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Chapter 5

Robin's POV

Soon after Marcus left Beast Boy and M'gann continued their conversation. Slowly, but surely, others began to join their talking as well. The only other people that didn't talk, aside from me, were Batman, Superboy, and Raven.

As they talked animatedly, I kept my ears open in case any of the Team or the League asked inappropriate questions. I didn't need them investigating my team like they were damn criminals. I wouldn't put it past Batman to do that. The others I wasn't sure of.

As I was still focused on the conversation, I didn't notice the person who sat next to me and wasn't talking with everyone else. I only noticed when she spoke up. "Hey Robin."

I turned to see Zatanna sitting there, an uncomfortable smile on her face. "So, any reason you're so quiet?" She asked.

I take a moment to answer. "Just monitoring the conversations. I want to make sure that nobody asks any questions that don't need answers." I said.

"You mean about their other identities?" She asks.

"That is one of the things that need avoiding." I answer vaguely. Zatanna seems confused by this, but doesn't push for an explanation.

After the incident happened, I had mixed feelings towards everyone, but none more than Zatanna. This was understandable since she was not only my girlfriend, but my first girlfriend. And even though we were only together a short time, I enjoyed it so much. And when she betrayed me as well, my heart broke. I never wanted to see her again. But for some reason my love for her was still there. I was so conflicted and to this day I still am. Adding Starfire to the mix just screwed me.

Her voice cut through my thoughts again. "So how has the past few years gone for you, aside from crime fighting?" She asked.

"Okay I guess. A few problems here and there with villains but not much else." I answer, playing down the events with Slade and Brother Blood.

Before she could ask any more questions, the big screen lit up, showing the phone logo that showed someone calling. That is when I remembered what day it was. It was time for the monthly report Titans East did. And the one that usually did them was-Oh shit.

Before I could get to the computer, Cyborg was already there. "Must be Titans East for the report." He pushed answer as the screen changed to show none other than Speedy sitting there, shuffling through some papers, not yet noticing the extra people in the room.

"Hey Marcus. Don't worry; I have all the papers this time. Luckily, somebody learned to use a pencil and wrote down their report." He said sarcastically, referring to our Aqualad.

"Sorry Speedy, Marcus isn't here. He went to get takeout. I'll do it for him." Cyborg said, grabbing the papers that were already at the computer station.

"Alright, well to start with, that Adonis guy? Yeah, he recently tried to come and get a super soldier serum that the labs in the city were working on. Don't worry; we stopped him before he could cross the front door. Then-" He was about to continue when Kid Flash spoke up.

"Speedy?" He asked.

The crimson archer froze before looking up at last to see everyone in our living room. We all sat there, no one sure what to do. My team was especially confused by this. Finally, Roy snapped out of his trance and scrambled to hit the end call button, the papers he was holding going flying in the process. As the screen shut off, the League and the Team looked at me with mixed emotions. But all of them were waiting for an explanation.

Damn it Marcus.

Marcus' POV

As I exited the Chinese place I felt a chill go down my spine. Something told me things were not going well at the tower. Well it should be interesting when I get back. I walked back to my bike a couple blocks down. With the amount of people parked at the Chinese place now, it is now no surprise that they were short handed.

Suddenly, I got the familiar feeling I was being watched. I looked around, trying to see if I could locate it, but I couldn't see anything currently. I continued walking when the feeling became stronger. I looked around again, trying to spot anything but still nothing. I started walking again when I heard a sound to my left where an alley was.

I got into a fighting stance, looking in the direction of the alleyway. "Alright, who is there? Red X? Mumbo? Control Freak?" I ask. No answer. "Or am I just a crazy paranoid guy yelling at an alley?" Still no answer. I sigh as I picked up the Chinese food I dropped hastily. I have been doing this way too long.

I take a step forward to my bike, just to have my world flipped upside-down. Once I regain my bearings I see my foot is caught in a rope snare and I am upside-down, not the world.

Before I can start cursing myself, a black form drops down from above. As it stands up and walks forward, I note that it is feminine and is in a skin tight suit. In her seemingly clawed hand was a whip. Moving up to her face I see the lady is wearing a mask with cat-like ears. This looked to be Catwoman.

As she reached me, she circled around. "My my, look at what I caught." She purred.

"Hello Catwoman. May I help you today?" I ask, unsure of why she trapped me like this.

As she comes back around to face me, she smiles. "Yes you can. You see, I have been looking for my little bird for a few years and I haven't been able to find him. His name is Robin. Would you happen to know where I can?" She asks seductively.

"Why not ask Batman?" I ask.

She scowls. "I have. He refused to tell me before. Luckily, I have certain sources that told me he was coming here so I decided to follow." She said, a bit annoyed.

"That is too bad. What makes you think I would know though?" I say, playing dumb.

She looks at me, a movement under her mask showing she raised an eyebrow. "Because I am not stupid." She said.

"Alright, let me rephrase that. What makes you think I will tell you?" I ask.

She then flexed her hand, drawing attention to her claws. "Because I don't believe you're that stupid."

He raised -er, lowered- an eyebrow at that. "I wouldn't say that. You would be surprised how much I would go through to protect him, or any others, from getting hurt."

She frowned. "I never said I wished to hurt him. I honestly want to make sure he is okay." She said.

I looked at her confused and wary. "And why would that be?"

"Because, in the time that I attempted to 'persuade' Batman into joining me, I came to care for Robin. Like a son." She explained, staring into space fondly as if thinking about the boy wonder.

Now I'm no fool. Believe me, in my years alive I had learned to recognize lies and deception. Whether it was Blackfire lying about her reasons for being on Earth or Robin concerning Red X and Slade, I knew better than to believe them. But hearing her say this, she sounded so...sincere. From her voice to her body language, it screamed she was telling the truth.

Even if she was telling the truth though, it's not my place to tell her where Robin is. I really hurt Robin already by inviting the League back for a second chance. I really did not need to test my luck with him by bringing back a possible enemy.

I thought about this for a long time before coming to a decision. "Alright. I have a compromise." I began, getting her attention again. "I can call Robin and talk to him. If he approves it, I will take you to where he is. Okay?"

She didn't hesitate to nod in agreement. I guess her motherly nature was even willing to accept hearing the one she treated as a son. I pulled my communicator out of my pocket, but not without the rest of the contents falling out as I did. I sighed exasperatedly, before calling Robin. It didn't take very long for him to answer as his face popped up on the screen. I noticed not only did he look irritated, but he seemed to be outside if the stars were anything to go by.

"Robin here. What is it Marcus?" He asked.

I smiled. "Well, before I tell you that, how does that streetlight in the background look?" I said, seeing how quick he would get it.

His eyebrows scrunched up in confusion. "Uh, what do you mean? Did you hit your head?"

"Just tell me how it looks." I said. Catwoman rolled her eyes but I could see the bit of relief she showed in her body language. I seriously doubted she was actually evil at all.

Robin seemed to be frustrated. "Marcus, I really am not in the mood for-" This is when he seemed to notice. "Marcus, why are you upside-down?" He asked suspiciously.

Instead of answering, I simply turned the communicator around for him to see Catwoman. "Hello little bird." She said happily.

"Catwoman!?" He said shocked. "What-but-you-why-h-how?" He managed to get out.

I turned the communicator back around. "Well, apparently it's a big thing when the Dark Knight isn't in Gotham. Who knew?" I joked.

The female cat-burglar, getting rather impatient, swiped my communicator quickly before turning away. "Robin, you had me very worried. Why did you leave?" She asked, sounding genuinely hurt. I decided to work on the rope that held me, slipping my pocket knife out of my other pocket, careful not to drop anything this time. I flipped it open and pulled myself up to start cutting.

I heard Robin sigh. "Well, I guess of all people you should know. Batman tried to retire me from being Robin permanently." This made me pause. Did Robin really just tell her that easily? I was really starting to like this lady. I went back to cutting the rope.

"Why would he do that little bird?" She asked. Robin then gave the short version of the events leading up to his impromptu escape and finding the Titans. During that I had cut my bonds and landed silently on the ground, waiting for them to finish. When he finished, Catwoman frowned. "You still could have contacted me. I was worried sick about you." She said sternly. I was starting to think she actually believed she was his mother. Maybe she was. I'd have to ask.

"That's kind of hard to do when I don't have your number and can't go looking for you since Batman would be able track me down easily if I went there." He argued back. Catwoman simply frowned, knowing this was true.

I decided to cut in there. "Look Robin, the reason I called was because Catwoman wants to come see you. I figured I would check to see if it was okay with you first, considering everyone there already." I explained. Catwoman barely batted an eye to seeing I escaped. I guess it's a regular thing with Batman.

Robin looked as if he was about to object to the idea when he stopped himself. I could practically see the light bulb pop up above him as he surprisingly smiled. "I think that's a great idea. Bring her on over to the tower." He says, a strange look of mischief in his eye. From what I can tell from Robin's past, I think he is actually starting to act like his old self already.

"Alright, see you soon." I said, ending the call. I turned and grabbed the food and the stuff from my pocket off the ground and put my helmet on. I sat on my bike and looked at her. "So, do you have a sort of Catmobile or do you want to ride with me?"

She looked at me amused. "I suppose I do need a ride and you're leading me there anyway. So..." She climbed on the back. I offered her the spare helmet but she politely refused saying she liked to feel the wind. And with that we rode on.

Kid Flash's POV


I just saw Speedy.


Not Red Arrow. Speedy.

Normally, I would have been happy to see him, especially since we also convinced Robin to give us a chance. He even wore the Speedy uniform. But now, I was confused instead. He had been gone for a little while and nobody really questioned it since it was just him being him. But to see him in his old hero suit and on a different team. I felt only two things. One was confusion, as I mentioned.

The other was jealousy.

Black Canary spoke up first. "Care to explain?" She asked.

We stood there for a while, Robin seeming to be thinking of what to say. We stood there for a good ten minutes before he answered. "Nope." He then turned and walked off to the door, leaving a lot of us in the dark. Meanwhile, the Titans, except Raven, stood to the side looking extremely confused.

"Is there something wrong League of Justice? Why was Friend Speedy so excited to turn off the call?" Starfire asked. "And what is wrong with Friend Robin?"

We exchanged a few looks, not sure what to say. "We don't have the right to reveal that. If Robin wants to tell you, he will. It's his decision." Batman said stoically, taking the responsibility to answer that.

The three frowned at this. "But-"

"He's right." Raven interrupted the Tameranean. "Whatever the problem is, it's Robin's choice to tell us or not." The others seemed disappointed but agreed. It was a few minutes of silence before Robin returned, surprisingly smiling.

"Hey guys. I just talked with Marcus. He'll be home in a few minutes. We should get things ready." He said, going towards the cabinets already. This concerned a few of us. But before anyone could say something about it, Robin turned back to the other team with a bunch of plates in his hands. "Guys, are you going to help me?" This snapped the Titans out of it as they began helping Robin.

Nobody's POV

Starfire approached Robin as they got things ready. "Robin, are you alright?"

Robin smiled again. "Yeah Star. Why wouldn't I be?" He answered, going to grab the silverware for those chopstick-impaired. The naive alien accepted this answer, though she did not notice the mischievous feeling the boy wonder's smile gave off.

Soon everything was ready as Marcus walked in. He sat things on the table and turned to the crowd. "Alright before we eat, I have some news. We have another surprise guest." Everyone looked curious as to who else would be coming. Then a voice spoke up from the doorway.

"Well little bird? Are you going to give me a hug or not?" This made everyone, except Batman who froze, snap their heads in the direction of the voice. There stood Catwoman, smiling with her arms open. This left many of them gaping in shock. A few were even more shocked when Robin went over and did hug her. The only one not shocked was a confused orange-skinned girl.

"Robin, who is this? Is it your female K'Norfka" Starfire asks innocently. She had wondered if his mother would be in the older superhero team, but it didn't seem so.

The cat-burglar looked at her. "What does that mean?" She asked.

Robin decided to answer. "A K'Norfka is tameranean for a parent. And, in a way, yes Star." He explained, making Catwoman smile a bit brighter.

Starfire smiled at this. "Hello, it is wonderful to meet Friend Robin's K'Norfka. My name is Koriand'r of Tameran. What is your name, where are you from, what is your favorite color, and will you be my friend?" She said with child-like enthusiasm.

Catwoman paused before answering. "My name is Catwoman. I'm afraid I can't tell you where I am from exactly. But my favorite color is black and I will gladly be friends with the young lady that seems to have gotten a hold of my son's interest." She said. Robin blushed and glared playfully at her.

Starfire's eyes lit up as she hugged the feline robber. "Oh joy! We can do the ritual of painting nails and talk about the boys!" She exclaimed.

Before Starfire could crush her though, Marcus called out to her. "C'mon everyone, it's time to eat! I hope I didn't get this food for nothing." He said, spinning a pair of chopsticks in one hand while waiting. This seemed to break everyone out of their trance-like state of shock.

Everyone(aside from Batman) slowly made their way to the kitchen, grabbing a plate as they went. They all sat in varying places of the living area of the tower. Some of the younger visiting heroes tried to sit with Robin on the couch, but the seats next to him were quickly occupied by Starfire and Catwoman, who spoke with each other about Robin. Let's just say the bird-themed hero's face was red as his mother figure told her about Robin's past escapades that turned rather embarrassing for him. It lightened the mood a little as the two laughed. Soon everyone was talking rather animatedly again.

Then someone brought up a fun subject. "Oh, by the way dad, Speedy called for the monthly report earlier." Beast Boy mentioned in between bites. This made several people pause their eating.

Marcus, however, continued chewing his food and swallowed before answering. "Yeah? And did he have anything of note to be worried about?" He asked nonchalantly, taking another bite of his chow mein without looking up.

"Well, we're not really sure. All he got out was that Adonis attempted to get a super soldier serum. Then he looked up from the papers he had and went batsh- er, went crazy, trying to turn off the call." Cyborg said, glancing at the dark superhero who hadn't touched any food and simply stared around the room.

"Hmm, I guess I'll have to call back later to find out if there was anything else. But if he started out with Adonis, it won't be a very eventful report." He sighed before biting into his eggroll.

It looked liked the subject would change except a bat themed hero had a question. "How exactly did Speedy come to join your other team?"

Marcus finally broke his concentration on his food to look Batman in the eye. For a long while the room was silent as the two had a stare-off. Marcus seemed to be gauging how much needed to be said. Then he responded.

"It was during what I guess you could consider a kidnapping that we met him. Afterwards, we decided to form an East branch of the Titans and when we called him he agreed to be on the team, seemingly curious of the new experience. But he takes more time off than anyone on the team. My guess is he is searching for the one he was cloned from." He explained.

"You know he is cloned?!" Kid Flash said surprised. Everyone except Robin seemed surprised at this revelation, especially the Titans as they did not know Speedy was a clone.

Marcus looked indifferent however. "Yes. He found it important for me to know as he would be searching for who he calls 'the real Speedy'. I have told him that even if he does find him, he is the only Speedy that will be accepted to this team." He elaborated.

Before anyone could ask any more questions, he stood up. "I think that is it for me tonight. Beast Boy & Raven, you're on dish duty. I'm sure you all can remember where your rooms are and I will trust Robin to escort Miss Kyle to an empty room. Good night." He then placed his plate in the sink as he walked off. Slowly, everyone followed his lead.

TimeSkip: One night

Speedy's POV

Oh god.

Did I really see...no, I must've imagined things. I was really tired and hallucinated it. They couldn't possibly...well they could, but that wouldn't...well it would if they somehow...

As my thoughts continued to race, the rest of the team filed in to the common room. They looked concerned at me as I hadn't moved from my place on the couch last night and the papers were still scattered.

Bumblebee walked over to me cautiously. "Speedy? Are you alright? Could you not find your favorite comb?" She joked. I wanted to glare at her, but I was still trying to process things.

I finally managed to get something out.

"The League knows."

End Chapter

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