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I am Wade98. This is my second story and currently the first one is going good. Since it is I have decided to start this one.

This will be my own spin on Robin leaving the Team to go work with the Titans. The trick to mine is it will have a little bit of logic to it. I decided to put a parental guardian in with the Teen Titans, because honestly, who would let five teenagers live alone in a building. So I created an OC to put in. You may wonder why I didn't just throw in a leaguer, but you'll find out later.

Now be aware that I don't know everything about the dc universe so if I get something wrong please point it out. I don't want to sound like an idiot.

Anyways, on with the story.

Chapter 1

Nobody's POV

It has been three years since it happened.

Three years since he left the team.

Three years since they tried to make him stop being Robin.

The Justice League was gathered in Mount Justice, waiting for their protégés to arrive. They knew that they would be even more depressed than usual since this was the anniversary of him being gone. Batman was wearing his emotionless mask as usual but everyone knew he was just as affected, if not more. He barely spoke anymore during meetings and when he did it was short and simple. But today if you saw his face, you would see he had a determined look in his eye.

That's when the expected voice of the computer began speaking.

"Aqualad, B-02"

"Kid Flash, B-03"

"Superboy, B-04"

"Miss Martian, B-05"

"Artemis, B-07"

"Zatanna, B-08"

As the younger heroes walked in, they looked depressed. Zatanna and M'gann looked like they had been crying their eyes out while Artemis looked close to doing the very thing. Aqualad walked forward only looking up enough to see where he was going. He couldn't look at anybody because of the shame he felt. Superboy, while he didn't show much emotion other than anger and frustration, had sad eyes as well because of what happened.

And Kid Flash? He was the most broken.

He was closer to Robin than anyone that wasn't Batman. They were like brothers. Now Kid Flash was a ghost of his former self.

They walked up to the older heroes and stopped in front of them. Everything was dead silent for a second. Then Aqualad spoke up.

"My king, why have you all called us here, today of all days?" He asked in a dead version of his usual polite tone.

Superman answered him. "We have good news. It's about Robin." The Team's heads snapped to attention as they looked at him like he was an alien. (A/N clever or no?)

"W-what?" Stuttered out a hopeful M'gann.

"We have found a news bulletin from a small city on the west coast. For the last three years the TV network for this city has been hidden from the Justice League's computers. Today a friend of mine told me about a group of teenage heroes that protect the city. I checked it out and, well, see for yourself." The kryptonian said in slightly upbeat tone.

"Computer, play video." Green Arrow said, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

A screen popped up, showing a large man in a yellow and black outfit wrecking a street. Next to him were a small boy and a teenage girl. The boy had a green outfit that covered his hands to his feet and wore a mechanical backpack with spider-like legs coming out of it. The girl had pale grey skin and pink hair with a purple and black outfit. She had pink energy glowing around her hands as she threw blasts at things, breaking them.

The Team heard a reporter's voice come on. "Jinx, Mammoth, and Gizmo, the commonly known members of the Hive Five, are once again terrorizing our city. As of now, we are awaiting the arrival the Teen Titans to once again help us." This sends confusion through the Team as they have no idea who these titans are.

Suddenly, a green bolt hits the man in the chest, making him stumble back a few steps. The three villains look to the direction the attack came from as the camera turns to a flying girl with glowing green hands and eyes. She had red hair and orange skin and wore a purple crop top and mini-skirt with silver parts on it.

The camera's attention is drawn away from her as a man made almost entirely of metal charges forward, his right hand in the form of what looked like a cannon. The right side of his face showed him to be African-American, but the left side became blue and his left eye was glowing red. The rest of his body seemed to be blue and grey in color.

He blasted his cannon at the giant as well, making the big guy stumble again, frustrating him. The small green clad boy was about to help but be was then attacked by a big green ape that turns into a smaller monkey and begins pulling on wires in the child's backpack, making the mechanical legs go haywire.

Meanwhile, the pink haired girl from before was now dodging projectiles throne by a girl in a blue cloak whose hand glowed(?) black with power as several things surrounding her flew at the enemy.

Then a eighth figure entered the picture, but only as a red, yellow, and green blur, flying from fight to fight, helping each heroes battle.

The Team watched this, stunned at what was happening. One question ran through their minds. "What does this have to do with Robin?"

Soon the fight was over, showing the three villains wrapped in a metal pipe. The camera then switched to the heroes as they saw all five of them. It looked like the green animals were actually just a green kid in a purple and black suit. But none of the Team focused on that because at the front of the heroes was a teenager in a red vest with green gloves and pants and a domino mask. And on the vest was the signature 'R' that proved it was Robin.

"To any of our viewers at home who are just tuning in-" The reporter's voice was cut off as the video was paused by Batman.

"They are called the Teen Titans. A small group of rag tag teenage heroes that protect Jump city regularly. And obviously leading them is Robin. We do not have much information on the others yet except they're names." Batman says, in his usual monotone voice.

He points at each of them, saying each of their names. M'gann looks at Beast boy, trying to think of why he is so familiar.

Batman then turns off the screen. "Tonight we will be going to Jump city to meet with him. Be ready." He says, effectively ending the conversation as he walked off to a zeta tube.

Robin's POV

I walk into the main room to a familiar sight. He saw Beast boy and Cyborg fighting over the game system, Raven trying to meditate not far away, and Starfire in the kitchen cooking something that looked odd.

But I couldn't find him anywhere.

"Hey, have you guys seen Marcus?" I asked. Marcus was our, by law, 'parental guardian'. At first the city wasn't going to approve of the Titans living by themselves(Despite us saving their asses), but Marcus decided to adopt the title since he was going to be living in the city anyway. If it wasn't for the fact he was there when the Teen Titans formed and he proved himself a good fighter when the Gordanians invaded, I wouldn't have agreed with it. Over time he has actually grown on everyone in the tower, especially Starfire, Beast boy, and Cyborg who have resulted in calling him 'dad' or 'father'.

Starfire looked up from the disturbing thing in the bowl in front of her. "Father said he would be on the roof." She said, smiling.

I nodded, heading for the elevator. As I take the ride up, I think back to three years ago, when I was almost stripped of my identity.


I am currently sitting in the living room of Mount Justice. It wasn't long ago that we had thwarted the Light's plans of controlling the Justice League. We had completed a few missions and I was feeling good so I decided to do my favorite hobby: hacking the appliances in Wally's house.

You see I would make it a regular thing to mess with Wally's things like his computer or phone, making it so whenever he turned it on he would be freaked out by a disturbing picture or an obnoxiously loud noise would sound out, scaring him out of his pants. Along with this I also had a camera set up ready when I did this. I soon had enough to make a montage video of him jumping in shock or fright. It was comedy gold.

I had soon bypassed the firewall and security codes again and was currently looking for something new to pull up when my holo-glove went off, signaling someone was calling me. I pull it up to see Batman.

"Robin, report to the zeta tubes, immediately." He ordered, hanging up. Good to see you too. I think to myself.

I get up and make my way to the large area of the cave that had several of the teleportation devices. When I get there I see my teammates with their partners standing grim faced with Batman. Wonder what happened.

As I stop in front of my teacher he begins to speak. "Robin, we have received word that the Light is going to target one of you for interfering in their plan." He stated.

This doesn't surprise me. Villains tend to hold grudges. "Okay, so do we know who it is they're targeting?"

They all look at me with sad expressions. "It's you Rob." Wally tells me.

That surprises me. "But why? I'm not even the strongest on the team. Why would they target me?"

"For that exact reason Robin. They see you as an easy target since you are the smallest and assume the most vulnerable. They see it as a chance to throw us off." Batman explains.

As the logic hits me, another question pops in my mind. "What about Artemis? She's just as human as I am."

Green arrow answers me. "We believe that the assassin, Cheshire, may have protested to it, but it isn't confirmed."

I nod, remembering they are sisters and sibling bonds may still exist between the two. "So what are we going to do about it?" I wonder curiously.

That is when Batman told me something that stopped my heart for a second. "I am suspending you from the Team and being Robin."

I recoil at his words. "W-what?"

Then the last word stops my heart completely. "Permanently."

That makes me pale. "What do you mean permanently?!" I yell at him.

He keeps up his unemotional façade. "I mean I have realized that it is too dangerous for you as a hero. Villains will always target you not only to get to me, but all of us, and I will not take the chance." He told me.

I am shocked as I look to each of my teammates as they can't even have the decency to look at me. "Did, you guys agree with this?" I question them.

Aqualad steps forward. "Robin…it is for the best-"

"Don't give me that crap!" I scream at them as a couple of them flinch. "I am just as good as any of you at fighting! I can protect myself!"

Batman cuts in at this point. "Robin, the decision is final. Go get your things. We will leave in one hour." He demanded. As I storm off to my room, I can hear Bruce mutter "He'll understand what we did was right." That's what you think.

As soon as I reach my room I go in and lock the door. Then I undo the sealing on the vent in my room. I quickly crawl in and start making my way silently through the tunnels. I head towards the zeta tubes, hoping that nobody is there anymore. I soon reach the room and am happy to see nobody until one of them powers up. I am about to curse until I hear the computer say Red Arrow, B-06. I hesitate as I think of whether or not to reveal myself.

I decide on the former and undo the vent and drop down just as Red Arrow steps into the cave. He isn't very surprised by my sudden appearance as he is used to it.

"Hey Rob, how's it going?" He asks. He must not know. After a quick debate in my head I tell him what happened and he looked a bit angry. "What the hell, didn't those guys learn anything after treating us like sidekicks, now they're treating you like a child." I smile as I hear him agree with me. He sighs before looking at me. "So whatcha going to do?"

"Run like hell." I say with the straightest face I can before grinning as he does the same. "See you round Roy."

"Bye Robin. Be sure to send me a post card." He calls after me as the zeta tube announces my departure from the cave. Uh-oh, I'll have to make sure nobody follows me through. I think as I am teleported to my new destination.

Flashback ends

After I got through I hacked the tube controls and locked them so nobody could get through this one. Once that was done I checked where I was. Apparently I was in San Francisco. I went to one of the stored motorcycles that were meant for emergency use and removed the tracking device before I sped my way out of there.

I came up on Jump city after a few hours and stopped since the bike ran out of gas. I ditched it and began prowling the streets. Call it a habit from hanging with Batman. I soon found a robber and took care of him before things got crazy and I met my team one by one, along with Marcus. We stopped the Gordanians and decided to set up camp at the island.

Then years went by, we faced off with Deathstroke, or as he announced himself to us, Slade, multiple times. He blackmailed me into joining him with the safety of the team and Marcus before I realized that was what the league and team tried to do. They tried to keep me safe despite it hurting me. I would not hurt my team anymore, or Marcus. I turned against him and we won for that day.

Then Terra came along and everyone seemed to like her okay except Raven who was suspicious of her(Marcus still thinks she was at least a little jealous because of a crush on Beast boy). She ended up being right as Terra turned on us before she repented in the end, bringing down a cave to destroy Slade.

Then Brother Blood came in as the new Headmaster of the H.I.V.E academy. We soon decided to form another branch of titans involving Red Arrow. He decided to take up the Speedy mantle, claiming he sounded like a Green Arrow knock-off, but I knew he missed the suit from nostalgia. He joined with our Aqualad, who is apparently best friends with the original, Bumblebee, a girl from Happy Harbor who developed her own powers. She and Cyborg apparently knew Connor and Megan, but I haven't told them their identities yet. And finally Más y Menos, a pair of Guatemalan speedsters.

But soon after they are formed Brother Blood takes control of them and has trapped the titans and Marcus is oblivious back at the original tower. But luckily Cyborg is able to hack into Blood when the creep tries to figure out how Cy resisted his control when he links to close to his systems. Blood is then overpowered and defeated.

It is peaceful for now. Nobody so far is attempting to take over the world or attack us. Just a few minor things like the three H.I.V.E students a couple days ago.

My train of thought is stopped as I reach the roof. Time to talk to Marcus.

End chapter

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