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Marzia POV

With a sword strapped on my side and a dagger stowed away inside my pant's waistband, I step out of Camp Half Blood's safety barrier.

"You ready for this, Marzy?" Hannie asks, eyeing me with an expression I can't place. My three partners, infact have been looking at me like that all day since I woke. I can't remember very much from last night other than all of the important things that pretty much killed me.

"Of course." I reply confidently. Of course I'm ready for this, if I'm not then I'll most likely be killed by the Olympians. That or they'd be killed.

Talis speaks next, "Okay, there should be a bus driving past soon and that's going to be the last one for today so I suggest we catch it." He says and us girls reply with shrugs and 'okay's.

We trudge down the hill, my backpack thumping with eat step I take and I can hear the Drachmas clinking in the baggy Chiron gave me. Abi nudges me with her elbow, "Lighten up Marzia, this'll be fun I promise." She says, smiling.

I smile weakly back but it's held down by my worries, everything is riding on my success. I hear the bus thundering down the country road and it slowly stops to pick us up. Talis climbs up and I'm the last one on, the bus driver gives me a creepy look and I rush back to my friends and sitting inbetween Talis and Hannie, Abi sits across from us.

"Is it just me or did the bus driver give you a creepy look?" I ask and my friends look at me with raised eyebrows.

"No, did he give you one?" Talis asks, looking sort of worried, his light eyebrows coming together.

I look up toward the front again and see the old man, he has the usual graying hair and wrinkly skin but he has creepy, black beady eyes that seem to stare into your soul. He locks eyes with me in the mirror and bares his teeth.

Just like the monster at the school did.

"We need to get off." I announce a little too loudly because suddenly the bus comes to a screeching stop, people yelp and scream and I'm smooshed into Talis. "Oh no." Talis breathes, pulling out his daggers that he keeps hidden in his black boots.

Abi and Hannie follow suit, pulling out their bows and swords. I'm still in shock, I knew I wasn't cut out for being a demigod, I freeze up at the first sign of danger.

Abi grabs my elbow as the old man comes foreward, slowly shifting into a leathery skinned monster. "Hurry up." Abi speaks harshly. I unfreeze, pulling out my sword and feel my body warm up as it does when my adrenaline heightens.

"I was wondering when I'd find some demigods." The monster growls, his fingernails growing as long as my dagger. "And I even found one of the chosen."

I get ready, Abi and Hannie pushing me behind them. I purse my lips a little angrily, I want to fight a little at least.

I see the monster lunge at Talis, he does the same, throwing one of his daggers but he misses. I suddenly have an idea, I jump up on the seats and launch pass the monster while he's distracted. Sprinting to the driver's seat, I start the bus, driving a bus can't be that hard can it? All I know is I need to distract the monster from my friends before someone gets hurt.

I hear someone yelp and whip my head around, Hannie holds her shoulder, a grimace lodged on her face. How did I get so unlucky, of course I'd jinx it.

I start the bus and it lunges, making the monster fall backwards. Abi lunges at it, stabbing the sword at the monster's heart. It disappears into golden dust. "Yes!" I whoop, Talis grins but then his eyes widen.

"Marzia! The bus!" He yells, I whip my head back around and see a wall up ahead, I yelp slamming on the break.

As unlucky as I am, I step on the gas. I cry out in frustration, as the bus rockets faster, the mortal's screaming, I step on the other lever and the bus squeals, grinding into a stop.

I sigh a breathe of relief, "You idiot!" Abi and Hannie yell simultaneously, they may not be biological siblings but they sure do act the same.

"We killed it didn't we?" I grin despite our situation. Talis rolls his eyes but he surprisingly matches my grin, I hear police sirens in the distance.

"Looks like we should get going get arested." Abi sighs, yanking me out of the drivers seat. "And this time Marzia, try not to kill us!"

I grin, tripping down the bus steps and all four of us running into the streets of New York City.

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