Saving My Brother and Family

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Warning: Leo and Andy are the first to figure it out in this chapter and as this continues the girls figure it out one by one, as he and Chris deal with getting Andy back in the fold then, as they deal with Cole and his relapse. This is going to follow the pattern of the episodes leading up to when Chris is born, but the situations are altered to having the dead members of the family back and involved now.

Though their mother is going to be getting involved a few times, as well their grandmother, the focus of the story is going to be on the sextet, while their friends come in to help each time, now on with the show...

Chapter 2: Meeting the Elders, the Innocent and the Reunion

Thanks I needed that, alright let's get to it." she said and he nodded to her, "I'll be around for a few years, you'll get to know me pretty fast and when time comes I'll tell you who I really am, but for the time being lets just get used to being together for the time being." he said and she nodded as Prue and Phoebe smiled, knowing their adoptive family member had done what they couldn't do, in getting her to let go of her doubts since the six months worth of hell they had to deal with where Williams was concerned.

"With you being a member of the household kiddo, I think we'll get used to you living here." Prue said to him and he chuckled. "Thanks, alright with the fact that her powers just shifted positions, get ready the side effects are going to be like what happened in the kitchen and Piper, try to stay calm and relax, our emotions start screwing with our abilities, so keep your temper." he said and she nodded to that.

"I take it you arrived in time to hear that explosion earlier?" she asked and he nodded. "Yeah I did, that's happened to me a few times when I was testing my orbing powers, but when aggravated it blows up the stove or TV set, so try to relax, and I'll get some fruit to do target practice later so you can practice at getting it under control." he said and she nodded with an amused look at that,

"In other words I lose my temper, and it'll be like our powers only tripled in strength like what happened in that future we saw when Prue destroyed the attic when she lost control of her temper, we better do that in the basement to keep the kitchen from getting covered in fruit pulp though." she said and he nodded to answer that, before he could explain further, a voice called out from the dining room then."Guys you home, I'm back?" he heard a voice call out and Prue said it for her with a worried look.

"Cole just got back, come on." she said and they headed downstairs and saw him looking like he was suffering a case of the flu. "Geez what the heck happened in here exactly?" Cole Turner asked, after seeing the state of the kitchen ceiling and the red pulp all over the floor and dripping from the ceiling and Piper sighed. "Tried freezing a watermelon and wound up vanquishing it, my powers just got stronger and this is the result, to change the subject you alright?" she asked and he shook his head as he answered that.

"Not really." he said and then looked at the eighteen year old standing halfway behind her then and raised an eyebrow. "I've never seen you before, what's your name kiddo?" he asked and Chris straightened up as he moved behind her protectively."I'm Chris Perry, I take it you're Cole Turner?" he asked and Cole nodded. "Yeah that's right, I take it they filled you in on my current problem right now?" he asked and Chris nodded as Prue ended the conversation as she looked at him with a raised eyebrow at his state.

"What the heck happened to you, you look like you went through the workout from hell and had the flu when you did it?" Prue asked him and he sighed as he looked at her and Phoebe."I didn't kill that coven member Phoebe I swear." he said and she nodded. "I know it's alright I believe you." she said, before seeing the amount of sweat pouring off his face. "You okay?" she asked and reached out and brushed a hand across his cheek.

"Not really." he said and she lead him out of the room as Chris turned to the trio. "Leo an old friend of the family is one of you, we need to see the elders, because this could be the first of several pieces to fit the puzzle where the girls and your futures are to be changed are concerned." he said and Piper thought it over. "Old friend, as in childhood old friend Chris, if you're looking at Prue like she's your aunt?" she asked and he nodded.

"Yeah Andy was never killed he's one of the whitelighters if I can talk to Odin and Kalina, you get your mate back Prue." he said and she grinned at that. "I get the idea here, double duty, losing him hit both me and Darrel hard, he works as his original position, but is on call if we need him like Leo is and he and I rebuild our relationship, hopefully they bend that rule further it's hard enough to concentrate, but losing another innocent is bad enough I need to concentrate. I take he doesn't care now that we're witches." she said and he nodded.

"Yeah, at this rate he couldn't care less you're a witch, he wants to be with you now, and if I can talk to the elders you get him back and you got multiple whitelighters running things here at that the manor protecting you in our case." he said and she nodded to that one as Leo thought over his name then, before looking at him with a stern look at what he was about to say next.

"Chris Perry, my father's name is Christopher, alright, what aren't you telling us young man?" he asked gently, his tone turning fatherly, and Chris sighed, knowing he was going to have to be cryptic in his explanation. "You remember the Woogyman situation girls and why she had that turn in the first place, and was so shaken up after she dealt with a past self last year?" he asked and they both nodded. "Yeah why do you ask exactly, if you came back now where my sisters and I are concerned kiddo?" Prue asked him and he sighed as he looked at his parents to answer that gently.

"You're facing that situation again, only in the next generation guys." he said and Prue slammed her hand down on the counter as she got it as she answered that. "My niece or nephew if they're born in this house could go either way, that's why you came back now honey?" she asked and he nodded. "Damn it, alright my first born becomes a danger magnet, because he was born in the house and falls if whatever happens to us plays out and my second youngest is the one trying to save him by keeping that from happening, its not happening on my watch." Piper said with a dangerous growl in her voice.

"Yeah that's why I came back now, I'm helping you no matter what in changing your future and protecting your baby, if you trust me, I can help with them, as for your current situation, Cole's on the edge here, so we better make sure nothing makes him break now, okay." he said and they nodded. "Alright we'll accept the help, but if we start realizing who you are, you tell us the truth, understood." Leo said to him and he nodded.

"No problem, but I can understand why you need to get Phoebe out of the room, she's got a tough time keeping secrets and with this issue its only going to make it worse and you got added back up now, before we go get Andy back down here, so we better get to work. Girls my suggestion is getting to the other coven leader and I'm getting a meeting set up-upstairs, you deal with Cole and Phoebe and get that potion made, before he breaks, because he's on the edge of a relapse and if he loses it he could kill an innocent, while I meet the elders okay." he said and she nodded as Leo looked at him gently.

"Bringing the elders up to date of the reason you're here son?" he asked and he nodded as he answered him. "Yeah I am, if you want to come I'm fine with that, and if I can get Odin to change protocols, you got more than one whitelighter protecting the family now." he said and Prue answered him gently at that. "You think they'll let Andy and me get together now, while he's working double duty in the family and his original calling." she asked and he nodded as he explained that to her.

In the Kitchen

Looking at Chris, Leo felt his heart sensing something else in him. 'God he seems so familiar to me.' he thought and then said it out loud looking at him he saw the pain in his eyes as he sat at the kitchen table. "Oh god, whatever happened to us, he's holding it in girls. Son I saw the look on your face when he showed up, you hate him for whatever happened to us." Leo said as he watched him gently as she rubbed him back.

"Long story, what you say if I told you that the brotherhood is the reason I lost both of you, when I said you raised me like your own, I meant it. You did, but here's the plotline regarding things in year 6." he said as a dvd pack appeared in front of them. "Well I recognize the duo and myself, but the boy, he looks like you." Leo said and he nodded. "That's my counterpart, leading into my birthday." he said and the couple nodded to him.

"How old is your counterpart?" Leo asked and sat down in the chair across from him. "22, he was killed, but he managed to prevent them from killing your first born son. My double risked his own existance to save your son, but like I said. I'm half of both you, but get a good look at me, if you took off 12 years to yourself and turned into a boy. Who do you look like Piper?" he asked and she got a better look at him and covered her eyes.

"I look like you, that boy is my son, the brotherhood killed us both, why exactly?" she asked as she took his hands. "Vengeance, but for Bethazor, it's revenge, because Phoebe chose someone at the time, and we can go over this tonight. Once both of then are out of the house, but my version, are you, Phoebe and your half sister." he said and the girls nodded as she answered him then as she answered him as she took his hand.

"That's not a glamour, this is really what you look like?" she asked and he nodded. "My double ended up looking like this, after he arrived in two years, this is me right now. Just give it a few weeks, I can dye my hair back to it's natural color. Which was your's, but you notice this clues piling ip here?" he asked and she nodded as Kit jumped on the table rubbing her head against his and she chuckled as Leo said it with an amused smile.

"Take that for instance the cat knows you on sight and is acting like you're her kitten." he said and Chris nodded as he answered him. "Long story short, he figured if you was leaving the house and choosing your job over the family. Well then he didn't need you here, he could take care of Wyatt and you. And the girls himself, mortal psychology which is what exactly?" he asked and Leo nodded firmly then as he answered him then.

"With him in the final year of college and my promotion transferred me to another town, but we had a family business to run, and I was out of town for 3 to 4 months. Before coming home, he decided 'screw school, my parents need me at home and I got a new baby brother. Mom needs help, said help not my aunts, she needs me, and I can finish the four years over the computer, family comes first.'." he said and Chris nodded to him.

"If I was fifteen, it's no choice necessary you need help with cub number 2, I can do school junior year high school through sophomore college here at home. Babysitting, groceries and so on, you need back up, and you can depend on me now Piper, Leo. But what's your opinion to her shirking her responsibilities and the results are it destroys us. The Halliwell/Wyatt clan?" he asked and their eyes narrowed in anger at the news then.

"He destroyed our entire family, and you're an orphan, I was right all along, her secrets destroyed our family and you. And the youngest of the four of us, are the key to resurrecting the family, you saved us and she will save us. But the two of you brought this family back together, if you're my baby boy, then I'm not thinking twice about this. You arrived, before your adoptive brother was here, you just pulled it off now."

"I've been scared out of my mind to what having a baby with a whitelighter would do, but having you around the house starting now, if you're really who I think. Then it's a matter of putting my affairs in order, as you're my adopted son, or if we figure it out. And by tonight, if Andy busts you once he sees you, as my real baby, son. Then it's coming up with a good alibi for this right now at the moment." Piper said in response to that remark.

"But indirect opinions, I figure it out after Andy busts you and that's it, game over, you've got me back and once you drop the bomb to him, it's done. As your mother gets the truth and you have us both back, but we need every piece of the truth. To prove your claims true so we can work. But bloodtest, and you show us your memories later this week after the emergency is over Chris, okay son." Leo added, finishing her sentence.

"I will, in the past it's safer, you got all the control, because you're the older, wiser version of yourselves. So with that, you can bust your future selves, for treating my counterpart like a criminal, after you see my memories of this." he said and the couple nodded. "To do that, I have to remind them of when the girls and I ended up in 1975, no kids in the house works better, but I need the truth." Piper said and he nodded to her.

"Well I'd rather use what truth I gave you and what alibi you guys choose for me Leo, Piper. Because every word of what I told you is true, I lost all of you to the demons and Darklighters. I have nothing left to go back to, I'm an orphan, I need you and Piper now, to heal." he said they both nodded to him. "You're welcome to stay and live here with us as long as you want honey." Piper said to him and he nodded to her as Leo furthered it.

"Son you sure this is going to work, because you're twenty four years before your time. How are we going to explain this to the outside world. In that why you are here and Andy is alive, after everyone thought he'd been killed in the shootout two years ago?" he asked him and he explained that. "You guys don't mind about this next subterfuge do you, I mean you're both going on thirty in a year or so, and if you were mortal."

"I mean look at me, do I look like I'm going on 18?" he asked and Piper answered that as she exchanged looks with Leo at the remark. "No you look like you're closer to 15, then your real..., I see where that question is heading. You said we practically raised you ourselves, you want us to act like we're really your parents honey?" she asked and he nodded. "Yeah, I mean look at it this way, but 1970, 1973, and with that, Leo."

"If you were born in 1973, you'd be your current age in looks right now, you guys have been together since you were 12, and grandpa was in the military. So what would the results be of your last night together, if you were in high school. Before he transferred to the Persian Gulf?" he asked and Leo covered his eyes as he answered him. "Not realizing I had a son when I finished my career in the military, I came back to see your mom."

"She tells me you're my son and we spent the last 18 months working out the kinks in that and we fixed our father/son bonds and as a result. We're like this together, the sense you're my son is getting stronger by the minute right now. Though if Andy has anything to go on, if he saw and sees you I'm sure that truth is about to come out sooner. Then your future versions of your grandmother, Prue and Andy wanted that at the moment. "

"Though if that's true, we can drop the evasiveness because you're home where you belong now." he said and Chris nodded to him."Grams decided to jump my coming back, before my birthday, I'm staying till I'm two, your time frame, and twenty four mine." he said and she nodded. "That's the next five years, so by the time our duration as full duty active service ends later honey." she asked him gently he nodded to her.

"Andy gave me specific orders, as did you Prue, they want us to change the official records. Darryl's son suggested we alter the memories of everyone but you, the girls, Victor, Andy and Darryl. Like I said you thought of me as a surrogate son, my parents died when I was twelve and I lost five years, everything I brought with me was my last three years of school. And to answer your second question over Andy."

"If it means making sure nobody suffers a lapse in concentration, they're going to be fine with it, I'll be here, but you and Phoebe need to focus or it could destroy you, but multiple whitelighters in the family means you got added back up for what's coming, you'll be able to heal from losing Andy, while she's dealing with Cole, but for the moment it's going to get serious as this keeps up." he said and she translated that to there was going to be more than one change in their futures as he lived with them.

"Alright we'll split the shifts, the girls and I deal with whoever the coven leader is and Cole and you go debrief the elders okay, if whatever curve we got coming into our lives, means needing added whitelighters, but for now we just deal with getting his powers removed before he finally breaks now. Go brief the elders, we'll deal with the coven leader and report back when you're done, alright, see you soon guys." she said and he looked at her. "How much anger is she holding in at him for not telling you she let him live at the time?" he asked and they sighed as she answered that.

"Close to six months why, she doesn't like keeping anything from me now and she wants to make me happy, simply by changing who she is now, and this side of me only re-enforced that wish to make me happy and gain my respect, so what's the danger if we don't get that anger released, if she needs to let go of her anger at him right now?" she asked and he explained that idea she, herself, came up with to her and Leo.

"Time for a surgical strike in getting it released, with the latest witch, we fake the last attack, she needs to get it out of her, and the only way to do that is if we make her think he did it and I'm creating a mannequin of her and he destroys it, because she's holding both anger and pain right now at him and Leo I think you know what I mean if she keeps holding it in and somebody else is murdered if he suffers that relapse and Ranyar gets his hands on him again." he said and he nodded as he felt his heart start pounding.

"She keeps holding it in and she winds up getting targeted by one of the creatures that target emotions and kills by using them against the victim, but if that happens she herself could go on a killing spree, alright I get what you're saying here and you're right, if this is the only option we do it. You girls are one of my main charges and I'm not losing one of you, because you're emotionally damaged here." he said and she nodded.

" Alright we'll do it, Piper we fake the responses, and then she lets him have it, if we deal with any more murders we pull a secondary strike and do a secondary spell and he does the rest, by getting Cole involved in it, and we can heal her up finally of her anger at him." she said and she nodded in agreement to that.

"We better make it fast my power is going to get out of control as this progresses, but we've been through one too many issues as it is, and we're staying together no matter what now, alright guys go brief the elders on that idea along with the reason you're here honey okay." she said, taking charge in terms of her new role in the family, as they nodded to her and orbed out as they went to deal with the upcoming battle they had to deal with that night.

In the Living Room

While the quartet were meeting in the kitchen the couple were talking in the living room then. "How's it going with the potion?" he asked and she sighed. "I'm missing one ingredient, bellingsroot, whatever that is, but as soon as I get it, I can finish it." she said and he sighed in irritation. "You better make it fast, I'm holding on by the skin of my teeth here." he said and she sighed as she tried to console him.

"You have to hold on a bit longer, I'm working on it." she said and he sighed. "Cole you have to fight it, I know you." she said and he sighed. "Raynar knows me too." Cole said and she stepped on that train of thought. "Cole listen to me, you're stronger than he is, you have to fight it, you have to fight him, you can't let him win." she said and he looked at her desperately as he said his thoughts at that remark.

"But fighting is how he does win, Raynor's just waiting for me to slip up, so he can drag me back into the fold, I know that's exactly what he's doing." he said to her and she answered that firmly. "He can't have you." she said and he took her hands. "Than save me Phoebe, save me so I can't hurt anyone else." he said and she nodded.

Heaven-The Whitelighter Council Room

After orbing into the whitelighter meeting chambers, he prepared for what going to coming where the elders were concerned, since the one he was going to have to convince was Odin, who'd been a thorn in their family's side since the elders came into their lives. As he finished thinking that Leo looked at him.

"How do you think they're going to take this?" he asked and Chris sighed as he answered him. "Who's the reason they were trying to keep you apart Leo?" he asked and Leo sighed as he answered him. "Odin was the one leading the opposing factor, it took her admitting she was willing to let me go for the greater good that made them change their minds, but if Andy is the one chance that Prue has of healing completely and you're determined to protect the girls, they'll accept this is for the greater good." he said to him and he nodded as the quintet he needed to see were huddled together.

As he watched them he saw the younger version of Kalina look directly at him. "Kalina, Orlin we need to talk." Leo called out and they, Odin, Natalie, Peter and Sandra walked over to them and she got started on it. "What's wrong Leo, and who are you young man?" she asked and he got started then. "I'm Chris Perry and I'm from the future mam, I'm here to protect the girls and his unborn children." he said and they nodded and Orlin looked at him, to judge the amount of truth in that statement then

"How far in exactly young man?" Sandra asked and he explained that to her. "Twenty four years into the future, I'm born four years from now, but the future I come from is what I'm trying to prevent now, his future son is known as the twice blessed, but some sort of evil gets to him, I'm here to prevent that." he said and they nodded as Orlin went to the next question as he looked at the nineteen year old then gently.

"There's more here you're not telling us yet, what's wrong with the charmed ones if you needed to see us?" he asked and he sighed. "If the girls have any chance of keeping any more innocents from getting killed like what happened with that man last month, then Andy is Prue's only chance of healing from it, my suggestion is that, with Cole in the condition he's in right now, and Piper's powers starting to get out of control, that another family connection, whitelighter wise, is best, I think it would be best if you let Andy see Prue and her sisters." he said and she sighed as she went for the next question.

"Whys that exactly, we bent the rules for Leo and Piper?" she asked and he explained it to her. "Prue's astral projection went crazy, because she was too focused on duty, and her inner desires took control and turned into a duplicate of her, she wants a life, she wants to find love, and she wants what her sisters have, and Andy is the key, if you let him see her and bend the rules for her as well, this fixes three problems at once."

"We can't use our powers for personal gain, but hers went crazy, because it was her deepest feelings, our powers only get dangerous if we're emotionally compromised, to eliminate the chances of that happening a second time, Andy is the only chance she has of healing from it and with that in mind, he's her anchor, emotionally, she's completely stable, she gets stronger and she's less likely to have her powers go crazy again."

"The first step to that is that she's able to balance her life out and she's able to focus completely, he's around and she's focusing on her job with him with her, with added help, I'm here for three years, I can work with the girls, secondly you got a connection the police department through him, his partner has been coming to the girls for supernatural help, and finally while Leo, Andy and I take shifts, if one of us is occupied with another charge or police work you got another to fill in the slack with the girls now."

"If Leo is busy with another charge, Andy and I take up the slack and Andy and his partner act as your police contacts, in case of trouble, I promise that as time goes on, I'll tell you who I really am, but for the time being I think this would help the girls a lot if Andy was back with the girls, Prue especially, if you could bend that rule for her, that would help us further, because the Halliwells lives are going to change further as time goes on while I'm here." he said and Sandra went into that.

"Are you sure this is for the best Chris, if you're getting ready to get involved in helping their family?" she asked and he nodded as he dropped his cover story. "I'm sure mam, Piper and Leo are my surrogate parents, I'm helping them raise their unborn son like they helped raise me, and with that, if we got the family in one piece, there's less of a chance anyone else getting hurt, but things are going to start shifting directions pretty soon now, and it's happening in a couple months while I'm here."

"Area number two, I'm going to pretend I'm their baby brother, and I just got back UCLA, tonight, so nobody gets suspicious as to why they've got a eighteen year old living with them now, Andy was in a coma, and he was already engaged to her, before he was put into a coma and he came out of it tonight." he said and Leo looked him over. "Wait check that, we're going on the alibi you are my son and we had you when we were nearly fifteen." He said and Sandra nodded to that explanation as Chris finished it.

"And thirdly Victor knows enough that we set it to a need to know basis, while Darryl is already in on it as well in our case, but that covers all corners that need to be covered here." he said and they all nodded to that as Kalina said it for all them with a gentle smile, knowing if she was still alive in the future she'd see him and know she'd recognize the young man later on as she watched him grow into who he was now.

"Alright we'll bend that rule further for Prue, if they want to get married I'm treating this in the same way Leo, like we did with you and Piper, but you're working in a three whitelighter rotation as of now with Andy and Chris at the manor, and let Darrel know that his partner is rejoining him at work, Andy, come here!" she said to him and he exchanged smiles with Chris at that as she called out to his uncle and he orbed in then. As she was doing that she quickly flashed up a new set of records then.

"Yes well the problem now at the moment is getting the date set right, you and Piper are both 28 to 29 years old, so think about it. Look at me, if I was born in this century what you dub me as in age?" he asked and the elders looked at him carefully and nodded. "You look like your 14 to 15 years old, alright your mother and I are going on 29 and we had you when we hit our 14th birthdays." Leo said and they nodded in agreement

"Yes alright that works, born in 1986 you hit your first birthday in 1987, so with that, Cleaners!" she called out and three men appeared. "What is it you wish of us?" The leader asked and she explained it to him. "Change the memories of everyone, but the Charmed Ones, Darryl Morris, and Victor Bennett, Andy isn't dead, he was in a coma and woke up tonight, he's now going to be living with the charmed ones."

"And he's returning to work with his partner later this week, and secondly Chris is to be the son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, and he's just entering high school this coming fall and he's first born, now that they are married." she said and they nodded as they flashed a new memory for everyone, but the people who were now connected to the Elders then, as Andy was now alive and Chris was a surrogate younger brother to them.

"It is done Elder, he'll be able to start work later this week and Chris will be able to get around without anyone wondering who he is or where he came from." he said and they nodded as Andy turned to her. "What is it Kalina?" he asked and she smiled. "You're the Halliwells new whitelighter as well, you, Chris and Leo will be working in shifts where the girls are concerned and you and Prue have our blessing to your relationship as well now."

"The second thing is you're doing double duty with your partner as our police contact with the department as of now." she said and he smiled at that. "I'm getting the chance to see my girlfriend, sisters-in-law, as well as my best friend again finally?" he asked to clarify and she nodded to that. "Yes that's right, get changed, you're beaming down tonight, the girls need added back up down there." she said and he nodded to that.

"Right, alright thank you Kalina and you as well kiddo." he said to Chris and he nodded with a gentle smile as the sextet left and gave them room to talk then. "You're welcome Andy, I promise that as time goes on I'll give more information on what's to come, but for the time being you'll get to know me pretty fast as this keeps up, as you, the girls. But it gets better right now at the moment, but you're the fiancé of my aunt."

"And you watched me grow up with you always at the house till you got the bomb dropped on you that the girls, and I are witches, Andy." he said and they nodded. "Where Leo, Darrel and their father are concerned, but your father-in-law is now on a need to know as of now." he said and the two nodded to that. "who else beside me found out about that exactly?" Andy asked and he sighed as he answered him then.

"Darryl did, but like you he doesn't care, and as a result our cover story is going to become reality if we keep this up right now. But 31, 29 and 27, so take a guess, you and Aunt Prue were juniors in high school when mom had me and Leo and she ate married now." he said and Andy nodded. "In other words you're to my sister-in-law, and finished the transition?" Andy asked Leo and he nodded to answer as he explained it to him.

"Yeah we've been married for close to four months now, and though Prue's happy she's so happy, she wants her chance as well now, which explains the reason her astral projection went crazy three months ago, with you back, she's able to live a semi normal life, though they're witches, and with that you and Darryl help us out and you and I can split the shifts if I'm working with another charge and you and Chris help the girls." he said and he nodded in agreement to that.

"Leo I need help in controlling the healing portion of my power, like I said I'm half whitelighter, but the healing is harder for me than it was for you unborn son, could you train me further in that, while I'm living with you and the girls?" Chris asked and they both nodded. "Alright so you got orbing, telekinesis, and added witch abilities and senses in terms of being half witch, while we deal with the lull he and I will train you, how much training in the other portion did you get from Piper?" Leo asked him at that news gently.

"I've been in training since I was five to control my powers, but I'm across between in her and you and Prue, doing the right thing, don't abuse my abilities and keeping the family in one piece, in retrospect everything that made me who I am. I got from you and the girls, but your son wound up in the Harry Potter/ Star Wars chosen one scenario and it destroyed him, I'm not letting that happen." he said and the duo nodded to that, as he furthered that statement as he looked at the younger version of his father than.

"Leo when the time comes we're going to need to add a few new renovations to the manor to fit everyone when that happens, and that includes the baby, but me and Prue and Andy when they get married later on." he said and Leo nodded in agreement to that. "I doubt that Prue's going to mind about us staying there, if you needed added back up later in life, if we have to pull a secondary murder scenario here, but Prue dealt with the duplication spell and scared the hell out of me when that happened, so long as she's able to keep from getting hurt worse, we're going to be fine now." Andy said to him gently.

'It's probably better I remember this you than what happened, before I lost you dad. I don't care if I'm breaking the rules, I'm not losing you and mom a second time now. Well at least way I can heal the damage between us as I get the chance to be with the quartet for four years, before my due date.' Chris thought softly, before seeing the raised eyebrow the duo gave him as Leo said what they were both thinking then.

"Alright what aren't you telling me son, you're looking at me like I'm really your father, and what do you mean by the quartet?" Leo asked and he swallowed as he answered him as he realized that he heard the last portion of that thought and quickly asked how much room they had for eight people living in the house for a while. "How many rooms are on the second floor exactly?" he asked and Leo thought it over.

"There's four on the second, but if needed I can add three more, why do you ask?" he asked and he explained that. "Did Sam ever mention also siring any children when you spoke to him, because though you're dead, it doesn't stop the hormones from crossing between mortal and immortal?" he asked and Leo got what he meant then as he answered that. "The girls have a younger sister that is just like you?" he asked him and he nodded as he explained the cliffnotes version.

"Yeah, I'll give her name later, but till we deal with Cole's relapse and Phoebe's emotional breakdown in the next few weeks, you'll need to wait a couple months, but the girls don't need this bombshell till they're ready for it." he said as Andy exchanged looks with Leo at that, before getting a better look at the eighteen year old and felt his shock go through him, because he looked like Piper when she was a teenager as he looked at Leo's eyes and saw them duplicated into Chris's face and then crossed his arms then.

"My god, yeah alright nice try pal, if you thought I'd never figure it out that fast you're wrong, I just did. So with that fact in mind Christopher, alright I think it's time to tell me who you really are now buster, because if you think I don't remember what your mother looked like at this age you're wrong. And as to why, it's because your mother was around us all the time and we've known each other all our lives so with that I'm stating it now."

"So A) is you got her looks, but his eyes, you look just like your mother, but have your father's eyes. B), and I'm guessing you did the spell right in the attic, same window that was created when Abraxas showed up last year, and if you beamed into the attic the book started glowing in anticipation. The reaction which I can guess is because the book reacted to you like it knew you and your magical signature."

"C) is that the cat did the same thing on your arrival, acting like you were her owner when she saw you. D) is if you managed to call Leo to the attic when you got here than its by a familial bond. You were sounding like a son to his father and he responded to you automatically. E) is that you know how to get up here and deal with the elders, because you've been up here before in your timeline at the time."

"You were reacting to Kalina like you knew her, Sandra, Orlin, Odin, Zola and Peter in the same way, which I'm guessing is because you're probably from a different time line than ours, and your mother was slightly annoyed with the sextet, being elders and all. F) Going by your reaction when you're around Cole when you saw him, you've got your aunts sense of wariness when around demons, and though he's half demon you're not letting your guard down, and as to why, he's burned her once already here."

"Your reaction is more and it's because a demon is a threat no matter if he's a good demon or bad one, G) is that you seem to know your way around the house. And from there it's going down the line in powers now. And you have the abilities of both of them, orbing and witch abilities, I can also sense a slight tension when you're around Leo, like you blame him for something, meaning you've got daddy issues like they do, or not, emotional pain is more probable than that now and with it is the added abilities of a witch, scrying, potion making, spell creating and so on."

"And H) You're able to orb and you have telekinesis, which is Prue's power, but another version of it, because it's been mixed with whitelighter blood in your veins, making it stronger than her power, you said one of each, you also said they're your surrogate parents. And adding all of this together and the fact Leo just gave your alibi for us, you're relieved he chose that alibi, and as to why it's true, it's it."

"That alibi is true isn't it young man, you're not just acting like their son now. I can see the edginess now that I caught you red handed in that alibi now. You were waiting for me to get a better look at you so you could have me bust you myself, my being a cop and all. So I bust you and you just drop the act, alright I'm looking at these factors and you just got found out. Now, tell us the truth son, it's not just any alibi now, is it?"

"I'll take that as a partial truth here, you're their son aren't you?" he asked him sternly and Leo looked at the eighteen year old in shock at that, before seeing what Andy had. "Yeah I am Andy, I came back to save my family, like you said, you get a good look at me and here's the result dad. But of you and Andy, only Andy knew what mom looked at this age." he said and Andy covered his eyes as he answered him at that remark.

"In retrospect, if I'd know that like your mother and aunts that you're a witch, then the added shock is seeing you orb right in front of me. And I didn't know your father was a whitelighter either." he said and he nodded. "Dad when I said you raised me yourself it wasn't a lie, I'm second born, don't tell mom yet please, I promise I'll tell the girls, but for the time being things are going to get pretty hectic, but once my brother is born."

"I'll tell her when we start dealing with his first eighteen months of life. That is if I..., oops yeah alright, your future self just said to drop the act if you caught me, I'm telling her tonight. You just busted me, and I'm free to act like I'm really your son now dad, the cover story just got dropped in your cases. But I am your son, dad, second." he said and Leo nodded gently. "Were you just waiting for us to bust you, so you can tell us the truth, aside everything else needed?" he asked and Chris nodded to him softly.

"Yeah I was, at this stage I knew you'd take that warning over the nexus seriously as to why, you already got a taste of that with Phoebe, and look what happened to her. Cole is Anton, just a more advanced version, it's happening again. As for my brother, it's the exact same scenario. Born in the house you can go either way..." he said and They nodded as Andy finished his sentence. "If something is screwing with your morality."

"Terminator 2: Judgement Day call, you're here to find and hunt down the perp that traumatized your brother enough to cause him to crash and destroy him. Yeah we get the idea, I'm a cop, he's a soldier and field medic. Let me guess, this surgical strike your counterpart tried didn't work. And your versions of your aunt and me decided you return to today and the surgical strike, becomes a pre-emptive one?"

"You wanted me to bust you the second I got a better look at you to prevent your counterpart's situation?" he asked and Chris nodded to him. "Yeah that's it exactly Uncle Andy, grandma, Grams, you and Pru wanted your past selves to see it immediately, and without the added problems. But here's why, do you recall Grams's reaction when mom and the girls showed up when you were kids?" he asked and Andy nodded as he got it.

"It happened again to your counterpart, so to prevent that from happening to you, you decided to return to now and we had two years getting to know you. And building the bonds of a true family, you decided to just let me be the one to bust you and then you reveal the truth to you mother and aunts tonight. After Cole has a relapse, is that it?" Andy said and he nodded and the duo nodded as Leo looked at him gently.

"So you're my son, my youngest son." Leo said as he looked at the teenager gently, as he smiled softly and pulled him into a hug and felt him bury his head into his shoulder. "It's been eighteen months since things got started, I was on the edge of entering high when I lost mom and piece by piece of 'our' family was destroyed dad, you were the last." he said as he pulled back as Leo saw the tears in his eyes as he looked at him.

"Hey it's okay son, you got me back now, and you're not losing me again now, I promise. That scenario your mother mentioned, that's what happens doesn't it, you came back to save your brother, three years before your conception date and your birthday, alright I can tell you're being honest with me now. What caused him to break exactly, who's fault is this exactly, son?" he asked and Chris sighed as he answered him gently then.

"Despite the fact that Paige and that witch destroyed Belthazor, he returned, he murdered mom." he said and Leo nodded. "Paige, that's your youngest Aunt, she hates him for the same reason your mother and Prue do?" he asked and the teenager nodded to him and he nodded as he felt his anger growing by the minute as he answered him. "Belthazor murdered my wife, pains of future wrongs, there's no forgiveness here."

"I'll stay quiet, but the girls are going to figure it out pretty soon, that is if you don't drop the bomb on them, because Piper is going to kill him when she finds out later. If you and I both get hurt in the shootout, but we'll keep your secret for the time being son." he said and Chris nodded to that. "You and mom are already acting like my parents, what's the sense now exactly?" he asked and he smiled slightly as he answered him.

"That having you here is becoming more right by the minute, well now that I know why, I can take whatever you say about the future. And as to why that is, it's because we can't know too much about the future without it taking away everything you know, so we choose which forks in the road to take and go from there. Though once Piper hears this she's really going to take it seriously as will Prue." he said to him and he shook his head.

"No need, I'm telling them and going on D.J.'s orders and I'm laying into him, pain of future wrongs and you're not going to like what I have to tell you regarding this. And about why I chose, now, to change things, because he's screwed when I tell you later." he said and they nodded as Leo answered him then. "That's an understatement, your mother, once she realizes who you really are, is going to kill him when she finds out."

"There a reason you chose now to come back though son?" he asked and he nodded as they saw the look of love and pain in his eyes. "Come here son." he said and he pulled him into a hug as he felt him bury his head into his shoulder, as he felt him shaking. "Shh, it's okay, it's okay, you get your chance to prevent whatever happens, your mother and I are taking it more seriously, it's going to be fine, you have us back now."

"Just let me have it, what happened?" he asked and he took a deep breath as he said it, knowing his father and uncle we're going to kill Cole when they found out. "Wyatt lost his mind in the future dad, our entire family is dead, aside from my cousin and Phoebe's future husband. Wyatt converted three of my cousins and the others are dead, including my sister but both versions of the power of three are gone in my future and it's on Witch trials with Pratt at the helm and demons running amok." he said to him sadly with a sigh.

"Uh huh, if this happened once already and it didn't work then, why come back now?" he asked him and he took a deep breath. "To prevent it altogether. Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and I'm playing both Kyle Reese and the second terminator to keep the girls alive and stop whoever caused this in the first place. The resistance sent me to you, the girls and the elders to prevent it altogether dad." he said and they both nodded to him gently.

"Well now that I know, the future consequences remarks we can take, just reveal the sequence as we get to each date son." he said and Chris nodded to him. "Dad, later on Cole moves in as well, so we need to make room for all seven of us, before mom gets pregnant with my brother, you think she'll mind about the added renovations when we got seven family members living in the house?" he asked and Leo nodded gently to him.

"Yeah the second floor has four rooms and the attic is on the third floor, I'll add a few new blueprints to what we're adding on to the house and extend the section above the kitchen further out, while Prue and Andy are living with us till they decide to move out as well, as for your youngest Aunt, she's going to need to get used to things, anything I need to know where that's concerned?" he asked and Chris nodded to answer that.

"Yeah like mom, she wasn't too happy to learn she was a witch, but she lost her adoptive parents when she was seventeen, she grew up an only child, so altogether, she's a cross between Piper and Prue, she never trusted Cole either, so with that, if he suffers a secondary relapse, get ready for the added repercussions, because this drives a wedge between you, where Phoebe is concerned, because it take a premonition to get the truth out." he said to him and he nodded to that as he went into house plans.

"With the added money from the club, we got enough to build some added rooms on to the house, but I'm the one building them, considering I've been working as the family contractor for the last three years so that helps slightly, alright while we're doing renovations on the house, we start dealing with the girls insecurities here, which means both areas, physical and emotional, and I'm beginning work on those blueprints later."

"Because on top of being a medic, I'm also the girls handyman, I can work out the renovations myself, but in the mean time we better get to the girls." he said, before hearing his wife call his name out then. "They just got to our charge, they're back at the manor, come on let's go." he added and the duo nodded in agreement and they all orbed out as they went to the house and Leo leant him a pair of his clothes then as they got ready for the girls to come back with their innocent then.

The Innocent Found

After the battle ended, the trio backtracked to their house with the innocent as the quartet looked at each other. "Guys don't worry I'm fine." Phoebe said and Prue sighed. "You're not fine he nearly blasted you, you need medical attention for this." she said and Piper called out to Leo. "Leo, Chris we're back!" she said and explained this to their innocent. "Leo's our whitelighter." she said and and Prue chuckled. "And her husband." she said and the woman looked at the trio.

"I'm sorry I don't know who the three of you are." she said and they nodded. "I'm Piper Halliwell and these are my sisters, Prue and Phoebe." she said and she smiled. "Jenna Philips and its nice to meet you, whoa that is nasty scorch mark." she said looking at the burn on Phoebe's arm. "Trust me I had worse, and he's on the edge." Phoebe said and she nodded. "I can make a salve, that would cleanse it and ease the sting in it." she said and they nodded as the trio walked downstairs.

"Hey girls, guess who's back." Leo said with a smile and Andy walked out from behind him and Prue ran over to him. "I missed you so much Andy." she said and he tightened his arms around her. "I missed you too honey, at this rate it doesn't matter to me what you girls are, I'm not leaving you again." he said and Piper smiled, knowing what this would mean now, he was about to become her brother-in-law now.

"Welcome home big brother." she said and gave him a hug and he tightened his arms and he smiled. "Thanks, hey kiddo, how bout a hug." he said to Phoebe and she chuckled and gave him a hug, knowing her sister could finally move on and she had the happiness she deserved. "Good to have you home again big brother, alright that's two out of three of us now." she said and Prue looked at their surrogate younger brother/nephew with a smile. "Thanks Chris I owe you one." she said and he smiled as he answered her then. "Good news though, you got the elders blessing as well Prue, you can get married when you're ready to." she said and the trio exchanged delighted grins.

"Thank you Chris." she said again and gave him a hug and he tightened his arms around her, the first of his changes were making his family happier by the minute now, and he just had to make sure nothing got in the way of it now. "So what's this mean now honey?" Piper asked Leo and he explained that to her. "Time to start adding a few renovations to the manor as the family gets bigger, but we'll go into it later now." he said and she nodded.

"With our family twice the size it was before, it's needed, the club is gathering added revenues now, so we got enough, Phoebes graduated and Prue is working at the magazine now, so what are the added rooms exactly?" she asked and he explained that. "One for our unborn son, and two others for guest rooms, though I think one of them is being put to full use later, Chris is staying in the room by the attic door, while Andys in Prue's, but altogether, the more people in the house we need room to fit them all."

"Especially if Victor comes by to see us, while we can convert the basement to a sparring room and gym, with Phoebe now knowing how to fight, our house has been in the family for generations so with that we need to make a few renovations to make it more open and fit all of them once we have our own children." he said and the trio nodded in agreement to that. "Before you start talking about kids here, we need to focus wise guy." Prue said and smacked him with the pillow and the trio started laughing at that.

"Alright I'm sorry I take it back." he said to her laughing and she nodded with a gentle smile as Andy saw the bond of brother and sister between them, and the closeness of the trio now, as he brought it up with a gentle smile. "It's good to see you girls so close now, I take it this was thanks to gaining your powers?" Andy asked and they nodded.

"Piper we decided on the alibi, he's our son, and was born when we were fifteen, to make it more believable. Adding on tho that story is that my father got transferred to the Gulf when we were fourteen, one night stand, I get you pregnant by accident, he was twelve when I came back and you told me you named him after dad." he said and she nodded as she looked at Chris smiling. "Well you're my son now baby, and to answer your question, Andy, it's like the issue with that kids tv show, first mission."

"And it starts a chain reaction as we realized we needed each other, we set aside the petty arguments and got settled into a normal routine, we can't live without each other now." Piper said and he nodded gently. "With me here, you won't need to worry about that, you got added back up now, Chris is getting trained by us. And vice versa, if what he's about to tell me is what I'm think it's less likely to turn into a shoot out."

"With the demons, but it's a pre-emotive strike regarding your oldest to prevent the future altogether, and we'll explain it later. As well, so we work together from now on." he said and they nodded in agreement as Chris looked at her arm and then at Phoebe with a concerned look, knowing he was close to that relapse, and doubled checked. "You barely missed getting scorched huh." he asked and she nodded with a sigh.

"Yeah, I think Belthazor is getting stronger, we need to get that potion created, it's our only chance to save Cole now." she said and Prue explained that to Jenna. "He's a demon." she and and Piper finished that sentence. "And her boyfriend." she said and Phoebe sighed as she explained that to her. "We lead very complicated lives." she said and Jenna nodded to that explanation and she smiled softly.

"I can make a salve, could you show me to your kitchen." she said and Chris took that. "Sure follow me, I'll give her a hand with it Prue, and rest Phoebe after what you've been through tonight." he said and they nodded to that as he and Jenna left the living room as Andy turned to his mate. "They changed the memories of everyone, but us, your father and Darrel." he said and Prue looked at him in shock.

"Dad, they're letting him know about some of this now?" she repeated and they nodded as Leo explained it to her. "Your father doesn't mind about the fact that you're witches, he's accepted who and what I am now, but he's going to get a shock with the added changes we got coming here, in which case, Chris is your surrogate younger brother and he just got back from school for the summer tonight." he said and they nodded to that alibi as Andy turned to her and Piper then.

"We're going on the alibi that I was in a coma in my case, and I just came out of it tonight, Leo spoke to my doctor and he released me and removed me from the hospital and I'm to start work later on this week back at the department, but with me back, I'm now engaged to you Prue, I was in a coma when I proposed to you and we were waiting for me to come out of it, before I moved into the house with you, and with that in mind here, you don't mind about me living with you now, do you guys?" he asked and they shook their heads with gentle smiles as Piper said it for all of them gently then.

"Not at all Andy, this is your house as well now, as for Darrel he's going to get a shock when he hears this, but he's going to be thrilled when he finds out, so our cover story, where the mortals in town are concerned is you've been in a coma for two years, and Chris is our younger brother, but in actuality he's my adopted son, and once we explain this to him, and dad, they're both going to agree with that cover story, though dad is going to get a shock when he sees you living in the house." Piper said to him, though just as she finished saying that the doorbell went off then and Prue went to get it.

"Hey Prue, you learn anything?" Detective Darryl Morris asked and she nodded. "Yeah we did, but there's something you better see first." she said and he walked into the hallway first. "Andy, guess who just showed up." she called out and Darryl felt his heart raise. 'No it can't be, I thought he was gone now.' he said to himself and saw his partner walk into the hall. "Andy, but I thought...?" he started to ask and he shook his head.

"I'm a whitelighter now Darryl, but my supernatural bosses are letting me split the shifts now." he said and he nodded as he smiled at him. "Man I missed you buddy." he said and Andy gave him a hug and he patted him on the back. "So you're like Leo now huh?" he asked and he nodded. "Yeah, but our cover story is I've been in a coma after getting thrown through the wall, which explains my body and why I was out like that."

"The powers that be are changing the records, I'm alive, but I've been in a coma, but I've just come out of it now, and I'm staying with the girls and living here now, but I'm also retaking my position as your partner again at work." he said and Darryl nodded to that. "You and Prue huh, she deserves happiness now finally, so that's two out of three now." he said and Andy nodded, before he could answer they heard Chris call out then.

"Prue, Phoebe, it's done and ready." he said and they looked at each other. "Who is that?" he asked and Leo hid a chuckle. "A friend, or more accurately my son, come on you better come into the kitchen so you can meet him." he said and Darrel nodded to that as he followed the quintet into the kitchen to see a young man and a witch hard at work at the stove then, watchinh Chris at the stove she smiled in impressed amazement.

"Hi I'm Chris Perry, and you must be Darryl Morris, Detective?" he asked and Darryl nodded. "Nice to meet you son, now what's going on here?" he asked and Piper explained that to him. "Check that, it's Chris Perry Halliwell honey." Prue said to him smiling and he smiled at the new subterfuge and Darryl smiled as he looked from Piper to him and back and he nodded as he got it then as he also looked at Leo.

"I'm guessing the added subterfuge to explain this is I took out Rodriguez after he knocked Andy into a coma when he tried to kill you. Alright I'm guess that like Leo, you're also part whatever he calls it?" he asked and Chris nodded. "To answer the unasked question my full name was Christopher Allen Perry Halliwell." he said and the quintet nodded as she labeled it off then as she said it to him smiling.

"I named you after your grandfathers and the added P name to go with it, that is if I didn't use dad's name as well right now. But with Leo out of the picture, it was just me raising you at the time and it's Halliwell. Okay, and to answer your question Darryl, my powers too a massive leap forward here and at the same we get three problems at once here at the current moment right now, but regarding the last witch we lost."

"Cole's on the edge of a relapse and his mentor is the reason our previous innocent is dead, which explains the scorch marks you saw on the wall at her house this morning, and Phoebe got scorched when we went to protect this one." she said and he nodded as he saw the state of the kitchen, saw the green imprint of whatever ended up on the floor and ceiling and looked at her with amused look.

"You blasted a watermelon, which explains the kitchen ceiling, let me guess your abilities just took a massive jolt forward tonight?" he asked and she nodded. "Yeah, I've now got exploding powers along with my freezing powers, I'm just learning how to use them, so watch the aggravation, I'm not risking anything or anybody getting caught in the crossfire when I'm just learning to use them, okay."

"As to what caused this, I tried to freeze it and wound up vanquishing it, which explains the ceiling, before Chris arrived tonight." she said and he nodded to that, with an amused look at that. "I read the family record and it gave your past life's real names you three. But Phoebe Cowen, Prescilla Baxter and Pearl Russell." he said looking between each of them in turn and Piper nodded as she answered him then at that.

"I take it I had combustion powers in addition to freezing?" she asked and he nodded to her. "Great, hey Prue remember your remark on the sample of what time does for our powers?" She asked and Prue started laughing. "Yeah I do but both together pack a serious punch these days, so don't lose your temper. Or you'll blow the front door next after destroying the kitchen cabinet and our favorite coffee pot." she said and smiled.

"Alright laugh it up wise guy, I wasn't expecting to trash the attic when I did that, and I was irritated as it was at the time." she added seeing the silent look of laughter on Chris's face then at that statement as the girls started laughing at that as he chuckled. "Yeah alright what happened to cause that exactly, if he's finding this so funny Prue. As to why I'm asking this and it's because I've seen your powers go haywire more than once?" Darryl asked and she explained that to him as Leo tried to keep from laughing.

"My future self moved to the book to Buckland and I was so frustrated that it got channeled into my powers and sent a jolt of energy throughout the attic and blew out the window in the process, while she froze the entire square by the town court." she said and Chris couldn't hold it in any longer as he started laughing at that, as Andy and Darryl exchanged amused smiles at that as he answered her through his laughter.

"Sorry Prue, but I find it pretty funny, we tended to run simulations of our powers with using fruit as the target and the kitchen got hit the most from the amount of fruit salad running around the kitchen, training gets messy, but till we're ready we just do simulations and it results in the kitchen and living room getting trashed more than once in the process, when demons come through the house." he said and she nodded with a chuckle at that as she looked at her sisters and Leo who had a smile at that idea.

"If I'm the one doing the most work in training you kids, I'll keep that in mind and till you're old enough to do battle yourselves, your victims are apples and watermelons while you're learning to control your powers, alright honey." Piper said and he nodded with a gentle smile, it was good to see and hear his mother treating him like he was already hers again, as he thought this, he watched as Jenna spread the salve across Phoebe's arm and, to her surprise, it acted like the bactene spray that mortals used for scrapes and cuts then as she said her thoughts on it then.

"That is amazing, it doesn't hurt at all any more, say how are you at making potions exactly?" she asked and Jenna looked at her. "Why, what do you need?" she asked and Prue answered that. "We have to detox a demon." she said and Phoebe finished her statement. "And we need something called Bellingsroot." she said and Jenna smiled slightly as she answered her. "Well you have that." she said and walked over to the cabinet above their teacups hanging on the wall and pulled a jar out.

"No that's ginger." Phoebe said with a smile in her tone and Jenna gave a smile as she answered her. "That's what it's called now, but in the old coven's they called it Bellingsroot." she said and she smiled. "Jenna you have healed me twice." she said and gave her a hug. "Alright, you get to work on it, I'm going to get Cole, he's probably at the maelsoleum, I'll be back." she said and Darryl quickly answered her. "I'm going with you, in case our demon tries to attack, before we can get rid of Cole's powers." he said and before she could answer, she saw her sisters and Andy nod in agreement to that.

"Alright, come on." she said and he followed her out of the room and Chris went to look out the door as he waited for the front door to close before he looked at Jenna then, before they could leave Piper looked at Leo then. "Leo go with them as well in case you get as attacked, you remember what happened with the Grimlocks." Piper said and he nodded as Darryl looked at her and tried to control a shudder at that memory.

"God don't remind me of that Piper, that Succubus was an eye opener, but I get a full exclusive to what you go through when you're on the job on Halloween that night." Darrel said to her and she nodded."Right, sorry, see you shortly guys." she said and the trio nodded and left the room, as soon as he heard the door close, he looked at Jenna.

"We need to make a duplicate of you, she's holding in seven months worth of anger at him, this is the only option, this you is in the kitchen safely out of her sight, and the duplicate is in the attic with him." he said and she nodded to that as the seven trooped upstairs and read the duplication spell. "You now doing Prue's job for her Piper?" Andy asked and she nodded. "Yeah, whatever changes are coming I think I'm supposed to step up to the plate now and start leading us now." she said and he nodded to her.

"Guys that 'C' she saw when you were dealing with our grandmother's birth was pointing to someone else, not Cole." Chris said and they looked at him in shock. "Cole's not her soulmate, but if that's the case we can't let her stay with him." Prue said and he sighed. "She needs to own up to her mistakes, if it means she has to vanquish him for real, she needs to deal with the pain of her actions till it finally bites her in the ass, let things play out till she can't do it any more and then we end it." he said and they nodded sadly.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but you're right, she has to face the consequences of those actions, so when does it happen for real?" Piper asked her and he gave the truth. "This time next year, which means another change you're going to get a shock out of later." he said and she nodded. "Alright we let it play out Prue, if whatever change means I'm now the eldest sister, I'm taking a page out of your book and doing what needs to be done now." she said to her and Prue nodded to that statement.

"So you're the upcoming oldest sister and I'm the new matriarch with mom and Grams gone, alright with that in mind if we got whatever change coming on. I'm moving into moms room, you and Leo moved rooms just before the Seven Deadly Sin escapade, you're in my old bedroom and Phoebe's in hers. While you, kiddo, are taking the one by the attic hall, till we get some renovations done on the second floor for whatever change we got coming on and when does it happen exactly. Because I don't doubt the source is going to keep it up till one of us is gone." she asked and he thought over the dates.

It had been nearly three weeks after Prue had been killed when they learned about Paige and he sighed, knowing he had to drop a bit of information they were going to need without telling them the entire truth then, though just as he finished thinking that he saw Andy give him a look that said, 'Tell them half of it, but we wait till Patty and Grams gives them the rest, before you drop the bomb of what her name is.' he said softly to him and he gave a mental nod as he answered her question then.

"Three months from now and three more when the axe falls, because that's the reason Piper is taking charge now, because the change means you got someone else moving into the house later, but as I said I can't tell you everything at once, so you have to just wait it out." he said and the duo nodded to accept that. "So what types of renovations are needed in the house exactly?" Piper asked and he explained that then.

"With every new arrival in the family, the add ons should be knocking down a wall or two, but the renovations are going to need three more rooms upstairs and and extending the sunroom and kitchen further out, though with your new power you can do the knocking out, while he deals with rebuilding certain areas of the house, but we should add a sparring room and gym in the basement, as things progress."

"At this rate the big thing where this is concerned, is that the kids, my adoptive cousins, are going to be here in the house a lot, and we need to make sure no one does anything stupid, power wise, because fifty percent of these kids are just like me, so watch out for the added side effects of being half of each you guys." he said and Andy covered his eyes. "I can have children though I'm dead." he said and they looked at him in shock.

"How is it that a whitelighter can get someone knocked up exactly?" Piper asked and Chris explained that to her and Prue. "It's like the unions between mortals and immortals, they maybe Angels now. But they can still deal with everything that comes from being human, eating, sleeping, sexual tension and so on, like you do with Leo right now. So their bodies turn human for that part, but the offspring have sides of both of you in them as a result." he said and they nodded and Piper smiled at that.

"My kids are powerful, because they got a bit of both of us in them, my husband is three quarters human, so that helps out later, so what's the routine now honey?" she asked and he explained that to her as he hid a smile at her calling him that then. "The guys and I are splitting the shifts, if one of them has to deal with a department problem or another charge, the others pick up the slack, but I'm with you all the time in case the guys are busy with the other problems." he said and they nodded to that.

"Wait, wait unions between..., oh my god, my baby sister, you and my oldest are Demi gods now, alright I get it. So the union between between witches and whitelighters results in a half mortal type of effect in the same way that the gods of Olympus created their half human offspring. I'm lucky I chose that Greek god type set up when you were setting up that cover last month, because it just came in handy, but with that."

"Did I have any problems with you and your sibling with you kids being half of each?" Piper asked and he shook his head. "When we got older no, but he tended to orb me to your father at times." he said and she nodded in bemusement. "Sibling rivalry takes on a whole new meaning here with that one. Alright I think I better get used to that here, but creating an added three rooms, there's enough where if I have a girl in addition to two boys later, we got enough room to fit my side of our family." she said and he nodded.

"Between all three incomes we got enough to work on the house, and if Phoebe finds a good job that just furthers things after that, honey, what did she choose to be exactly?" Prue asked him and he smiled. "A journalist at one of newspapers in town actually." he said and she smiled. "An advice columnist, I didn't see that coming in her case, but with her masters she decided to put it to use now, I'm proud of her and who she is now." she said and Piper nodded in agreement to her statement then.

"She maybe the youngest now, but she's not ready to get married yet and if Cole starts pushing it later get ready for the repercussions later, because your unknown relation is just like you where Cole's concerned." he said and they all nodded. "If he hurts her I'm killing him myself, I watched her grow up." Andy said with a growl. "Big brother instincts kicking in now?" Prue asked and he nodded. "Yeah and they'll just get worse if we find your missing relation later, I watched you and your sisters grow into who you are now."

"I'm not losing any of you now, and with him here, it's just reinforced that feeling of protectiveness, I'm back with my partner and I'm protecting him as well, I'm immortal, he's fully human, and with that, whoever we got arriving at the department later is going to be in big trouble for interference later, especially if I talk to the commissioner." he said and she nodded. "Yeah well dad is going to take it seriously at that Andy, he's now coming to see us more often since we fixed our relationship with him." Piper told him.

"Second suggestion here, is we fake your death as well, so we make is seem like you've got a sister, and she was killed when or if we have to deal with the Source's bounty hunter later." Chris added and she nodded. "Was that what the duplication spell did before, because you scared the hell of out of me when that happened." Andy asked and she nodded to answer that statement.

And that's chapter two the next one covers the demon attack and the switch up, this is going to follow the pattern of the show, but the situations are being changed with every change he makes, before his brother is born.