I'm Dense, You're Denser, We're the Densest

Chapter 12 - In the Future

Previously: As the party drew to a close well past midnight, Natsu walked Lucy home.

On the way, he slipped his warm and slightly calloused hand into hers, as their fingers entwined.

"Natsu, I never knew that would happen on your search for the herb." Lucy's voice broke the silence.

Grinning under the moonlit night, Natsu shrugged, still keeping a tight hold on her hand. "Well, it was a miraculous search that led to a miraculous ending."

.:**:. .:**:.

Dιѕclαмer: I doɴ'т owɴ Fαιry Tαιl, Hιro Mαѕнιмα doeѕ! All I owɴ ιѕ тнιѕ ғαɴғιcтιoɴ.

.:**:. .:**:.

After Lucy's 'revival' of sorts, the guild was more lively than ever. Lucy was often founds next to Natsu, except for the times he left her side to fight Gray. Or when he used her bathroom to shower and... do what you do in a bathroom.

And so, as Natsu was using her bathroom, Lucy was frantically scribbling in her diary. She wrote about everything that happened during the mission, the journey that Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Happy went on, and of them saving her. She also wrote about how much more caring Natsu seemed to be. There were also times when he'd open his mouth as if to speak, but he shut it again. Lucy was puzzled when that happened. Didn't they tell each other everything? Had she done something to upset him? But, she realized, she didn't tell Natsu everything.

She hadn't told him that she loves him.

Finishing her diary entry, Lucy snapped her diary closed, and put her pen to the side. Stretching her arms above her head, she winced as she cracked her knuckles. Looking down at the diary, Lucy noticed something that she hadn't seen before. The last page was sticking out more than the others. 'Why?'

Lucy flipped open the back cover of the diary, than gasped in surprise - and delight. For on that last page, were the words,

Dear Lucy's Diary,

I'm sorry for writing here without Luce's permission, but… oh well? I just want to say a few things. I'm not as dense as I seem, Lucy's denser than me, and we're both the densest people on earth. But I just want her to know that -

I think I like her too.

Only one person would write in that messy handwriting, and leave part of the page ripped in the process; Natsu.

Heart fluttering in her chest, Lucy put the diary away as she heard Natsu coming out of the bathroom. So her feelings of love were not unrequited feelings after all! A smile bloomed on her face, as she randomly took a book off the shelf and pretended to read it. When instead, she was looking at Natsu who had walked into the living room.

"Hey, Luce, do you have an extra towel?" Natsu asked. His hair was dripping wet. Droplets of water fell off the pink strands and left small dark water marks in Lucy's carpet.

Lucy looked up in a nonchalant manner. "Oh yeah, it's in the closet," she replied, pointing to the white wooden door of a small storage closet.

Grinning and flashing his white canines, Natsu smiled. "Thanks!" Before walking to the closet, he asked, "You know you're reading the book upside down, right? And The History of Slugs and Snails? What kind of a book are you even reading?" Smirking silently as he left the living room, his sharp hearing caught the small squeal Lucy emitted.

.:**:. .:**:.

Natsu returned to the living room, with his hair now dry. Lucy was sitting on the couch reading another book - this time held right-side-up. "Eh, Lucy, what happened with The History of Slugs and Snails? Finished it already?"

Lucy looked up from her new book, which was a book about dragon fairy tales. "Nah, it was too slow of a read. I prefer dragons," she said.

The two laughed at Lucy's pun, before Natsu sat down on the couch. Slinging his arm on the back of the couch, he read over Lucy's shoulder. A peaceful silence filled the living room.

.:**:. .:**:.

After reading a few more dragon stories together in silence, Lucy just had to speak. "So, Natsu," she started. Once he looked up, she continued. "Have you seen anyone touch my diary lately?" She couldn't help but notice him shift uncomfortably in his seat on the couch. Lucy held back a smile, but her lips twitched just a bit. Then Natsu shook his head.

"Really?" Lucy asked. "Because somebody wrote a confession of sorts in my diary. On the last page. AND, it looks like your handwriting."

Natsu was now silently panicking. "Umm... err..."

Lucy raised an eyebrow.

That was the last straw for Natsu, he broke down. "I wrote that!" he said rather loudly. "I really, really like you Lucy, even more than I like Erza!"

A frown graced Lucy's face. "Then you just like me as your best friend?" She was determined to get Natsu to say the three words in front of her.

Shaking his head, Natsu tried again. "Lucy, I really love you!"

With those words, Lucy flung herself at him. She hugged him tightly, burying her face into his chest. "Well I love you too. You should have told me sooner, I've loved you for such a long time."

.:**:. .:**:.

Late afternoon of their confession, when Gray and Erza and Happy snuck into Lucy's house, they were greeted by an adorable sight. The two - Lucy and Natsu - were asleep on Lucy's couch, with Lucy's head tucked right under his chin.

The three silently left the apartment, not bothering the cute couple.

.:**:. .:**:.

The next day, Mirajane was in heaven. She would be getting her blonde hair, onyx eyed and pink hair, brown eyed babies soon.

She could see that in the future.

.:**:. .:**:.

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