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Chapter 19: 'fun' in the sun

Walking towards the gym Ash and Cynthia were having a great time talking and eating their ice cream in the hot sun, entering the gym the two were stopped by everyone.

"And where have you two been?" Roxie mused out as they saw the couple enter the back of the gym.

"we went to get ice cream as I really wanted some, so I asked ash to come get some with me" she said as they all smiled.

"man that does sound good, I would like some as well" Diantha said as they thought about it and nodded.

"well let's go then, we can go to Autumn's place they sell ice cream there" misty said to the group as they left leaving the two alone in the gym.

"wow they left without you?" Cynthia said to Ash.

"well I don't blame them as we just got ice cream so they probably didn't want to drag me around just to sit there and wait for them to get some Ice cream" he said getting a nod from Cynthia who looked at him and smiled before kissing him on the lips letting her tongue brush across his lips.

"who what was that for?" as questioned the spontaneous kiss from Cynthia.

"what is it wrong for a girlfriend to kiss her boyfriend, and plus you had some Ice cream on your lips, you enjoyed that didn't you" she giggled out as she smiled before they sat down at the pool with all the pokemorphs around looking at them and smiling making Ash and Cynthia nervous.

"Don't mind us you two can continue what you were doing we don't mind" Pikachu and mew said as all the pokemorphs were watching the couple who were heavy blushing at the notion of them being watched.

"nice job Cynthia but it's got to be deep like this" Mew said as she cupped Ash's face before kissing him on the lips forcing him to open his mouth so she could invade is mouth with her tongue making everyone widen their eyes when they saw the New Species Pokemorph tongue wrestled with Ash's inside his mouth before they let go producing a long trail of saliva between them.

"that felt good didn't it Ash" she giggled out as red tinge became redder as he nodded as a hand forced his head I another direction as he felt a weight on his chest, braking the kiss he found bayleef on his chest.

To the side Cynthia could see everything that was happing and smiled as this is why Arceus made the new universe, looking around she could see that some pokemorphs who were watching were getting aroused by the scene in front of them and she was also no exception as she could feel her own heat coming from below hearing a thud next to her she looked to the side to see Arceus next to her.

"so this why you made the new universe, it was for him" she smiled at the alpha pokemorph.

"yeah, from the time he was born I had watched ash grow, at first I was just monitoring him like a god should but after he saved me in sinnoh from destroying the world after my betrayal at Michina Town, though after thinking about why they betrayed me I can understand their logic but It was still unacceptable, anyway after he saved me I began to look at him more closely and I fell for him but I knew it was not going to happen as the laws that you humans created were in act so I had to figure out how to bypass them and here we are" she explained making Cynthia nod as they both looked over at Ash who was struggling to keep his pants on as they were getting pulled off by Giratina and Latias who wanted to touch ash.

"guys leave his pants on" Cynthia called out as the small group of pokemorphs that were around ash looked at her before going back to tease and please ash.

"ah come on Cynthia you cannot tell me you are not aroused right now" Arceus asked as she stole a quick glance down at Cynthia's thighs before looking at her smiling.

"I am but it's not right to do that here Misty's sister could come in here at any moment" she said before Arceus laughed.

"you know there not here right they have left the building, and most likely won't be back until tonight" Arceus said as she got closer to Cynthia "you know you could use this opportunity to get closer with your own pokemorphs" she teased making Cynthia blush for a second before she thought about it.

"but I don't have any male pokemorphs if that's what you're saying to me" she explained as she was still blushing as she thought of the idea of seeing male pokemorphs.

"well you have to get some won't you" Arceus said as they looked back over to Ash who was now nude with his member out for everyone to see, which had now gathered all his pokemophs over though seeing it his regular coloured ralts, darkrai and the male mewtwo all left quickly as they didn't want to see another man's junk but he gained and Idea to ask his girlfriend for some sexual relief as the idea of being nude in front of most people was getting him hard, the same was happing with Pikachu as his own small harem of pokemorphs were caressing him, those being Snivy, Buneary, Elesa Emolga, Ursula's Garchomp , Azurill and Cynthia's glaceon, which were now by the others as Pikachu's territory so they weren't allowed to court them.

Feeling the sexual arousal in the gym the pokemorphs that weren't ash's or Pikachu's were unsure on how they were able to relive their sexual tension as they looked around for mates and it didn't help that there were three separate scene happing right before their eyes.

The group that left walking back into the gym to hear some interesting noises coming from the rec pool, walking into the area they saw an interesting scene as right in front of them Ash was getting blown by Giratina while Pikachu and Buneary were fucking and Cynthia was getting fingered by Arceus but what was the most interesting and really court the attention of the group were the pokemorphs that were masturbating with some of the group struggling to tear the eyes away from their own pokemorphs were getting off in particular Korrina who was watching her best friend her Lucario stroke himself it was a sight for her as she couldn't help but stare making herself aroused.

"ummm Ash what is going on" Casey said as she looked around as she saw her own pokemorphs getting off.

"well me and Cynthia kissed then mew kissed me and then one thing led to another" he tried to explain but he couldn't as first the events went to fast to register and second he was being pleasured by Mew who was giving him a titty fuck so he couldn't think straight.

The girls looked at the scene and couldn't help but get wet as they watched the sexual interactions between their pokemorphs and could help but get off which shocked some pokemorphs watching but they were all very horny and didn't care or went to help out their trainers like gardevoir and Diantha, and Lucario and Korrina in the case of Korrna it was showing her goods to him while with gardivour and Diantha they had their fingers in each other.

Time passed as the sexual tension left the room and everyone was back to normal though as was still in a stupor as he couldn't believe he fucked so many legendries pokemorphs such as Latias, meloetta, Mew, and Giratina.

"well I can't believe that happened" Misty said as she finally got up after her needing rest from her orgasms that were induced by Serena.

"yeah but it was so good" Dawn said as he was cuddling with her double Saliva.

"agreed lady dawn" Saliva replied as they all got up as they noticed the sun get lower.

"well I think today is almost over and that means your sisters might be home soon misty" Iris said as she finished putting her one piece on as everyone else did the same before recalling their pokemorphs who wanted to be recalled before walking out to the living room and sat down to watch some TV.

"Misty were home" her sisters called out as they saw everyone sitting down watching TV in the swimwear before walking away.

"you know we should get dinner started" May said as they nodded and discussed who would cook and who would clean up, deciding the sets the cooking team set off to make a delicious dinner for everyone. Dinner was good for the group and they lounged around a bit before bed before waking up the next morning ready to leave.

"alright so were going to Vermillion city" Duplica said as they were having breakfast.

"yeah and then from there were going to Celadon" Casey explained as they finished breakfast and headed out the door with backpacks and pokemorphs in tow towards Saffron city.

"see ya guys" they called out to the sisters as they left.

"yeah see ya misty, Ash everyone" they replied as headed back inside, on the road again made Ash happy as he was back to the adventure at hand, though he did enjoy the day at Cerulean he joyed the road and all the sights It would bring.

"so Ash when is it my turn?" Arceus asked him as she was standing next to him along with all his female legendries who were out.

"well" he started but wasn't sure how to go about it.

"We want some to master" he herd his blue Ralts and his Riolu say to him, looking at the girls they also had the same reaction they weren't satisfied this afternoon and they wanted more.

"well, I'll try to give you girls my all the best I can tonight" he stated making the 20 or so girls that he had around him smile.

'A kid from Pallet Town with a brand new world to see Don't know what's ahead but it won't get the best of me. There's so much to learn and battles to be won I've advanced so far but still there's always more to come' Ash's ringtone went off making everyone look at him as he wondered who would be.

"hello Ash me boy, guess what, I finally got your upgrade approval, you can now hold legally on your belt 18 pokemorphs, though I have been worried about the new changes, it seems that everyone that wasn't at the party had the memories re-written as I've tried with Tracy but I feel that this is too much" Professor Oak explained as he still shown concern for the world.

"do not worry professor oak, I have re-written the universe so that it was the same as it was before only just with pokemorphs now the only exception is with trees and other places that pokemorphs live in or with they have been modified to fit the pokemorphs, such as trees being strong to hold more weight or caves have been enlarged so that it would not be crowded even with human sized pokemorphs…"Arceus explained the dynamic of how the world changed reassuring the professor that the change was no way harmful towards the environment.

"thank you Lady Arceus, for the reassurance, anyway you can now carry 18 pokemorphs and with the special exception that you still have to see Lance about you carrying the legendries around your belt, under Lance's rule you cannot use them in an official battle unless permitted" professor Oak said smiled at Ash.

"professor did you get the New message that Gary has a girlfriend" Ash said making the professor rose an eye brow.

"well I have to talk to him, Ash you be good" and with that professor oak disconnected.

"well should we continue on" Ash said as they walked on the path that was provided for them as they headed towards Saffron city, walking along the group was having a time exploring the pathway and seeing all the pokemorphs from Kanto as well as Johto that come across the mountain.

"so Korrina are you going to do it?" Arceus asked her.

"what do you mean?" She asked confused on what Arceus meant.

"you know fucking your Lucario" she said making Korrina blush.

"what I can't do that, I can't disrespect Ash like that" she stated.

"well you're ok with Ash fucking us pokemorphs but you're not ok with doing the same thing, you know that Diantha did that earlier, think about it" she said as she ran off towards Ash making Korrina think.

"are you ok Korrina" her Lucario asked making her face even redder then it was before as when she looked at him she imagined his big dick in front of her.

"I'm ok come on lets keep going" she stated as they caught up to the group. The sun was setting and the group was half way towards Saffron city and the sky was getting dark.

"guys I think we should stop to camp" May said with a smile.

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