held her hips and started thrusting into her.

I had her lean back, my breasts once more pressing tightly against her as I casually thrusted away, the penguin riding my cock.

I rolled my hips to meet her, shaft slamming deeper and deeper in as her wet innards rubbed my cock. I leaned forward and started kissing her neck to make her pleasure amp up even more. Piplup threw her head back a bit and moaned allowing me to shift the position so I was the one thrusting into her from behind as she leaned on the edge of the spring, her body dripping with sweat and water.

"Yes, harder yes!" she moaned as I thrust away, her body slamming against mine, slowly taking on a glow.

"Oh, this is unexpected." I laughed a bit.

Slowly Piplup glowed and evolved as I fucked her, the sensation making my cock shiver even more. Her body got a little taller, her breasts swelled to D-cups as her hair reached just passed shoulder length and her ass filled out in my hands. Slowly a little yellow tiara like growth appeared on her forehead and she moaned with a slightly deeper voice.

"Yes, darling yes!" she moaned "I'm, oh you're making me…CUM!"

I busted inside of her and pulled out as she slowly recovered and looked at her body.

"Hmm, yes this is much more fitting for me." Prinplup smirked "Don't you think so peasant?"

"Peasant." I scoffed at her royal attitude "Girl you better check that attitude with me."

"Hmph." She flipped her hair a bit.

I dried off and then started getting dressed, ready to go back to camp with the others.

"Misty dear I believe you forgot something." Prinplup said picking up my bra.

"Nah you can trash it." I cupped my tits "I think I had another growth spurt that thing's too small."


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