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The Wounded Heart

Chapter One: Moving in and Moving on


"Ms. Lauren Ross, you stand here in front of the court currently as a ward of the state". The judge addressed, with beady eyes and a balding head to match with four wrinkles on his head, most likely symbolizing each decade in the justice system.

"Now due to the delicate situation with your involvement with the Autobots and the deaths of your parents, and with no living relatives, the court would like to hear your preference in what happens to you". He spoke gently yet firmly.

Looking up to the judge with curiosity in how serious he was actually being having just said what he said.

"Would my preference come true, or do you just want me to voice my opinion for no reason" I asked monotone. I focused my blue orbs on his face, looking at his face I could see what he thought of me.

'Poor girl'. Yes poor, miserable me.

It was all I saw when I looked at a lot of strangers who now seem to know me, but the acknowledgment is not mutual.

This is decision I knew was as delicate as choosing the red or blue wire. Could either end in happily ever after or BOOM!

"I choose"...

{End of Flashback}

I open my eyes to feel someone shaking my shoulders.

"Lauren, we're here" spoke the voice. I turned to its owner.

"Kitty, remind me again. Where is 'here'"? I asked my best friend Katrina.

"Here" using her hand to turn my head out the plane's window "is Buck Island, it's off the coast of St. Croix. It's a Caribbean gem"

"Humph" I replied with a sigh.

"Come on, Lauren Elizabeth; you're lucky the judge took what you wanted to happen into consideration" she said

"I only choose my poison, ward of the state or alien robot day-care" I said with a hint bitterness

"Come on, you love Bumblebee and it should mean something if the Autobots wanted to take you in after..." she didn't finish her sentence.

She didn't need to; I knew what she was going to say.

"You don't need to say it. I know after everything with the glasses, Mission City and... My parents... I should be grateful to them but I just..."

I couldn't feel completely comfortable with it. Despite the fact they protected me in the past and I really liked Bumblebee. It seemed that I haven't been able to find the same connection with the other bots.

"Hey, listen. I'll be back with my dad in 3 weeks. But until then try to find it in yourself to open up a little bit". Kat said.

I turned my head to look at her. Shoulder length Blonde. Hazel eyes, like her dad. The former Captain now Major William Lennox.

Her mom and dad had Katrina when they were seniors in high school. Since then they've done well for themselves. They weren't living large but they were comfortable.

I remember to how Katrina and I met at boarding school. Torchwood Academy, I was sent there because my parents were hardly home with work and they wanted me to get a good education.

Katrina got in on a scholarship for academics, rightfully so. She prided herself in Science and Math. Also for being able to spit out facts about pretty much anything.

"Buck Island is gorgeous, it's; or should I say was, a popular tourist site. But now you have it to yourself on a military base with the Autobots" she exalted with cheerfulness.

"Yeah, I'll see." I replied.

I don't think it would matter if I tried to change my outlook. It wouldn't change my soul sucking mood. To best describe myself, I was numb. I couldn't feel anything and I was beginning to like it, as sick as it seems.

"Attention all passengers, please buckle your seat belts. We preparing to make the landing"

The pilot's voice chimed on the speakers.

"Let the games begin" I mumbled, buckling my seat belt.

"Please play nice" Kat requested. While she placed her hand over mine.

I turned my head towards her and smirked.

"People who play nice never win the game" I winked at her.

The plane wheels skidded up and down on the ground before making permanent contact. The other passengers and Katrina and I grabbed our carry on's and headed off the plane.

"Enjoy your stay ladies" the flight attendant bid us as we got off the plane.

We grabbed our luggage and headed out the airport and into St. Croix.

The sky was an endless blanket of blue. With accents of white clouds concealed within it.

The sea breeze hit my nostrils, this was mankind's paradise in a nutshell.

"Come on we have to find my dad, he brings us over to Buck Island on a boat" Kat grabbed my hand leading me into a cab.

The cab brought us to the pier, where a boat was waiting for us. Making our way toward the boat with our luggage; well mostly mine, I was staying there permanently, Kat was staying for two days.

We walked closer to the boat to see Major Lennox, and someone I had never seen before. Blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and well built. Soldier would have been my guess.

"Hello Ladies" Major Lennox greeted us with a smile.

"Dad" Kat went for an embrace which was immediately reciprocated.

They released from their hug, and acknowledged my presence.

"Lauren" Nodding his head

"Major" I smiled

I looked to Blondie McBiceps. He was smirking at me and it looked like he was looking at a friend he hadn't seen in a long time.

"Who is he" I asked looking to Lennox for an answer.

"Oh yeah. They didn't tell you. The autobots have human holoforms to be in disguise more than they already are. So Lauren and Katrina meet Bumblebee's other form." He said, gesturing his hand to the mystery blonde.

"Bee..?" I could feel the shock grow on my face

"Ding. Ding. We have a winner" he says smirking. He came over and gave me a hug.

"How come I didn't know you guys could look human" I asked, poking his cheek to see if it would phase through. Which it didn't, soft and squishy so it was.

"Because" grabbing my hand and moving it away from his face, "Optimus didn't want to overwhelm you with everything we can do" he said.

"Why? I would think after everything he should have a little more faith in what I can handle" I snapped slightly.

Bumblebee's eyes widen a bit. Even in human form they resembled big puppy eyes. And they looked the same as his face. Confused on how to reply to what I said.

I didn't mean to be; for the lack of a better word, a bitch. I felt like a volcano, and volcanoes don't have a say of who gets caught up in the lava and who doesn't.

"Sorry, forget I said anything" I softened.

"It's okay I understand. Come on let's go see our new home" He said, grabbing my bag into his hands.

"Lead the way, I can already see Kitty and Lennox are already on the boat" I said grabbing the rest of my stuff.

We got on the boat and settled in. I could see my new home in the distance.

I rested my arms on the railing and gazed upon it. Not noticing Bumblebee had taken a place right next to me.

He lightly elbowed my arm and smiled at me. I smiled back lightly, and then turn to continue looking at Buck Island.

"Will I like it there"? I asked, taking my blue eyes off of the island to look into a pair of puppy dog eyes.

"That's up to you, kiddo. I mean it will take some time getting used to but hey you may surprise yourself on how you feel about it in a couple of months" He said.

"Maybe. Maybe I'll surprise a lot of people" I said. Or maybe I won't. I don't what people can expect from a teenage girl now living with a bunch of alien robots. Sounds like the start a very bad joke.

But no matter, I can only hope I'm prepared for this change. Just as I hope that the autobots; for their sake, are prepared for me.

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