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Chapter 4

Draco, who began to act apart of the script, listened to the feels he got from a situation. He heard the whispers of the Nothingness tell him what needed to be done. It told him to practice riding a broom, because he would need it later. He also tried to keep the Bad Batteru from waking and taking over. This usually involved a fast-paced run through the woods behind the mansion, where he would rip his claws into the bark of the trees. He wanted any creatures within the forest to know that the area belonged to him. He was once met with a group of angry skeletal horses, but a quick Run with Courage scared them off. This type of practice was always needed for his mission and it stood to reason he would need to train his abilities here as well. He mostly practiced on the trees, have only learned the allotted moves up to Save Second Base, a low level but not low enough to warrant concern.

It was when he reached this level that he received the news that he would be going to school. His father wanted him to go to a school that was farther away, but focused on dark magic. He listened to the Nothingness, which surprisingly agreed with his mother, urging him to go to a school that was closer named Hogwarts. He felt a certain respect for his human mother rise from this, any human which agreed with the Nothingness had to be of pure conscious. This left his father in question as to why his ideas were so vastly different than that of the Nothingness.

This, however, was dropped as the week he achieved Run with Grace came and he was taken to Diagon Alley for his school supplies. The list of items, held onto by his mother, were quite long and extensive to him. He often looked over the list and tried to comprehend if there were some items he didn't need, yet the Nothingness seemed firm to the fact he needed all of the items on it. He complied with the Nothingness and followed his mother to a store.

Madam Malkin's, a clothes shop, was the first stop for him. His mother quickly dropped him off at the store and left to get some of the other objects on his list. As a witch measured him for robes, another boy came into the store. He had short unruly black hair, green eyes covered by thick glasses, but that wasn't the most interesting thing about him. It was the Nothingness and its reaction to him, seemingly over-positive and radiating around him. Draco could tell the boy was important, because Zachrie had effected the Nothingness in the same way and what was more important to a video game than a merchant.

The script, something that had only been action cues up until this moment, appear before him and a conversation between him and the boy struck up. Draco spoke the script with ease, not once feeling wrong for what he said. The human parents he had spoke of such things all the time.

However, he felt conflicted once he saw the big, burly person who was the boy's escort. Was there something really wrong with him? The Nothingness seemed to ignore him, the giant giving off a friendly air with a hint of openness. It remind Draco of the feeling the Nothingness somewhat presented with it being a hint colder, making the giant appear as a warm, open field full of wild flowers, though he had never seen such a sight before. It was pleasant and he wondered why he had to be intolerant of that person. The Nothingness wished it though, so he obeyed.

The Nothingness told him to be intolerant of many people, and telling him to keep two specific people very close to him. It puzzled him, yet he listened to the Nothingness. That day, he stepped into a wand shop with a curious man running it. The more wands he tried, the more excited the man got, running around and bringing out more wands to try and ultimately fail. Then, one the man passed him amplified the voices of the Nothingness for a minute, leaving the man behind the counter shocked as the voices whispered and echoed around the room.

'This one,' the Nothingness whispered, a buzzing coming from the wand. 'This one.'

"Very well," Ollivander nodded, happily, "It has never happened before, but I believe the Nothingness has chosen a wand for you, Draco. That will be 25 Galleons."

He left the shop wondering how the man knew his name and the Nothingness. Any over person would have believed them to be anything else, such as noises from outside that had leaked into the building, but he had known the voices. Well, someone so close to Madness would know Nothingness as well, he thought.

Draco, over the next couple days, practiced with his new wand and read over his text books. The day he had to leave for school, he quickly hid his bat and cap underneath all of his things in the trunk he was to bring, his bear on the layer above in order to deter others from digging deeper. He didn't know why he had the bear, yet it reminded him of his son, Hugo. The boy had his own bear, a pure black bear. As the Batter, he had not cared about it much, yet this white one held a special place in his heart where Hugo had been. The boy had been the only pure thing he had destroyed and it hurt to know that his son was gone. He hoped his son would come back in this world just as he had. Until then, he would keep the bear until his son came back. If anything, it was more precious to him than his bat and that meant something.

He quickly walked through the barrier of Station 9 and 3/4, boarding the train and finding a seat. He quickly found one in a cabin with two boys called Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, two people he had met before thanks to his father. The Nothingness quickly ordered him off the train, informing him of something about to happen at the barrier. Just as the black haired boy got on the train, Draco slipped off and appeared before the barrier.

"I'm here! I'm here," a voice shouted as it run into the barrier, "Miaou!"

Zachrie, wearing the Judge mask, almost ran into Draco in his hurry.

"Ah," he quickly stopped, catching everyone's attention, "There you are, mi amigo! A certain gentleman wanted to join you. I must say, I was surprised when Pablo hinted to such a thing and I brought him here as quickly as I could." He held out his arms to the Batter, which held a skinny, disproportionate cat with a snaggletoothed grimace on its face.

"Zachrie," Draco puzzled, "Why is Pablo so skinny?" The cat was usually skinny, but he looked emaciated with how his hips jutted out and the clear definition he could see his ribs with.

The merchant 'miaou' quietly, "He didn't want any of my help and refused hand outs. He said, 'the much needed recompense was almost in reach' and ignored the food I left out for him." The Judge hissed at him, showing the displeasure Zachrie's sentence caused him. Draco shook his head, taking the cat from the merchant as the cat struggled weakly against being held. The Judge hardly weighted anything, surprising the monster even more.

"I'll take care of him," Draco promised, frowning down at the cat in his arms. The gentleman answered back with a quiet hiss. The merchant handed him a bag with all of the things the Judge would need as a feline gentleman including food, bowls for water and food, and a brush that served no purpose as the cat's fur was short and coming off in clumps.

Poor Judge, Draco thought sadly. The Judge needed to be taken care of.

He carried the Judge back to the train with him, petting the cat out of pity. He was pleased when the cat's smooth purr answered him. The first thing he'd do was treat the cat to some fish he brought with him on the train. Thank the Nothingness and all it tells him.

Crabbe and Goyle seemed surprised seeing him enter their cabin and quickly explained how he had put his things there, not knowing the cabin was occupied. The two quickly made room for him, asking about the Judge and telling the boy he shouldn't keep the mangy excuse of a cat. The Judge seemingly made his himself look slightly more normal by trying not to smile or he had been shocked into a grinless stupor, Draco thought.

"Don't worry about him. He isn't my cat," Draco assured them. He knew nobody could own the Judge, since the gentleman would view it shameful to have an owner. He would try his best not to offend the Judge too badly.

"Here," he stated slipping the cat a piece of fish, only after having some too. It would look like he was poisoning the cat if he didn't take some as well. Draco remained impassive as the feline wolfed down the food, secretly glad the cat was eating.

The Nothingness commanded him to get up, go a few cars down, and visit a so-called Harry Potter. Naturally, he invited his two new friends along and left the Judge behind, brushing off cat hairs as he went. He would offer the boy a partnership between them, hoping to please the Nothingness. The script reappeared upon opening the door and he read it, recognizing the other boy as the Weasley brat, the one that hit him in the eye. The boy, however, refused his offer and slammed the door in his face. He went back to the car with his two new friends, sadly pondering the script.

"Don't worry about it," Crabbe insisted, "Potter must not be that great." Draco nodded to the boy, not entirely agreeing with him. Opening up the cab door, he was met with a sight that made blood rush to his face and a weird feeling come over him. The Judge had dragged out his bear for the entire cabin to see.

"Pablo," Draco hissed, "Bad cat." The Judge hissed back, seemingly enjoying himself despite the slight fear he had in his eyes. Draco quickly retrieved the bear and fixed the cat with a glare. The cat winced slightly, remembering his last moments in their old world.

"Hey," Goyle quickly interjected, "We won't tell anyone. Promise." Gregory quickly elbowed Vincent into agreeing with him. Draco nodding to the two of them, deciding he would keep the two as his 'closest friends'. He felt the Nothingness approve with his choice.

The boys then began to question how the cat had gotten the truck down from its rack and how he could have opened it.