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Upon embarking on a path of revenge, Confucius warns that one should dig two graves...

An exhausted, yet excited Jack Porter released the breath he was holding in as he watched his hopefully soon to be father-in-law leave his hospital room. Truth be told, he was a little surprised at himself for asking something so serious as David's daughter's hand in marriage at such a "not exactly opportune" time, especially when he just survived a fatal injury and everything seemed to be falling apart at the seams for all of them. But then again, when has his timing ever been good? Although Jack was known for being cautious, he was also impulsive when it came to matters of the heart and this situation was no different; due to the fact that his heart longed for Amanda Clarke for over 20 something years.

The cycle for them was torturous and seemed like it would never end. Every time the opportunity was welcome for them to be together, something, someone, or even themselves would get in the way and destroy what little hope they had.

Until recently.

And in those blissful and passionate moments when they finally came together, all he could think about was how he finally felt complete; how that void that always panged his heart when engaging in such activities left him for good when he was with her. And as a result, it brought him to a realization.

A realization that in no way surprised him in the least, but the validity thereof expelled any logical doubts and fears and made his decision of asking David final.

And that realization was that he never wanted to be without her…

He never wanted another day to go by without being there for her…

Protecting her and keeping her safe…

Showing her that there's more to life than the darkness that plagued hers for so long…

That there was a light at the end of the tunnel…

That he would never lose her again…

That he intended to be by her side for the long run…

Because like her father, his love and devotion for her was infinite…

Now that he was sure of her feelings for him and vice versa, he refused to waste another minute. The road would be long and hard no doubt. They were a far cry from a picture perfect couple and they each bared everlasting scars, both physically and emotionally. There was no guarantee that they would make it; even now with so much on the line, including their own lives.

But he be damned if they didn't try…

Because if there was anything that all of the past 4 years of hell has taught him, it was that life was too short to not take a risk.

Especially when it came to true love.

Jack closed his eyes as he reflected on the events that happened; from that feeling of satisfaction he felt when he watched Amanda sleep peacefully, wishing for the moment to last for a lifetime, but knowing that eventually they would need to eat to replenish their energy, to where he was ambushed and stabbed mercilessly, to that feeling of fear and regret as he thought about leaving his son and her for good, to the voices that he heard as he faded into the black, as well as when he came out of his unconscious state.

Even now they rang so clearly through his mind…

A faint yet distant barking sound and whimper…

A weak yet deep voice full of pride.

"You have always been so strong…But your life is still ahead of you. I couldn't be more proud of you son…"

A blunt and sarcastic playful voice yet full of sincerity…

"Don't you think you've suffered enough hell? Do us all a favor and go live happily ever after already! Do it for Carl, Amanda, and Nolan…and for Charlotte…"

A stern voice that held a British accent…

"When you make it through this…You better make damn sure you take care of her Porter…Give her the happiness she so richly deserves...I am counting on you…"

A soft voice full of confidence…

"I miss you all more than words can express...But she needs you more than ever. She gave me her word that she would take care of my family, but now she needs someone to look after her…In the end, both of you being happy is all that matters…And there is no one that I trust more to cherish you and Carl than her…"

And finally, a faint yet broken voice full of sorrow…

"Please don't leave me…I need you…"

Jack sighed as he opened his tired blue eyes once more, fighting off sudden exhaustion from the effects of his pain medicine as it started to work its magic. He moved his arm carefully, being mindful of the many IV tubes that were connected to his body, and searched for his cell phone buried under the covers.

Once he found it and dialed Nolan's number only to receive a voicemail greeting, he frowned uncomfortably as anxiety filled the pit of his stomach. David might have tried to reassure him when he said that he heard from Nolan that Amanda was alright; but for some reason, it still did not sit right with him.

Especially because Amanda was…well…Amanda.

It was one thing that his "finally" girlfriend was known to be secretive, canny, ingenious, and stubborn…But when it came to seeing the ones she loved hurt, she could be quite deadly…

His anxiety grew.

"Please don't leave me…I need you…"

He could only imagine what she was going through right now…

He tried calling her; no answer.

He tried calling Nolan again; same results, no answer.

"What the hell could they be doing?" He muttered. He then searched his thoughts for anything he could remember that could possibly hint to their whereabouts…

And immediately wished he didn't.

"I'm not going to put Victoria in prison…I'm going to put her in the ground…"

His eyes widened.

"And don't you dare try to stop me!"

"I won't. Do it!"

"Oh shi-!" He didn't have time to finish the thought as he abruptly grabbed his cell phone and punched Nolan's number again, demanding that he would call him back as soon as possible. Jack cursed once more as he kept trying to call, but to no avail. He paused as nature made its call and called his nurse who helped set up his IV pole so he could make it to the bathroom across the hallway, near the emergency room. What he saw on the way there only heightened his feelings of uneasiness.

He called Nolan once more. This time, when it picked up on the third ring, Jack didn't leave any room for greetings.

"Nolan! I've been trying to reach you! What the hell is going on?! "He growled into the phone, trying to refrain from shouting in the busy hallway.

"Jack?! I-is that really you?" Nolan's shocked yet relieved voice sounded in reply.

He sighed for a moment, picking up on his friend's valid concern, but did not lose the exasperation in his tone. "Yes it's me. Now answer my damn question. Where are you right now? Where's Emily?"

"Well…I had to…take care of some things at the beach club, and as for Ams, I couldn't tell you…specifically where she is, but I-I'm sure she's okay…" Nolan's bitter yet uneasy tone of voice replied.

Jack was scared to ask about what Nolan meant by "taking care of things" and instead bluntly asked, "So you're at the club right now?"

"Yeah…No worries though, I'm on my way to the hospital right now, so I'll see you then." Nolan stated, ready to hang up the phone with the hand that wasn't bleeding profusely.


Nolan jumped, startled by the sudden voice, only to see a very angry Jack Porter right behind him. He didn't have time to gather himself together as he was suddenly pushed against the nearby wall.

"Why are you lying to me right now?! What the hell happened to your hand?! AND WHERE THE HELL IS EMILY?!" Jack roared, ignoring the fact that he might have ripped out one of his IVs.

"Jack! Please calm down! O-okay-okay I-I'll tell you everything! Promise!" Nolan gasped.

Jack immediately loosened his grip. "Start talking."

Once they were back in the room, Nolan told Jack everything from when Emily visited him in the hospital, to Louise coming back and knowing where Victoria hid, to White Gold's take down, to what happened with his hand, and finally, what Emily planned to do once she found Victoria.

Jack cursed repeatedly and banged his fist on the top of his covers. "Damn it! Nolan, we need to find her! We-we need to stop her! We can't let her go through with this!"

"I'm sorry Jack…But this is Ams we're talking about. Knowing what she's capable of, and once her mind's made up…you know how she is…There's no talking her out of it." Nolan somberly replied with all seriousness. "Not that I would want to…" He added mentally with bitterness.

"Killing Victoria would ruin everything! She's never crossed that line, there's no going back once committing murder! She's already come so far…We have already come so far! I can't let it end this way! I-I need to see her. She-she needs to know I'm okay! Maybe then she'll come back to her senses and-"Jack scrambled to get up from the hospital bed once more, but Nolan stopped him, pushing him back down gently.

"Jack please, it's no use. She wouldn't want you getting in the middle of this and getting hurt worse than you already are anyways! I mean you're not even recovered yet!" Nolan insisted and pointed to Jack's hospital gown that was now soaked in blood due to one of his stitches busting.

Jack cursed inwardly and closed his eyes in pain, detesting the feeling of helplessness he felt.

"But if it makes you feel any better, David went after her." Nolan added softly.

"He-he did?" Jack asked with hopefulness.

Nolan nodded. "He was aware of what Emily was going to do and followed after her; most likely to stop her."

Jack let out a sigh of relief. If there was anyone that could get through to Amanda at a time like this, it was her father.

But to be honest, he didn't blame her. After all, he's been where she's at right now.

Had it not been Amanda revealing her true self and getting through to him, Conrad would have most likely been dead far before David ended him.

But he's also been where she hasn't.

He's killed someone before.

Of course it was all out of self-defense, it was definitely merited, and he couldn't lie and say that the bitch Kate didn't deserve it since she used him, killed Daniel, and attempted to kill his love.

But it still didn't change the fact that he could never take it back and that he had to live with it for the rest of his life.

He didn't want that for Amanda. Granted she's done some hellish things and her actions have left ripple effect results, but it's never gone that far.

He could only hope that David makes it in time and stops her from making the biggest mistake of her life that could very well claim her soul for good.

Jack then tried to relax as the pain medication kicked in full force; he turned towards Nolan and sighed.

"Is your hand okay?"

"Hm? Oh yeah, yeah. Trust me I've had worse cuts…The tetanus shot I had to have hurt like a mofo though." Nolan winced with a smile.

Jack smiled back lightly, but then frowned. "Hey man…I'm sorry about earlier…I just-"

"Don't be. You don't deserve to be kept in the dark…Quite frankly, you never did, and somehow I figured you'd find out what was going on with or without Ams wanting you to or not since you always find out the truth one way or another. She kind of underestimates that about you though." Nolan smirked.

"Don't I know it…She's been like that ever since we were kids…" Jack rolled his eyes, but smiled slightly while shaking his head. "Her secrecy annoyed the heck out of me, but at the same time it was fun and never boring since you never knew what she would be up to next…Every day was an adventure…"

"You really love that gal huh?" Nolan smiled knowingly while wiggling his eyebrows.

Jack blushed slightly, but nodded with confidence. "More than anything. Which is why, I'm hoping David talks some serious sense into her because it's going to be difficult asking her to marry me if she's on a life sentence…" He deadpanned.

"W-wait! Y-you're going to propose to her?!" Nolan asked with excitement.

"That's the plan…If we make it through this…"

"OMG! It's about time! I can't believe it!" Nolan exclaimed and reached over to hug Jack, not being mindful of the newly restored IVs and his still bleeding abdomen as he squeezed him tightly, making Jack wince and yelp in pain.

"Oh! Sorry! Sorry! My bad!" Nolan replied sheepishly as he still smiled with excitement at the news.

The light mood and atmosphere suddenly disappeared completely as Nolan answered his cell phone.

"Hey David did you ever get the chance to reach Em…W-wait what? YOU DID WHAT TO VICTORIA?!"

Nolan's shout alerted Jack immediately. "What? What is it?! What about Victoria?!"

Nolan put up a hand and continued to listen to David in horror. "WH-where's Emily?! I-is she okay?!"

Jack watched Nolan pace anxiously. "What about Emily?! Is she alri-"

"-VICTORIA DID WHAT?! No…No! T-this can't be happening! W-where is she now?!" Nolan now had tears streaming down his face as his entire body shook.

"What's going on?! What's wrong?! Is it Amanda?! Is she alright?!" Jack was officially scared as he watched Nolan continue to shake and stutter.

"I-I-I'll b-be r-right there!" Nolan managed once he hung up, he put his head into his hands and sobbed loudly.

"Nolan?! What is it! DAMNIT TALK TO ME! WHAT DID HE SAY?!" Jack raised his voice out of complete distress.

"V-Victoria…Sh-she's dead. D-David shot her…b-before Emily could…B-but…Victoria…she-before she died she-she-!" Nolan tried to explain, his crying increased with every word.

"SHE WHAT?!" Jack yelled, petrified of the answer.

"…She shot Emily…" Nolan finished sorrowfully.

Jack's heart stopped in that moment.

He froze in absolute shock and terror and suddenly felt as if his insides were ripped out of him. He shook his head in disbelief and whispered.


Bitter tears stung and filled his eyes and his body trembled as he wailed and shouted in agony.

"NO! THIS CAN'T HAPPEN! NOT AGAIN! NO!" Jack quickly and abruptly ripped the EKG wires from his body and desperately stumbled out of his bed, IV pole be damned, ignoring Nolan's protests and pushing him off of him full force when he tried to hold him back.

He beat Nolan out the door as he limped down the hall, not caring that his stitches tore in his haste by the pressure he was putting on his already weakened body. He tripped a few times but refused to stay down as he forced himself up and trudged down to the Emergency Room unit. Sure enough, he saw a gurney surrounded by nurses barking out orders left and right. And in the midst of them, he saw the pale and lifeless face of the one they once called Emily Thorne, who was now known as Amanda Clarke.

The love of his life…covered in blood.


Determined to get to her, Jack ignored the excruciating pain of his throat and vocal chords and kept at it, until the male nurses stopped him and tried to hold him back as the gurney continued down the hall.

"NO! AMANDA! LET GO OF ME! GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME! I NEED TO BE WITH HER! LET ME GO!" Jack pleaded, screamed, and struggled to get the medical staff off of him, but to no avail. He felt a sharp prick in his leg, and then suddenly, it all went black as his as his last thoughts echoed in his mind.

"Please don't leave me…I need you too!"

Confucius was right.

The second of the two graves was meant for me...