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"Here is your change" dad said, handing the customer money, "Have a good day"

She seemed to be in a hurry, because by the time dad was going to give her his "Special-Customer-Smile" she was already at the door. I watched as she passed a few kids, not too older than me, begging for food or spare change. I turned to go in the kitchen and help mom, but then I heard muffled screams. I whip my head around and saw the woman my dad just served screeching at the kids. The horrified expressions on one child's face reflected upon my dad's. He never had much of a filter when it came to his emotions.

"Dad why do-" I began before he cut me off by pushing me in the kitchen.

"Look, son. You know that's no way to treat someone who's in need. That was a very-". My turn to cut him off. "Are you saying that I might grow up to treat people that way? I asked raising my eyebrows. Before he can answer I heard mom screaming, what is with all this screaming! Wondering who she was screaming at. I entered the kitchen. She was at the back screaming her head off about calling the Peacekeepers. Peacekeepers? I took a peek at the door.

My heart stopped completely.

Katniss Everdeen. The girl who I fell in love with when I was only five years old. The girl whose father had died from a mine explosion and was left to take of her depressed mother and 7 year old sister. The girl whose tumbling through our trash can looking for food.

Katniss, her eyes wide with fright and defeat, placed the trash can lid back and slowly backed away.

Oh, how much it pained me to look at her. She saw me behind my mother's back looking at her.

She must hate me. Even though she doesn't know who I am, we still go to school together. How can I just stand here and watch the girl I'm in love with starve to death? Mom pushed past me grumbling unintelligible words and slammed the kitchen door shut. As I glanced out the window, I saw Katniss still there. A pang of guilt hit me in the stomach. She looked so weak, so fragile as her knees buckled and sank down in the mud. It felt like tiny multiple knives stabbing at my heart watching her, I couldn't take it anymore. I ran back in the kitchen and purposely burnt two loaves of bread. I knew it was risky, but I couldn't care less. As if on cue, my mother came out of nowhere and slapped my face. She started yelling at me but I wasn't paying attention, with so much on mind I obviously couldn't. Hearing the bell chime meaning a customer has come in, my mom left and went to help them.

As I went outside, I avoided looking at her, knowing I might collapse from the look of pain and weakness on her face. My eyes wandered over to the bread. No, no NO! I swore under my breath. The bread was more burnt then I intended it to be. I tried tearing off chunks of the scorched black bread. I looked quickly over my shoulder to see if my mother has come back to hit me. She hasn't. I tossed the bread quickly to her knowing my mother might be here any second. I sloshed through the puddles and closed the the kitchen door firmly behind me.

Katniss Everdeen. How on Earth am I ever going to eat dinner again knowing she might not have any in front of her? My throat tightened and tear threatened to escape. I started humming The Valley Song, the song Katniss sang when I fell in love with her.

I choked on a few notes as I stumbled back to see dad trying to put space between mom and I, whose flailing a her arms with a rolling pin in her hands and fury painted on her face.

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