All I wanted was a relaxing day with my best friends…And what I got was the exact opposite.

It started when, well I guess I should introduce myself.

My name is Marzia Raynes. I'm fourteen years old and I have golden hair and golden eyes. Yes, golden eyes like a cat except they're brighter. Anyway, I live with my best friends Abigail and Hannie Grey. I know what you're thinking, where are my parents?

It's complicated but I'll try to explain.

When I was two days old my parents disappeared, leaving me on the doorstep of her sister's house, which is my bestfriends/stepsisters mother. Although it was strange that my parents just left me, I was told that they didn't even look for them, didn't even file a police report. I did hold a grudge on Daisy and Robert but I finally got over it.

So, they raised me on their own. Actually giving birth to Abigail a week later and Hannie only two years later.

Now on to my sisters. Abigail is of course my age, she has dark brown hair and brown eyes. She's like me, a tom boy. I hate everything girly, espically dresses. Hannie is the complete opposite of us. She loves dresses and skirts. She even had a youtube account about makeup tutorials before Daisy almost killed her for it. Hannie has the same brown eyes as Abigail but has dirty blonde hair, it will never compare to my bright hair though.

Everyone knows we're best friends, we spend every second with eachother even when we're not at home. We're pretty much inseparable. Although, whenever we tell people that I'm their adopted sibling that's also their cousin...we get a weird look. I've gotten used to it because of my weird eyes and people even say that my skin is golden, I don't see it but I take their word for it.

Back to the story, I guess I should start from the beginning.

I wake up for the first day of school but then my brain tells me that its too early so I fall back asleep.

"Mari! Wake up!" Hannie yells, hitting me with a pillow while Abi throws off my blanket.

"Leave me be!" I yell back, groaning and curling into a ball, they take my legs and pull me off the bed falling on to the clothes on my floor. I tell them to leave and get changed. I put on a pair of grey skinny jeans, a black camisole and a black leather jacket with my Fvorite pair of black combat boots. Don't worry I'm not goth or anything, I just feel like black because I don't feel like going to school.

I go downstairs after going to the bathroom and brushing my teeth and doing my hair and makeup. I put my hair into a wrap around braid that starts on the left side of my head and ends on the right. Hannie and Abi are sitting at the table eating some cereal. Hannie is wearing a white croptop type shirt and a skirt that the shirt it tucked into and it ends at the top of her knee complete with white wedges and her hair into a curled ponytail. Abi decides to go with my fashion choice of blue jeans and a tshirt with converse and her hair in a messy French braid.

"You should probably put on some makeup, it is the first day." Hannie chastises Abi.

"I did, I just don't put on a mountain of it like you and Marzia." Abi snaps.

"I don't wear a mountain." Hannie and I shoot back at the same time.

She rolls her eyes and I pour myself a smoothie, I hate cereal with a passion and I will never eat it.

After we eat we get our backpacks and leave. Abi climbs into her car, yes she has a car and a learners permit. It's just one of the perks of our father being the congressman and letting fourteen year olds drive.

We arrive at the prision I call school. If you haven't already noticed I am not excited. With my ADHD sitting in a chair for two hours is torture. Pair it with dyslexia and it makes school absolute hell. Abi and Hannie share my pain particallyu because they both have ADHD not dyslexia.

We get out of Abi's truck and go in. People stare as always, although Im not sure if its because of my eyes or because of how our father's the congressman. Abi hates the extra attention but Hannie thrives in it, and secretly I do too.

We go to our lockers, somehow ours are right next to each others, and fish our shedules out of our bags. Hannie's a seventh grader because she skipped sixth grade and Abi and I are eighth graders. Abi and I have all the same classes and Hannie has one class with us which is advanced English. She goes off to her friends and we go to our homeroom class.

Nothing special happens in the first four classes, same old same old where the teacher makes up tell each other our names and the teacher makes some terrible joke which no one laughs at except the teacher pets. The bell rings just intime and finally, one more class until lunch.

We enter our math class and something tells me this is a bad idea. The hair on my arms stand straight up and theres a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. But of course I ignore it and sit next to Abi. The teacher comes in five minutes later and I get that same bad feeling. I wiggle in my seat and glance at Abi, thinking mayne she feels something bad about this but she just looks as she always does in school, bored.

The teacher is an old woman about seventy years old with grey hair and eyes that have a reddish tint. I glance at Abi again, you'd think someone would catch her unusual eyes.

The teacher locks eyes with me and bares her teeth, I gasp, how is no one seeing this?

A hand touches my arm and I jump, "You okay?" abi asks.

"Y-you didn't see that?" I widen my eyes.

Before she can reply, the teacher, who calls herself Ms. Lyne, slams her hand down on my desk making me yelp as I already am jumpy. The class laughs but I barely hear them. Get out. Get out of there now! A voice yells inside me.

"Would you like to repeat your conversation?" She practically growls, then isee that parts of her appearance starts to chip away like old paint. It reveals a bat like creature with rubbery skin and leather wings. Her breath smells like rotton meat making me almost start heaving.

I flinch away from her as she starts to opem her mouth again, it smirks, "Why don't we talk about this outside, honey".

"Uh, no thank you." I manage to choke out. Her appearance bares her teeth, "Now, honey."

I gulp and nod, she smiles which looks like she's baring her teeth again. She leads me into the hall and glances left and right before pinning me against the wall by my throat, pulling my feet off the ground.

I gasp for air, and claw at the hands that are crushing my windpipes, "Did you think youd get away with it, demigod?" she growls.

She opens her mouth showing more razor sharp teeth to probably tear me apart, I close my eyes awaiting the pain. I hear a whoosh of air and a scream, I open my eyes to see and arrow protruding out of it's head.

I try to scream, remembering the claws on my throat, my vision swimming with black dots. Suddenly the pressure is removed and I fall to the floor, gasping and coughing.

I open my eyes reluctantly, theres golden dust on the floor and two people are standing over me with orange shirts on.

"Are you okay?" the girl asks, kneeling next to me. She has blonde hair that's curly like a princess. You'd think she'd have blue eyes but theyre actually startling grey ones.

I nod and try to stand, rubbing my throat, "What was that thing?" My voices comes out hoarse and I wince at it.

"A monster." The boy with green eyes and black hair states. I wait for him to crack a smile or laugh, to say it's a joke but he never does.

"Seriously?" I gasp and they nod.

"You've got to come with us. We're demigods and we're gonna keep you safe." The girl says. "My name is Annabeth Chase, and this is Percy Jackson."

"A demigod?" I ask, having no idea what theyre talking about.

"The offspring of a god or goddess and a mortal." Percy says.

"You mean like greek mythology?" I question, my brows pulling in in confusion.

They both nod, "Exactly and we were looking for three demigods who were here. We found you, and I know you have two siblings."

I frown, should I trust these people? They could be serial killers, although they did save my life… "They're actually my cousins but I live with them. One's in there-" I nod to my classroom, "And one's in seventh grade hall."

Annabeth tilts her head, "Why do you live with them?"

"My parents left me on their mother's porch, their mother's actually my mother's sister." I explain and Annabeth and Percy look at each other thoughtfully. Actually Annabeth looks thoughtful, Percy just looks confused.

"Marzia, could you go get your sister and then we'll go get your other one?" Annabeth commands and I nod reluctantly, I go to do it when I stop, "Wait where are you taking us?"

"To Camp Halfbood, a safe haven for demigods." Percy replies, and I nod opening the door and going into the room. All eyes turn to me, Abi looks at me questionly.

"Where's Ms. Lyne?" A smart girl with two brunette braids and glasses says.

"Uh…She um, wont be coming back. Abi could I see you for a second?" I command, trying not to show my worry.

"Did you do something to our teacher?" The girl's blue eyes widen behind her classes. The rest of the class gasps and stare. I clench my jaw, "Abi now!" Abi scrambles up, and catches my arm as I turn to the door.

"You did!" The girl exclaims and jumps up, looking as if shes going to cry.

"No time to talk, Abigail. Come with me now!" I snap, and pull her out the door. Percy and Annabeth are waiting with their weapons drawn, "What happened? I ehard yelling." She asks.

"We may or may not have an angry mob coming after us." I say simply, Annabeth sigh and Percy says, "We better go get your other sibling."

I agree and as we rush down the hall I hear the door open, we sprint even faster and I glance at Abi, she looks bewildered and I know what shes thinking. We go to the seventh grade hall and I look at Abigail, "Which class is Hannie's?" I ask and she shrugs.

"I don't know I wasn't paying attention." She admits and I face palm, looking at Percy and Annabeth. I tell them Hannie's features and we split up checking all seven rooms, I go into one room and everyone stares at me. I hear a startled breathe through clenched teeth, and look toward the noice, Hannie is looking more than annoyed with my sudden interruptiton.

"Can I help you?" A male voice asks and I look toward the teacher who is looking confused, he brings in a startled breath when he meets my eyes, "Are your eyes real?"

I nod, "Indeed they are. Now could I borrow Hannie for a moment?"

"Well that depends, who are you and why do you need her?" He asks, his eyes narrowing.

I clench my jaw, smirking slightly, suddenly he gasps and falls to the ground spasming, I jump back. Did I do that? And if I did HOW THE HELL DID I FREAKING DO THAT?

"MARZIA! WHAT DID YOU DO?" Hannie yells, stomping over to me, fuming.

I'm already scared, and startled. "I don't know." I breathe heavily and grab her arm pulling her to the door, she striggkles but then finds its no use and relents.

"I think I just killed a teacher!" I gasp at Annabeth, she blanches, "What?" she demands.

I told her what happened and she goes pale evenmore, "We need to get you to Camp Halfbood."

And that was the last moment I thought I was normal.