I'm Dense, You're Denser, We're the Densest

Chapter 1 - The Smile

Summary: He notices that she's not the same as before. Not since his childhood friend came back from the dead. Truth be told, there's nothing special going on between him and his old friend. There may have been times in the past… but it's in the past. He knows that his childhood friend isn't for him. He knows, that instead, she's the one for him. He just can't make her realize it.

.:**:. .:**:.

'Who's the dense one now, Luce?'

.:**:. .:**:.

Dιѕclαмer: I doɴ'т owɴ Fαιry Tαιl, Hιro Mαѕнιмα doeѕ! All I owɴ ιѕ тнe ғαɴғιcтιoɴ.

.:**:. .:**:.

"Let us celebrate the homecoming of our long-lost guildmate, Lisanna! Let the party begin!" Makarov shouted. Raising his beer mug into the air, he cheered with the loud and rambunctious guild called Fairy Tail.

.:**:. .:**:.

The party had already went on for about an hour or so, and the crowd around Lisanna had lessened.

Natsu found Lucy talking to Mirajane, rather nervously. He overheard part of their conversation. "Mira, I don't know if Lisanna will like me! She might get mad at me for being too close to Natsu, and think that I like him!" Lucy said nervously.

"And you don't like Natsu?" Mira asked while grinning suggestively.

Lucy lowered her voice so much, that even with his dragon slayer hearing, Natsu couldn't figure out what Lucy had said. But even so, what he had heard made his heart beat in a way he'd never felt before. His attention was brought back to the two talking at the bar. "Just talk to her! My sister would love you." Mirajane insisted.

Natsu figured it was time for him to step in. "Hey Luce!" he called, trying to act casual. Who knew what Lucy would do to him if she knew he was eavesdropping. But he wished he could hear Lucy's reply to Mira's question. "Want to meet Lisanna? I told her about you, so she already knows how nice you are!"

A smile grew on Lucy's face. Having Natsu introduce her to Lisanna would make things easier… she hoped. Her smile dropped. Lucy knew how close Natsu and Lisana were as kids. They even were talking about marriage. From what she heard from her guildmates, it was a joke Lisanna made just to see Natsu embarrassed.

"Um, Luce?" Natsu had noticed the rather sad look take away her smile. He didn't like that. Maybe meeting Lisanna would make her smile again.

"Huh?" Lucy realized Natsu had just asked a question, and was expecting her answer. "Sure Natsu, that would be great."

.:**:. .:**:.

Lucy was pulled along by Natsu, who was tightly gripping her arm. She protested, but was quickly cut off. "Hey Nat-"

"Ooh, are you Lucy Heartfillia? It's so nice to meet you normally!" Lucy turned to the white haired take-over mage. She smiled. 'Lisanna seems really nice!'

"It's nice to meet you Lisanna! I know we've met before, but those times were under, uh, strange circumstances." Lucy said, giggling lightly. Lisanna laughed too, and they started chatting away happily.

Natsu crept off unnoticed, as he let the two alone. He was happy again, for just meeting Lisanna had made Lucy smile. Her smile was really important, Lucy had become the happy ray of sunshine in the guild. She would always be there to cheer him or others up, never left others to face their troubles alone, and she never gave up.

A light blush formed across his face. 'That smile…'

.:**:. .:**:.

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