Saving My Family

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Warning: With this chapter they make a final last minute change as original timeline Chris is now involved as his alias becomes his identity. As they start preparing for the shift from their version of the Power Of Three into Chris's version. While at the same time the recurring character in season two is now involved along with Drake as they get everything they need for Wyatt's birth.

As they begin work on the house and things are quiet till Look Who's Barking starts. Each episode is going to stay the same, but there's going to be a couple changes to it and Prue is alive for seasons four through eight as she trains her sister. Phoebe grows closer to Drake and there's a few references to the Twilight Saga for Phoebe and Drake in this story.

This chapter will also be the last one for this portion of the series, as the next book will be focused on the clips of things, in Pre witched, before season 1, as the twins are 11 years old, and Leo gets back to town now, as Andy and Prue get back together…..

Chapter 36: Changes And Truths III: Trading Places And Changes

Listening to their conversation, they could tell their future versions were relieved they accepted him that fast, as Andy, Piper, Penny, Patty Orlin Odin and and Kalina exchanged gentle smiles then. "What you want a bet we got added problems after this Zola?" Chris asked and he shook his head. "No bet, I don't doubt we will, but we've watched you grow up and into the you we know, but Gideon is not getting a second chance to try it." he said and Odin nodded in agreement.

"I don't believe this, but if this what our Jedi Council counterparts never saw coming, I get the point." he said and Leo nodded. "It is, what the Jedi never saw coming is that Palpatine was standing in front of them all this time, so they didn't see it coming till it was too late." Chris said and they nodded. "Meaning I'm Obi-wan and Wyatt if we don't change this now, is Anakin, before he turned to the darkside, well prevention over cure is the only way to go right now."

"Gideon is Palpatine and our helper is Dooku." Leo said and the elders all nodded sternly as they crossed their arms at that. "You're not passive, I knew this, but when pushed passed normal anger, you're capable of going Sith on us, by the force lightening." Chris said and they nodded. "Well it doesn't surprise you know this, as you're half elder as it is right now." Odin said to him and he nodded. "At times we need to risk killing a fellow elder." Zola said in response then.

"I get why and said just happens to be Gideon, he's a danger to the future if he traumatizes Wyatt that much." Leo said and he nodded. "Well I'm not holding that against you in our current present Leo, you did it to save the future, but he was still traumatized after losing Piper and crashes." Grams said and he nodded. "Well we're taking away or binding his powers after he's born, so we don't have conjuring anything right out of the tv." Patty said and she nodded.

"What was it you were going to tell me mom, dad?" Piper asked and she explained it to her. "That when you were no older then Wyatt, you blamed yourself for your mother and me separating. But not your fault at the time here, in truth it was the damn ice cream truck, that caused it, you just never knew that part right now." he said for her and and Prue nodded to him. "Well I take it back, you did the right thing, but you get us back now." she said and he smiled gently.

"Well if Wyatt is that strong he's going to turn the person he blames, his own inner demons into the real thing." Leo said to her and she nodded. "We got to bind his powers till he's old enough to handle them." Paige said and Piper and Leo nodded. "Well like I said, where the kids are concerned it's up to us now." Piper said and she nodded. "And you know I love that you worry about me, but just try to not get overly protective big sister." she said and Piper nodded.

"We know, but we can worry, but we worry from afar." Prue said and she nodded gently as Piper hugged her tightly then. "Issues in our relationship, things changed for the better guys, I don't mind now, and I'm going to avenge Nattie." Piper said to them and they nodded gently. "First Nattie and then Jenna's counterpart." Prue said in response and they both nodded. "Odin, I understand now, but I'm not holding a grudge here." Piper said and Odin nodded gently.

"In fact we change things for the better, before my twice blessed is born, Chris, is the real first born, but like Paige, Prue and me, he was born in the hospital. And a year late, doesn't matter, he proved his trustworthy-ness to us now, nothing's happened to make us distrust each other, nothing at all now in truth. But only human, and we want what others have, but we need to set aside our own wants, for the greater good." she said and Odin nodded gently at that remark.

"And that's just what I wanted to hear from you, you understand now, but like my Star Trek counterpart, it gets dangerous, we're powerful beings here now. In truth, but we're only human for those of us who grew up normal, before we became whitelighters now, it's the act of wanting what everyone else has. That makes us take drastic measures, but that's the you we wanted to see now, you're close to being ready for the leader of your trio." he said and she nodded.

"If anyone's ever seen you when you lose your tempers, they don't know what being a demigod really is till they see you in action." she said and he chuckled and nodded. "It was never Wyatt who was a danger to the future, but Gideon, but a trauma that serious warps a child's mind, so it's got to be Perry right now that caused it. He saw Gideon stab Perry, and then Leo and his counterpart destroy Gideon and his evil counterpart." he said and Piper nodded gently to him.

"Well it wasn't you, if was never you, so season 7, is hereby removed from the story-line, we can trust you, we just can't trust Gideon." she said and they nodded gently in relief. "Leaving said white-lighter that does that, could possibly be..., no said witch, said witch is is Phoebe, she wants freedom from all the murders. The death and fighting, how far is she willing to go to achieve that exactly, join with our mortal enemies, the Avatars?" Zola asked and she nodded.

"If it means stripping her active powers from her again for the second time in 6 years, well then so be it right now." Piper said to him and he nodded. "We take her active powers away, and in response she wants a break and turns to the avatars, Chris and Perry are alive, so now what?" Sandra asked sternly at that. "And what more is there to say now, our last mission is the ultimate power, so we complete that and we wait for the future generation to be ready now."

"Tying the time from when we were doing the fighting and our kids are old enough to take over now." Piper said to her and she nodded. "I'd consider the fact I'm possibly your version of Adi and Prue has Kalina, but what we need is a stern authority figure in Phoebe's case, with her child-hood." Sandra said to her and she nodded. "I'll handle that one ladies, so when we get back, Adair, Aramis and I are calling in a final decision." Odin said and they both nodded gently.

"Well this was Chris's life, though I tried to stop, it didn't last long and he becomes a white-lighter again, so till we're all sure it's safe finally here right now. And we got every single one, I'm staying a white-lighter indefinitely guys, year 6 is my promotion." he said and the group nodded. "Well then we just made sure Christian is like you, but currently Wyatt has your white-lighter powers, but Chris is the more powerful of the two of them." Odin said and he nodded.

"That and we never lost big Chris." he said and he nodded. "I think it was baby Chris that caused your own nervous breakdown in fighting and causing you to turn on us." Zola said to him and he nodded. "Well that was his current future in that version of our lives, and we know who Chris is this is soon, but as of right now in truth. It's we got Paige this early, we kill Shax and be done with it, and life changes." he said and they all nodded in agreement to that remark then.

"Can you guys read minds?" Prue asked and Sandra shook her head. "No we can't, but the fact that Gideon spends 90% of his time at magic school helps right now, and after you threw Barbarus back downstairs for a few more years it helps so in total, we got at least 3 years." she said and the trio all nodded. "Friend of the family in all your cases, and at least we're thinking straight here, to know that with the boys in the past and no kids under 5 here it works now."

"Though the first demon, or in this case Cole, that comes near my son and they're getting hexed three ways to Sunday right now." Piper said to her and she nodded. "Not that I blame you for that right now, but if this is what the Jedi council was thinking with the twins, if he told them sooner I get the point right now. With us, you spend at least 90% of your time consulting with us, with your mother up here right now, so this helps." she said and Odin nodded to that.

"Well if I'm anyone, I'm Q right now Piper, but we need to get things in our relationship under control before someone does something stupid, and Paige. I know what you want to let that boy have it for sexual harassment, but your code is going to cause a backfire, so be careful okay." he said and she nodded. "This is going to be a long 5 years." Prue said and Jonnah chuckled at that remark and as Leo hid a smile at her remark as they exchanged smiles then.

And as they listened to the rest of the episode. "I know, listen I'm sorry I lied to you. I really am, but..." he started to say and Piper interrupted him at that, her tone going stern, as she sighed. "No, no buts, it's about time you told us the truth. Now." she said and they watched him shake his head as he answered her gently. "Does future consequences mean anything to you kids right now, honestly?" Zola said with a sigh and Piper nodded to that remark then.

"You my age Zola?" Victor asked him and he nodded. "So is Aramis, Zheel and a couple other members, Danny's no older then, Perry." he said and Victor nodded gently. "Well like my daughter would say, we got enough people orbing in and out of the house, and frankly we don't need another one right now, Zola. But Andy, Leo and Perry are plenty, and I'm guessing Leo and my half daughter are training Chris later." he said and the elders nodded smiling at that.

"Right, same mother, but different father, so half sister." Odin said and Victor nodded. "Well we're 3 years in and already it's turning into a madhouse in this family, but what I would have told Leo later, is now null and void. Magic is part of who they are, this is who they are, they can't just stop, it's not in their natures right now." he said and the girls looked down smiling. "He's right, we can't give it up, we never did before right now." Piper said and Paige nodded.

"Well that's not me anymore, this is the me you know Zola, Sandy, Odin, I accept my powers and my way of life with open arms now." she said and he nodded gently as Sandra hid a smile at her nickname with the younger woman gently at that remark. "I can't, but not because I don't want to, but because there's only so much I can tell you without the future being changed too much." he said and Piper finished that with a growl, holding on to his arm.

"And there is such a thing as future consequences here, stubborn maybe, but his reasons of holding this back from us are a valid one, now again, back off. And let it go already." she said sternly and Chris smiled as he listened to the next remark, knowing this was getting his parents attention then. "Um, isn't that the whole point, you coming back to change the future?" Paige asked and he nodded. "Yeah, but a pre-emp works better." Leo said in response to that news.

"Anyone consider what getting caught on the first day in our current present does to the future though?" Piper asked and Zola started laughing at that. "Yes, and look what it does between us and you now, you're acting like a favorite daughter in our eyes, if we were the Jedi council right now. You're seeing us as the adopted mother and father with Patty and Penny gone." Jonnah said to her and she nodded. "And Victor's consulting with us now." Odin added to that remark.

"So the ones we never met are Jonah, Claire, Edward and Jane, as we know the rest of you, aside from my FBI friend later." Paige said to him and he nodded. "Yes, but you know and can trust us, but of the four of you, we got an easier time with you 3, but your sister needs to control her own pride right now. After the sin balls and Lucas a few weeks ago." Kheel said to her and she nodded. "Besides we agree with you, once a demon, always." Odin said to her gently then.

"Not Drake, but Belthazor, he never stopped, he can't change no matter how hard he tries right now." Zola said to her gently at that. "Baby don't bother in telling me who the 'C' stands for, we wait on that till he comes into the picture, Drake is more then enough." Sandra added and Chris nodded to her. "Well I think mom is Siri, I'm Anakin and you're Adi right now, Sandra." he said and she chucked and nodded. "Well you're my youngest." she said and Piper smiled.

"Patty, I can take care of the girls, but Piper is my side of the trio, with my acting like her White-lighter/Elder mentor now." she said and Patty nodded. "I appreciate that, but I think that's what was needed, she had never a mother figure right now, but you're so much like me it's a perfect match. If you were Jedi, or the council, you're a perfect match to my daughter and Kalina has Prue, while Sam, if he gets involved has Paige." she said and the elders all nodded gently.

"Yeah, but that was supposed to be more of a surgical strike." he said and Leo watched his future version answer him gently. "Should have paid closer attention pal, he looks like his mother, but has my eyes." he said and Grams and Patty nodded in agreement to that remark smiling then gently at that. "Let alone the name gave it away, Christopher is Leo's father's name, so Chris Perry, Christopher Perry Victor Halliwell." Odin said to that remark smiling gently.

"The cat knows him on sight, the book is reacting to his Halliwell blood, and the topper is the locket, Leo gave that to his mother for her birthday, 6 months prior." Sandra said and the young couple nodded. "To save Wyatt?" he said and he nodded. "To save Wyatt." he said and Leo smiled proudly as he looked at his teenage son then, smiling. "And to save all of us while doing it, that's a very noble thing to do son, to risk your life just to save us and your brother."

"And again, the future consequences remarks we can take, but as we review the episodes, just give us the details so we know where and when to change it. So that really helps right now catch it before it hit and it's no longer future consequences, because you never really told us what happens in the future. That's not tampering with the future, and neither is giving your mother and me a bit of time part, if we'd been first year parents, we just needed a second chance."

"And you gave it to us, by setting our relationship on hold a bit till we were ready and look at us now, you pulled in off in our family Chris, nice work. Our relationship is never going to fall apart, you're our oldest boy and we're happier than we've ever been now as to that, that's not changing the future. It's giving us a better chance to save it, in fact it's giving us a pre-emptive strike to prevent this from ever happening again." he said and Chris nodded to him, smiling.

"Your father's right honey, you chose the best decision for both of us, we were having problems by the time Wyatt was 3 months old at the current moment. And it was hard to find time to being a couple, co-dependency issues, so clearly here now I rely on the girls way too much and I need more time to be a wife. And less time as a sister, he needs to get started on his own life, activities, excetra, but all in all, you acted as the marriage counselor and pulled it off."

"And that's not messing with our lives, it's making them even better than they were before, adult you chose the best choice for us and you just telling us. And straight off the bat, we have more time to being a true family, before your brother is born now." Piper said and he smiled as they looked at him, smiling gently. "I'm just glad I got you back, I can heal now by being with you, and our family is getting its second chance, but this is my teenage to young adult life now."

"But as I'm the oldest of the family now, I can act the older brother with the boys and help you out mom, our bonds as family get stronger and we're happy. I just have to train Paige to control her powers and with my being here, you got a chance to know what happens when you combine both sides together now. When said child is a teenager, but this finishes the years into college." he said and she smiled at that as she hugged him and he tightened his arms around her.

"What about Bianca?" Phoebe asked and he sighed sadly. "Do you really have to bring that up, he's already heart broken and he's lost everything that ever mattered to him Phoebe." Paige snapped and Prue nodded in agreement as they watched him say it, though his eyes were loaded with grief. "Bianca won't be a threat to anyone, anymore." he said and they nodded as they watched her answer him gently. "It's okay son." Odin said gently at that response.

"I'm sorry." she said and he nodded. "Me to..., so you guys alright with me still hanging around here?" he asked and they nodded. "I don't know why I never offered to let you live in the manor from day one, because that's what we did when you arrived and we got you back in your bedroom as well. But than again, this isn't me, at all, in fact it's just another version of my life, one I regret with all my heart and I fixed that easily, you're back in our arms again."

"If they can't tell that you're their son, than they're not us at all, because your half truth was enough to make us treat you like you were our son now here. And long before Andy busted you and you dropped the bomb on me that night, but my mothering instincts kicked in hard after Cole blasted you that night. "That you're my little boy, my first born son, and I'm not giving you up without a fight now." Piper said and he smiled as Leo listened to his future self then.

"Absolutely, but the next time you're in trouble, you got to tell us, the trust works both ways." he said to him and he nodded. "Okay." he said and left the room as they watched him walk up to Piper and Leo's door as they saw an eight month old baby in a playpen. "I can't believe they never invited you to move in with them like we did, as in the instant we get you up there, we take one look at you and Andy busts you on the first day here right now in truth."

"Before the add on comes out there is one member of the 3 of us you look like and said is Piper, and you have a mixture of my and your father's eyes." Prue said to this. "That's what we said when I double checked it." Zola said to her then "Is that Wyatt?" Sandra asked and he nodded as he watched himself as he crossed his arms as he looked at him. "If I can't save you, I swear to god I'll stop you." he said to him gently as Leo looked at his infant son sternly.

"Well that's plenty you convinced me baby, I believe everything you just told me, but you got me back, and I'm never leaving you again." she said and he smiled as he hugged her at that. "But like Piper and Prue I'm furious here right now, so he better stay away from you or so help me god I'm not being blamed for my actions. And I get my brothers back finally, so Leo is always with us, and so is Andy." Paige said smiling and the duo smiled gently at the remark then.

"And we will, if we can't save you, we swear to god we're going to stop that future from coming true at all costs, but screw the gene defense right now here. In truth, it's not your genes that cause you to turn against your morals, it's outside influence, and we get betrayed by someone we trust, and said first so. In truth happens to be Cole and then it gets worse, when we learn one of our family friends went to the darkside on us." Leo said and Odin and Sandra nodded.

"But carrying this much power, there's always a downside to it right now, but it doesn't just happen it takes years of traumas to finally crash like this." Zola said and he nodded. "So loss after loss, after loss?" Piper said to him and he nodded. "Well than I think I can take a guess of what has her on the edge, first mom, then Grams, and then nearly both of us back to back, as the only reason she turned is to keep from losing Piper." Prue said and they nodded to her.

"And she is such a hypocrite, says that working with demons is wrong no matter what reason there is, but what if said reason was to save someone you love?" Paige asked and Odin nodded gently in agreement. "I think that's what made Anakin so desperate and caused him to turn actually, after losing first his girlfriend. If he and his fellow padawan were that close, and then his mother, and then one by one his friends, before he learns she's pregnant with the twins."

"But my personality, I must be like Sam when he's playing Mace, your brother is like Obi-wan." he said and she nodded. "And there's no reason to turn on your morals and everything we ever trained you to be, when the answer is already in your grasp, Liam already studied that skill and as did we." Sandra said and she nodded in relief at that news. "Tempus is an accident waiting to happen, so the reverse time effect." Odin said to her and she nodded to him in relief then.

"So it's right there in the book, and we got you to coach us, when we need you, to talk." Piper asked and they nodded to her gently, before Prue closed her eyes and then nodded. "Well I get why Nattie was getting pushy with us, she loves Leo like a brother and to her, she's not ready to share yet." she said and Piper nodded. "Sorry sis, but I'll take care of him, I promise." she said to her missing sister/whitelighter at that and the elders all nodded gently to that.

"How long have Nattie and Leo known each other?" Paige asked and Odin sighed. "They were both part of the same unit back in WWII." Sandra told her and she nodded. "Best of friends, so though we were medics, we were soldiers." Leo said and she nodded in shock at that. "So to her, she thought this was bad and keeps getting worse, but at times the rules lead to the occasional problem, so follow your instincts or follow the rules, so we do both now and improvise."

"She's got to be part of the Air Force, and you with her, you're the smartest branch in the military, so we combine both together, and before anyone now. Does something stupid in the field, don't let your emotions get in the way of what has to be done." Piper said and she nodded. "And that's being a skilled warrior right now, but my first code of honor was do no harm." he said and she nodded. "Well we don't use our powers for personal gain." Prue said and they nodded.

"Anyone pay attention to the fact my double's latest alias just so happens to be NID?" Odin asked her and she nodded."Yeah, but though your Star Trek alias gets annoying times, we enjoy the episodes when he's involved here right now." Piper said and he tried to hide a chuckle at that as Paige looked at him and then tried to keep from laughing. "So when we do season 7, there we go, De Lancie's perfect to play you." she said and he nodded gently at that remark.

"Well that season's just asking for trouble, and I don't care what reason here, there is that we got someone suffering an emotional breakdown here right now. In gunning down the ones that had nothing to do with it, till we got the avatars coming after said white-lighter to Elder right now." Zheel said to her and she nodded. "Or just said witch right now, there never was a mistake, but till Wyatt is born, we're just thinning ranks right now." Piper said to him and he nodded.

"Good point, though we're not the Jedi council it doesn't change anything we need talk to touch bases, but destroying the circle of the triad and the Source. Is the catch of making sure we got him this time, but that must be the touch we never got around to doing, once Cole's mortal right now." Odin said and she nodded. "Yeah him, the baby and then his inner circle and we did enough damage that the scales between us and evil just dramatically landed in our favor."

"We're thinning their ranks faster then they can come back, but a brief hiatus is plenty of time, before we have the ultimate power on the loose next." she said and he nodded in agreement. "Well we don't need a hiatus right now, but you're pregnant by that point with Wyatt, you need to take it easy right now on that in truth. But Paige, Prue and Phoebe can manage till he's a couple months old, and we got the final episodes in season 5." he said and she nodded to that then.

"Best get back right now." Paige said and they nodded. "She can take my apartment for a few weeks right now, but we're switching places here." she added and Prue nodded in shock. "Whoa, you kidding?" she asked and Paige shook her head. "Until she gets it through her head that Chris did this for us, it's the only option, but you need me, and Piper keeps her place for now, until she's ready to move it up." she said and they both nodded gently at that remark then.

"You're the one I'm closest to anyway Piper, so you need me, I'm right here." she said and Piper nodded gently. "Love you too baby." she said and she smiled at that remark. "Come on, time to get back right." she said and they nodded as Piper and Prue came to a decision then as they returned. "Well?" Jack asked and they nodded. "Yeah, Phoebe, Paige offered to let you stay at her apartment for a few weeks with you needing a break." she said and Phoebe looked at her.

And in shock at that remark. "I can handle things." she said quickly and Piper shook her head. "At the moment, no you can't, you're emotionally compromised right now, so right now, you need a break to be normal for a bit." she said and and Patty, Grams and Victor all nodded in agreement. "Yes young lady, I agree with your sister, like your sister, the more I tried to control you, and the more rebellious you became, so for now, you need a sabbatical from magic."

"Paige can handle it as we and your sisters train her, but till further notice, you're on a restraining order, from the attic and the book, till further now." Grams said to her at that. "But just getting out of school, Prue is alive, Paige just added to the family, and now you're the middle sister, and then to top it all off. If you and Cole stayed together later on, is he proposes, the idea of marriage, being that much of an adult, is terrifying right now." Victor said to finish it then.

"I never said that." she said to him and he shook his head. "No you didn't, but then you never had to, I'm your big sister, I only know you, your whole life." Prue and Piper said together. "Now this really does sound like the argument, you and Cole had, after Melody came into the picture." Chris said sternly and she swallowed. "I realize that right now, but then she's not the first in our family to date a demon and gets burned by, I know how much that hurts right now."

"So therefore, I know how much you hurt at the moment, but you don't have your head on straight and if we come close to losing her right now as well. It's if this is anything like the time you become and became a banshee, and whoever it is, is going to be hungry for a kill here." Piper said to that remark. "Yeah well first her, then you and now me, mom, only my version of said banshee happens to be a spider demon." he said and his parents nodded in stern annoyance.

"Great, that's all we need right now, and I'm pregnant with baby you." she said and he nodded. "I know, but as of right now, you're all in agreement on this right now, but till she's thinking straight emotionally, she's deactivated." he said and his parents nodded as Leo wrapped his arm around his shoulders gently. "So if I'm staying there, where is she staying." Phoebe asked and then realized it then as she realized the lines had been drawn already at that remark.

"Say it, you're only extending your exclusion further young lady, now I may not be a witch, but that doesn't matter here, your sisters invited me to move in. As I know where you're thinking is, but like Wyatt, you were born in the house, like Wyatt, you too dabbled in the darkside, so it's no wonder here now. In truth why they don't trust you, with you dating a demon, one who spent 100 years killing." Victor said to her and she looked down, knowing nothing she said.

Was going to change their minds then. "But till you're emotionally healed here, after this is over, with our version about to shift into his, you're deactivated till further notice. So trading places move, as you spend some time outside of the house, as you learn to be normal again, and she has your position as the youngest. So we see how this works out, and we got enough on hand to handle this now." Prue said firmly and she nodded, as she went upstairs to pack then.

"Without an argument, she's realizing she's now on one side of the line, and us on the other for lying to us, before we got married." Leo said and Piper nodded at that. "And it's not her life that's at risk here, but mine, but the family most at risk is our's, so we got work to do right now, she's packing up right now. And we got time to make an adjustment here right now, as deal with this, but the charmed ones are us now." she said and Prue and Paige both nodded to her.

"Since you got married, the focus of the three of us was always on you now, with you being the middle sister, but one baby sister emotionally compromised. And Paige just got added to the family, it's that simple right now, but now we got Chris living in the house, but the baby of the family, that's extended family. Said comes first over the love interest, and Dan is is dead if he comes back into the picture later, and Jennifer with him right now in this case at the moment."

"Well at least we're all thinking straight right now, and secondly we got all of us, once she's dealing with Cole, though she's dating Drake right now." Prue said to her and she nodded. "Yeah just destroy him and be done with it now, but this time, dad and Uncle Andy can heal if we got another injury along those lines, right now." Chris said and she nodded. "Yeah we never lose your mother or me, and we got him, so from us and right to you." she said and he smiled then.

"She's downstairs, you got me, and we get rid of him together, in vengeance for his killing you." Paige said and Prue nodded in agreement to that. "My added clone is the target, the darn fool doesn't really I'm been practicing cloning again, after our last encounter with them, but the bastard is the messenger. We got to take out the Source." she said and he nodded. "And destroy the Source's inner circle." Piper at that and they both nodded in agreement as Leo said it then.

"Says we can't stay mad at her forever, but why not, when her decisions destroyed our family, pains of future wrongs is never going to be let go." Leo said to him at that. "She has to pick a side, good or evil that's how it works, even if it means giving up something you love, you have got to choose." Prue said in response and he nodded. "Yeah we've been listening to you far too much lately, but then why not, you're my favorite big brother." Paige said and he smiled.

"Love you too, baby sister." he said and she gave him a hug and he tightened his arms around her. "Got to adjust here, so a few months together should help before that book comes into play here." she said slamming a copy of the one now focused on their version on the table. "Yeah that's one monster not getting his hands on you." Piper said sternly and she nodded. "Watch it with the body swapping here." Prue added and she nodded gently to her at that remark then.

"That and best ask, before you do something that's considered personal gain." Piper said and she nodded. "To explain that, what's this pervert at work's name exactly?" Prue asked and she explained that. "Donnie." she said and they both nodded. "What did you intend to do, if he crosses said line?" Piper asked and she sighed. "He keeps this up, and I'm ready to let him have it." she said and they both nodded gently as Piper explained that to her gently at that news.

"Well that's said backfire, you misused magic to give him a taste of his own medicine, in sexual harassment, and the backfire goes around and does you in the process." she said and Paige nodded. "Trying to help your friends with their problems is fine, but start abusing your powers and it backfires on you as well, we can't use our powers. And for our own personal gain, that's a cardinal rule in the book and our lives as witches now." Prue said and she nodded to the news.

"We got to teach you this as after 6 years having our powers right now, we teach you this, as you're the only one with your powers, she doesn't get her powers back till season 1. Things were fine till she unbound her powers undoing the binding on the twins next. But you had 8 years training, leaning into the pilot episode of season 4 at the moment. But she was just winging it, you been doing it longer like we have." Piper added and Paige nodded smiling.

"Hate to have to tell you guys this, mom, but her double of 2.5 years into the future did that, and the backfire ends up with her gigolo gaining her powers." Perry said and they nodded. "Would this explain why I decided I had enough of this, and decided I'm not covering for you guys anymore?" Darryl asked and he nodded. "Yeah that's the reason alright, fortunately you're going on vacation that week, before said chase down." Perry said and they all nodded gently at that.

"Just what got you in trouble with the cops anyway?" Leo asked and he nodded. "We already had that conversation, so just ask to borrow the car, before I got to bail you out of jail here. And for auto theft." Andy said to him and he nodded to the orders gently. "Well at least we know someone screwed up, but with being 17 year old whitelighter and mom on stand down. You're the one controlling things in the house, till maternity leave is over." he said and Prue nodded.

"Okay so what was it..., uh, what's mine is your's, what's your is mine, let our powers cross the line, I offer up this gift to share, switch the powers through the air." she said as they both glowed at that and Perry nodded. "Practice test, dad, Andy out of range guys." she said and they both quickly moved at that. "Exploding." she said and Paige nodded. "Pull!" she said and Chris tossed a apple in the air and she blew it up at that and she smiled gently at that.

"Whatever she said, I'm saying it now, we got to get a handle on your new powers, before they get a handle on you." she said to Piper and she nodded. "No need to get that edgy, just relax, before they start going berserk." Chris said as he tried to keep from laughing and she nodded. "I can teach you how to orb, but rule 1 as witch/lighter: never take the one that has sedatives in it, or your powers are going to start going berserk." he said and Paige nodded to him.

"So still getting used to controlling them, add a little Nitequil, and I lose control entirely, got it." she said and he nodded. "With a group of 4 women in this house, it's you now got to worry about the added side effect here right now, with being a girl." Piper said and Paige covered her eyes. "So one of us gets a little emotional, another gets moody, and the third now has a case of orbing in and out when something explodes?" Prue said to translate and she nodded to her.

"Guys, we stay friends, so whatever caused that level of problems, we got it under control, and the guys got promoted, Perry is our white-lighter." Piper said and they all nodded. "We understand that, Piper and that's fine." Odin said to her and she nodded. "I got to off-set Wyatt's powers, with Leo being an Elder now, so 2 years now, and before we have Wyatt or Bianca dropping in next right now." Paige added and they both nodded to the remark smiling gently.

"And there's the relationship we should have had with you as our main protectors of the innocent right now, baby." Kalina said smiling and she grinned at that. "Issues in our family if you thought it was crazy now, just give it three years." Piper said to her and she chuckled and nodded as Sandra hugged her and she tightened her arms around her. "Be careful, we're not losing you girls again." she said and Piper nodded as she pressed her forehead to her's gently then.

"You ended up finding that out the hard way, after Orlin was killed by accident, after dad killed Gideon." Chris said to her and she nodded to the news. "And whatever I said in your version of me, after you were born, I'm saying it again, right now, but I know this is frustrating, but I just want my family back. And under one roof again, isn't that enough right now?" Piper said to him and he and Leo both nodded. "Yeah got it." they said together at that remark gently.

"And secondly we got enough people orbing in and out of this house and at this rate we don't need another." she said as the couch jumped off the floor. "Got it." the quintet all said together, as Paige started laughing at that remark. "Issues in this family we got to get under control right now, but this is going to take time, and before we reach her version of said side effects here." Leo said to her gently and she nodded. "Well first said banshee." she said and Prue nodded.

"Just imagine the side effects of our powers ending up in a couple of mortals now, because she wanted freedom away from the level of pain our job does." she said and Piper nodded in agreement. "Well we spent a few years getting used to it, you said you orbed right out of the car, before it crashed?" Prue asked and she nodded. "Yeah, but car accidents, can't do it, or I freeze up, sorry guys." she said and they both nodded. "It's okay." Piper said and she nodded softly.

"Going to take time, but we'll get there, I never left my position, but you and I have the same personality traits that at times we clash." she said and Piper nodded as she hugged her tightly at that. "Yeah, but at times, we need to think about me, rather then we, like my family, but like Chris said, he came home, so I could focus. More on being me, rather then we, so his father and I can focus more time on being a couple." she said and Paige nodded gently to her then.

"With a teenage son that's the easy part, but newborn to 6 month old baby in the house, it puts stress on the rest of us, and frankly we got 2 years here. And before we even need to worry about it right now, but Chris and Perry are first born, our golden child, to us he could do no wrong in our eyes now in truth." Paige said to her and she nodded. "Yeah our baby boy, to us he could do no wrong in our eyes now." she said and as Paige nodded gently at that remark.

"Best just enjoy the next 20 months, before he's born, because once he is, it's going to be less time enjoying ourselves, and more time on him in protection." she said and they both nodded in stern agreement. "Yes, and if we can't save him, we swear to god, we're going to stop him." Leo said sternly at that remark then. "At the moment, with a teenage son, we can be normal here." she said and he nodded as he wrapped an arm around Chris's shoulders then gently.

"Well it was after Chris was born, and Gideon killed Perry, that I was was going after anyone in demons that threatened to take Chris away from me again." he said to her and she nodded sternly. "I'm not losing Chris again, but he's first born, our golden child, to us he could do no wrong in our eyes." she said and he nodded gently at that remark, as she looked at Chris and pulled him into a hug and he buried his head into her shoulder smiling then and Piper smiled gently.

"I've got to pack and I'll be back right now, so whatever you got to say to her, do it now, Chris, you're coming with me." she said and he nodded as they both orbed out and Piper and Prue nodded sternly. "Well that says it all, she's taking her acting like an aunt seriously here." Grams said to that and the girls both nodded. "Family meeting and Paige and Chris are safely out of hearing range before the bomb gets dropped." Leo and Andy said together at that remark then.

"How long do you suppose is best here?" Piper asked and he crossed his arms. "I'd say from now, to this episode right now." he said, pointing at the episode focused on Paige's own alter ego and she and Prue nodded. "So she loses her active powers till he tries to get me to relinquish all our powers, before Cole's own hearing slams into it, and before we got his double involved and the wife of the last man he murdered." she said and the duo nodded to her gently then.

"Yep, and that's long enough as you and Paige have your relationship in place and between that and their first test, but she's not a fifth wheel in this house. As I can get Henry involved and she's got a boy her own age now, to be dating now." Andy said and she chuckled and nodded to him gently. "Well I feel like this is turning into matchmaker central, and I just set her up on a blind date right now." Prue said to him and he nodded as Leo said it gently to her at that remark.

"Yeah and like she said, we can worry, but we worry from afar, but that's just the problem in Phoebe's case when she was her age at the time now here, Prue. As we never do that, and now it's getting overly protective, and she needs a serious break, before she burns out right now." Leo said to her and she nodded. "I know, but until we get this under control in her and Cole's place, she needs a break right now." she said and he and Piper both nodded in agreement to that.

"Odin, Kalina, is there a potion, meant to remove her powers, because the baby taps into them it's an murder waiting to happen." Piper asked and they both nodded. "Indeed there is, but it's a fast made one." Odin said to her and she nodded, as they went get to get the book and quickly wrote it down then and then got to work, as she waited for it to cool down, and the took enough to put it in a vial then and as they waited then firmly at that remark as she came down.

As they waited for her to come down then firmly. "Phoebe, we need to talk right now." Piper said to her and she swallowed hard at the tone then. "But I don't care where your thinking is here, but when you decided to take the grimoire, and went with Cole, you went through a one way door. This is not a game, not anymore, but you choose him and it's us and you after this." Prue said to her sternly and she swallowed hard at that remark shaking as Piper clarified it.

"You're not having me taking sides here between you and Paige, when she's always right at the current moment, but first your baby attacks my doctor now. And then he's taking his temper out on Paige, what more is there to say but you're pissed she's right and you're wrong?" Piper asked her sternly and she paled. "And with it, you told us he was alive, but you never told us he was back at the time." Prue said sternly and then read it out clearly then to her.

"It was never me that wrecked the wedding right now, it was you." she said to her and she swallowed hard. "And again, you have responsibilities whether you like it or not, and don't talk to us about responsibility, you weren't very responsible when you went and fell in love with a demon." Piper said sternly and she said it again. "God you got to let this whole Cole thing go, I mean you can't stay mad at me forever!" she snapped finally and she said it sternly at that remark.

"Why, why not, it's because of you Prue was gone, because of you, you get moved to the middle sister, because of you, now Paige has herself one side. Of the line and us on the other, because of you our family is destroyed, or converted." she snapped in response at that remark. "So get over it, it's time to grow up, we're not little girls anymore, and Prue and I had our powers longer then you did, or did you forget, we were preschool witches." she said and she swallowed.

"You recall what you told me on what they planned, they were ready for you and Anton, well so are we, but we got the power of three." she said and she paled as she realized what she was saying at that. "Don't make us do this, but you choose him it's us and you after that, my son did this to save his family, his father and me. Paige did her's to save our family, she's the reason we're still standing here, she brought this family back together." Piper said sternly to her at that.

"As the longer this goes on, and the more in the hole you're going to get Phoebe, but in your words, you're not leaving him and you're not giving it up now. As said it, being your crown, so what more is there to say to us, you chose the Source of all Evil, over us, your own family, Prue, me, Paige, dad, hmm what. If dad was like us, he's a good witch, and we're all good witches in this family but we want what others have?" she asked her and she swallowed hard at that

"You're afraid of evil, of being evil, well then face that fear, if you can't and you're trapped in the darkness forever." she said and she swallowed hard at that remark. "But we were born and raised good, we knew our priorities we always did, but Andy is back, she's got more balance in her life again, my marriage is a lock. He saved my marriage, and as for Darryl, with Andy back, Darryl's got more time for his family now." she said and then said it firmly at that remark.

"But both sides, we had to make a choice now, but your active powers are, starting now, deactivated, so you can still scroll and make potions, everything else. Is deactivated till further notice now, till you learn to control your own wants and desires right now." she said and passed a potion to remove her powers to her. "Prue, Piper don't do this, please." she said and Prue shook her head. "We had it with the lying, obstruction of justice." she said and he said it then firmly.

"Were it not for your letting your emotions get in the way of what has to be done, Jenna's counterpart would not be dead right now." he said to her and he nodded. "And now here's the penalty, you have to go without your active powers till you get it through your head, we have to give up our wants for the greater good." Prue said and she sighed as she took the bottle from her and swallowed it and she glowed blue for a few minutes and sighed then gently at that remark.

"You're going to be on haitus for 6 months, as you choose what you want to do in careers but for now, it's us and Paige starting now, as we train her now." she said to her and she nodded sadly at that. "But like us, she was born in the hospital, like us, she was on a one year delay, and like us, she's seeing it the same way we do. Chris and Paige saved this family, your pride is refusing to see it, so right now, you need a break, we can handle this." she said to her firmly then.

"Things changed, they can not change back, but when we took on these powers we took on everything that came with it, but comparison here is this now. It seems that the Council of Elders is really just like the Jedi council, we're witches, yeah, but like any normal person, we still have responsibilities here. Speaking to the council now, the Elders are matching themselves to us, and I've got Sandra, Kalina to Prue, well with your temperament and denial right now in truth."

"Odin has you now, and once Paige makes contact with Sam, he's got her." Piper said and she swallowed hard at the stern look on his face at that. "So for now you're deactivated young lady, and till you've got your head on straight." Odin said and she nodded quickly at that remark at that news. "Where's Paige?" she asked and Kalina crossed her arms, before she could answer, another set of orbs beamed in and they saw a man of their parents age at that.

"Sam." Piper said smiling and he smiled. "Hey girls, good to see you again, so where's my daughter?" he asked and she chuckled. "She's packing up, she'll be back in a bit, but you're her version of the quartet, I've got Sandra." she said and he nodded. "Sam we've reactivated you, but in this case right now, it's we're dealing in trying to control things for the next few months before we switch from us, our current trio into Chris's." Zola said and he nodded to the news.

"Issues in the extended family?" he asked and they nodded. "Yeah, but she deserves to know you for you right now." Odin said smiling and he nodded, before he could answer a second set of lights beamed in and Chris and Paige beamed back in. "Lovely timing to get back, hey Sam." Chris said with a chuckle. "Dad?" she asked and he nodded and she smiled as she hugged him and he tightened his arms around her. "God you grown baby." he said and she smiled at him.

"We're doing it now." she said and Sam nodded. "Chief, Doctor, your honor, guys, you better get up here, we're rewinding the clock!" Darryl said into his radio and 5 minutes later, they arrived and they surrounded the table. "Powers arise, so powers of the witches rise, come to me, from across the skies, reverse time, reverse memories, give it back, all it was after the attack. And focus on the pilot episode of season 6, that's our memory return." Piper said and they nodded.

"Hold on, the block!" Chris said and they nodded gently as he rounded up their neighbors then and they came in. "Alright ladies, Andy, Leo, what is going on?" their neighbor across the street said smiling. "Remember our issues with Pratt?" Piper asked and he crossed his arms. "I remember him scraping the latest one off his office shoes, I take you had something to do with that?" he asked and they nodded. "Yeah lesson learned." she said and he started laughing then.

"Guys we're good witches, we protect people, and all of the missing perps lately are all demons and warlocks, after said fight before Pratt now. Andy was knocked into a coma, and I was wondering if he was ever going to come out of it." Prue said and they nodded gently. "So we got a coven of good witches living on our block, well that explains the other night right now. Your house did a disappearing act, cloaking spell?" he asked and she nodded and he nodded smiling.

"Yeah, but Inspectors Morris and Trudeau knew all along, Andy is really my boyfriend, he practically grew up with my sisters and me, he knew since were preschoolers." she said and they nodded. "Would what happened before Andy came out of the house be connected to Jack's adverse reaction, in throwing the cans into my lawn?" he asked and they nodded. "Yeah our boogieman got loose and hexed whoever came in, like drugs." Piper said and they all nodded.

"Guys I get the fight, but we had a slight problem in looking for our mysterious perp breaking in, that's why we were all on edge that day." Prue said and the trio nodded. "Well that explains your own blow up a few months ago, what happened after you got it on the table?" she asked and Piper ran her hand through her hair. "We had a case of demon cordon bleu here, our ex brother-in-law now is the human side of our game, he got possessed himself by the demon of anger."

"And knocking his own energy ball back at him, we knocked the second right out of him and he killed the demon that possessed him, before getting injured. But that explains the crash and broken window in the conservatory you heard, Julie." she said and they nodded gently. "She's your, our, next door neighbor?" Paige asked and she nodded. "The garbage dumpster out front, she's renovating her house, which explains said trailer." she said and Paige nodded to her gently.

"We're fine with this, so you guys, boys, are not from our time, time travelers, and we're resetting the clock?" his counterpart asked and the twins nodded. "Exactly, so first born, and our first act of business, before Pratt moves to our side of the neighborhood. Is hexing both sides of the block with an anti pooper jinx, so it turns into fertilizer here now. Or just disappears all together, so both sides get this cleaning spell, and the lawns." Chris said and they nodded then.

"With this reset of said clock, you knew I was pregnant and Grams got some of her saved cub stuff from when we were little out of storage now. Leo moved in and we got married in high school, so exactly 14 years later, the twins are 8th grade. And been in training 4 years by their father, half Stargate/half Starwars here in training, get started at age 10 in training. It ends at 26 and by then their training is complete, if they were Liam's counterpart's padawan now."

"Watch it with the Jordons when they move here now, they're puritans, witch hunters, but Dan's brother is Jenny's father." Piper said and they nodded sternly. "I can guess said M.O. backfired when he fell in love with you at the time, if he was in shock you're witches. Well now that we know he's witch hunter, and Pratt possibly persecuted you for his pride now. Well clearly our block is now beyond close knit, we know what you are and don't care, we knew for years."

"Nice thinking and to repeat Phoebe, think of this as community service, you'd be doing our entire neighborhood a favor from this jerk." the woman next to him said smiling and the quintet smiled in relief they, like the cops and allies, didn't care. "Trust me we're not over doing it right now after the monkey incident, let alone the movies and Gibbs." Piper said and she started laughing. "Well that explains the screaming, her favorite movie?" she asked and she nodded.

"Said demon sprung two serial killers out of the silver screen and they came here, along with the actor playing Billy on Kill It, Before It Dies." Prue said and they nodded. "You girls get into the craziest situations here, I'll be honest, so baby, you're moving in, later on. We know about your big sister, but you're 16, not the same problem?" the man asked and Paige nodded. "Our baby half-sister, but sister witch, the boys are my children." Piper said and they all nodded then.

"We can't use our powers for personal gain, as witches here baby, and secondly, the misuse if you use the book to punish someone is going to turn around and do you." she added and Paige nodded. "Start early like '93, and I got 8 years to manage in this, as you remind me of this, as just as he even goes there, you can reveal dad, who's friend of the chief. But he says that, let's see him dealing in sexual harassment charges here right now." she said and he nodded sternly.

"The little shit expects to get away with that, let's see how he likes it by being the subject of ogling." the judge said sternly and Sam nodded sternly in agreement. "Dad just came back, and he's not going to like this, dad what were you, before becoming a whitelighter?" she asked and he crossed his arms. "I was a cop princess, but you're right on all counts right now, so with that good point, I'm coming back to see you as often as possible, baby." he said at the remark then.

"Princess this is another version of Saxon and Heather, you just come back to me and I change back finally after losing your mother. But you're 16, I get you back and I recover as I take on my cover story, Rick need another whitelighter/cop?" he asked and the chief smiled and chuckled as he gave a nod. "Alright there we go now, as I get my job and buy an apartment in close range to you and your sisters." he said and she smiled as she hugged him tightly and Piper nodded.

"Odin, with the boys doing the girls, the trio, I can do my baby." he said and Odin nodded sternly as he looked between them. "Penny you better input that spell into the block sidewalks." he added and she nodded smiling. "Yeah that and the lawns, so the entire section from the lawns to the sidewalks is boobytrapped for any losers like Pratt." Patty said, crossing her arms, before their neighbor looked out the window and then called out to Piper at that remark.

"Aw crap here he comes now." the man said and she nodded. "Protection of goodwill neighborly enhanced to thee, from bad neighborly rudeness defense of thee. Bad neighbors rudeness blocked by thee, for block courtesy kindness in, rudeness repelled, so mote it be." she said and the man moved outside as he looked at him as it immediately splattered on his shoe. "Well an eye for an eye, a shoe for a shoe Pratt, how rude can you be here exactly huh, take him."

"I mean it you bastard, take that mutt out of here, but you ought to know better, but what, you think because you're an attorney. That you can do whatever you want, guess again, your honor, Chief now!" he shouted out and they walked out the door and the man went white in fear at that. "So what the girls and the rest of the block told me was right, you know young man, he's right, just because you're an attorney, doesn't mean you're free of the laws here right now."

"Well good deed for neighborly diplomacy here right now, but maybe I should call the town pound and have this little mutt taken to the pound." he said and he went white at that in fear. "You think anyone's going to believe we had something to do with this, after we arrested Gibbs for killing Tyra, Pratt, but what are you going to do, cry witch, after Jordon left. As you don't see us carrying wands, we're not carrying a spell book of spells?" Piper asked sternly and he paled.

"We're just doing what the rest of the block didn't have the nerve to, just so you know right now, my mother is friends with the chief, and our grandmother is with the commissioner. So basically you get the point buster, we're untouchable, we don't carry any proof we're witches. Just so you know whatever you're looking around the house for, is and was a chemistry lab, those crystals are good luck charms in the boys and us, so no proof here right now in truth."

"How can you prove it, that we're witches, or prove we got a few dozen others others running loose in the state with you confined to San Francisco." she asked and he started shaking in fear right then, realizing she had a point and he had nothing then. "Said little payback tactic, that your plan, you're a witch hunter persecuting innocent people to make yourself look good. Well let me tell you the only way for evil to defeat good is by people like yourself doing this now."

"You understand what I'm saying here, dark magic are demons and warlock, Wiccan are good witches, if my family were witches now, what happened here last year. Was what just happened now, you get a taste of your own medicine here right now in truth. But the street and sidewalks were fitted with an anti-pooper device, so try that it gets thrown at you. We use said powers to protect people, if my sisters, my twins and grandmother were witches right now, in truth."

"Been 23 months since that day, and instead we go to a domestic approach here, but as Ricky said an eye for an eye, a shoe for a shoe, if you would just clean up after this dog. We wouldn't resort to calling the cops and town hall to get you to clean up after this mutt. But I guess we have to deport you to another state to protect our family and everyone else. You're as corrupt as Turner right now." Piper said and he started shaking as Leo crossed his arms then at this firmly.

"Get out of here, before we have you arrested right now, but I'm warning you, try twice and there will be hell to pay after the amount of times Andy and I had to come check on the girls." Darryl said sternly and he quickly pulled the dog away from their sidewalk and they went back in the house. "Nice catch there, but like I said, you try coming by, before we got said messenger on the loose after knocking Prue into a coma, that could kill you." Piper said and Cortez nodded.

"Is this going to make us think twice, before hassling you now, as Cortez and I knew all along in what you guys are, Piper?" Sheridan asked and Piper nodded to her then. "Yeah, the Chief and commissioner are going to bring you guys and Darryl to meet us, as we show you our powers. So you know every time we had a missing perp, you knew it was a demon or warlock now, the reverse is going to land us exactly 16 years prior to this moment." she said and they nodded.

"Darryl, Cortez, Sheridan, Andy and I are 18 years old, you and Leo are 16, Phoebe and her age group are 14, Paige and her's are all 12 1/2. Mom and dad, the chief and Sam are all mid 40's, and Grams's age group are all 57 years old." Prue said and Penny and Patty all nodded smiling. "So conceived 16 years old, born 17 years old, you knew I had twins all this time, you knew I was a witch and to you, you were used to the frequent happenings going on up here right now."

"So like Paige said, someone vanquishes the house, then you better vanquish us as well here right now, or this is going to be tough to explain. In why the house was here one minute and gone the next." she said and the chief started laughing. "Alright young lady, don't over do it, right now, we get enough going on up here as it is, without your OCD getting a magical booster." the judge said with an amused smile at that and the doctor nodded in agreement to his opinion.

"God this is getting ridiculous after you hexed Doug when he kept dropping things, before we did the ending with Clay next." Prue said through her laughter. "At least it wasn't the 'but out' spell that my friend would pull, that girl is addicted to using magic. I was born a witch, she's playing with forces too dangerous at times for her to understand here." Paige said to her and she nodded. "Yeah, you hear something like that, tell me fast." Piper said and she nodded sternly.

"Jeff was worried about that, told me and I tried to talk to her, but she casts a spell on us, there is no forgiveness, I would never do the same to her. Especially if I was the one addicted to playing with magic, but do unto others as you would have them unto you." she said and the twins nodded. "Treat others as you would have them treat you, the golden rule." Chris said and Penny nodded in approval to that remark. "Exactly baby." Patty said and he smiled then gently.

"For 16 years, since we had our powers back we had gotten so used to the backfires you got to wonder what whoever did this time to cause it." Prue said smiling then. "You over did it with the confidence potion, Piper." Victor said with an amused chuckle then. "But Paige, you got 8 years, before I come to social services, and tell them I'm your biological grandmother. So you get in with us, from an early age." Penny said to her gently and she smiled in delight at the news.

"Grip hands." Penny said and they nodded, as Phoebe swallowed hard and then did it then, as Paige closed her eyes, as she focused on the possibility. And of her being with Piper and Leo, Prue and Andy from the very beginning. 'Powers of the witches rise, come to me from across the skies, reverse time, reverse memories, give it back, all that was, after the attack.' she thought focusing on Piper's spell then as she took a deep breath then as she prepared now.

To change her past, and get in with her biological family from a very early age then, 'Seventeen years with my adoptive parents, and get a life time with Piper and the girls. As well as Grams, Victor, dad, yes, that's a fair trade. I'm never alone, I love Piper and Prue. I love with everything in me, can't lose, it's a win/win now.' she thought then smiling happily at this possibility then, as they chanted the spell, as the quintet said it together, to channel the power through them.

To their mortal counterparts then to enhance the spell. "Powers of the witches rise, come to me from across the skies, reverse time, memories, give it back, all that was, after the attack." they chanted together, as they focused on the pilot episode of season 6…..

The End….

This is the last chapter to part 1 of the series, part two is focused on the flashback scenes of Pre-Witched, leading into Phoebe leaving San Francisco to find Victor. So the story is going to pick up in the next story, as the girls, Penny, Andy, Darryl and Victor are going to be thinking the twins were born in 1987 and no time travelers.