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Chapter 3: Answers, legendries and a question-part 1

"Why do you want to tell me a story of my parents?" Ash asked

"Well you see Ash, I want wanted to talk to about what happen and luckily you came to me, and Delia would make you blush and you would still be confused, plus I'm your best friend" he explained getting a nod from Ash in agreement that his parents or parent at the hadn't really known his dad that well. "Well you see your dad and mom were also in the same set as you back years ago, but your dad only close out of the two woman and that rejected girl left never to be seen or heard again" he said getting a stare out of Ash.

"Wow that was quick, why so short?" asked a curious Ash.

"Well you see I didn't need to go into detail but all I needed to tell you was, and you see from me I have one that, it's nothing to be afraid of. Like me Ash we hate seeing people sad, so that everyone will be happy, I never wanted to see a girl cry, it's a man duty to make sure girls don't cry, think about it, anyway, if you had to choose who would it be?" he said Ash took in the information for a second and looked back at brock then down at the floor, who is it he truly liked each girl had their own unique charm that he couldn't just pick one.

"I don't know Brock each have their own unique charm that I couldn't just pick one" he stated before starting again why he like them all from Sabrina's mystifying personality and air about her to dawn and Serena's bubbly attitudes to how Korrina was like the female version of himself and most of all he just had so much fun with all of them.

"Well that's a great place to start why don't you tell them that" Brock said looking at Ash "Yo Ash you want to know how I got my own" Ash nodded commenting why Autumn. "that was a funny time after I left in Sinnoh with you and came back here on my own, I studied for my Pokemon medical degree with nurse joy and within two years so while you were in Kalos I traveled around for a bit on my own passing back through Kanto and Sinnoh as the two main areas as much as I love Kanto, Sinnoh is such a magical place" to which Ash nodded telling brock that he should also go to Kalos as if they had to rank the places that it would be Sinnoh, Kanto then Kalos.

"Really you'll have to tell me more about it, I would love to go there" he said before getting back on track, anyway as I was passing though Kanto I came across the battle pike, Scot and Lucy were inside talking. So I knocked on the door to get an answer from scot and he let me in, I walked into the back with him to find Lucy and she jumped into my arms, telling me how she was just about to go and find me as she wanted to be with me although we only met twice she enjoyed my company and as did I you remember" Ash nodded trying to remember as he continued.

"well scot let Lucy take off with me as there want many people going though and that that she had his number so he could ring and tell her if there was a challenger, so she could come back or need assistance to get back if necessary. So after that we left and traveled around Sinnoh meeting all kinds of trainers, meting different nurse joys so I could learn more about healing and over that time we go close and started a relationship. During the middle of our journey we ran, Spring, and Summer outside Solaceon Town who told us how Autumn was asked us to come to the Café, so we did and like Lucy Autumn leapt into my arms telling me all about how she and Miltank had grown as both trainer and pokemon but how she grew into a stunning young woman. Lucy looked at me and her in this position and I heard her sigh, I asked her why and she told me Autumn was in love with me and, she looked be dead in the eyes and said I like her she should come with us and we'll all grow a bond together. So with that we three left and with a little help from me and Lucy we gave them enough money to open a café in Jubilife City. Nearing the end of our journey we had successfully bonded together and we were happy, and now I moved out now living in Cerulean City using the crowds that daisy violet and lily bring in to run our café/ house" he finished his story and took a sip of his drink.

See Ash it didn't matter that there was more than one girl as long as you love them equality then they will be happy, anyway Ash I shouldn't tell you this as the girls made me not to tell you but, they all want to be with you so just think about that, you should go them and tell them how you feel there over there waiting for you" Brock said as he pointed at the group of girls.

Ash stood up and walked to the girls sitting in the corner a few of them left he noted that Annabel, and alexia were there just before. Sabrina hushed the girls down in agreement that she would lead and as she scanned Ash which she know she shouldn't do she found in his brain that her and Dawn were the top two girls. Sabrina cracked a smile and everyone knew what was up as they peered at Ash walking towards them,

"Hello girls, I have to talk to you all" she studded at as all the girls stared at him

"We know Ash, so don't be so worried I'm sure Brock told you everything even stuff he wasn't supposed to tell you" Sabrina said calmly kinda freaking Ash out until he realized that she was using her psychic powers.

"yeah well I been thinking about it for a while and today after all you girls confessed, I felt conflicted about what I should do, not that I was already conflicted, but listening to Brocks story and thinking about it more I don't know who to choose you all have your own unique charm that I couldn't just pick one" he stated before starting again why he like them all: Sabrina's mystifying personality and air, Misty's fiery personality, Casey's similarity to Ash with a kinda over the top personality, just how much fun duplica is to be around, may, dawn and Serena's bubbly attitudes and how they care for everything around them, to Princess saliva's grace stating that her poise and manner of speech was refreshing and lovely to hear. Iris as she was always so cheerful even though her past held her back. He dipped his head down for a second before saying.

"Girls I'm sorry some of you I don't know too well but I would like to" she said dipping his head down again.

"It's all good who is it that you don't know too well?" May asked

"Elesa, Diantha, Ursula, Roxie, I'm so sorry girls" he apologized again feeling bad as they girls pored their heart out to him and with some he couldn't even think thing other then their fun to be around he honestly felt like shit.

"it's all good as we understand these girls you haven't seen much of or even kept up on maybe expect Roxie but that would only be in the music department, you know you still have two more girls to comment on" Diantha said looking at Cynthia.

Continuing on Ash started with Cynthia and how she was always been his inspiration and always found what she did fascinating like her archaeology and also asked if he could give it a try with her some time. Last but not least Korrina was like the female version of himself and most of all he just had so much fun with all of them.

"Aww thanks Ash" they all cheered out as they hugged him before Ash started again

"So girls will you be my Girlfriends and maybe we can grow a bond together" she said taking the last few words from Brock story.

"Yes" they said still hugging him. On the other side of the party the other guess clapped and cheered with everyone caught up on what was happing and was happy for them , everyone turned around to see this happening and blushed as everyone was watching intensely at the romance that was happing.

"So Ash" Sabrina whispered in his ear "who was your top 3 anyway" she said

"it was you, Dawn and Korrina" she said to which earned him a nice kiss on the cheek before a giant beam of light came down and what walked out it shocked them.

1 Hour before

It was 5pm as Arceus requested and all the legendries including Giratina who after the incident with Zero joined the Hall Of Origins with the other legendries. Everyone was standing inside the main hall waiting for Arceus to appear and tell them why a meeting was called.

"Does anyone know why we are here?" Zekcrom asked getting around of nopes and no idea. A few moments latter Arceus herself walked out in the main hall and sat on her chair letting the other legendries to so too.

"The reason that I have called you here is that it is the chosen one's 17th birthday and we are going to the world to great him and his family" which gain a slight uproar form some of the as they didn't want to go down to see the chosen one. But for most it was a good time seeing old friends, like Ash, May, Max, Dawn, Brock, Cynthia and Serena again, were as have wanted to see them again.

"Also I'm going to offer right now if any pokemon here want to become pokemon of anyone down there they are free too, as I know some of you want to" she said peering at the male MewTwo, Meloetta, Manaphy and Jirachi in particular

"Why would we want to go see the humans anyway?" Cobalion asked not knowing what Arceus was up to.

"well I want to see him, that is one reason but another is a number of pokemon here also want to see them, although some of you don't I will respect your wishes and if you want you can stay here while the others will go down to the surface with me" Arceus stated making a compromise for the legendries that didn't want to come. Cobalion smiled not wanting to see the humans anyway as he did not trust them, even the Chosen one. "Any pokemon that wants to come please join me in the middle "almost most went into the middle bar a few mainly being Cobalion Terrakion Virizion Tornadus Thundurus Landorus and Kyurem. As the last one didn't know any of the humans were as the rest all had contact with them.

Back in Kanto

A giant beam of light came down and what walked out it shocked them. It was Arceus and what seemed to be almost every legendary that Ash as met and helped throughout his journey

"Wow this is incredible" Samuel Oak Breathed out.

"Good evening everyone, and happy birthday chosen one how are you enjoying being 17?" Arceus said shocking everyone "what is something wrong?" she commented after seeing everyone's face

"no no no" Ash started its just we didn't expect you or 95% of the legendries to show up that's all" he tried to justify as everyone stared at them. The eyes of a certain Pokemon and trainer finally came together

"Max" Jirachi yelled as he flew towards max

"Jirachi" he cried back as they had a tearful reunion, the two left the main section of the party to catch up although being pokemon and human, Jirachi being both legendry and a psychic made them able to easily communicate

"Mama, Papa" Manaphy cried out as she flew towards May shocking everyone even more wondering why May was being called mama and just who was Papa.

"Aww Manaphy, I missed you" May cried out as she hugged the sea guardian

"Papa" Manaphy cried as she sat on his head, scaring the adults half to death until they thought about the facts it's a pokemon and most likely the first two people it saw was Ash and may. Within the light more and more Legendries emerged and engaged in conversation with the humans before Roxie and her band took the sage again this time with Meloetta floating next to Roxie.

"Hello were the Queen's Court of Poison, thanks for having us well finish our set at around 8so thanks" Roxie said as they started playing so more rock songs. Arceus walked over to Ash who was now free from the girls.

"Ash do you mind coming with me I want to ask you some question" she said he agreed and walked into the house opening the door for the Creation Pokemon. Entering the living room Arceus asked "Ash do you mind if I become your Pokemon?" the made Ash hit the floor not only was the creation pokemon at his birthday party but now asking to become his.

"Are your sure, I would love to have you but are you sure you want to become my pokemon?" Wanting to get confirmation from Arceus.

"Yes, but I'm not the only legendary here who wants to become yours" again Ash it the floor in disbelief, question why he wasn't spectacular but legendries want to be his pokemon.

"Ash I know what you're thinking and I can truly say without a doubt that you really are spectacular. I also have one other question for you" she said getting a lifted eyebrow from Ash. "Ash I'm going to tell you this now and at 9 I'm going to ask from your answer, you can ask anyone for advice on the answer. Ash I want to transform the world into a pokemorph world, think that sounds like a good idea" she asked making Ash confused as Pikachu ran in to find his brother as he couldn't find him outside seeing Ash and Arceus talking Pikachu ran up to his usal resting place on Ash shoulder and caught the last part 'Ash I want to transform the world into a pokemorph world, think that sounds like a good idea' like Ash confused at the Idea.

"Ummm Arceus were not exactly sure what that means" Ash said lightly rubbing Pikachu's head

"Pokémorphs are pokemon that look much like humans, we are able are able to use a Pokémon's attacks and abilities. We still have Pokémon's behaviors and instincts the only thing is though we still can't talk the same language as pokemon talk Pokespeech and humans talk human tongue. So Pikachu here would be a yellow human with all the features that make him a Pikachu so the red cheeks the tail and the ears.

The party when on for the next few hours as Ash went around talking with everyone about anything keeping in the back of mind about the offer that Arceus offered as well as getting few requests from the legendries to become his pokemon agreeing that he will catch them after the part and for now they should just have fun. 9 pm rolled around a the stage that was just only used an hour ago was no occupied by the creation Pokemon herself

"So Ash" she stared talking into the microphone "have you thought of the answer to my question" getting lifting eyebrows from everyone. Before getting Ash to answer she told everyone what was going on. "I asked Ash a very important question that affects the very world you live in I want to transform the world into a pokemorph world, think that sounds like a good idea. So Ash what's your answer?"

Ash looked at everyone who had looks of confusion on their faces before smirking "Arceus, yes that sound like an extent Idea, I don't know how it will play out but I'm willing to give it a try" he yelled out. Arceus glowed white as the white kept expanding, expanding the whole world before the light faded away and everyone woke up, some wishing they didn't as in front of them was a busty lady with horns and long white hair about the middle what seemed to be a gold ring with 4 green emeralds with each section around the ring a different colour and gold feet.

"Hello I'm am Arceus and welcome to the land of pokemorphs"

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