I wanted to get this idea off my head so understand why it is short. Like vegito, kakarot will have a harem but he will obtain it in evil ways and have some villains along the way. So it's Kakarot vs. the justice league enjoy (This is a side story and I will mainly focus on vegito or maybe I'll do a long chapter for vegito and short ones for kakarot)

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In deep space, the body of the saiyan Kakarot floats and is unconscious from recent events. His left eye twitches for a second till they both open and reveal red pupils.

"where the hell am I?"he thought as he tried to remember recent events "Those bastards! They did this, they sent me here!" he thought as he looked around the darkness of space and recalled the memories of what happened.


"Hurry! We don't have much time!" The supreme kai shouted as he watched the nameks scramble to collect their dragonballs.

"Why didn't we stop his rise to power before? Why didn't you tell me he existed?! Even I would've seen where this would lead to before Beerus showed up and offered him his position" elder kai shouted at younger fellow kai.

"Look! I didn't pay attention to him after he killed frieza, I assumed he would die with the planet after it was destroyed. He never showed himself after the event making it seemed he died in the explosion" supreme Kai defended himself.

"I see what you mean...he didn't destroy anything after that?"

"No...he only trained I assumed, I saw another saiyan blowing up the south galaxy but he was stopped by someone more powerful. He disappeared after the comet destroyed the planet"

"What about later on?"

"Earth was taken out long ago but Buu's prison somehow survived the explosion and floated in space till the wizard found him" he said as the nameks were close to completing their task.

"That's when the warrior released me but he was easily killed by Buu. We expected Buu to come to our home but he went somewhere else"

"Yes, I felt his energy signal far away so it would take me a while to reach Buu but when I got their his energy signal vanished. Someone more powerful easily killed him"

"Did you see the person who did it?"

"Yes, he had a tail like a saiyan but he had red fur covering his entire chest and crazy dark hair. I didn't recognize him as the saiyan from the battle from Frieza because he looked so different"

"That explains how he came so far in his power. We only recognized him too late when he defeated Beerus and accepted the new position as the new god of destruction. Not only did he ascend in power to godhood but he went beyond. He passed all the limitations of a saiyan and still keeps growing in power"

"That's the reason we have to get rid of him, I thought he was a hero but his Ki is pure evil and who knows why he trains to get stronger" elder kai finished as he saw the dragonballs glow and saw the village elder speak to the balls calling forth the powerful dragon.

"What is your wish supreme Kai?" the elder asked but stopped as he looked to the sky in pure horror. supreme Kai turned around as he looked at a furious Kakarot. His aura was growing in size as the dark red Ki engulfed him. His saiyan armor was modified so that it would be more durable, he wore black gi pants with black boots, his upper body protected by his saiyan armor and his arms covered in black sleeves that stopped at the elbows and his white gloves cut off so they stop at his wrist.

"WISH HIM TO A DIFFERENT UNIVERSE THAT COULD TAKE CARE OF HIM! I'LL TRY TO STALL HIM, JUST HURRY!" supreme Kai shouted as he launched himself at Kakarot. The kai let loose a flurry of volley shots and high powered beams that filled the sky with smoke.


The skies cleared as a smirking saiyan stood and quicker than some could see, the supreme kai was sent into the ground and into the planet's core killing him as his body touched the center.

"Now join him in hell!" Kakarot shouted as he raised his hands and created a ball of red energy. He smiled as he saw the young ones hold their adults in fear but he stopped his flow of power as he heard the giant dragon speak.

"YOUR WISH IS WITHIN MY POWER! IT SHALL BE GRANTED BUT THIS WILL TAKE ALL OF YOUR WISHES TO BE ACOMPLISHED" he stated as he fired a white beam towards Kakarot. He raised his hands to stop the attack but it fased through and connected with his chest. His eyes widened as he saw his chest disappear and the last thing he saw was a smiling elder kai and celebrating namekians as unconsciousness took over

(Flashback end)

He yelled as loud as he could and started letting his power come out. The whole system was thrown into a loop as their orbits was destroyed. On the planets with life, they scrambled as they saw their planet climate change end and some send S.O.S to deep space alerting them of their situations. Kakarot released his stored up anger in a SUPER explosive wave. The purple ball shot outwards towards neighboring planets and suns were devoured by the immense power. The citizens of the system saw only a bright light before their planet was blown away to ashes and never seen or heard from again. He was heavily breathing as he floated in the same spot, his saiyan side was still overflowing with rage but his tactical side began planning. He knew revenge was almost impossible but he saw an entire universe to conquer. He didn't conquer his because the running theme there was "No matter how strong you become, someone in the universe will always be stronger" he learned this rule when he conquered Earth and his mate Bulma came with him to travel the universe.

"Bulma..." he whispered and remembered she taught him to be smart and not reveal his presence. If he could see her, he would make her a saiyan and his son would help her become stronger. Hopefully his son will take revenge in his universe and kill the bastards that sent him here.

He stopped as he sensed the universe. He found Earth easily but it was filled with powerful beings that could oppose him. He found central galaxies that were filled with life and one planet caught his interest. He sensed it more thoroughly and found a supremely evil presence filled with nothing but darkness. He smirked as he used Instant Transmission to the planet and appeared at a distance where he could get a view of the planet. He smiled as he saw a planet full of fire, the ground was metal and the entire place screamed evil. Not wasting a second he teleported to the strongest energy signal. He appeared in a throne room of some kind and right in the middle of a conversation. He hid behind a wall as his saiyan hearing picked up every single word.

"You failed me again granny!" Kakarot snickered a he heard the sentence.

"Sounds funny coming from him" he mused himself as he heard the old woman defend herself.

"My lord! it was the justice league that stepped in this time. They had superman an-"


Granny goodness was sent flying into the wall that led to the hallway and landed next to a smirking Kakarot. She could barely get a glance in before she closed her eyes and blood flowed from her head

"DON'T EVEN SAY THAT CURSED NAME TO ME! I know that wretched kryptonian will always step in my path to obtain the anit-life equation but I have a plan to destroy him then finish the rest of his league. The peace treaty between New Genesis is only a cover to buy me time to build up my army, the earth won't know what hit them"He chuckled as he looked to the burning skies of his planet.

"Sir! we found this intruder listening in on your conversation. what shall we do to him my lord? "The guard asked as he threw Kakarot forward and onto the ground.

" Why are you spying on Apokolips?"he asked as he walked towards the saiyan.

"My name is Kakarot by the way and I was just overhearing your loud talking...you seem to yell...A LOT!" he said and stood up.

"I have little time for jokes, who sent you?!" He yelled as the building shook but Kakarot remained unafraid.

"Okay look, I was sent here by my god for being mean and stuff. I destroyed a system after waking up and came here. I heard you talking so I just listened and now we are face to face" he said as he looked at the ugly form of Darkseid and looking away quickly to avoid staring at his ugly mug.

"You expect me to believe you destroyed a system? That the story you just gave me was true? pathetic! take him to the fire pits and toss him with the other weaklings"he ordered and turned to face the window. He didn't see Kakarot eyes turn teal after he heard the weakling insult. His saiyan pride flared as he was dragged away. He planted his feet and the guards attempted to move him but failed. His hair rose as he grabbed both of their skulls and crushed them, not drawing a single scream to alert the "God" in front of him. He brushed the blood from his hands as he walked towards Drakseid.

"Hey ugly!" he shouted as he heard the god sigh and turn around.

"What the hell are yo-"


Darkseid met a fist square in his face that sent him through the window and out to the training area below. His body make a sickening thud as it landed inside the arena and a crater formed along the ground as he slid to a stop. Kakarot landed on the ground ignoring his usual graceful landings and making a huge crater in the dirt. He slowly stood as he watched the ruler of Apokolips get up and look at him in pure hatred.

"You dare strike a god?! Your head will hang over the doors of this arena after I'm through with you!"He declared as he charged the saiyan. He launched his fist but it was stopped in mid-air by the hand of Kakarot and twisted. Darkseid's red eyes widened as he fell to one knee and attempted to break his hold. Kakarot just smirked as he twisted much further and a bone was heard breaking from the powerful grip.

"What is he? Superman couldn't even cause this much pain to me and he isn't even trying! Time to use some tricks of my own!"he planned as he activated his armor's electric field that delivered enough voltage to make superman fall on his knees. To his shock, the voltage didn't even affect Kakarot as he gripped his arm further. Darkseid's screams had drawn his entire army on his location. His Furies came through followed by Big Barda as they looked at the scene with wide eyes. They saw their god on his knees screaming in pain as a golden haired man watched with amusement. All weapons were raised at the golden hero as he put his foot on Darkseid's shoulder and began to slowly pull. Darkseid's screams increased as blood began leaking through the cracks of his skin and the skin of his arm stretch as Kakarot pulled.

"FIRE YOU IDIOTS, DEFEND YOUR GOD!" He screamed as everyone let loose their weapons. All over the planet, explosions were heard and the shockwaves were felt as all of Apokolips citizens looked towards the source of the disturbance.

Darkseid watched in awe and temporarily forgot his pain as he saw a smirking Kakarot stare at him as he blocked all the incoming fire with a Ki shield. Nothing came through as the ammunition detonated. The firing died down as everyone waited for the smoke to clear and what they saw shocked them to their cores. The man didn't have a single scratch on him while Darkseid was riddled with scratches and no serious wounds but little bruises. Having no more patience, Kakarot pulled with little strength and Darkseid's arm pulled out of it's socket and into the air. The blood flowed freely as Kakarot walked Darkseid holding his arm for all to see. The god was on the ground attempting to stop the blood flow and was left in shock. His subjects watched as Kakarot threw his arm to the ground next to their fallen god


Darkseid was seething in anger as his eyes glowed. He fired his infamous Omega beams at the back of Kakarot and smiled as they came into contact. To his surprise, the beams passed right through him and hit the arena walls, destroying them upon impact. He searched and found him waving at him. Not wasting time he launched dozens of beams at Kakarot and watched at they followed him no matter where he went.

"You cannot evade them! they will follow you no matter where you go. Now die and leave my planet!"he shouted in victory as he watched Kakarot fly around the arena.

"Can't believe he thinks he's won. pathetic god if you ask me" he thought as he flew straight at Darkseid. He stopped right in front of him as his back was turned towards the beams. He smirked and crossed his arms. He focused his Ki to his back and waited for the impact of the omega beams. With a loud BOOM the beams connected and Darkseid laughed as he watched the smoke clear and saw no one there. He stayed on one knee as he wanted to make sure no one survived.

"Help me fools, I want that arm reattached to me by the hour!" He commanded but nobody moved and they just looked behind him. Many had their faces hidden by helmets but those who didn't had faces of pure shock as they saw the saiyan standing behind the god.

"You want to know a secret?" Kakarot whispered in Darkseid's ear that made him freeze on the inside "My name is Kakarot and I'm known as the GOD OF DESTRUCTION" he finished as he grabbed Darkseid's head. He started to struggle as Kakarot pulled and for the first time in his life...he was afraid he would die, he believed he was immortal and that he was invincible but his fate was ended as Kakarot pulled Darkseid's head along with his spine out of his body. He yelled in victory as he held the head of the dead god in the air for all to see. He dropped the head next to the lifeless body and continued his speech


"Your words are false! The moon is as big as this planet itself and no one can destroy planets with just a small ball! " Barda challenged as she got close to the saiyan, barely towering over him.

"Want to bet?" he challenged.

"Name it?" she accepted

" Become my queen when I destroy the moon and my mate after today" he said as he watched her eyes narrow and a beautiful smirk grace her features.

"Become my pet when you fail to destroy the moon and my servant" she stated and he nodded his head

"Terms accepted" He concluded

"They don't call me the god of destruction for nothing " he said as he launched the small ball at the moon and watched it disappear into the burning sky. They waited for 30 seconds but nothing happened.

"Seems you exaggerated your so called power, now come my pe-"

"You might want to hang onto something, like right now" he stated and she had a confused look on his face till a bright white light filled the sky, Following the white was a massive shockwave and powerful winds that sent some of the army flying back and across the landscape. Barda was trying to hold her place but failed as her feet slipped. she was caught by Kakarot and pulled close to his chest. she looked to his handsome smirk and looked to his yellow glowing eyes that matched his hair. she was entranced by the color and slowly drew her face in. Their lips locked and the passion came to life as they made out over the destructive force of Kakarot's destruction of the moon. They slowly pulled apart as Barda moaned and whimpered from the loss of his lips on hers.

"Don't worry, there's more later" he whispered as he stepped back and looked at the disheveled army. He smiled as he heard the gasp and people pointing to the moon. Barda saw the moon gone and small pieces floating in space and her expression was just disbelief and admiration for her new god.

"NOW DO YOU BELIEVE ME?! WILL YOU FOLLOW YOUR NEW GOD TO THE GREATEST VICTORY OF THEM ALL? " he smirked as he heard everyone yell "WILL YOU HELP ME DESTROY ALL THAT OPPOSE US?" the cheers got louder and weapons were firing into the air" WILL YOU FOLLOW ME AND COQUER THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE?! " he screamed and let his aura burst. They just cheered even louder "THEN LET'S TAKE THIS UNIVERSE BY STORM AND MAKE APOKOLIPS THE GREATEST FEAR IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!" The army began chanting his name and some bowed before him "THEN FOLLOW ME, KAKAROT, THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION TO OUR DESTINY OF UNIVERSAL CONQUEST! He shouted as his power shook the ground they stood on. The whole planet cheered as his speech was broadcasted to the whole planet and many were shouting "Kakarot , god of destruction".

He smirked as his army made a passage for him and Darkseid's generals followed him awaiting orders. He walked to his new palace and along the way destroyed the statues of Darkseid not wanting to leave a single remnant of him.

"What are our orders sire?" granny goodness asked.

"You my dear trainer are going to start a new form of training, one that will make your special forces faster, stronger and deadlier"

"I've never heard of this training" she stated

"It's called gravity training, increase the gravity so the body can adapt and become stronger and when put into normal gravity, the soldiers become more faster and stronger making the enemies weaker and slow compared to them. Do we create or steal other technologies?"

"No, we have scientist of the best and smartest that can create anything you ask lord" Virman Vundabar answered as they entered the throne room.

"Tell them to start mass producing gravity chambers that can go up to 100x the gravity of Apokolips for the parademons, 250x for the Furies, and 200x for the Dreggs" he ordered.

"MY lord, the dreggs are nothing but lifeless old gods that roam the surface" granny explained

"Not anymore, When I killed Darkseid the planet's population burst with life and now there's more beings out there waiting to be recruit"

"How can you know that?" vundabar asked since he doubted what the new god just said. He gulped when Kakarot looked straight at him with his glowing yellow eyes(I just mixed red and green together and it came out with yellow eyes when he is a ssj) and flinched when he appeared right in front of him.

"Unlike everybody on this planet I learned how to sense other people's unique energy signature and I can feel stronger energy levels in the universe. So believe me when I say the Dreggs have just awoken and if I may say, they are powerful but not as strong as your Furies granny goodness" he said as he walked back to the stars leading to the throne.

"Thank you for the compliment my lord, I'll make sure the whole planet is ready to begin the new training regime" she finished as she left to inform the scientist of their new orders.

"Vundabar! I want those dreggs serving me and if they have a problem then send them here" he ordered and vundabar left after bowing his head

He looked to the last person in the room and was smirking as she sat in his chair in a revealing way. Her armor was off and she was left in a red bra with red panties. Her face was smirking and waiting to be claimed by the new god and he would happily dominate her and make her his.

"Were you like that when they were here?" he asked as he began removing his armor but he stopped when he saw her stand up and walk away swaying her hips. He smiled and just followed since he didn't know his way around yet.

"No, I just started when granny turned around" she answered

"I have a feeling you've been practicing how to get undress quickly"

"No, when you live here your whole life then it becomes a natural thing" she said as she opened a large door that led to the bed chambers. she gasped as she was tackled into the mattress and was turned around to face a growling saiyan.

"After this, you will be mine" he growled at and she smirked .

"I like to see you try" she challenged


She moaned as he groped her large breast and gasped as she felt his member through his pants. He growled and ripped her top off freeing her enormous breast for him to devour. she tried to hold her moans in so she wouldn't' give him any satisfaction but she was failing horribly as he placed his hand at her womanhood. She growled as she saw him fully clothed and proceeded to rip his armor off. He smirked as he watched it shatter against the wall and his eyes widened when she flipped him over. She ripped his pants off and freed his male anatomy. He smirked when he heard her gasp and he smiled when he saw her gulp.

"What's the matter? Afraid you can't take it. if it makes you feel better a human could handle it and even go for another round" he laughed as he heard her snarl.

"I'm not afraid of it, I just haven't had one like this in a while" she responded but what she was thinking was totally different "I've never had one this big! How can I take it in?"

His laughing was cut off as she started grinding and began hissing in pleasure as he felt the red material block his goal. He stood up and devoured her breast again and began rubbing her sensitive spots he found so easily. Biting her earlobe had drawn out a loud moan and slapping her ass caused her to scream in pleasure. He had enough and ripped her undergarments off revealing his prize. He lifted her up and gently lowered her onto his 14 inch member. His tip was devoured by her pussy lips and the rest was covered in her juices as he entered her inch by inch.

"We haven't even started and I'm already cumming! OH god, I can't wait till he fills me again and again" she thought as she felt every vein and every twitch as he was still entering her. She clutched his back and screamed as she climaxed. Her high was no where from done when he kept going, she felt him kiss her womb and she gasp as he pushed past it and fully sheath herself on his member. she was speechless as he sat there and waited for her to begin. Her thoughts were scrambled but her body only knew one thing to do...move

"How the hell are you this tight?!" he said through clenched teeth. He gasp as she began bouncing and her low moans became screams as she took him in again and again. Her breath was loss as she picked up the pace and she felt her juices mix with his as she landed on him again. Her body was on fire and her head was in the heavens as she rode him. Kakarot had to admit he was struggling to hold on. Her tightness was ridiculous but he decided to let his saiyan side take over. With a roar he flipped them around and she was on her stomach trying to catch her breath. She barely regained it but lost it when she felt him reenter her again. She moaned as she felt in in the same spot she wanted him in. His breath was in her ear as he pumped himself into her, each thrust harder than the last one. She lasted for hours and came 26 times as he never finished once. She sighed in relief as she felt his member twitch inside of her but she moaned as she felt herself cumming again and this one was the greatest one she would ever feel.

"I know you're cumming Barda! finish with me and become my mate!" he growled in her ear as they were in the missionary position.

"YES! I'll become your mate! I belong to you!" she screamed as he picked up his pace and started licking her neck. She couldn't hold it, her screams tore through the palace and his roar was heard as they came together. She screamed and bit down on his neck marking him as hers and he bit her neck drawing blood and opening a bond that increased their pleasure tenfold.

(lemon end)

He rolled over as he came inside of her and laid on his back. He felt the arm of Barda drape across his chest and her head rest on his shoulder. He waited till she fell asleep and proceeded to get dress. He had plans to create and ways to make his army stronger so they would be a true threat to anyone. He had numbers but it was pointless to send so many to fight against trained soldiers. He found some guards and strolled towards them.

"Sire!" they said immediately and bowing before the god

"A simple salute is fine, no need to bow before me, only mine enemies will bow before me. I need the body of Darkseid brought to me, is it still in the arena?"

"Yes sir!" they both replied.

"Then bring it to me, now!" he commanded.

They ran out the hall to claim the body of the fallen god. He walked to his throne that was still too big for him but he ignored it and sat down. He looked around the room and saw the beautiful decorations and statues that needed to be replaced. He wouldn't go overboard and put statues of himself everywhere but he had plans to make this world the greatest.

Oh he had deadly plans

(Next day) Earth, justice league head quarters}

The day was normal and all the leaguers were busy talking or walking to the jets for departure. Their mission to defend Earth has been successful so far but that never put Batman at ease. He was busy monitoring the planet for any anomalies and watching surveillance on some major villains sitting in cells. He thought were interrupted as the base's alarms blared.

"INTRUDER ALERT, INTRUDER ALERT, UNABLE TO PINPOINT LOCATION" The automated voice repeated and Batman was looking already looking through all the cameras and spotted a giant stone box sitting in the hangar bay. He immediately left and walked down the halls to the hangar bay , ignoring the alarms he contacted superman to come assist him. The heroes standing around the box cleared a path for the dark knight. He saw Wonderwoman, Flash, Green lantern, Hawkgirl, and Powergirl. They all lokked towards him as he pulled out various objects from his belt and started scanning the box.

"Having anything Powergirl?"

"No, the box is lined with lead and there is no sounds that indicate a bomb inside"

"Batman, we should evacuate the base in case of something dangerous inside" Wonderwoman suggested

"Agreed, activating satellite evacuation protocols" batman said. The entire roster of the justice league was evacuated in record time and that left the five heroes all alone. After waiting a minute, superman came in and saw the strange box. He looked to the others who gave him shrugs.

"What is it Batman?" he asked

"Unknown, it just came out nowhere and the delivery system is unknown" he stated as he continued to scan the box.

"It could be a present from somebody we saved a long time ago" flash suggested

"I'm pretty sure people don't use stone as wrapping paper wally" Green lantern said

"I believe wally is half correct" batman said as he focused on one area.

"See batman even say I'm right...say what now?" he said in disbelief.

"Come look, this was a present but from someone we all hate"

Everybody came around to see what he was looking at. The hidden stone slab was slid to the right to reveal the hidden greeting.

"From APOKOLIPS" wally read out loud and everyone heard superman crush the device he was using.

"It's a good thing the base is evacuated, this could be a deception of some kind or a new weapon we don't know of" Diana said as superman floated to the top.

"We have to open it to find out, help me out Karen" Clark said as he grabbed one side and the female kryptonian grabbed the other "Stay back everyone" he commanded.

Everybody took a step back as they watched the top come off. A gust of air shot out as if being air sealed tight and the stench that followed was sickening. Flash covered his nose as everyone else knew what it was. The smell of death was common amongst all of them but they saw the shocked expressions on the Kryptonians faces as they dropped the top onto the floor.

"What is it Clark?" Diana asked as she floated to him. He looked to her and back to the inside with the same expression. Diana looked inside and she saw the body of Darkseid on his back with his arm and head sitting on his chest.

"H-h-how?" was all she could say.

"Break open the front!" Green lantern said as he use his ring to rip out the front part of the box. Everyone saw the remains and all of them were affected by the appearance. Batman didn't show it but inside, he was disturbed that someone could do this to the god that gave them so much trouble. Everybody was silent for 5 mins until Batman saw the rolled up parchment laid by Darkseid's head. He walked to the decaying body and took the parchment. Everyone watched him open it and saw huge letters, giving a message to them.


"This is bad...right?" Flash asked

"It's a warning" Diana said as she examined the body "A warning for what?"

"Lets go superman, we have to see what the status of Apokolips is and see what they are up to" Batman said as he left to the weapons cache to obtain a boom tube.

" I wouldn't do that Batman" Shayera said as she examined the note closely.

"Why?" he responded

"It says he will know when you appear on his planet, he knows where everyone is in the universe and appear right before you no matter how much security you have" she said and was disturbed that someone can actually do that.

"That will explain how he got in here so easily to deliver the present" Clark said as he rubbed his chin in thought

"Then what do we do then?" Powergirl asked

"All we can do is send probes to examine the planet and I will go over the footage to see if I can see our mystery god. Other than that we will continue like normal" Batman said as he left.

"I have to agre-" Hal Jordan was cut off as his communicator in his ring went off " Hal here"

"Hal! it's me Arisia, We have a situation on our hands. The whole section of the galaxy...is missing"

"What do you mean it's missing?" he asked as everyone listened to the female

" We received a S.O.S from the planets of the missing section and I was sent to investigate it. I get here and there is no planets, stars, Hell, theres no gases floating about. It's all gone..."

"Hold on, the justice league will send someone to investigate"

"No need, I was able to track the energy signature even though it disappeared by some means of teleportation"

All the present leaguers looked at each other hoping it wasn't who they thought it was

"I followed it to...Apokolips?" she said and everyone's eyes widened as Hal began warning her


"It can't be, Darkseid signed the treaty"

"Darkseid is no longer in command of the planet! " he continued

"Haven't been here a day and already there's people spying on me" A man's voice rang from Arisia's ring

"Who are you?!" they heard arisia scream.

"GET AWAY ARISIA! DO NOT ENGAGE HIM! I REPEAT, DO NOT ENGAGE" he shouted but he knew it was too late.

"My name is Kakarot, the God Of Destruction" was the last thing the league heard from Arisia's ring as the connection was lost.

The entire group was quiet as they watched Hal try to reestablish the connection but failing every time. He stopped after realizing it wasn't going to open again. His fist clenched as he looked at the Justice League "We need to get her back" he said but no one said anything.

"Hal, we can only send a small squad to infiltrate the planet. We don't want someone we have little information on looking towards Earth, do you understand?" superman asked and hal shook his head.

"I'll help in the recovery of Arisia hal" Wonderwoman stepped up.

"If she is tagging along then I'm coming. I want to gather information on the new ruler of Apokolips" Batman said as he left to prepare for the mission

"Flash, go with them and we'll hold the security" Clark said as he watched them walk away " And be careful!" he shouted one last time

"You think I have a shot of landing the Green lantern babe?" flash joked as he ran beside Hal.

"Not now wally" he said in a low tone but he saw the sad expression on his comrade's face "(sigh)I think you do, she likes funny guys" he said and felt better when he saw flash smile But she has a thing for Hal"

"Still doesn't mean I can try" he responded.

"Hurry you two! we have to make this quick" Diana said as they went to her plane. She wasn't surprised that Batman was already inside doing a flight check but it bothered her that he got through the security.

"Are we ready Batman?" she asked

"Yes, lets move" he said as he watched everyone take their seats

"Lets see how ugly the new ruler is" flash joked as the jet took flight and shot forward to the stars.

"Stop talking" Batman said as he looked to his monitor



He was carrying the female lantern to the lower levels of his palace but avoided the dungeons and placed her in the guest rooms. He was surprised that Darkseid had guest rooms but probably for something evil. He knew the League was coming, he sensed their energy levels flying in his direction, he had maybe and hour or two burn but he decided to mess with them. He kicked open the door and walked into the surprisingly clean room. A bed ,a lamp post, a Television and even a mini fridge. Kakarot was left speechless as he placed Arisia on the bed and took her ring away. He looked at her and thought she was actually beautiful but he shook those thoughts as he watched her open her eyes.

"You woke up sooner than I thought" he said in a shocked tone.

"Where am I?" She asked as she shook the drowsiness away.

"Apokolips" was his simple reply.

Her eyes widened as she remembered what happened, she quickly raised her arm to fire a blast but she quickly noticed her ring was gone. She looked to his closed hand and saw the glowing ring in his closed fist.

"Give me my ring!" she demanded

"Uh...no" he said as he walked away. she jumped from the bed to tackle him but it was reversed as he pinned her to the bed. His face was close to hers as he held her down.

"Now stay here like a good girl and don't try anything" he whispered as his breath actually smelled nice to her but she shook those thoughts away.

"You expect me to listen to a follower of that Kakarot character that knocked me out?" she said as she struggled to loosen his grip.

"No, I expect you to listen me because this is my planet and I'm the guy who took out that weakling who signed that treaty" he said

She was left speechless as she processed that the man in front of her was Kakarot. She thought he was some handsome looking servant but he was the true ruler of the planet. He let her arms go and sat in a chair in the far corner.

"What? thought I was a hideous thing everyone feared and That I had such a horrible smile? he teased, he laughed as he saw her blush.

"N-n-no! its just most evil tyrants I meet have me strung up to walls and bound by chains" she confessed, she had no idea why.

"Sounds kinky" he said as he gave her another charming smile.

"It's not! Why am I even talking to you?! you're suppose to be evil and cruel towards your prisoners"

"I cannot be cruel to someone who looks as beautiful as you. I mean, have you seen how beautiful you look!" he said and caused her to blush again

"Shut up! Go back to being creepy" she said as she looked away. He smirked as he stood up.

"Oh...I can be creepy" he whispered in her ear. she gasped as he pinned her again to the bed and settled between her legs.

"Let go!" she shouted but she smelled something in the air (That's right, kakarot has pheromones he can use to seduce women, I don't have the heart for the dark themes but killing is still there) she gasped as she felt his hand on her thighs. She tried to stifle her moans as his hand slid up her thigh and pushed up her mini skirt. To her, his hands felt like fire and her core was rapidly heating up. She didn't know when her hands were released but she didn't care, she wrapped her hands around his neck and moaned as his fingers found her sensitive spots. Her hips pushed forward as she felt his fingers entered her. She moaned as she clawed at his back, her mind was losing itself as she felt herself climaxing. With a gasp she squirted all over his hand and didn't stop for 5 seconds. She fell to the bed sweating and watching him lick his fingers. The action made her horny again and yearning for something that only he could give.

"Why am I thinking like this?! I want to be his, I want to please him, I want to serve him!" she thought but her mind was still battling her emotions "No! I have to resist, I serve the universe and hold the peace...but I don't believe in that mission. I don't care anymore! I want him and make him mine" she growled as she tackled him and pinned him to the ground.

"We barely met and now you want to have sex?" he asked with a smirk that drove her crazy.

"Shut up! you did this to me and now you have to fix it!" she commanded as she pulled his member out. She gasped but quickly inserted his penis into her waiting womanhood. She moaned as she devoured every inch, his grunts brought satisfaction to her as she continued to go down. she stopped when her womb was being kissed by his tip and tried to go up. He growled as he grabbed her hips and slammed her down, completely filling her womb with his manhood. She was speechless as he began pumping his hips into her core. Her moans turned to screams as she climaxed every thirty seconds. Her breast were bouncing with every drop but he stopped pumping and ripped her breast out of the covering that barely concealed her beautiful breast. Her nipples were pinched as she rode him. Deciding to let her have the fun he rested his hand behind his head and watched her bounce and moan for the whole two hours. Her tongue hung out as her eyes were half lidded and her hands clawed his armor. He had to finish this as he sensed the league approaching, he didn't mind the fun he had with the female and decided he wanted her to serve him and only him. She felt him twitch inside so she increased her efforts with new found vigor, she didn't expect him to bite her in the neck and draw blood. she gasped as she felt even more pleasure instead of pain, it caused her to climax and tighten around his member. He grunted as he released his essence deep in her womb. She bit him in the neck before she passed out on top of him. He slowly pulled out as he placed her on the bed. quickly cleaning himself up he looked at her sleeping with a smile on her face. He put her breast in their little covering (Literally! look up the photo of Arisia and explain to me how her breast stay covered by those little coverings)but left her underwear off so when she woke up she would know what happened.

"Kakarot, we have visitors" Barda explained as she smiled at the sleeping Arisia with no underwear.

"I know my queen, Lets go prepare for their arrival. Do you have my helmet?" he asked. She threw him a black helmet with spikes on the back. He put on a black mask that only covered his mouth and nose(Daedric helmet). He walked through the halls followed by Barda to the armory, many soldiers saluted him as he walked by and many bowed to Barda as she walked by after him. He entered the armory and spotted his deadly looking armor. Armor that evil created just for him, spikes in the right places, glowing sections to intimidate the bravest(Daedric armor- I couldn't find the perfect armor for him to fight in yet and this armor just fits the ruler of Apokolips. although when I look at it, it reminds me of Ares... scratch that ares armor doesn't look as cool). He placed his armor on but couldn't stop fidgeting as it felt uncomfortable. He placed his helmet on last as he adjusted to his new armor. It was light on him but to others, it was extremely heavy. He walked to his throne room as he sensed the league enter his atmosphere. He walked to his throne and took a seat.

"They really shouldn't of brought the fast guy, he's like a beacon with all the power he holds" He thought. After ten minutes he was extremely bored but that was immediately stopped as Barda sat on his lap and pulled his mask down.

"I felt that you were bored...why don't we have some fun before they arrive" she suggested, He had little time to reply as he was cut off by her lips on his and after a few minutes, tongue was introduced as they were having a heated make out session.

(With the justice league)

They just landed on the ground and were already ambushed by parademons. They were quickly dispatched by an angry Hal Jordan.

"We need to split up, flash and me will go gather information, you two will recover Arisia" batman ordered as they left in their correct directions.

"So where is Arisia?" Diana asked

"It says her ring is in the palace, the throne room to be precise" he said as he examined the map his ring was producing.

"Then lets move quickly, this place is always at war with each other" she stated as she took flight.

"Lucky us right? we would always have to worry about Apokolips attacking other worlds" he said as they increased their speed for about five minutes until Diana noticed something odd about the landscape.

"What is it Diana?" Hal asked as he looked around the landscape but failing to see anything out of the ordinary.

"Last time we were here to reclaim Clark's cousin, this place was filled with husks walking around with no purpose. Now they all vanished" she stated and pulled her communicator out to the other group" Batman, do you read?"

(With batman and Flash)

"What is it Wonderwoman?"

"Is there any husks at your location?, we don't see any around the entire area"

"Negative, there is no sighting of them walking around. There is some strange event going on, there is a large group of new creatures we haven't seen before. Their being rounded up by the Parademons and taken to the city area"

"Anything else"

"Yes, there is a lot of machines being loaded and taken to the same area where the new creatures are going" he stated as he looked through his binoculars.

"Batman, what do those new creatures look like?" Hal asked so he could confirm his suspicions.

"To sum it all up Lantern, they look like Darkseid but smaller and punier" flash explained as he watched the creatures.

"Oh no..."

"What is it Lantern?"

"Those are not new creatures, their the old gods, they held extreme power that inspired the golden age of the second world. They are believed to be extinct but when you came to Apokolips to recover Kara they were nothing but mindless husks. I told my leaders on Oa and they confirmed it"

"What changed?"

"I can only assume when Darkseid was killed, a majority or maybe all of them have reawaken...he has a army of old gods ready to fight for him"

"This is bad Bruce...we have to warn New Genesis of this new threat. They can take care of this problem while his forces are weak" Diana warned

"Have you reached the palace yet?"

"We've just reached the front door, no guards...he's waiting for us" Diana stated

"Me and Flash are our way. We'll be there in 3 mins" he disconnected as flash held Batman and ran to the palace

The duo walked to the throne room, skipping all rooms since Diana knew the route from last time. They encountered no resistance and when they saw the guards, they let them pass through without any trouble.

"This guy must be real confident to let us walk right into his throne room" Hal stated as he followed Wonderwoman into the throne room.

"This bastard thinks we are not worthy enough to fight our way here, time to show him how an amazon fights" she angrily thinks as she kicks the doors off their hinges. They gape at the site before them, they see Barda sitting on his lap laughing at something Kakarot must have said. She saw the others and gave her god a wink before removing herself. Kakarot leaned forward in his throne as he eyed the amazon and all her beautiful features.

"Why is this universe filled with so many beautiful woman?! Although, I see that all of them can fight" he thought and completely ignored the man in the green costume who was threatening him with his ring.

"Hey! Are you even listening to me?!" he shouted but received no response.

The two warriors were sizing each other up as they continued their staring contest. She smirked as he narrowed his eyes, already reading the challenge she was trying to issue. He would gladly accept if it weren't for the idiot screaming at him. His thoughts were cut short as Hal sent a powerful blast at Kakarot and leveled the entire area.. The smoke cleared and a sitting Kakarot was still looking at the amazon. Hal was shocked that it didn't even faze him but he gulped when the eyes of Kakarot looked towards him.

His glowing yellow eyes narrowed as he disappeared. They looked around but a scream from Hal brought Diana's attention as she looked to a kneeling Green Lantern trying to escape the death grip of Kakarot. Reacting quick, she sent a fist straight at him. He moved quicker than they could both see but the result was a broken wrist for Hal and a bruised cheek for Diana that sent her flying through multiple walls. He slowly walked back to his throne, red cape dragging along the ground as he climbed the stairs. He sat down as he watched the amazon burst through his walls and land in the same spot. She glared at her new opponent but on the inside her blood was pumping with excitement from the new challenge.

"Now what were you talking about little boy?" Kakarot teased as he watched flash and batman enter his throne room.

"Where the hell is Arisia?!" he screamed as he clutched is hand.

"Yeah...um, well you see something happened when she was here"

"What did you do to her?!"

"What did she do to me, that should be the question' he muttered " I did nothing, but can I ask why the hell were you spying on my planet?" he said in an all knowing voice.

"How could you possibly know?" batman said as he recorded their meeting for future study.

"Like my message said, I know where you all are in the universe and I can appear right before you no matter how much security you have" he recited his words from the letter.

"How do you do it? Teleportation, magic, or machinery?" batman asked.

"Answer my damn question human before I kill you?!" he warned as the room shook but batman wasn't intimidated.

"We know you are preparing for war, what do you plan to do with an army of old gods?" he asked

"Old gods? what are those?" he asked them and batman realized the mistake he made "whatever they are, they are of being treated the same as everyone else. To answer your question, I plan to attack worlds with powerful armies and destroy them with our awesome power"

"Not if we can help it, We'll warn New Genesis and they'll come and wipe you out" wally stated confidently.

"If you do that, warn them not to send a huge army, if they do...every single one of them will be killed" he warned.

"Your planet is in no shape to fight New Genesis, you would horribly lose" Hal said as he healed his wrist.

"My planet won't do the fighting, they'll have to go against me and they'll lose horribly" he stated as he sensed Arisia coming to his throne room.

"Bullshit" flash said

"Don't you dare mock my god's power. He can destroy planets without lifting a finger. The evidence is floating in the sky in pieces or how about the missing section of the galaxy the female lantern said!" Big Barda said and flash's eyes widened as he heard the news.

"You did all that" batman stated and received a nod.

"That's impossible, no one has that much destructive power!" hal stated as he watched a smiling Barda.

"Oh but my god does"

"Lantern, we have to go. We only came for Arisia, we cannot fight him here" batman said as he began calling the jet to their location.

"Right, tell me where Arisia is-" he looked to the doors opening and a stumbling Arisia walking out.

"ARISIA!" he shouted in relief but a chuckling Kakarot caught his attention "What's so funny?"

"Nothing" he simply replied and waited.

Hal ran to Arisia and helped her stay on her feet. She didn't reply at first till they walked near Kakarot's throne.

"kakarot!" she shouted in joy as she ran to him. she fell into his lap and wrapped her arms around him as she cuddled with him. Hal was left speechless as he watched his girlfriend cuddle with the God. The other members had shocked faces but Batman remained stoic as the room filled with guards that came to watch. They were prepared to fight at first but realized they only wanted to watch their god mock them. Kakarot's laugh rang through the room as he watched the rage grow within Hal Jordan and the nervous glance of flash.

"Why?!" he asked as she pulled his mask down and planted a passionate kiss.

"He gave me the greatest sex any woman would want and he screams power. I served the Lantern Corp. for years but it's pointless when my new God is rising to crush all our enemies" she stated while looking at her ex.

"That's a lie! he's using brainwash or something. This isn't you!" he shouted in anger

"Fair warning, don't attack me. I will break your neck if you try" Kakarot warned as he watched his body glow.

"Don't do it Hal! He's being serious!" batman yelled when he saw no hint of lying from Kakarot.

"NO! I will save her from him! she is being brainwashed by something! This isn't the Arisia I fell in love with!" he shouted as he flew straight at Kakarot.

Time slowed down as Diana, wally and batman tried to stop him but failed. Kakarot smirked as he watched the green lantern fly at him, with all his training Hal looked extremely slow. Barda didn't move an inch and just smiled while the guards raised their fists to the air. In a flash of power, the entire building shook as Hal made impact. Everyone covered their eyes as the light was too bright. The light faded away and in the smoke stood a smirking Kakarot as he held Hal by the neck. His eyes glowed brighter as his aura burst to life, the league saw his display of power as he held Hal in the air as he walked down the steps and stopped right in front of the small group. He smiled as he increased the pressure and laughed as he heard a choking green lantern. Diana was in a stance ready to move, flash looked unsure what to do and batman growled as he saw the smiling Kakarot holding his comrade.

"Didn't I warn him not to attack?!" he shouted as he held the choking lantern. Arisia didn't move an inch but smiled as she saw the awesome power displayed by Kakarot. The entire room started chanting "DEATH" repeatedly as he walked around the room. For once in his career, batman didn't know what to do. He counted on Arisia to be fine and not brainwashed because it was no longer Darkseid but she willingly joined him and betrayed Hal. He only wanted to get the rest out while they still could and hoped Hal would some how survive.

"Now for what I promised my people" he whispered as he put full force into his hand. The breaking of bones was heard as everybody saw the body of Hal Jordan go limp, the entire room erupted in cheers as Kakarot dropped the lifeless body to the marble floor. Flash was shocked and paralyzed with fear. Batman wanted to leave this place as soon as possible and keep everyone alive. Diana was filled with pure rage and batman saw what she was going to do next.

"Diana don't at-" his warning too late as Diana launched herself at the god with the intent to kill. She tackled him out the room and bruce cursed his luck when the jet arrived. He pulled Flash to the exit and to the cockpit. He threw flash inside and started gaining altitude. He looked out the window as he saw the smoke from the clash and saw a bruised Wonderwoman fly out of the building. He wasted no time contacting her.

"Diana! get in the jet, we're leaving!" he ordered as he watched her look for the jet. she spotted it before looking to a walking Kakarot look at the jet.

"Just go Bruce! Warn the others of Kakarot! He need's to be stopped" she said as she crushed her communicator and charged at Kakarot.

"grrr!" Batman growled as he opened a boom tube and left Wonderwoman behind to warn everyone of the coming danger to their universe.

He walked towards a beaten Wonderwoman and kneeled down next to her beaten form.

"You are weaker than I thought" he stated

"Coming from someone who dodges all of my attacks" she spat back.

" Join me...I can make you stronger than what you are, deadlier than any warrior here, maybe even the strongest female in the entire universe" he said then heard her give a weak laugh.

"You expect me to believe you can make me stronger by joining you, that I can destroy any who stand against me?"

"By joining me, you will become stronger by training with me and go beyond your limits that your gods have set"

"It pains me to think someone like you believes what he is saying" she spat but he just leaned in to her ear.

"Believe it or not, I was weaker than a human when I was born. I wasn't given any power to challenge the greatest, an old man was stronger than me as a child and I took that embarrassment to become a god in my universe through years of training and discipline. I know what it takes to become a true warrior and I see you reaching a higher power than those that bestowed their powers on you" he finished as he picked her up and flew back to the throne room where is followers were waiting.

"Take her to the dungeons, don't touch her or torture her. she's mine" he ordered as he watched the guards drag Wonderwoman away.

"What of the body sir?"

"Get rid of it, I have no use for a corpse but give me that ring" he said as the guards pulled the body away and one gave him the glowing ring. He looked to Arisia and back to the ring "Here you go sweetheart" he said as he gave her another ring. she squealed in delight as she placed the second ring on her hand and began glowing with power. she laughed as her costume changed and her eyes grow brighter. She now wore tight black spandex pants with a green stripe that showed off her toned ass and legs. Her white top became armored with a color green and her gloves turned black. Her whole arms were covered with black armor that had spikes run all over.

"Thank you so much Kakarot!" she squealed as she hugged him, her armored arms scraping against his.

"Your welcome" he responded.

" What now my god" Barda asked as she stood next to him and watched the workers fix the damage caused by the league. His eyes glowed as he looked out the window and his aura began growing as he watched the fires of Apokolips burn.

"We start the war"

I lied, I love this idea so I might roll with it. I'll try to update vegito but I like the idea of Kakarot facing the universe. Suggestions welcomed and harem suggestions welcomed as well. If you know planets with powerful enemies please suggest some.