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"Ouch!" I cried in a hush tone. I was sitting in class, having a test, when a hand flew out and smacked the back of my head.

I turned to the direction where the hand flew out.

It was Cliff, one of my friends. Well, not really what you would call a friend. He was more like the leader of our clique. You have to do whatever he expects you to do, like laugh at his stupid jokes, support him (even if he's wrong), make fun of others with him etc. He doesn't always know I'm there, I can tell because I once made a rebellious move to scowl at one of his stupid jokes instead of laughing. He has Mitch and David who're such great actors, they can be Cliff himself. I only hang out with his clique of doofuses because his cousin, Aspen hangs out him, and he might actually be my only friend. Aspen was the complete opposite of Cliff, which probably why I like him so much.

"Hey Pete, which question are you on?" Cliff asked in a Don't-Even-Try-Lying-To-Me tone.

Pete. Ugh. Cliff gave all of us nicknames. Some of his followers don't mind. But i do because i know exactly why he gave us them and didn't bother to give himself and Aspen one,he gave it to us to make his own name stand out. I refused when he offered the idea, but that didn't stop him.

He didn't even notice how I let the irritation show on my face.

"Does it matter?" I said turning around. I know I shouldn't have said that, but he knows my name and decides to call me Pete instead, add that with smacking me in the head.

Cliff grabbed my elbow, and forced me to look at him. His face was flushed with anger, and I knew he was going to get his revenge.

I was a great actor, but I only use it when needed.

My face softened, and I pull on an innocent look on my face as I told Cliff for the answer for the first question. He seemed satisfied, so I went back to finishing my work.


"Peeta?" Mitch said waving his palm inches away from my face.

I quickly recovered, not wanting to draw attention to myself. It was lunch time, and I was eating lunch in the cafeteria with the clique.

I quickly looked over to Cliff, and to see to my horror, he's following the direction where I was staring with his eyes. He found who I was staring at, and that was Katniss. I mean, I wasn't staring, I was just studying her braid...

And to humiliate me even more, the whole group was now looking at the table where the mayor's daughter and Katniss eating lunch.

Katniss' back was facing us, so to my relief, she didn't know a group full of city boys are staring at her.

Oh no. Cliff's eyebrows shot up, and a tiny spark lit his eye and died down. Was it anger? Mischief?

Cliff then got up and made a bee line to Katniss' table. I almost shrieked in embarrassment. I cant believe Cliff is going to tell Katniss that I was staring at her like a creep this whole time! She already hates me! Now she's going to be creeped out by me!

Madge got up to her wrappers in the garbage can. It was a bit odd, the mayor's daughter eating lunch with a girl from the Seam.

Cliff made it to Katniss' table and then turned and walked after Madge.

Wait...what! He thought I was staring at Madge! It all makes sense. Why would I be star- studying a girl whose back is facing me?And Madge probably has a bunch of boys who has a crush on her. She was pretty, but not like Katniss. Madge looked like a princess, but not a snobby, stuck up princess. A caring princess.

I might have let the relief show on my face, because Aspen was looking at me like I was a complex math problem. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see that almost everyone in the group was looking at Cliff and Madge.

I turned my attention back to them, and started to worry about what Madge's reaction. When Cliff pointed at me, probably telling Madge I was staring at her. She simply rolled her eyes and lightly pushed Cliff's chest and walked back to her table. I let out a slow ragged breath, I didn't know I was even holding it.

As Cliff made his way back to our table, I noticed he was still blushing from when Madge made contact with him. OH. Okay...

Everyone finished their lunch in silence. I couldn't resist but feel uncomfortable by Aspen's studying gaze. It felt like his aquamarine coloured eyes were breaking me down behind his glasses. It gave chills down my spine.

Aspen leaned into my ear and whispered," It's Katniss Everdeen, isn't it"

I know it isnt a question.

I did eventually started to trust he did to gain my trust was when I was just looking, not staring, at Katniss, and he covered me by telling Cliff, who kept a close eye on me, we were playing Eye-Spy, a game where you find something while the other person gives you hints. He bought it, and went back back to making his stupid jokes.


That night, I made a mental note to stop staring at Katniss Everdeen. Like that would ever happen.

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