September, New Moon.

Once again I was floating in the air before my body made a huge impact on the forest ground. My back absorbing the shock with minimal pain, but still, the wind got knocked right out of me; for the 30th time tonight.

"Aw come on Bella how're you not getting this? You can't win."

A growl escaped my lips as I picked myself up. My eyes focusing in the pitch black night, the new moon covered by the clouds. The pack stood to the side as Sam, the alpha taunted me once more.

I wouldn't submit to his commands, no matter what he said, how loud he said it, I could fight it, and he didn't like that.

I was stronger than him, but he had skill. And each time we got into an argument it would end in a fight. The pack knew I was different but they still let me in.

I was controlled by the moon, they weren't.

They ran on emotion, I didn't.

I was a different kind.

The last full moon I turned into something even I don't know the name of. I didn't see myself, I wasn't aware of what I was doing, I lost all consciousness. The pack found me on their territory completely naked and bloodied, I mean the blood wasn't mine but still, pretty dramatic. I even had a little something extra in my pants now, which was not something I could have ever been prepared for.

Leah, my best friend, turns into some small little wolf, so adorable. I mean, she's about 5'8 in her wolf form, so it's still pretty tall for any type of canine.

Still, I was here in another fight with no purpose. Sam seemed to always think violence was the answer.

He ran at me, his fist raised and I just let him punch me.

Now why the fuck did I do that?

My head snapped to the side, my neck cracking and I fell back. Wincing as I tried to move, a groan leaving my lips.

"That should teach you. Do as I say!" He stated before I heard his footsteps march off.

I kept my eyes shut, listening as my pack members left to go back to their duties.

I still heard another pair of footsteps walking before they stopped before me.

"You shouldn't let him do that to you Bella. I know you can take him." Leah stated.

I opened my eyes to see her arm extended towards me. I slowly reached my arm out and grabbed hers. She pulled me up without any problem and I dusted off what I could of the dirt on my cut off jeans. Other than that I just had on a sports bra, only so much you can clean on that.

I tried to walk but pain shot up my back. And I'm sure because it's a new moon that it would take me longer to heal. I growled lowly.

"When the full moon is here. I'm going beat his ass for all he's worth Leah."

I glanced at her as she shrugged. "You know I got your back." She stated.

. . .

After making it back to Charlie's house I quietly walked in through the front door, happy to hear him snoring loudly in his room.

Two steps at a time I made my way to the narrow bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. I was dirty, basically caked with red mud and random shit.

The shower was my next step, I let the hot pulses and the steam take away today's stress and scrubbed my skin raw before heading to bed.

Tomorrow was Monday. I'm sure I'm not the only one who fucking hate's Mondays.

. . .

The dynamic in my circle changed a lot. It was just Leah and I now, and honestly it was kind of always that way. In class I speak to no one, at lunch I sit with Leah, I ignore Emmett in the classes we share and I never answer Mr Hales questions.

But in Ms Hales class, it always a constant struggle for me. I knew I was attracted to her before, but after the change she became an obsession. And I didn't like how creepy I was being. Like, who smells someone. Apparently I do, sometimes I can't help it. I just get close to her and take a deep ass breath. After class of course, I'm not a nut, well… not completely.

She weirdly doesn't mind. Which makes me think she has some type of fetish going on, but I appreciate it all the same.

I lost all my friends in this last month I just couldn't tell them why I kept leaving from parties early, or just not showing up at all. I couldn't explain why I couldn't return a text or call, why I wasn't on xbox that night or "did you watch this or that?" Nope, I didn't.

Just my whole social life was completely shut down. And now, I don't even trust half of the Cullens.

Wasn't like I was trusting of Edward in the first place. But finding out that they were actually another species of something supernatural was almost too much to process.

All the jokes Emmett and I shared one day, then the very next the beast inside of me wanted to fight. For what I'm not sure, but I knew that I saw him differently. Also Leah didn't like them, and whatever Leah does, I do. That's how it works.

Except for Ms Hale, I'm all up on that. Plus Leah can't seem to stay away from that Alice girl either.

Though one thing I don't get is the smell. The Cullens smell normal as hell if not a little fruity, and Ms Hale, damn she just smells so fucking good I can't even begin to explain it.

But Leah damn near has to wear a gas mask to school because of them.

. . .

Why did she wear that skirt? I couldn't help but bounce my leg up and down because my body was feeling anxious Ms Hales class was complete torture, I already broke my pen in half and tried not to make a big deal about it by soaking the ink up with the paper from the novel we were currently reading as a class.

Each time she turned around I was staring at her ass, and then my leg would shake. When she faced the class, I was eyeing up her whole figure, and my leg would shake. Sometimes my eyes would drift up to her lips when she spoke and I was close to passing out.

Honestly, I've never wanted someone so bad and I was working up a sweat.

"Will someone please volunteer to read the next page for us, and everyone else follow along."

Anthony from Science started droning on and on slowly. All the heads were basically bent down reading, but I ignored my ink soaked book in favor of watching Rosalie stroll in front of the classroom slowly, mouthing along silently to Anthony's readings. She loved books, there's a new book every week followed by an essay.

So since I hate writing essay's I never did them. And I barely ever finished one of the books, sue me.

I'm stuck in Forks now anyway. Why even try?

. . .

The bell rang and I got up leaving the wet book on the table and grabbed my bag, ready to walk out. I definitely need some fresh air.

But Rosalie stopped me before I could make my escape. The rest of the kids scattered out, Leah making eye contact with me briefly on her way out.

Once the classroom was empty Rosalie sighed while picking up her red grade book.

"You know teachers take offence when their students don't even try." She husked.

What a sexy voice. "My apologies."

Rosalie went over towards the classroom door and closed it before turning back to me.

Her heels clicked along the floor as she approached "Do you need tutoring?" She asked while taking a deep breath, her eyes darkening slightly.

My mouth was so fucking dry at this point. I blatantly let my eyes roam over her body as she got closer to me. Damn, the things I would do to her. I shook my head though, fuck tutoring. "No thank you."

She hummed, lifting herself onto the edge of her desk, crossing her legs while filing through her grade book, stopping on a page that caught her attention. "You've turned in only one assignment. That makes me upset Bella. You don't want me upset do you?"

She tilted her head in question while I rolled my eyes.

"I stopped giving a fuck about school a little bit ago."


"You know why." I stated, staring right into her eyes, watching them become impossibly darker. I was just trying to focus on calming my own heart rate. The new addition in my pants was trying to make itself known. But boxer briefs and joggers keeps the little man down most of the time, it's just becoming painful for me.

"So then we should cut the bullshit hm?" Ms Hale said before un crossing her legs, spreading as wide as her skirt would allow, which was enough space for me to walk in between.

I almost groaned when she wrapped her legs around me, prompting me to lift her slightly and push up her skirt. I was getting dizzy being surrounded by the smell of her, every breath I took my senses overloaded. She closed the gap between us, our lips clashing together while she started to grind against me, greedy to get what ever friction she could. I was wearing too many clothes, I wanted to feel her on my skin.

I was just about to pull away so I could strip a bit when I heard the classroom door open and I whipped around, ready to rip apart whoever disrupted us. Mrs Cullen stood there with her arms crossed not looking as pissed as she should.

"You two really think it's a good idea to do this on school grounds?" She asked softly.

Ignoring her question I turned back around. Rosalie was making no move to un hook her legs so I followed her lead. Slightly grinding into her making her hiss.

"Could you give us five minutes mother" Rosalie said around me. I growled lowly, I didn't want to fucking stop in five minutes.

I heard the older woman hum before the door shutting behind her.

Rosalie pushed against me slightly as she unhooked her legs, I groaned when I saw the wet spot she left on me. I just had to where khaki colored joggers. But damn she was soaked.

"Are you wearing anything under that skirt Ms Hale?" I asked, my eyes only leaving the sight of her legs to look at her face.

She smirked and shook her head, biting her lip.

Well damn. I ran my hands along her inner thigh before slowly moving my right a little bit closer to where I really want to be. I almost cursed out loud when I felt how soaked she was, and bare, and warm. I let my knuckle bump against her clit, making her hips jerk up, and her hands to grab onto my shoulders bringing me in closer.

"Please Bella." She whispered, looking at me with her eye brows scrunched together and her bottom lip trapped between her teeth looing so desperate for me.

How could I possibly deny her?

Without further thought I moved two fingers down to her opening and roughly entered her, noting how slippery and hot she was. She let out a choked moan and I smirked before pulling out even slower, curling my fingers as I did so.

"Oh." Was all she got out before I slammed back in then out, starting up a brutal pace that had her mewling and letting out a string of curse words attached to my name. I fucking loved it.

"You wanted this so bad didn't you Ms Hale?" Her eyes were squeezed shut, mouth parted gasping for as much oxygen as she could, though it wasn't needed.

"I know you did. I could smell you everyday whenever I walk past you, just my presence turns you on, doesn't it?"

I positioned my thumb so I could swipe her clit each time I entered her, it only took three more thrust before I felt her gushing around my fingers, her legs locking against my waist again, pulling me in closer to her.

I groaned as I lost room to continue moving my hand so I wiggled my fingers inside of her.

"Oh shit, oh shit." And she was still shaking. I felt so accomplished I had to mentally pat myself on the back. But I had a huge problem in my pants that I needed to take care of.

Ms Hale still clung to me. I removed my fingers from in between her legs and hugged her closer. Her lips going to my neck before I felt her nibbling lightly.

I heard the door open again, and I could smell Leah's scent mixed with something else.

"Hey Bella, I'd hate to block but we have to head down to the Rez. Sam wants us there." I turned my head towards her and noticed the Alice girl standing beside her with a little smirk on her face.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll be out, give me a sec."

Leah nodded before backing out the room, dragging Alice with her.

I untangled myself from Ms Hale and couldn't help but grin at how fucked she looked.

"I hate to leave you like this Ms Hale, but duty calls." I grinned while walking backwards.

"Please, call me Rosalie." She said while jumping off the desk, pulling down her skirt

I smiled as I turned around and walked through the door, meeting Leah in the hallway.

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