Doragon no Yōsei (Dragon's Fairy)
by Kaline Reine

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This is written for Mugiwara Luffia as a commission. The pairing is Dragon!Sabo x Fairy!Alesha (her lovely OC). Hope you like it! ;D

Chapter 8: (Bonus Chapter/Alternate Ending)

Alesha hadn't really allowed anyone else to get close to her, since Sabo was arrested. Various guys at her school had expressed some interest in getting to know her better, a few of them had even asked her out, but she steered clear of all of them. She couldn't let anyone else in, could not allow herself to be hurt in such a way again... It was too soon.

The one beautiful thing she'd found had been brutally torn away from her. And he'd done it willingly too. It was the result of his own choices that had led up to things turning out the way they had. Despite all of this, the little fairy missed her handsome dragon every single day. Not a moment went by that she didn't think of him. He always lurked there, in the back of her mind, overshadowing everything else.

But she'd gotten good at finding different distractions for herself. She had since turned her attentions back toward her studies and brought up her grades in everything. Part of her had even wanted to go visit him in prison a few times, but she had resisted the urge. She really wanted to move on and get over him. What he'd done was unforgivable. And she didn't know how to handle it. In a way, he kind of scared her sometimes.

Alesha still hung out with her friends, and his brothers were among that crowd. She couldn't leave Ace and Luffy behind just because their brother had done a terrible thing. It wouldn't be right. And every day, she was reminded of him, through them. She was glad there were only a few more weeks left of school. Then they would all get a break for a bit, and that was something she could really use right now.

Today had started out as a somewhat normal day for her. She was on her way from her first period to second and she had to stop by her locker to drop off some of her books and pick others up. She turned the dial hastily, entering her combination and opening the metal door.

Instead of the usual dull metallic gray she was used to seeing, a wall of deep forest green and bright vivid pink greeted her instead. Alesha jumped back, startled. Someone had put roses in her locker! She counted them, one by one... There were a dozen long stemmed roses. They were arranged into a classic bouquet, and it was enormous. She took them out and sifted through her belongings to make sure she had the right locker. All of her other stuff was there, and it hadn't been touched. Everything else was just the way she'd left it.

"Is this some kind of sick joke...?" She muttered under her breath, getting her books and shoving them into her backpack before she was late.

She had to hurry off to her next class, so there was no time to figure out things right now. Alesha had taken the roses with her. They would have wilted if she'd left them in her locker all day, and her fairy nature just wouldn't let her do that. She tried to forget about it over the course of the rest of the day, until lunch time. She knew she should have probably put them in her locker until her next class, but she also knew most of her friends had already seen them during the classes they had together. They just hadn't had a chance to talk that much. She'd also become sort of quieter since the person she loved the most had been separated from her.

When she sat down at the table, it was inevitable that someone would point it out. That person just so happened to be Devon.

"Those are really pretty," The voodoo doll remarked. "Who are they from?"

"I have no clue. I don't even know if they're really for me or not." Alesha sat down and picked at her food, barely eating any of it.

"Can I see them for a second?"

"Sure. Knock yourself out."

Devon examined the intricate bouquet, paying careful attention to detail. He found a small tag buried inside the mess of stems and thorns. Not even caring that some of the thorns had scratched him, he took it out and read it, his mismatched eyes widening. The fairy looked at him, but maintained her calm facade. The roses were a nice gesture, but nothing really phased her anymore.

"What is it?" She took them back from him, eyeing the tag he'd just found.

There, in elegant scrawl, were the words "Dearest Alesha..." and on the back of the card, it said "Please meet me in the gardens outside, in the middle of the hedge maze, after classes are over..."

"What is that about?" He asked, suddenly more curious than ever.

"Seems like it's f-from a secret admirer..." Shiori gushed. "H-how sweet!"

"I don't know. I'm sure it's probably just some kind of sick joke or something, if anything. Or someone wanting to ask me to Prom."

"Speaking of Prom," Ace wiggled his eyebrows, smirking like the devil. "It's coming up soon. What are we all doing that night? Any plans yet?"

He'd been sitting there the whole time, but he hadn't taken much notice of Alesha's flowers. He seemed preoccupied. It was also pretty common for girls to be carrying around flowers and stuff, this time of year. School was almost over until the start of the next term. Ace and Luffy had taken to sitting with Alesha and her friends during lunch. They'd done that ever since their brother's arrest. None of them had taken it well, and they wanted to make sure they were there for her if anything happened. They had all become very good friends over the course of the year.

"Ehh, count me out. I'm not going." Devon said. "Nothing wrong with it, but I just have no interest in things like that."

"Well I plan to go," Alesha answered him honestly. "But just for my friends, just to hang out and stuff. Whoever this is, I intend to tell the person no, but I'll try to turn them down gently."

"Awww, why? You should consider giving him a shot, Alesha." Devon encouraged her.

She adamantly shook her head no. "I'm just not ready for another relationship this soon after..." The young fairy hesitated. "After you-know-who..."

"I d-don't blame you..." Her roommate patted her back reassuringly.

"Well, what about you, Shiori?" Ace cleared his throat. "Are you-"

"Oh my g-gosh!" The albino girl jumped straight up from her chair, scooting it back behind her. It made a grating noise as it scraped across the floor. "I completely f-forgot to get my books for n-next period! I have to g-go before the bell rings. Sorry guys, I'll s-see you later!"

"Yeah... Later." Alesha moved the food around on her plate, bored.

Shiori left before anyone else could say anything. She rushed down the halls toward her locker, running in her heeled boots. Devon noticed something was wrong with her, but he let her go. It seemed her roommate was rather preoccupied with things right now as well. The fairy girl dumped her food into the trash, unable to bring herself to eat more than just a few bites before the bell rang for class.

She didn't even say anything else to her friends. Alesha went to her next class, oblivious to everything going on around her. Now she was worried about the note... And what it meant. As to who would be there... It was anyone's guess.

The rest of the day passed by in a boring blur. Alesha felt knots form in her stomach, which somehow turned to butterflies, fluttering and churning. It was finally time for her to go find out who had left the roses in her locker. The only reason she was going was to give the person a firm no. After going through all that trouble, the least they deserved was a straight answer.

'Why is this even a big deal...?' She found herself wondering, as she opened the big double doors that led to the school gardens. 'I haven't been here since... Since-'

No. She refused to think about it.

Alesha made her way through the hedge maze, which annoyed her, even though she sort of knew the way... When she reached the center, the same small white benches were strategically placed against each wall. It was a beautiful place that some of the students came to study or just hang out. As a meeting place, it made sense, because there was really no other place like it on the whole campus.

There, seated on one of the benches, was a familiar blonde dragon who wore a huge smile on his face... He flashed her a grin, and she felt like everything was completely surreal for a moment.

"Sabo..." She paused, holding the rose bouquet in the crook of her arm. "Is it really you?"

"Yes," He got up, approaching her in the middle of the garden. "I got out a few days ago. I was thinking about what I should do, how to handle things now... I was keeping up with all of my classwork through the mail. So I'm still enrolled as a student here and I can still graduate in a few years, with everyone."

It was all she could do to hold herself back. Alesha ran toward him, half thinking that he could still be a mirage or hallucination of some kind... However, the moment their hands touched, she knew he was real. Sabo was really here in front of her, and he was interlacing his fingers with hers, pulling her in close and plaint a firm kiss right in the center of her lips. She reciprocated, but hesitantly... She didn't want to take things too far.

"That's amazing! But I... don't understand." The fairy pulled away, running a hand through her pink bangs and moving them to one side. "Maybe we shouldn't do this, I mean... You did kill someone. That's not something I can easily ignore."

He was silent for a moment, before speaking. "I know. I did. But that doesn't mean much in our modern justice system."

"What do you mean?"

"I was acquitted. Some of the evidence had been tampered with. In the end, they couldn't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I did it."

"What happens if someone hears you confess?" She looked around, worriedly.

"You can't be tried for the crime twice. So... Nothing." The dragon actually laughed.

"I don't know what to say. Why did you have me meet you here? And how did you even get into my locker?"

"Alesha..." He pulled her in close, just holding her near him. "I've missed you..." Unashamed, Sabo took a deep breath of her. He swore she was like a drug to him. "The whole time I was in there, I thought of nothing else but you."

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss you too," Alesha sighed. "But I... I don't know. I'm not sure what to do here. I mean, what you did was a horrible thing."

She hated to admit it, but she was a little scared to be with him now. When she'd known he was obsessed, it was sort of cute. She'd taken it as a sign of his deep love for her. But given the circumstances, she was hesitant to actually date a murderer. She wasn't even sure if she should be talking to him or not... But she'd never felt this strongly for anyone before.

"I know it seems bad, but you have to believe me-"

"I might," She cut him off. "But it's going to take a lot of understanding for me to get to that point. I mean... Just... What were you thinking?!" Tears had formed in her eyes, against her will. He was still holding her, he hadn't let go.

"I wasn't," Sabo took a deep breath, gently hugging her. "Not clearly, anyway."

"Tell me everything. I want to know every single thing that happened. We're alone, so it's the perfect opportunity. I have so many questions, I wouldn't even know where to begin. I just want answers."

"Well, for starters, they had tons of evidence against me..." He moved away, sitting down on the same bench he'd been seated on when she'd arrived. "They had forensic evidence like small dragon scales found at the scene of the crime, DNA and clothing fiber samples that matched mine, but the thing is... It pays to have rich parents sometimes."

"What?!" It pained him to see her pretty brown eyes opened so wide in shock. "Are you saying that your parents bribed them to drop the charges against you?"

"Sort of, yeah. But it's no big deal, I'm back now, and-"

"I still don't understand how they could let you go, just like that. After what you did... You should have been in there for life or something! It doesn't make any sense."

"Please let me finish? I came all this way to see you, and it would mean a lot to me if you would go with me to Prom next weekend... I'm a free man now. And the only thing I want is you."

Alesha was completely stunned. She had no idea what to say... The two shared an intimate moment together, each just looking into the others' eyes.

"I know you're scared of me," He continued, standing up and pacing a bit before going over to her. "I can tell. But... Please don't be frightened. I would never hurt you. I just wanted to protect you. I still love you with everything within me, I love you with all that I am. I know you probably felt lonely, hurt, and abandoned while I was gone. And I'd love the chance to make it up to you."

The following night at the Pub down the street, Alesha was sitting with her friends at their usual table. Shiori was to her right, with Luffy across from her, and Ace across from Alesha. Devon was seated on the other side of Shiori. He was currently sipping on a large chocolate milkshake. No one was really drinking tonight because they were all saving up their money for Prom.

She was dressed in a cute outfit that consisted of a gray and black striped shirt and simple gray tights, with a black skirt. She wasn't really trying to impress anyone, but she just felt like dressing up a bit to celebrate the occasion. Alesha normally dressed really 'cute' but tonight it was more of a 'cool' style. She just wanted to kick back and relax and hang out with her friends one more time before the end of the year. And they didn't know it, but she was also ready to celebrate.

"Hey Alesha! Did you hear? Sabo's getting out soon..." Luffy grinned cheekily.

"He's already out." She pointed back over her shoulder with her thumb, causing him to look.

At the bar, there sat a tall blonde dragon with black horns and huge leathery wings, covered in black and yellow. He turned around with a large tray full of various drinks and a wide grin plastered on his face. Rushing over to their table, the smiling dragon placed it down with a loud clank.

"Drinks are on me tonight!" He declared, with a daring wave of his hand. "I've got everyone their favorites. Enjoy."

"Sabo!" Luffy's jaw dropped. "We thought you were gone for good! What the heck happened?!"

"Where have you been man?" Ace got up and actually gave him a big manly hug, patting him on the back. "Never thought we'd be seeing you again!"

"Oh my... Welcome back!" Devon greeted him, while Shiori just gave him a shy little wave from behind her curtain of silvery hair.

"It's good to be back bro," Sabo returned his brother's embrace and then pulled up a chair to sit down between Shiori and Luffy. All eyes were on him. "I know you're probably all wondering how the hell I got out of that mess. It turns out that I was acquitted. As far as the courts are concerned, I committed no crime. That's all I'll say on the subject."

He winked at Alesha, who winked back and smiled a little. It was neat having a secret that no one else knew. One thing about Alesha was that she was loyal to the bitter end. She would take his secret to her grave.

"I have something to tell you too," She added, before anyone could react to his announcement. "I've decided to give Sabo another chance. We're going to Prom together!"

"I'm so g-glad everything worked out..." Shiori smiled, looking back and forth at both of them. She fidgeted with the long sleeves of her favorite cyan blue sweater, trying not to call too much attention to herself.

"This is so epic!" Luffy beamed, clapping like a child. He'd already grabbed his drink from the platter, not one to turn down free alcohol.

"It's awesome that everything is working out," Ace held up his mug full of beer, clinking it lightly against the others' glasses as they all held them up for an apparent toast. "Cheers to the happy couple!"

He was really big on tings like that, always up for a party or a good toast. Sabo could tell that he genuinely meant it though. Even Alesha was joining in the merriment and nodding in agreement to his toast. It was a kind gesture. There were plenty of warm fuzzies all around.

"Shiori, do you mind switching me seats?" The dragon asked her politely, after they'd all taken a sip from the drinks he ordered. "I'd like to be close to my girl."

'He called me his girl...' Alesha giggled internally, trying not to be overcome by the cuteness of it all. She played it off, but sidled up to him the moment he moved closer to her.

"So Shi-" The dark haired freckled dragon was interrupted yet again.

"Hey this seems like a good time to ask..." Luffy smiled naively, waiting until she sat back down closer to him to pick up Shiori's hand in his. She actually cringed a little, dreading whatever he was about to say next, and pulled her hand away. "I was wondering if you'd go to Prom with me? Just as a friend?"

Ace practically spat out the beer he'd been drinking. Asking 'as a friend' was a classic way to convince a girl that it was safe to go with you. They all knew that. Even though Luffy was probably too naive to realize it. Everyone looked at her now, waiting for her answer.

"W-well, I um... I appreciate it, but..." She peered up at him through her bangs. "I r-really don't think I'm even gonna go..."

"What? Why not?" Alesha seemed concerned at this point.

"Oh. Luffy said. "That's fair."

He immediately went back to sipping his drink, completely oblivious. It was pretty obvious that he didn't have any strong feelings for her, as he didn't seem the least bit phased by her rejection.

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Ace seemed very upset. "Of course you're going! You have to... I mean, you should definitely go! I don't see the problem?"

Sabo gave him an odd look, and Alesha just smirked teasingly. She gave her boyfriend's hand a slight squeeze from under the table... The valkyrie's face flushed a deep red.

"Yeah, everyone goes to Prom." Devon agreed. "Even I've deciding I'm going, and I don't even have a date... Or want one, for that matter. Too much pressure."

"The p-problem is..." Everyone was waiting to see what she would say to that. It seemed like they all really wanted her to go. The truth was, she hadn't wanted to go with Luffy and had been trying to let him down easy. "I d-don't even have a dress or anything..."

"Is that all?" Alesha laughed it off. "You should've told me! We should go shopping together before Prom. It'll be fun! And it's still not for a few days, so we have plenty of time."

"Oh... O-okay..." Shiori shrugged. She could have sworn she saw Ace breathe a sigh of relief from across the table, but she wasn't sure. "I g-guess we can do that..."

"Yay! We'll have a girls' day out, just the two of us!"

"Hehe, alright." The valkyrie smiled then, seeming to be glad for the chance to spend more time with her friend.

"Actually there are some catalogs I've been meaning to look through. I have them back at the dorm. We should probably get started on it tonight. You almost ready to go?"

"Wh-what about Sabo? Don't you guys m-miss each other?"

"I'm giving him some quality time with his brothers for the night," Alesha smiled at the elated blonde, and he returned it. "I'm sure they have lots to catch up on. I've had him to myself for most of the evening. Let's go..."

She got up to leave. Sabo pulled her in for a quick kiss goodbye, and she felt herself blush when their lips met. They both said their 'I love yous' before she left. There were various 'oooohs' heard around the table.

"Oh shut up you guys..." The fairy squeaked, before disappearing with her roommate quietly in tow. "This is college, not high school!"

Once they were gone, Luffy cracked a cheeky grin while looking at his older brother. "So... Why are you so keen on Shiori going to Prom? Hmmm?" He raised his eyebrows, leaning in and staring at him curiously.

"I'll fucking kill you, Luffy..." He muttered so low that he thought no one would hear. "I swear!"

"I can't believe I didn't find anything!" Alesha whined, going into their dorm and slamming the door behind her. She plopped down on her bed and sighed in defeat.

"M-maybe we just haven't been to the r-right place yet?" Shiori suggested. "We c-could try another store tomorrow?"

"We've already tried hundreds! No one has a dress in my size, or they don't fit me right, or they're in terrible colors, or... It's some other problem!"

The pink fairy grit her teeth, obviously frustrated with the whole situation. They'd been shopping around for Prom dresses all week long and she still hadn't found anything that was right for her.

Shiori had had the luck of finding something that suited her perfectly... They had tried on many things over the past few days, but in the end she'd chosen a cute ice blue dress with a V-shaped neckline and spaghetti straps that crisscrossed across the back. It was very form fitting, with a sheer organza mermaid style skirt that began at her thighs, which had a long slit up one side. It was very modern. And she'd also found a black belt to go around her waist to accent it, which had some long black, white, and blue feathers attached to it that were set off to one side.

"Wh-what about that pretty lavender one I k-keep seeing in the closet?"

"I don't know about that," Alesha got up and went over to their shared closet. "I'm not sure if the style is right for Prom... It's more of a renaissance era dress. It's ancient!"

She opened the big white doors, taking out the dress and hanging it right in front. She draped it over herself, going over to the full length mirror on Shiori's side of the room to get a better look. It was made of crushed velvet in two different shades of purple, and the skirt was so long that it dragged the ground. The sleeves also came very close to reaching the ground; they were long and billowy. The center was done in a lighter shade of lavender that accented it nicely.

She liked the way the silver ribbon in the front was woven back and forth like a corset, helping to accentuate her figure. And she could probably get away with wearing her favorite high heels with it. There were faint swirls etched into the fabric which almost matched the subtle pink swirls that graced her wings, so that was an added bonus as well.

"Hmm..." She hummed thoughtfully. "Maybe..."

"It will look great!" Shiori encouraged her. "I'm n-not going to be able to find shoes in time either, so I'm j-just wearing my boots." She shrugged.

"Well there's only two days left until Prom... So I guess I have no other choice. I feel like I'm going to look ridiculous though! I'll be the only one wearing something so... old fashioned." The fairy grimaced.

"You shouldn't w-worry about it. Besides, Sabo will l-like you no matter what you wear."

There really weren't anymore options left now. Alesha had only one option, and that was the wear the dress she already had, or miss Prom entirely. She would have to go, since Sabo had asked her and they'd already bought their tickets and made arrangements and everything... There was little choice left.

"You're right. Guess it'll have to do. Well, we get to show off our outfits to the guys tomorrow, so let's get some sleep."

"Yep..." Shiori nodded, already changing into her nightgown and turning off her bedside lamp. "S-see you in the morning."


After putting the dress away, Alesha went to bed, rolling over under the weight of her own despair. She hoped sleep would find her soon...

The next day, they decided to reveal their Prom dresses to the others to get some second opinions... And third opinions. And so on.

The girls stood out in the student lounge, waiting on the rest of their friends to get there. Some of the other students had already asked them why they were so dressed up when Prom wasn't until tomorrow. They'd explained that they were just doing a trial run of their dresses. One stood in pink, the other in blue.

Sabo had shown up to see Alesha, and his brothers had come with him, presumably to show their support. As soon as he saw her, a huge smile crept across his face.

"Old school," The dragon commented, his eyes appraising her up and down. "I like it."

"Thanks..." Alesha tucked a stray strand of cotton candy pink hair behind her ear, stifling a giggle. She didn't know why she felt so nervous all of a sudden. "I just wanted to get your opinion on it before I show up looking stupid. I'm worried about it though. I won't fit in with anyone else there."

"You don't look stupid at all. Actually, I'm planning to wear an old fashioned outfit too. If it's any consolation, it will fit perfectly with mine. And that's all that matters. Who cares if we fit in with anyone else?"

"You know something?" She leaned in close to him, getting right in his face. "You're right. You're really smart." The fairy planted a quick kiss on his cheek.

"I love you so much... You look amazing! You're going to be beautiful tomorrow."

Sabo stared at her for a minute, clearly smitten with her... There was a light in his eyes the likes of which Alesha had never seen. It was incredible how just one glance and a few words from him could somehow quiet all of her worries and calm her fears. The two just took a moment to appreciate one another.

Shiori was fidgeting with the frills around the edge of her dress. She wanted nothing more than to hide forever and never come out... She was really that shy, and letting the guys see her in such a revealing dress wasn't something she could currently handle.

"So..." Ace finally spoke. He'd been staring at her the whole time too. "See you tomorrow?"

Shiori nodded. "Y-yeah." It had taken a great deal for her to control herself.

"Well, goodnight."

"Yeah. 'Night." She made a beeline for the exit to the stupid student lounge, eager to get out of there.

Alesha just lost it. She couldn't stop laughing at how silly her friend was being. She knew Shiori had been worried about something, but she wasn't sure what it was. Now she was watching her friend walk away quickly back toward their dorm...

"I don't get what that was about," She tried to laugh it off. "But I should go check on her. What time are you picking me up?"

"Could we leave around seven?" Sabo took her in his arms and pulled her close to him, speaking to her softly. His golden curls tickled her nose as he leaned down to lock lips with her again. His tail twitched. "I've hired a Limousine to pick us up. I was wondering if you minded if we all take one together?"

"I'd love that!" The fairy's wings fluttered behind her excitedly. "It would be so awesome to share the ride with our friends! What better way to spend Prom night?"

"Of course there's the little matter of the afterparty too..." He winked suggestively.

"Oh my... I'm going to have my hands full, aren't I?" She giggled.

"You might say that."

"Girls are so complicated... I don't really get it." Luffy scratched his head, oblivious to pretty much everything that was happening around him.

"Just concentrate on dancing and having a good time tomorrow." Ace told him all he needed to know.

"Right! Is there going to be food there?"

"Nah, but we can probably grab a bite to eat somewhere after..."

Their voices trailed off into the distance, as they disappeared down the hall. Alesha was content just looking at Sabo's gorgeous face. She blinked at him, trying to hide her own face now.

He leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Your blush goes great with the color of that dress..."

Later, when she entered her dorm room, she found her roommate frantically checking everything in the mirror. It was like she was obsessing and trying to make sure everything about herself was flawless. She was trying different looks for her hair. She would put it up and then take it back down. She did this repeatedly, but didn't speak or look away when Alesha came in.

"So Sabo said he's rented a limo for all of us to share tomorrow night..." Those were the first words out of Alesha's mouth when she got back. "You're welcome to ride to Prom with us, if you don't mind sharing space with Ace and Luffy."

"O-okay..." She replied in a shaky voice. "Sounds fun."

"Are you alright?"

"Y-yeah... I-I'll be fine."

The fairy watched her crazed antics go on for several more minutes before she decided to intervene. She opened her mouth to say something, but fell silent. She was unsure of what to say. She didn't get what the problem was? They'd already spent hours in front of the mirror pampering themselves and making sure everything was just right before they'd even left for the lounge earlier.

There was a long silence that filled their shared room...

"OH MY GOSH HE'S GOING TO BE THERE, I JUST CAN'T HANDLE IT! EEEEEEEEEE!" Shiori suddenly screamed out of nowhere.

"..." It took a full minute for what she'd said to fully register. "Are you freakin' serious right now?"

"Hahaha, yes!" She collapsed onto her bed, in a fit of giggles.

"Uhh... Who are we talking about again?" Alesha raised an eyebrow.

"Who else?" She just smiled, sinking further into her bed, before forcing herself to get up. "Did I... y-you know... look like an idiot out there just now?"

"No way," The fairy replied honestly. "But I still have no clue what you're talking about."

"I n-need to change out of this dress before I mess it up..." Shiori muttered.

"Yeah. Plus, we should get some sleep if we want to look our best tomorrow."

The girl silently changed back into their sleep clothes. There was no use fretting about how they looked tonight. The real test would come tomorrow evening.

The night everyone had been long awaiting had finally arrived...

The fairy had managed to find one thing that really completed her outfit. She wore a tiara to help hide her horns and antennas, but she was able to make them also look like a natural part of her ensemble as well. She found that she wasn't that concerned with hiding who she is anymore. If there's one thing Sabo had taught her, it was to be brave.

Alesha and Shiori had gone out earlier to get their hair, nails, and makeup done. Alesha had chosen to wear her hair up in a ponytail, and the back had been styled to give it a lot of volume. To her surprise, Shiori had chosen to wear hers up in tousled pigtails, with her bangs left down to frame her face. They'd both chosen a semi-natural makeup look, nothing too drastic. They wanted to still look like themselves. Both were covered in body glitter, however. And Shiori had chosen silvery white glitter eyeshadow, while Alesha had gone with a tasteful matte lilac.

No matter how nice the evening seemed to be going, something still appeared to be severely bothering the albino girl. She was fidgeting even more than usual and had been very quiet all day.

"What's wrong?" Alesha could no longer hide the concern from her voice. "Are you sure you're okay? Need to talk?"

"I j-just... I'm worried n-no one wanted to go with me. I know it s-seems stupid, but..."

"Oh stop it! There are plenty of people who wanted to go with you. Luffy even asked you, didn't he? But you turned him down. Why did you do that, anyway? It couldn't hurt to just go as friends, right? He'll be there anyway, so..."

"Because he's n-not-" Before she could finish, she stopped herself.

"Not what? I'm curious now." Alesha tried to pry more information out of her friend, but it was too late. They were already being approached by the guys.

Luffy was the first one to run up to them. He seemed genuinely happy to be spending time with his friends tonight. He was wearing a normal black tuxedo that he rented just so he could go without looking too weird, although it made him look a little bizarre since it wasn't his style at all. They were so used to seeing him dressed casually that it made him stick out awkwardly.

"You look... err, good Luffy..." Alesha stifled a giggle, and so did Shiori.

"Ehe, thanks!" He grinned, not sensing her sarcasm.

Ace was wearing one similar in style to Luffy's. The major difference was that he was wearing his clunky combat boots instead of dress shoes like everyone else. Both of them had black bowties which were paired with white shirts with red silk pocket squares and silver cufflinks. They looked really different all dressed up. It was unlike them.

The blonder of the brothers showed up looking every bit as 'out of place' as Alesha felt she did, if not even moreso. Sabo looked the best of the three, with a very nice black jacket and blue shirt beneath it with lots of white frills everywhere and light gray slacks. It was close to his usual outfit but much more dressy. He donned his beautiful navy blue tophat with his favorite goggles. He sometimes wore them to parties, he had a classy sense of wit about him that made him all the more irresistible.

"Sorry if I look goofy tonight." Sabo told her, running over for a hug.

"Don't worry," The fairy reassured him, as the dragon linked arms with her. "We still like you guys, no matter how goofy you look. And you don't, by the way. I feel almost too embarrassed to even go to Prom, looking like I'm from another century or something... This is so humiliating." She hid her face.

"That's sweet..." He smiled down at her, adjusting his lapel before walking her out to the Limousine which was waiting outside. "Same to you. Please don't be embarrassed."

Sabo knew that it was his moment to shine... His brothers gave him some space, as he knelt down to present her with a beautiful corsage. It had pink and purple lilies in it, nearly the same color as her dress and hair. They were adorned with some smaller flowers and various decorative bits and baubles to help fill in the gaps, and there was a purple ribbon tying all of it together.

"Oh Sabo, it's beautiful!" She blushed, not knowing what else to say. "Will you pin it on me?"

"Of course."

Now it was his turn to blush albeit faintly. Sabo stood and lightly tucked the pin behind the front of her dress just above her chest, over her heart. His hands were working to fasten it when he got distracted by her cleavage and nearly pricked himself.

"Careful now..." Ace laughed, teasing him. Then a nervous look suddenly came over him and he froze, staring at Shiori. "Shiori-chan, you... You look lovely this evening."

"Wh-why are you being so proper all of a s-sudden?"

"Um... Here."

Deciding to just go back to being himself, the freckled dragon held out a small bunch of flowers to her as well. The corsage had ice blue flowers that were hard to identify, but she thought they might be snapdragons. It was ironic... He hadn't even asked her to Prom, but he'd gotten her a corsage as well. He'd just assumed he should, since he knew she didn't have a date. He and Sabo had picked them out together, in secret, right after they'd seen the girls' dresses. They needed to know which colors to get, after all.

"F-for me?" She squeaked, feeling like she might actually faint.


She nearly blushed to death, but accepted the small token of his affections, hesitantly sticking out her arm so he could tie it to her delicate wrist. Ace hastily tied the ribbon, much too afraid to put it anywhere else. The moment his hand touched hers, she felt herself go weak in the knees. She'd never realized how much the older dragon actually paid attention to her.

"It's s-so beautiful, thank you..."

Alesha watched the two with a bright smile. There was a silent agreement that they went together somehow, it just clicked. It was a lot like her situation with Sabo.

"This is beautiful too," Ace took a moment and actually summoned the courage to lightly brush his hand over the choker she was wearing. It had the same white rhinestone accents as her dress set against a blue ribbon. Alesha was also wearing one that matched it, but in pink rhinestones and a purple choker instead of blue.

"They match," Luffy added, seeing the way both of the girls had similar chokers. "That's so cool!"

"Thanks," Alesha giggled. Tonight was going to be fun!

"Shall we, milady?" Sabo linked arms with her and lead her away, in classic style.

The group walked outside and climbed into the black stretch Limo, eager to be on their way. The building the school had rented out to host Prom was a convention hall only a few miles away. It wouldn't be a long drive.

The ride over still managed to be long enough for Ace to start drinking, and for Luffy to stick his entire upper body out through the sun roof. He waved to people as they passed. A few of them honked but most just laughed at his antics. He started making silly faces at random passers by, and that was when his brothers had pulled him back inside and told him to sit down.

The rest of the way there, everyone was busy talking excitedly about how much fun Prom was going to be. They were glad they all got to go and it was nice of Sabo to take care of transportation for everyone.

When they arrived, the Limo driver walked around the opened the door for everyone to get out. Once they went inside, they noticed that everything was doused in glitter with flowers and decorations everywhere. They'd gone with the classic moon and stars theme, so it gave the place a very surreal look. For some reason the decor was mostly in red and gold, which only made the group stick out even more. Various couples were already pairing up and some of the students had already taken to the dance floor.

Alesha was lead to a spot near the middle of the spacious hardwood floor. The long billowy sleeves hung from her dress gracefully, as she moved across the dance floor with elegance. Sabo bowed to her formally, extending his hand.

"May I have this dance?"

"I don't know," Her doe-like eyes sparkled with mischief, even as his arms encircled her. "May you?"

Smirking at her witty reply, he guided her ever so gently back and forth, in a swaying motion. Occasionally, his hips would bump against hers and cause her blush to deepen. The two moved gracefully together in perfect rhythm with the music.

"I can't believe I'm really here with you..." Sabo told her, pulling her in close for a quick kiss before he dipped her down. "It's like a dream, only better."

The fairy sprang back up, her smile so bright it could light all of the world. They finished one song and continued dancing into another. She was thankful they were starting out by playing slow songs. It was nice... She felt a sense of peace and calmness come over her.

Alesha turned to cast a glance over his shoulder at their friends. Luffy was currently snacking on some of the cookies and cake that had been provided. He started arguing with one of the waiters, probably complaining about the lack of meat on the buffet. She noticed that Ace was sitting at one of the tables next to Shiori. The two were sitting quietly and stealing occasional glances at each other when they weren't looking.

"Sabo, look..." She covertly gestured to them, calling his attention to it.

"That's adorable!" He smiled, genuinely happy that his friend was finally making his move. "We should probably go sit with them and help break the tension."

"Yeah, my feet are already getting tired in these heels... I could use a little break."

The two walked over to where their friends were. Luffy had gone off somewhere... He'd told Sabo on the way here that he was going to ask every single girl he saw to dance with him, as long as they didn't have a date. He wanted to meet someone so badly, but also didn't want to risk getting his ass kicked over it. In a way, it really didn't matter to him if he started trouble, but he didn't want to ruin the night for his friends.

Alesha and Sabo took their seats at the table. They watched the ballroom slowly fill with people. Even Devon was there, true to his word, but he was busy with a date on each arm, it seemed. No wonder he'd decided to come. He gingerly waved to them all and they waved back. It was getting pretty busy by that point. She noticed that Hancock and the rest of the cheerleaders were there. The naga passed by her, almost not seeing her at first, but then her cold blue eyes locked onto their target.

"Oh wow... That outfit is sssso last century!" She laughed.

The harpy to her left joined her, as did the panther on her right. Hancock was in a vivid red dress that accentuated her breasts and serpentine hips. It was modern but didn't cover much at all. She saw that the harpy was carrying a small plate with a bit of cake on it and Alvida had a glass of wine in one hand.

"Hahaha!" Monet, who was in a lacey white tank-top and narrow yellow skirt, couldn't stop laughing. "I knew you'd wear something ridiculous, but that takes the cake! Here, have some-"

She went to throw the cake at her, most likely about to smash it in her face, but stopped short when she saw Sabo there. He was giving her a death glare. His head titled down, his horns were aimed squarely at her, and his face showed no emotion whatsoever. Alesha ignored them, trying to tune out whatever they were saying.

"What's he doing out of his cage?" Alvida demanded, gesturing toward Sabo with a hand on her hip. "And his date is looking so drab too. There isn't enough alcohol in this whole building to drink until she's pretty! Hah!"

"What kind of person would want to be with a murderer anyway, unless she couldn't find another date?" Hancock glared back at him, accusingly. "And for that matter, why is he even being allowed to Prom?" She waited for an answer, but didn't get one. When it was clear that no one was talking to her, she did a hair flip.

"What makes you ladies think I'll have the slightest problem with going back to prison?" Sabo nonchalantly began to get up.

"Oh well..." The black haired naga hissed. "It can't be helped. Let'ssss not be seen mingling with this riffraff, ladiessss..."

She and her little entourage left. Every single one of those girls scattered then, darting away like frightened little rabbits...

Alesha breathed a sigh of relief once they were gone. She could easily handle them, but like Luffy, she didn't want to cause a scene and make problems for everyone. Oddly enough, the cheerleaders had pretty much left her alone most of the year. After what happened last time and the destruction that had befallen the gym, it was no wonder they hadn't pestered her anymore.

"Tonight is supposed to be a good night," Sabo put his arm around her, comfortingly. "So let's just focus on the good and try to enjoy it."

"Yeah, you're right..."

Luffy came back, munching on some food. "What's up guys?" He sat down.

"You two are awfully quiet," Sabo commented, talking to Ace and Shiori. "Everything okay?"

At the blonde's inquiry, Shiori sort of jumped. "Oh, I'm f-fine... And you?"

"Never better." Ace took a sip of vodka that Luffy had brought him. A smirk spread across his face, but his expression was otherwise unreadable.

It was like the entire group could sense the tension between them. But no one said anything. It was already awkward enough.

"We should go get some punch," Alesha grabbed her friend's arm and pulled her up. "Maybe if we're lucky it'll be spiked already. And if not..."

She carefully flashed her a glimpse of a small bottle she had smuggled in. The glass bottle was in her purse. They also had alcohol at the Prom, but it was expensive and they didn't allow the students to bring in their own. Cheapskates...

"You're so e-evil..." Shiori giggled, already starting to feel better. She looked at Ace. "I'll b-be right back."

"Alright cutie, take your time. And when you get back, maybe we can share a dance?"

"S-sure, I'd like that." Her voice trembled, hanging up on every word.

Alesha and Shiori hurried over to the punch bowl by the buffet table on the far side of the room. They started by getting a few drinks to sample the punch. If it wasn't spiked, they would be the ones who got to do it. It had taken several minutes to fight their way through the crowd. There were a lot of people at the dance now.

"Tastes a bit like r-rum..." The valkyrie commented, smacking her lips as she tasted the punch.

"I agree. Maybe it doesn't need any more. Looks like someone else got around to it first. Well... More for us!" She opened the tiny bottle and poured a bit into each of their glasses, before replacing the cap and putting it back into her purse.

"Oh my g-gosh, you're so bad!"

"Mm-hmm... Maybe." She wiped her face with a napkin, careful not to use her sleeve. She didn't want to stain her only dress. "You know... I'm really glad things seem to be going so well between you and Ace."

"A-ahh, thanks!" Shiori replied meekly, unable to hide behind her hair because of the pigtails.

"So...? Come on, dish! What's he really like when you're alone?"

"I h-haven't really been alone with him m-much, so I dunno..."

"Awww, you're so shy! It's cute, but... Loosen up a little." The evil fairy grinned mischievously, pouring a ton of liquor into Shiori's second cup of punch.

"A-alesha!" She whined.

"It will help, trust me... Now let's go. Don't wanna keep our lovelies waiting for us, now do we?"

The albino girl followed her back to the table, after they made sure to bring a few cups of fruit punch for the guys. People stared at her dress, especially Ace. The slit down one side revealed her boots as she walked. They were black leather and nearly reached her knees, but somehow she was able to move so gracefully in them. Alesha didn't get how she could do that.

She went to sit down at the table, and timidly handed Ace the punch she'd gotten for him.

"Thanks," He smiled, pausing in his conversation with his brothers to take a sip. "Wow! You even spiked it for me! Hell of a girl... Here's to you!"

"It's n-no problem really..."

Shiori shyly held up her glass until it clinked against his. Alesha and Sabo raised theirs as well. She'd also remembered to bring a glass for Luffy. She felt kind of bad that he didn't have a date, but it was alright. He seemed to be enjoying himself anyway.

Everyone stayed around their table and they shared a few laughs now and then. They had been there for a few hours and everyone was having a great time... They were sitting at the table and drinking a mix of wine, vodka, champagne, and spiked punch, and getting plastered.

Luffy was actually the least talkative Alesha had ever seen him tonight. He eventually got up and walked across the room, disappearing into the crowd. No one knew where he went.

Ace looked at Shiori, studying her for a moment... It was impossible to tell what he was thinking. She finally noticed he was staring at her and shot him a questioning look.

"I think it's about time we danced, don't you think?"

The hapless valkyrie didn't know what to do. He was being so forward with her! "Um... Th-that's really kind of you, b-but I'm not sure if I..." She trailed off, the rest of her sentence unintelligible.

"Oh come on!" Alesha screeched. "You two have to dance!"

Shiori's rose mauve eyes immediately went to the dance floor. They were playing faster music right now, since it was still sort of early in the night and they hadn't gotten back into the really romantic stuff yet. She saw various couples grinding on each other and touching each other. Some of them were being really lewd.

"I could n-never dance like that... Oh my goodness..."

"It's not that bad, I promise." The pink fairy got up, her gorgeous dress trailing behind her... She took Sabo by the hand. "Why don't we show them how it's done?"

He winked at her. "Sure, let's go."

Even though the music they were playing was faster now, the two love birds went out there and made the most of it. Some kind of horrible rap song was on, but Alesha would deal with it if it meant she could help her friend. And besides, she was getting to dance with the love of her life on top of it.

The dragon pulled her in close and took her lips in a deep kiss. He frenched her in front of everyone and all she could do was kiss him back. They moved against one another until there was no space left between them.

Ace had been wearing a tuxedo like the others, but being very hot natured, he stood up and removed the jacket. It was very constraining. That was enough at first, but he also had to lose his shirt too. He'd kept the cufflinks to try and still look fancy, as well as his black bowtie like Luffy's, but all it managed to do was make him look like some sort of stripper or something... He spotted some girls across the dance floor who were looking at him, whispering to each other and giggling, but he didn't care.

He looked at Shiori, who had also been watching him but quickly turned away as soon as he caught her staring. He sat back down, not wanting to embarrass her. Ace had his arm around her now. He was gradually growing more bold around her too, even though it wasn't normally a problem for him. The black dragon growled, smoke flaring from his mouth, before taking a shot of straight vodka.

"Alright... Let's do this!" He picked her up and literally carried her to the dance floor. "Sorry, but you were too shy to ever do this on your own. You should be having fun tonight, you deserve it."

"A-ace..." She blushed, burying her face in his chest.

He placed her down gently on the dance floor, in the middle of all of those people... Shiori tried her best not to think about it. A slow song started playing almost as soon as they got there. It wasn't long before the two began moving together and they blended in with everyone else. The dragon enjoyed showing off his tattoos, including the magnificent skull and crossbones piece he had on his back. He was so charming, with his tousled shoulder length ebony hair, his delightful freckles, and his sweet smile...

His thumb brushed across her beauty mark as he swept her bangs out of her face. He looked at her as if he completely adored everything about her. And he wasn't afraid to show it. So why should she be afraid anymore?

She leaned her head on his shoulder, which was as high as she could reach, and it was like all of her problems just melted away... It felt amazing to be this close to him. He even smelled good. He caressed her back, sending shivers down her spine. Dancing with him felt a lot less awkward that she'd thought it would. The whole time, Ace was whispering soothing words to her. He held her close and guided her feet through the movements. Everything around them slowly faded away, the background becoming one big blur.

Alesha wanted to encourage her. She gave her friend a quick thumbs up and a wink. She watched as Devon floated across the dance floor, doing the same. At first she'd been hesitant to be seen with Sabo again, so soon after he'd been arrested for such an awful thing. But that didn't matter to her. All she wanted was to be with him. When the middle part of the song picked up, Sabo twirled her around in a pirouette. She was over the moon with happiness tonight... All of her friends seemed to be having a great time too. That was what made her evening really magical.

'It can't get any better than this...' She thought, with a dreamy sigh.

Both couples seemed to be getting a lot of jealous stares along the way. Sabo paused in his movements to kiss the little fairy again, unable to stay away for long. It was dizzying and she could feel herself falling for him even more with each passing moment. She reciprocated, their tongues entwined just as their limbs did. He held for a minute, just gazing deeply into her eyes.

"I love you so much..."

"I love you too." She told him, honestly.

As the song came to a close, it's lilting melody beginning to wind down, Alesha moved in closer to their friends. She managed to give Shiori a covert little nudge with her elbow. Taking her cue, the shy girl carefully placed a kiss upon her dance partner's speckled cheek.

He didn't seem to want to make a move on her yet, not wanting to scare her off. But Ace found himself unable to resist any longer, and he moved in to kiss her. She knew it was coming, and she still couldn't believe it. He moved closer, his lips narrowing the distance between them, until...

The music stopped for a moment. Everything went dead silent. Shiori thought it was all in her head, but then a voice came over the speakers.

"Sorry to interrupt the dance," A stern but laid back voice spoke softly into a microphone. It was Marco, the phoenix. Heads turned in his direction, up toward the center stage. "But it's the moment you've all been waiting for! It's time to announce the winner of Prom King and Queen! So if everyone could make their way over here, that would be great."

He waited, while all of the students and faculty approached the dance floor in front of the main stage. It was clear that many people were nervous. Someone were concerned about whether or not they had won, while others were just anxious to hear the announcement.

"The winner..." The blonde announcer waited a moment until the cheers that errupted from the audience had died down a bit. "The winner of this year's Prom King and Queen... Are Sabo and Alesha! Congratulations!"

Alesha nearly fainted. Sabo's jaw dropped, even as he caught her. They were both in shock.

"I... I didn't expect this!" The pink fairy squealed with delight, her wings flapping behind her in delight. "How did I win? I didn't even run for Prom Queen!"

Shiori departed from Ace for a moment, and finally came forward. She was biting her lip nervously. Now was the time to speak up...

"Um... G-guys?" The valkyrie approached the new King and Queen, before they had anymore time to react. "I'm the one who... Well, I n-nominated both of you..."

"You did it?!" Alesha was speechless. "But... why?"

"I c-couldn't think of anyone more deserving." She said, with a small smile. This was met with a grateful look.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Go on up there!" Ace encouraged the bewildered couple.

"Oh my... I certainly don't deserve this!" The blonde dragon began to walk toward the side of the stage where the stairs were located, with his girl on his arm. "But you definitely do, love. I can't believe we actually won when we didn't even officially run."

The crowd parted for them to make their way up to the stairs that led to the center stage. No one said anything to them, but there were some claps and cheers along the way. At last, they walked onto stage where the designated staff member awaited them.

Alesha turned to face Marco, their English teacher, who had a huge grin on his face, despite all that had happened before. "Are you sure you counted those votes correctly?"

"Of course," He placed a crown upon Sabo's head as he leaned down to accept it. "The ballots were kept in a safe place where they couldn't be tampered with and they were counted several times. But honestly, it doesn't surprise me. Congratulations you two!"

Sabo had actually gained a lot of popularity after being labeled as a murderer. Some people were endlessly fascinated by that kind of thing, whether he'd really done it or not. Typical college kids... So it was no surprise that people everywhere knew his name. It had been all over the news. He didn't think he was that well liked, but apparently he was incorrect in that assumption.

Alesha also accepted her new crown graciously... It was silver with purple jewels that actually matched her dress pretty nicely, despite being a few shades darker. Of course that meant having to remove her tiara, in front of everyone. She was fully expecting to have some kind of Carrie moment happen right then. But to her surprise, it didn't. For one brief moment while she was on stage, everyone saw her for who she really was... And she let them.

Not even Boa Hancock and her snobby crew could say anything about her. The naga was clapping along with everyone else. No one dared to make fun of her because they knew she was Queen and they'd be made fun of instead if they did.

Everything was perfect.

In that one glorious moment, Alesha was finally getting her chance to shine, her turn in the spotlight for once... And she looked beautiful doing it. Everyone was quiet and respectful of her. She'd won fair and square. It seemed that people at this school really did like her after all. It had made her evening a memorable one, for certain.

"Thank you all so much!" She squeaked, wanting to rush off the stage before something bad did happen. "I can't believe this! Thank you!"

"Where are you going?" Sabo grinned, holding her close so she couldn't run away. "We have to share the spotlight dance together. It's tradition."

"Oh. Can't argue with tradition, I guess..."

The fairy and her handsome dragon walked down to the dance floor together, hand in hand. People were gushing over how cute it was. It brought a fresh blush to Alesha's face. They played one of her favorite songs.

Sabo was staring at her once again, it was like he was completely enchanted by everything about her. He'd gone to such lengths for her... Protected her, killed for her, even returned for her... He'd risked everything just for her sake. Whether he was mentally unstable or not, the dragon really, truly loved her.

Alesha danced with serene grace, moving along to the rhythm of the melody. It appeared to be putting everyone in a very romantic mood. There were other couples slowly joining them, although no one crowded them and they still had the majority of the dance floor to themselves. There was a large circle that had formed around them. The pink fairy let her partner lead, as he led her in circles, waltzing around the floor. Their hands clasped together and she spun around several times, before he pulled her back to him. Sabo really was a marvelous dancer and so was she.

Somewhere in the crowd, Ace and Shiori also danced along... They had been spectators for the first few minutes, before they'd decided to join. Shiori thought Ace was amazing and she couldn't be happier to actually be here with him. She felt it was a shame that they had almost kissed and it had been interrupted, but at least it was for a very good reason. She sort of hoped he might try something like again... He was ridiculously handsome and she didn't think she would be able to resist.

True to his nature, the muscular dragon swept her into a kiss, not saying a single word to her... He didn't need to.

One minute they'd been dancing together. The next minute, Alesha looked over to find that he'd lifted her onto the punch table, which was now empty since the night was almost over. Ace was laying it on thick and hot, standing between her legs and grinding on her. Her hair had come down now, and it fell around her petite shoulders in white silken layers. Their lips were locked, and he continued to kiss her fiercely, only breaking it to trail down her neck a bit and give her a few love bites, before joining his mouth to hers again.

He stopped for a moment. "Aww, screw it! I can't take it anymore!"

The albino valkyrie blinked at him. "T-take... it...?"

"Oh I will! And so will you..." Ace pinned her further against the table. "You wanna get out of here?"

Shiori nodded.

He was making seductive little growls at her. She was overwhelmed by his passion, completely swept away... They weren't really doing anything yet, but it looked like they'd might as well be. Shiori was painfully shy, and would have never made a move on him herself, but... She looked to be enjoying herself.

Alesha smirked, glad that her friend had found happiness too. She had her own lovely date to deal with, and it looked like he was having similar ideas. He peppered her with kisses, every time they moved close to one another. He couldn't help himself. He was all over her.

She had always daydreamed about going to Prom, but she'd never imagined, not even in her wildest dreams, that it could be like this. It had been a truly magical evening. And she couldn't think of anyone better to share it with.

"I want to be with you like this... forever." Sabo whispered hotly in her ear. "I never want to lose you."

"And you won't." She assured him, lightly resting her head against his strong shoulder, as they slowly swayed to the music.

Everything was perfect.


(The real end.) c;