Dr. Mallard." Her sweet voice matched her beautiful smile that smoothed across Jenny's face. "It's so wonderful to see you again."

"No, my dear, the pleasure is all mine." He smiled back, and wandered towards her bedside. His hat in his hands, Ducky greeted both of the girls. Gibbs watched as both Jenny and Kyrie engaged in some wonderfully Britain conversation.

Following behind Ducky, the rest of the team filed into the hospital room. Jenny had a wonderful smile for each of them, welcoming them in, and making them feel more comfortable in a somewhat awkward situation. Gibbs smiled at just how diplomatic the redheaded director could be.

Tony walked in, rather slyly and carefully, his nice suit standing out against all the white sanitized hospital room. Abbey ran over to the director, throwing her arms around her neck and saying something incomprehensible because of how fast she was talking. While Abbey was going on and on, McGee sneaked into the back of the room, nodding his shy head at the director's addressing his presence.

Ziva was the last one to walk into the room. She just stood in the back with Gibbs watching the exchanges before her. Her arms were folded across her chest, assessing the situation, just as Gibbs was. Jenny's eyes sparkled just a bit more as her eyes met Ziva's. Ziva turned to him, and Gibbs could see there were tears in her dark eyes.

Somehow, Gibbs knew that all of these people would help Jenny's drive to get well. He still couldn't believe that she was alive. First the pain of losing her, as he realized just how much he would miss her. That pain. Then the pain of knowing that she had a daughter – with him – that she had never told him that they had – there had been a bit of anger. But pain when he realized just how much of his daughter's life he had missed. And the destroying pain watching his daughter suffer through grief for her mother. The failure he felt watching his daughter turn to drugs to cope with her pain. Nothing had torn him up so much as leaving her at the rehab center – feeling as if he had abandoned his little girl – knowing it was best, but knowing that she may never forgive him. And the entire ordeal of watching the love of his life tortured in front of his very eyes with no ability to stop it.

He would never forget the feeling of her body in his hands, knowing that he was going to take her to safety. Making sure she would be alright – that was his job. And he had done that. And as he watched the team crowded around this wonderful miracle – he knew that there was no such thing as perfect – especially when he was involved. But he knew that no matter what would happen – especially when everyone found out exactly what had transpired the last few months – he knew that at least his girls – no, his family – he knew they were safe. And that was what mattered.