Hello. My name's Bella and I'm here to tell you a real fucked up story. It's about two best friends who fall in love with these two sisters. Now, I know it doesn't sound bad, but, see you won't understand how fucked up it is until I tell you how we started dating these two girls, well, women.

It's real simple, it has a happy ending and everything, fairytale bullshit y'know?

Ok so let's start, I think it was about two years ago in August, yeah… because that's when school started back up.

Leah and I have been best friends since we were in diapers. Nobody could separate us.

The only time you wouldn't see us with one another is if we were on dates, fucking bitches, or spending quality time with the family.

But today wasn't one of those days. We were entering our senior year, the last bullshit year of high school and we were out of that bitch.

We grew up in this shitty town called Forks. Now, excuse me it's not super shitty it's just too small for me. I want to live out in the big city where there's thousands and thousands of people. Not a place where there's only one stoplight.

Anyway, so Leah and I were going school shopping like we do every year, this being senior year and all, we decided to only get a couple things since our work load wasn't going to be as heavy this year.

We were going down the aisle's and I was picking out some notebooks when Leah tapped me on my shoulder.

I looked at her, and she pointed at something behind me.

Then boom, that's when we first saw them.

Two ladies who couldn't be much older than us were at the end of the aisle sorta staring at us, but also looking at the school supplies like we were.

It was weird that they were staring, if anything we should be staring at them. They were on another level with their looks.

Straight out of a magazine, airbrushed and photoshopped.

The one who had my attention was the blonde. She was sure as hell taller than me with those heels on. Those jeans she was wearing were hugging her curves perfectly and I had to close my mouth so I wouldn't drool everywhere.

She was looking at me from the corner of her eye and she was wearing this smirk on her lips, I just wanted to know what she was thinking so bad but the shorter girl next to her pulled her off into another aisle.

Anyway, we didn't see them again for a while.

When school started up me and Leah had all of our classes together by some stroke of luck. The girls that we saw that day were completely forgotten about up until English class.

Leah and I were in the back with a couple of our friends being loud and obnoxious, not paying attention to anything happening in the classroom. But the sound of the door slamming so fucking hard that the glass on the door cracked had us turning around in our seats so fucking quick.

I sat, frozen, in the chair as my eyes followed the teacher to her desk. She was the same lady from the store. Her blonde hair was pulled up into a bun and she was wearing casual clothing since it was Friday. No student in the room dared to move, shit some of us probably weren't even breathing.

She turned to us and a smirk played on her lips once her eyes landed on me. I swear we were in the most intense stare off until someone else came into the room. Whoever it was opened the door and pieces of glass fell onto the floor. I heard a gasp come from somewhere across the room. Another lady, equally as beautiful walked in.

She had dark brown hair and seemed to be in her late 20's, but I couldn't be too sure. She was wearing a more professional outfit and she smiled at us before looking at our teacher with a stern expression. They did look the same though, same eye color, which was strange considering their eyes were like honey. Like, who the fuck has gold eyes?

They had a silent conversation before the lady walked back out and gently closed the door. Even though that didn't stop some more glass from falling on the ground.

Ms Lady turned towards us and sighed while looking at all of us. I'm sure she was judging our potential and what not. She turned around to write on the board and I had to hold my breath because that ass was ridiculous.

I heard some guy groan over in the corner and I snorted and tried to look and see who it was. Some other students chuckled and soon the tension eased away, and the teacher stepped away from the board where she wrote her name.

Miss Hale

"How the fuck are we supposed to survive school with all of these new and amazingly hot teachers?" Mike said while he stuffed fries into his already full mouth.

I held back a gag when I caught sight of the junk in his mouth and quickly looked back towards my food.

"Don't know. I heard there's supposed to be some new students too. This is the most traffic Forks has gotten since, well… ever." Leah chuckled at the end of her statement.

I shook my head while taking a bite of my burger. It was true. It is strange that there were so many new people at once, and they were all almost identical. So far we've seen three members of this family, and they all have the same eye color. No doubt they were related in some way. What was weird is why come here to Forks?

There's always a joke that when people come here that their running away from something, Forks is such a small town that honestly it's a perfect place to hide if you really are running from something.

Ten minutes passed before the back door opened that led to the courtyard. It was cold as fuck outside and so the cold air quickly slapped me in the back and I shivered before looking back trying to see who the fuck was stupid enough to open the back door.


I guess these were the kids. There's four of them. One guy, who looks like a complete douche if I'm being honest, he had some crazy wanna be sex hair going on and a permanent smirk on his face, I quickly looked away from him, wasn't interested. Next guy was buff, his t-shirt hugging him way too tight, I'm sure he has another shirt a little bigger, poor shirt, it's probably gonna rip as soon as he fucking picks up a damn pencil. There was a female behind him who was all types of sexy, she had red curly hair, but she wasn't a ginger, must've had it dyed or something, then there was a shorter girl following behind her. She was adorable it was almost like she was gliding across the floor all the way to the table not too far from us.

Leah shifted uncomfortable and I just raised an eyebrow at her with a little smirk.

"Hm, little Leah having a little problem?" Leah just glared at me.

"Yes and no. I have a fucking headache, something smells weird, and I feel really fucking sick."

She grumbled while shifting in her chair.

"Well then go home, sounds like the flu honestly."

Leah nodded while getting up and exiting out of the cafeteria. I sat at the table with Mike, Eric, Josh, Laura, and Rachel.

Not sure why I associate with them, must be the athlete thing. Even though I wasn't playing on the team this year I still hung out with the same crowd. All of my friends were either cheerleaders or football players.

When lunch let out I went to my last class of the day which was history. I wasn't surprised to see another member of the strange family teaching us.

He had curly blonde hair, and the same honey eyes as the rest of them. One of my theories is that they were big drug dealers from Ireland or something, and they invented some new drug that completely changed your overall appearance, the only side affect was the eye change.

I sat in the back like I always do and put my bag down. The man wrote his name on the board before he went to close the door as the bell rang.

"Hello, my name is Mr Hale, I'll be your US History teacher this year, I hope you all enjoy my class."

Some girl in the front raised her hand and Mr Hale pointed to her.

"Are you married to Ms Hale, the English teacher?"

He scrunched up his face into something so fucking funny I couldn't help but laugh.

"Err, absolutely not. That's incest, and incredibly fucking gross, excuse my language, but she's my twin."

His face never relaxed from his horrified expression and I kept giggling which had some random guy beside me giggling too.

The next couple of weeks were strange to say the least. The big guy, who I later found out was named Emmett had Spanish with me and we sat beside each other. He was funny as hell, always making jokes and getting us in trouble and put into lunch detention.

His last name was McCarty, apparently they're all adopted but moved into a huge house to keep the family together. I barely paid attention to the story seeing as I really didn't care much.

The asshole guy, Edward Cullen, likes to flirt with my friends with that slobbery ass smirk he likes to do. It's annoying because he thinks he's the shit and Emmett agrees with me on that.

Emmett sits with us at lunch but Leah says that whatever detergent they use really fucks with her nose so she usually excuses herself halfway through lunch. I feel the same way though, but I tried to get used to the smell since Emmett and me were so close.

I later found out that our Principle was their "mother" Her name's Esme Cullen, she's a sweet heart, but I could never go into her office because that perfume that the red head wears, Mrs Cullen also wears. And that office is like a fucking gas chamber to me.

Miss Hale was all about business when it came down to English class. I wanted to die each time she handed out a pop quiz, but she seemed to love to torture us. Each time we finished a test I'd find myself staring at her before I even realized what I was actually doing.

I liked being in her class though. She didn't wear that horrible perfume that the rest of her family seemed to have.

Alice is the other Cullen, unfortunately she is related to that asswad Edward. She's a sweet heart, and apparently even though she smells weird to me, Leah doesn't have those headaches when she around her. So in Chemistry Leah partnered up with her and I was stuck with Edward, sadly.

It had to be around the third week or so when I got really sick. Mrs Cullen called me into her office for something, but I couldn't even get two feet into the room before my head started hurting so bad that I actually let some tears fall.

It was a bitch move, I don't cry in front of people. But I didn't know what the fuck was happening to me.

Mrs Cullen sent me home and told me to rest and that she was sorry. I'm not sure what she was sorry for but it's whatever.

When I got into my car I could barely drive but by some miracle I made it home and into the living room. I saw the couch and laid down on it, deciding that I'd go into my room later before I passed out on it.

I woke up in the middle of night sweating so badly. The headache didn't go away and I shakily got up. Everything was dark in the living room and I couldn't really see much. With the pounding going on in my skull I kept stumbling towards the front door. My shirt was sticking to me and I felt like I was over heating.

I was whimpering, another bitch move because I never do things like that, but I couldn't figure out why I was feeling this way.

I opened the door and was thankful it was chilly out. I walked out on the porch and started taking deep breaths to calm myself.

I was looking up at the sky when I heard something coming from my right. But when I looked I could barely make out the trees that led into the woods. It was freaky and every single scary movie I ever watched at that point came to the forefront of my mind. I was freaking out but at the same time, my father being a cop, people weren't stupid enough to try some shit right here.

I looked back up at the sky, the clouds were covering the moon, but around it I could make out a few stars. My body was cooling off and I watched the clouds shift, exposing the full moon and that's when it happened.

My head felt like it was going to explode and I felt a sharp jab in my chest that brought me to my knees. I felt pens and needles all through out my body all the way to my toes.

A blood-curdling scream escaped my mouth as the pain in my chest expanded through out my body. I felt my bones cracking before I took one more deep breath that followed with me passing out.

Hey, just another story I found buried in my documents. Let me know if you want me to continue. Critiques are welcome.