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Chapter 6

Draco laid down that night, staying quiet and waiting until the breathing of the human children changed to a deeper, even sound. The Nothingness seemed distant at the moment as it kept an eye on someone else. Who was not important to Draco at the moment, however the layout of the castle he would be staying at was. The Player would usually command him to explore, check out certian places, talk to everyone he met, and advance forward; but, there was no Player anymore. I'll just have to take it upon myself to explore, Draco thought as he silently got up and left the room. The common room was empty of people and he quickly looked at the different objects that had been placed around the room. A cozy, green-and-silver-themed funiture set caught his attention as he sat in an armchair. He only sat for a few seconds before standing again and leaving the common room.

The Nothingness seemed to finally take notice of his activity as he began to search the halls. Nothing of interest showed itself until he noticed an old cat with glowing eyes watching him. It didn't seem to be causing any problems for him at the moment, Draco thought. The monster continued his journey through the halls of the school, looking for anything noteworthy about the castle, besides its bizarre ability to change. Perhaps the room the 'Headmaster' had talked about would be interesting.


Three-headed Guardian of the Stone

HP 1000/ CP ?

Light weakness against meat

The three-headed dog was interesting, but it wasn't the strangest thing he has seen. Afterall, his world had many oddities within it. The beast was too large to fight properly and Draco fled. He wondered why this guardian was here and what exactly the stone was.

Pablo was gone. Draco wasn't sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. He still couldn't find his bat.

The Potter child was called on again and again in Potions, yet he did not have a single answer. It was a pitiful display, but one the monster recognized as not being his fault. Not many of the children would know anything about this subject and he only knew because the man teaching the class had told him to read his textbooks. Draco was still amused by the Potter child as well as his partner Weasley. Another child, Hermione Granger, also amused him; however, she did so with her knowledge as she struggled to contain herself. These humans were so unlike the timid Elsens that he decided to devote himself to pestering them. The script called for, so it would be done.

He was suppose to play Keep-Away with the Neville child's object. He didn't know what it was, but if the script called for it, it would be done. He antagonized the Potter child into coming up there with him and tossed the ball. His skills at baseball went into play as the ball-like sphere soared off and the Potter child took off after it. Draco couldn't tell if he was upset he lost the game so quickly or happy that the boy took the bait and ran with it. The Nothingness was pleased at least.

He challenged the boy to a fight, but did not come. He did not want to hurt the Potter child.

Draco watched the boy fly after the small, winged ball and almost wanted to cheer for him. Until the Potter child almost swallowed the ball, in which case, he almost started to laugh. He, however, was not suppose to support the other House. Stupid human emotions, he thought with a sour face. The Nothingness simply whispered, 'Not very long. Just a little more.' He almost asked about it, but chose against it. He had no need to question the Nothingness. As long as he listened to it, purity was within reach.

The bizarre holiday All Hallow's Eve came around, something that would certainly cause many Elsen to go Burnt, maybe even Critic-Burnt. The impure professor came into the hall and screamed about a troll before collapsing. He followed his seniors back to the dorms, yet was amused by the Potter and Weasley for running off to go fight. His Player would have urged him to go along, wouldn't they?

The Potter child's broom was trying to buck him off. Apparently, that wasn't supposed to be normal. He still won the game though, which made the monster respect him a tad more.

Before leaving for Christmas, the monster found a mirror. Yet he saw Nothing in it with flowers by his feet. His home. It was good to see it again, no matter how impure it was.

Christmas held more surprises for his parents then him. A strange cat had been found on the grounds along with a merchant who seemed to know him. A Masashi bat and a few Luck Tickets had been left for him in his room along with the usual quote. 'Bis Vincit, Qui Se Vincit In Victoria.'

"He conquers twice who conquers himself in victory."

The winged-fire breathing creature could not possibly be safe to have in a wooden building. He had to tell someone, but the Nothingness told him not to. 'Almost. Just a little more.'

The Nothingness said to go get a teacher, specifically McGongall, and get the Potter child and his friends in trouble. It said nothing about him being in trouble as well. Of course, thought the monster, I should have expected this though. They were going to be sent into the woods, somewhere Draco had wanted to go anyway. He was told to act scared, but there was nothing to fear. He was the most dangerous thing in these woods, he thought. A splash of silver against some leaves startled him. Unicorn blood was such a bright color. Apparently, they were one of the purest animals and the Nothingness favored them for their regal nature. Being paired with the Potter child and a large dog, they marched through the woods with a lantern and searched for the creature. It would be interesting to find it, the agent of the Nothingness thought, if it was a creature of Nothing as well.

It was horrible to see such an impure beast gorging itself on his kindred's neck. He felt sick and felt to urge to rip it to shreds. A blood, curdling howl was about to escape his throat when it turned into a pitiful scream and the Nothingness forced him to turn and run. No, screamed Draco, let me kill it, avenge the sibling it took from us.

'Not yet. Run now.'

He could still hear his kin's final word that escaped along with its dying breath.


He didn't know if the cretin who killed his kindred was male or female, he just wanted them dead.