Doragon no Yōsei (Dragon's Fairy)
by Kaline Reine

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece or any of the characters/settings. This is just a fanfiction story. I don't own any of the OC's in this, they belong to my friend, Mugiwara Luffia. The only exception is Shiori, she's mine.

WARNINGS: This story contains (or may contain) graphic adult content and language, explicit sex scenes, possible violence, gore, cursing, adult themes, etc. I do not censor my writing, but I do my best to warn people about the subject matter and potential subject matter. So if you don't like that kind of thing or can't handle it, then I suggest not reading this story. You have been warned. Also, I know this doesn't follow canon but it doesn't have to, that's why it's a fanfic. And this one is AU, so it has very little to do with canon. xD

This is written for Mugiwara Luffia as a commission. The pairing is Dragon!Sabo x Fairy!Alesha (her lovely OC). Hope you like it! ;D

Chapter 1:

The three dragons stood, leaning against the railing that surrounded the student lounge. They weren't really brothers, of course... They were symbolically linked in the bonds of brotherhood, however, after taking part in a special blood ritual. They were known locally as the Dragon Brothers.

"Man, I can't wait!" Sabo, a young blonde dragon, declared. "It's been ages since we got to check out some cuties like this..."

"Me too!" Luffy, his younger brother, agreed. "Do you think the girls will be pretty? I'd love to meet someone and ask them out and take them on dates and-" He'd gotten carried away.

"Eh, sometimes all that mushy stuff is overrated though..."

"Yeah well," The oldest of the trio, Ace, chose his next words very carefully. "You have to be careful what kind of girl you hang around with, man... College chicks are no joke. And there's no telling exactly what you might run into here."

Sabo just blew him off, with a wave of his hand. "Psh! Whatever, at least I have good taste in women."

"Like hell you do!" Ace roared, his nostrils flaring. "I still remember the last time, you were such an idiot!"

Small puffs of smoke escaped, floating upward to tangle around his tall black horns. He looked very menacing that way. Of course his brothers weren't scared. They were just as fierce as him. The others could breathe fire too, although Luffy's particular specialty involved being much more flexible than was humanly possible.

"I'm sure I'll do just fine. But can you say the same?"

"Hey bro, pay attention!" Ace put his arm around Sabo in a joking way, suddenly changing his demeanor. Maybe that was his way of trying to make peace. "This year, we gotta get you laid! Haha!" The freckled boy laughed at him.

"Shut the fuck up!" Sabo growled in annoyance, jerking away from him. His yellow and black tail swished, lashing back and forth. He was clearly irritated.

"Cool off, guys..." Luffy told both of them, a wide grin spreading across his face. It nearly reacher the small scar beneath his left eye. "There's no reason to fight over it. We haven't even seen any girls yet, so cool it."

"Look, they're coming in..." Sabo pointed toward the entrance, as many of the other students began to push their way into the lounge...

He was glad they'd gotten here early, to avoid having to fight the crowd. They'd all been assigned to their dorm already. Luckily, they'd managed to get to share one. The Dean most likely knew that it would be difficult at best for a dragon to get along with any of the other various races and hybrids here. They tended to be very hot tempered and volatile when angered. It was best to leave the trio together.

Alesha waited outside, thankful that she didn't have to stand in this big crowd all alone. There were a lot of people waiting outside. So many students were getting ready to go find their dorms and get settled in. Most of them still had to get their schedules for the semester. She hadn't gotten hers yet either.

She was glad her friend Devon was hanging out with her. At first glance, most people often thought he was a dragon. With his short, choppy orange hair that faded to yellow at the ends, and bright blue horns, he really stood out among the crowd. It was the solid black eye and cracked skin that gave it away though. He was very unusual, and didn't seem to know anything about his past. He'd forgotten everything. They'd known each other since High School, and she'd been thrilled to learn that at least one of her good friends would also be attending College with her.

"Welcome to Majikku Daigaku, or Magic University!" The voodoo doll demon was always more than happy to break the ice. "What do you think of it so far?" He batted his one good eye at her, and it sparkled bright blue.

"It's okay, I guess..." She shrugged, causing her large pink wings to move up and down. Currently, they were folded behind her back.

"Really? Is that all? Have you no sense of pride? Or honor?" Devon sighed. "They don't let just anyone in here, ya know!"

"I know. I just got lucky."

"You earned it and you know it!" Her friend chuckled.

Not wanting to waste too much time, Alesha took out the folded piece of paper from her backpack. She'd written down the room number to her dorm, as well as the directions for how to get there. She'd attended the open house last night to get adjusted to everything. She still didn't know her way around, but she had an obvious advantage over those who hadn't even been inside the school grounds before.

"I know we won't be sharing dorms, since you're a guy... I wonder who I'll be stuck with."

"Hm? Are you nervous about it?" A devilish grin spread across his cracked porcelain face.

"A little. I wonder if the person I get will be nice or..." She trailed off, looking around.

An endless sea of faces stood before her. Everyone was getting ready to get their schedules. The doors hadn't opened yet, but many people were already attempting to locate their fellow dorm mates. The young fairy watched the crowd for a moment, deciding there would be only one easy way to do this...

"Hey!" She called, trying to be loud enough to be heard over the roar of the rest of the students. "Does anyone else have dorm number three sixty two? On the third floor? Anyone?!"

Another girl stepped forward, shyly. She was fidgeting with the bottom edge of her baggy grayish blue sweater, stretching it out over her stomach, and trying not to draw too much attention to herself. Her black skirt twirled a bit, as she walked over.

"H-hello... I think... I mean I- uhh..." She handed Alesha the paper she held in her hand.

"Oh!" She perked up the moment she read the numbers that had been hastily scrawled there. "Looks like we're roomies! Awesome!"

She looked at the shy girl, sizing her up... She was about the same size as Alesha, with very long, light hair that looked almost white, with a slightly blue or purple tinge to it. Her eyes were also a very odd color, standing out in a deep rose mauve against her pale skin. They had her staring for a moment with her own vivid brown doe eyes, the two girls making a connection. They were curious about each other. She noticed the beauty mark under the girl's left eye, vaguely wondering if it was a true birth mark or just makeup.

Alesha smiled then. She was glad she wasn't too out of place here. She'd chosen a cute pink shirt with blue stars on it, and a matching pastel blue skirt. Her black stockings went well with her new roommate's deep seafoam green ones. She pulled down her white cap tightly around her head, making sure it wouldn't fall off. Her short cotton candy pink hair had gotten slightly messed up in the process, but she had to make sure she hid her horns and antennas from everyone. She didn't want to be made fun of here, the way she had been in High School. Devon had been one of very few people who hadn't laughed at her. She could tell she was going to be good friends with this girl too.

"I'm Alesha, pleased to meet you!" She extended her hand, which the other girl shook eagerly.

"I-I'm Shiori... The pleasure's a-all mine..."

Alesha then made sure to drop her voice a few levels. "Cool. So what... You know, what kind are you, if you don't mind me asking?"

"I'm a... A Valkyrie." The shy girl admitted, blushing a bit.

"Oh wow! I've never met a Valkyrie before! That's so cool!"

"Thanks... What about y-you?"

"I'm a fairy, of course," She gestured to her wings, flapping them a bit for effect.

"That's amazing!" Shiori chirped, knowing how rare fairies were.

'She seems sweet... I'm sure she's the quiet and shy type. She shouldn't be too much of a problem.' Alesha thought. She was very good at reading people.

"Hey, I'm Devon..." The voodoo demon extended his hand to the young lady, but she hesitated to take it.

"It's okay," Alesha reassured her. "He won't bite. He's a friend of mine."

"Oh... H-hello." The Valkyrie said, staring at the ground. "Nice to meet you."

"Have you ever been here before?" He asked.

"N-no, it's my f-first time... I was late today and I m-missed the open house too."

"Well I could show you around," Alesha offered, her copper eyes lighting up. "I mean, if you want... I came to open house last night and already got shown around the school grounds and stuff. They showed me where the dorms are too, but I haven't been inside yet."

"You would do that? F-for me? Thank you so much!" Shiori gushed with happiness for a moment, before remembering herself and withdrawing again. It was endearing and made the fairy girl smile.

"Looks like they're opening the doors!" Devon pointed to the front of the building. "I've got to try to find my new roommate too. I'll catch up with you girls later, okay?"

"Sure. Take care!" Alesha hugged him, before he left.

"B-bye..." Shiori whispered.

He walked away, going to copy his friend's idea and use his dorm number to track them down. It was a smart idea to get to know someone before you had to spend an entire year sharing a living space with them, after all.

It was difficult making their way through the crowd, but they managed to stay together nearly the whole time. There was a moment when Alesha lost sight of Shiori, but she used her wings to lift herself up, hovering over the heads of the crowd, until she spotted her again. The two walked inside, lightly chatting as they went...

"Hey," Ace suddenly nudged Sabo, getting his attention. "Check out that eye candy. Mhmm..." He then moved his dark bangs out of his face, so he could see even better.

He nodded his head toward these two girls who had just walked in. One was a pink-haired beauty with a lovely set of wings hanging from her back, and the other appeared to be a normal human, but with her coloration there was no way she could be.

Before his friend could stop him, the red and black dragon spread his wings anxiously, and walked over to them. Sabo thought he was going to attempt to talk to the girls as they passed, but what he did next was unexpected. Turning his back to them, he reached out with his tail and laid it across their path. The two he'd been indicating were about to step over it without noticing, when suddenly he lifted it, aiming for the girl walking closest to him.

The girl stumbled, being naturally clumsy anyway. Her black boots wobbled beneath her small stature, her knees turning to jello, and she went down. All of the papers and books she'd been carrying spilled out of her arms, flying everywhere.

Alesha went to help her to her feet. "Oh my gosh, are you okay?!"

"Y-yeah, I'm fine..." Shiori muttered, looking down at the floor, unable to meet this stranger's eyes or look at him at all. She didn't even know what she'd tripped over at first.

'Wow, she really is shy...' Alesha thought.

In the process, all of her papers had been strewn about. The other students who were coming in weren't careful at all, and they were already trampling all over them. Shiori and Alesha both leaned down to pick up the things she'd dropped.

Sabo noticed that his friend was checking out the girl's ass, as she bent over to pick up the various papers she'd dropped. He shook his head. That was low, even for Ace... He looked to his left and noticed Luffy was dying laughing next to him. The poor guy couldn't even breathe anymore. That wasn't right. He sighed, greatly annoyed at what Ace had just done.

He went over and kneeled on the floor, helping the girl to pick up some of her dropped belongings. He watched Ace just smirk at him the whole time, with this smug look... It was really burning him up, but he tried not to show it.

"I'm so sorry for my rude friend," Sabo shot him a very deliberate glare, as he stood there with his arms crossed, refusing to help. "Let me help you with this. Here..."

He gave Shiori several of her books, along with some assorted papers that she'd been carrying. She took them and held them close to her chest, guardedly.

"Th-thank you..." She squeaked, looking at the blonde man and trying to figure out what manner of creature he was. He looked sort of reptilian, and her best guess was that he was probably a dragon. The horns and leathery wings were a dead giveaway.

"I'm very sorry about what he did, and I apologize on his behalf," The blonde dragon said to the girls. He was mainly looking at the pink-haired one, who seemed annoyed. "That wasn't right."

"No. It wasn't, but... Thanks for helping us pick it up," The fairy girl replied, casually moving a strand of her hair out of her face. She was really adjusting her hat and making sure it stayed on. "You didn't have to do that."

She looked at him, noticing that one side of his face was horribly scarred. The rest was somewhat attractive, she supposed. Though dragons weren't really her type. Granted, she wasn't sure exactly what her type was, but still... She had to admire his quick reaction and willingness to make things right. And at least he was actually clothed, unlike his friend, who stood there shirtless, probably to show off his muscles.

"It's no problem at all. My name's Sabo, by the way."

"I'm Alesha and this is Shiori," She explained.

"So... Are you lovely ladies friends, or sisters, or what?"

The two looked at each other, before she answered him. "Roommates, actually. It's our first year."

"Well since you're both new here, I wouldn't mind showing you around if you need help or something."

"Thanks for the offer, but no thanks. We'll be fine on our own. Have a nice day."

With that, she ushered her fair-skinned friend away. The other girl had seemed even more shy around these guys, if that were possible. They were whispering to each other as they walked toward the hall where the female dormitory was located. The male dorms were on the other side of the campus, down an adjacent hallway. They turned the corner, hurrying to get away from the Dragon Brothers, all three of which had been staring them down as if they were prey.

"What the hell is the matter with you?!" Sabo scolded Ace for what he'd done, flames coming from his mouth as he spoke.

But the mischievous dragon was having none of his guilt trip. "I was just having some fun. Besides, she didn't seem to mind giving me a peek." He winked, his freckles scrunching up on one side in the process. "So what's the harm?"

"You could have at least helped her pick it up or said sorry..."

"Why? I'm not sorry I did it. It gave you an ample opportunity to talk to her friend, didn't it?"

"Guys... We should go take our stuff up to our room too." Luffy finally broke up their argument. "Then maybe we can get something to eat!"

They rolled their eyes. It was just like Luffy to think about his stomach first. They had already checked out their dorm room way earlier. However, they hadn't taken their belongings up there yet, choosing instead to leave the heavy bags in the student lounge. There weren't many beings here that would be able to lift them anyway. And even if they tried it, most did not want to risk suffering a dragon's wrath.

Their rooms were far nicer than most of the dorms here. One reason was because Sabo's parents were loaded, and everyone knew it. Most of the dorms had one shared room with two or three beds inside. Theirs was unique, because it featured three separate bedrooms, one for each of them. It was important for a dragon to have their own space, after all. And there was a main room, along with a shared bathroom, a small kitchenette area, and living room. It was on the small side but it was still much bigger than most of the male dorms were. They were satisfied with it.

"You're right, let's go."

Sabo took the lead, lugging his own bags over to the crowded hall. He lifted the incredibly heavy luggage with no problem. He couldn't seem to think straight, something was blocking him from forming any coherent thoughts... That girl, she'd been so sweet and kind to him, even though she was angry. He had to admit, even then she was cute. He wasn't sure what it was exactly, but there was something about her that he found very enticing.

He couldn't wait to find out which classes he had.

Alesha noticed that Shiori was kind enough to give her the bed by the window without too much of an argument. She'd cringed at the fact that both beds were in one big room, which doubled as a bedroom and living room. Oh well, at least there was a decent-sized bathroom and a kitchenette area too.

She'd already begun unpacking her things. The fairy took out loads of paper, pencils, pens, folders, and books she would need. She also took out her laptop and other supplies. She knew she would probably need it. She took out her bedsheets and topped it with a cute fairy-inspired bedspread. She carefully placed her pillows into their cases, and placed everything back so it was nice and neat, before throwing her favorite fluffy pink and white comforter on top.

She noticed that her roommate was currently sitting on her unmade bed. She was lying down, her silvery white hair sprawled out around her, looking up toward the ceiling with a book in her hands. She was quietly reading.

"Aren't you going to unpack?"

"I'll do it l-later..." She shrugged, seeming unconcerned about it.

"It's your choice. Just don't wait too long. Soon we'll be weighed down with tons of homework and stuff."

Shiori was much more easygoing than she'd originally thought. She had expected her to be the typical shy type who was very insistent about things like cleaning. The last thing she needed was to be stuck with a mean roommate who nagged her all the time. Maybe this would work out well.

Alesha noticed that the other girl was watching her unpack. Every now and then, she'd glance over as she took out a new thing from her bags. She put her clothes away in her half of the shared closet, placing each outfit on a hanger. There was a small dresser near her bed that she could use for the rest of her things. She took out her plushies that she'd brought with her and placed them along the top. She noticed she was being watched closely as she did so, but she couldn't figure out what was going through the Valkyrie's head. She wondered if she thought it was silly to have stuffed animals or something...

"Those are c-cute..." She finally spoke up.

"Thanks," The fairy smiled. "We should probably get going though..."

"To where?" Shiori yawned, still holding her book. It was obvious that she didn't want to stop reading.

"To the admissions table, silly!" Alesha giggled. "We have to get our schedules. First classes start soon, and I don't want to be late."

"You're r-right," She closed the book and left it on her bed. "Just one sec..."

Shiori picked up a brush that she'd placed on her dresser. It was pretty much the only thing of hers that she had actually unpacked so far. She'd already been late getting here, so she definitely didn't want to be late to class too. Especially not on her first day. That wouldn't look good.

She led the other girl outside, and they locked the dorm room behind them.
When they made it to the student lounge, they saw that most of the others had already picked up their schedules. There was still a long line to have to wait in. Alesha noticed the Dragon Brothers waiting close to the front. She put on her best cute expression and lightly waved to the blonde one from earlier.

It worked. He seemed to recognize her right away. He motioned them over, even though the larger one with the freckles looked sort of annoyed.

"Hey Alesha-chan," He smirked, knowingly. "Need to get in line? We saved you ladies a spot."

"Thanks! You're a lifesaver!" She chirped, trying to keep her wings from flapping in happiness.

She'd almost cringed at the pet name though. 'So cheesy...'

Shiori got in line with her. Some other students were giving them dirty looks because of it, but they didn't care. One return glare from any of the dragons had them looking away innocently in mere seconds... It only took a few minutes for the students in front of them to finish up.

When they walked up to the tables that were being tended by school administrators, Luffy eagerly grabbed everyone's schedules and began passing them out. Alesha saw the way he could stretch his limbs. It certainly was odd, but she wasn't complaining, since it had come in useful. She looked at her schedule, noticing how many classes were crammed into one day. She cast a glance at Shiori's, over her shoulder. It looked like they were all that way.

"Hey, looks like we have some of the same classes..." The blonde dragon loomed over her. She hadn't noticed him creeping up behind her.

"Oh... Don't look at my schedule, you brat!" She stuck her tongue out at him. "Which ones?"

"Looks like English, third period. Then Music at fourth. And later we have History together."

"That doesn't seem so bad..." She took another look at her friend's classes. "Looks like we have first period together, Shiori. We should get going."

"See you around." Sabo smiled at her.

Alesha was surprised at how quiet his other two friends were this time. As soon as they'd walked away, she could hear them muttering things under their breath. It made her nervous. It most likely wasn't good that a stranger had seen her schedule. But he did seem pretty friendly, and he was just another student here, like them. She decided that there was probably no harm in it. She'd met Devon in the same way. She wondered if she'd have any classes with him too.

"D-do you know where it is?" Shiori asked her, fidgeting with her hair nervously.

"Yeah, it's this way," The fairy led her down a long corridor. "It should be at the end of this hall. It looks like they gave us Technology, though I don't know why."

"What are you m-majoring in?"

"I'm not sure yet... So for now, I'm just taking Gen Ed, for the most part."

"That's s-smart. Me too." The girl smiled at her, as they walked.

The two entered the classroom, and were instantly greeted with quite a strange sight. There was an older man sitting behind a desk on the far side of the room. But he didn't look like a teacher at all. He was wearing nothing but an open floral-print tropical shirt and a bright red speedo. His blue hair was swept back in a style that told Alesha he was probably trying way too hard. But the worst part were the muttonchops which adorned each side of his head.

"Welcome to my class!" He called, standing up and posing for the students as they all filed in. Did he have three chins? "It's going to be SUUUUUPEEERRRRR FUN!"

"Oh no..." Alesha immediately facepalmed.

"What's wrong?" Shiori whispered, taking a seat next to her.

"This guy... I've heard about him. He's so cheesy."

"Is he... w-wearing sunglasses?" Shiori stared at the strange man.

"Ugh, yes..." Alesha sighed, smacking herself in the forehead.

She could have sworn she heard the other girl mutter "How lame..." under her breath, but if she did, it was so faint that no one else could have possibly heard it. She silently thanked her keen hearing for allowing her to pick up on that.

Shiori was mortified by the fact that their teacher was wearing a speedo. Every time she glanced toward the front of the classroom, all she saw was buttcheek! She only got through it by keeping her head down a lot and struggling to hide her blush. Alesha noticed right away, and felt sorry for her.

'How are we supposed to learn anything with such an outrageous teacher in charge?' She wondered.

"Good morning, class. My name is Mr. Flam." He told everyone with a completely straight face. Then he flexed, his broad shoulders started to change shape. They were made of metal, as was most of him. "But outside of class, you can call me Frankyyyyy! I'm just SUUUUPEEERRRR COOL like that!"

The two watched the class go on. As soon as the bell rang, their teacher, who hadn't even bothered to call roll, dismissed everyone. They hadn't really done much in class today, other than discuss the fact that he was a cyborg. Some of the other students had seemed fascinated by it, but Alesha herself was bored with the topic before it had even begun. He just struck her as a normal human with a superiority complex.

Shiori walked with her to her next class, but they had to go their separate ways. It looked like she had a different class this period. The way the room numbers were set up here was confusing and often misleading. She was almost late, but at last she found her second class of the day.

Shuffling into the classroom, she took her seat just before the bell rang. There had only been a few spots left available. She looked around but didn't see the teacher anywhere. Just then he came in, a moment late.

"I apologize for my lateness everyone!" A man with dark skin, pink eyes, and bright teal hair popped his head into the room. "I'm Mr. Adain, and I'll be your Psychology teacher this semester! So let's get started..."

At least he was better dressed than her previous teacher... He wore a long black sweater with wide sleeves and white shorts. He sported a pair of gigantic ears on top of his head, and wings sprouted from his back. Every now and then, he would stretch them out proudly. She admired the intricate patterns on them. They were pink on the underside but the back had yellow spots nestled inside larger orange ones.

'Could he be a dragon...? No... He must be some kind of bat...' Alesha thought. She sighed, feeling very alone since there was no one else to talk to in this class.

The man actually gave them classwork to do on the first day! Well, it was College, after all... She should have seen this coming. At least it was just a self-evaluation. He taught Psychology and this was one of her favorite subjects. She was fascinated by people, and the way their minds worked. She liked to think that she herself was pretty sane, but sometimes she wondered about that.

The rest of the class was pretty standard. Alesha thought she might actually fall asleep though, from the way Mr. Adain droned on and on... He seemed fairly quirky and laid back, but he taught his class in the usual fashion. Finally the bell rang, shaking her fully awake, as she came back to her senses.

The pink fairy checked her schedule again. She recalled Sabo saying something about them having third period together. She felt a strange flutter in her stomach, at the thought of seeing him again. She wasn't sure if she were looking forward to it or dreading it. Either way, she had no choice but to show up and hope for the best. Luckily, it wasn't too far from her second class.

She was surprised to see the other two Dragon Brothers there when she arrived. The two dark haired ones stood outside the door, on either side of the blonde. Sabo's face seemed to light up the moment he saw her.

"Oh my... To what do I owe the pleasure?"