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Injustice universe

"Get those people out of here!" Vegeta shouted, she transformed into her blue form and rushed into the building followed by Superman but Lex left to the safety of the transport.

"I'm calling in our heavies" Clark informed the saiyan, she ignored him and continued to run down the halls and to the holding cells. They came across a 2 dozen soldiers all aiming at the entrance to the specialized cell they left Kakarot and his friends. The soldiers all had heavy armor on with rifles and had their lasers trained on the door.

"Whats happening?" Superman said, the commander there turned around to talk but still had his weapon raised.

"The collars we put on the inmates were deactivated, and now we cant get a response from the men inside" Everyone heard several men screaming from the metal doors and Superman heard bones breaking with blood spilling. He heard all the men's hearts speed up and most of the weapons shaking.

"That answer your question?" Vegeta said, she watched the door for any signs of damage but it remained untouched "You would think they would break out by now" she muttered, the commander was about to respond but the lights around them exploded and shrouded the whole area in darkness. She could hear the soldiers begin to panic but luckily for them the emergency lights activated and covered the room in a red hue. Vegeta ignited her aura to give most of the area a white light but now the doors were tapped on, like someone was testing the strength.

"The lights are flickering again" The commander said, they saw the red lights began to die then come back but after a few moments they exploded as well, the only light in the room was Vegeta's aura but even that was limited light.

"I cant hear anything" Clark muttered, Vegeta held her breath and waited for the next moment.


Everyone jumped when the loud sound came from the door and the metal shook.


The doors began to expand outward and the screws in place shot from their sockets from the impact.


The metal began tearing and the whiny screech began to get louder as the doors were pushed from the door line outward.


The doors finally flew out towards the group but Superman easily caught the flying objects and threw them to the side. The soldiers quickly aimed their lasers at darkness where their flashlights couldn't reach, the only thing they could see was the smoke emanating from the inside and the putrid smell telling everyone it was the men. The one thing they did see was the last thing they would see in their pathetic lives.

The glowing red eyes looking right at them...

"Pst" Vegeta barely had time to process what she heard when she felt a fist make contact with her face and send her flying through the reinforced walls of the building and into several more before she crashed into an office building. The people working there quickly ran for cover after seeing the saiyan stuck in a wall. Vegeta spit out the blood and looked at the people in annoyance.

"What are you staring at? RUN!" Everyone screamed and cleared out the floor leaving the saiyan screaming and powering up. She flew through the hole in time to see Superman crash into the street where the people were still being evacuated. She landed next to the tyrant and pulled him out of the rubble.

"Get up!" Clark gasped in pain as he held his broken ribs, with the sun setting he didn't have much time for healing.

On the inside we can see Faora and superwoman killing the guards and vaporizing the ones trying to run away. Kakarot stood to the side with Harley watching the carnage and looking at the hole where he sent the leaders through.

Getting bored of watching Kakarot turned to Harley" Do you want to die?" he asked the human.

"What?! No" she quickly responded.

"Then make yourself useful and find our belongings"

"But I told you they destroyed your little remote!"

"Then I have no use for you do I?" he responded.

Harley got the message and quickly ran out of the room to the storage area hoping the regime didn't kill her only chance to live. Kakarot watched the clown run and looked back at the duo walking to him covered in blood.

"Satisfied" He said

"In one way" Superwoman said with a wink, Faora only said no and followed Kakarot out of the holding areas to the entrance.

"We got a plan?" Faora asked, Kakarot in his ssj2 form only gave her a smirk.

"Since when do we ever have a plan?"

"True" she simply said, they walked through the entrance to the outside but to their minor surprise they saw a whole battalion of ships and dozens of soldiers with various heroes such captain Marvel and Hal Jordan yellow lantern looking at them with authority. He saw Vegeta landing in front of them with Superman staying behind, they were covered in a bright light by the passing blimps in the sky.

Superwoman spotted the alternate Wonderwoman "There's that bitch" she said, she only wished she had a sword to stab her again and again.

"You cant win Kakarot" Vegeta said, she gestured to everyone "I have the whole planet helping me and the power to beat you" Kakarot only chuckled.

"Oh really 'dear'? " he said " You say that like this planet is actually a threat, remember that when we kill everyone here" Kakarot ignited his aura and stood in a fighting pose with Vegeta doing the same.

"Vegeta you cant fight him on the planet!" Superman said but the female ignored him, she felt her blood begin to pump and her body tingle at the chance for a real fight with the person she wanted a rematch.

"Faora, Lois?" Kakarot said to the people behind him

"Yes my lord?" Lois responded

"Don't die" He simply said, they watched the two saiyans disappear in a blink of an eye and the whole area shake. Faora and Superwoman looked at each other smiling before charging into the confused battalion and heroes.

In the middle of the city, people ran in fear as they saw the blue and gold blurs appear everywhere and destroy anything around them. Kakarot and Vegeta were nothing but a blur as punches and kicks were made with lightning appearing all around them. Vegeta screamed as she unleashed a full powered galick gun attack but Kakarot easily dodged the attack, the result was an entire block vaporized by the female. Kakarot appeared behind the female with a kick aimed at her back, Vegeta barely twisted her body to dodge the attack and amied her fist as Kakarot's sternum but the saiyan god easily caught her fist with one hand.

"Gotcha!" He screamed and threw her towards the ground, she screamed in frustration just before crashing into the ground and lading on the tunnels below. Not wasting a second, she exploded from the hole with her fist aimed at the pesky saiyan. She smirked when she felt his skin hit her fist and smiled when he flew further into the sky, she pursued her target with determination and landed a knee to his sternum. Kakarot's eyes widened but quickly narrowed as he punched her back into the city.

Vegeta caught herself and blocked the incoming punches from Kakarot, she missed a few leading to several bruises that would show up later when she won. Kakarot extended one punch too far and gave an opening to Vegeta, she wrapped her arms around his torso and flew them straight into the buildings as she used Kakarot as a battering ram. The saiyan god changed their flight path and pushed Vegeta through the floors all the way to the ground.

They crashed into the ground causing a small earthquake and fire to erupt from the broken pipelines. Kakarot swiftly dodged the kick aimed at his head and countered with a small ki ball to her chest, it sent her flying a few yards away from and into another building detonating and destroying the entire skyscraper. Kakarot smirked as he saw the building crumble on top of his ex, he sensed her beneath him and jumped away as soon as she exploded from the ground looking for him.

"Up here!" Vegeta saw Kakarot sitting on a fire escape waving at her, in anger she raised her hands and began shooting energy balls at her target. Kakarot saw the yellow balls rushing to him and quickly dodged everything she was shooting. Kakarot saw the ki balls explode like missiles and flew further into the city with the angry saiyan following and trying to shoot him.

"HOLD STILL!" She commanded, her ki balls kept destroying buildings and making the whole area look like a warzone. There was huge chunks taken out of buildings and several more falling. Kakarot disappeared and reappeared in front of Vegeta with a fist colliding with her face, her head snapped in the direction she was flying and crashed into a small store.

Kakarot landed on the ground and watched Vegeta destroy the small shop and fly to the middle of the street.

"You're reckless, you know that?!" Kakarot said "You should focus on conserving your energy rather than waste it on the environment" she looked at the burning city and destroyed streets.

"As long as I kill you it doesn't matter" she responded, she placed held on hand to her side and began gathering energy.

"Why do you want me dead so badly?!" he asked, he understood the revival thing but she was acting like he destroyed her entire life " I did nothing to you!"

"You took everything from me!" she shouted, he was still confused "I have nothing left and its all your fault SAIYAN GOD!" He saw the energy she had grow even more.

Kakarot did not know how to reply, she was in no mood to talk and would not provide any answers. He would just have to get them out of her whether she liked it or not. He cupped his hands together and gathered his own energy.

"I don't know who you are anymore" he began " but you aren't the Vegeta I love...not anymore" He saw the female flinch just a bit but remained angry, clearly not affected.

"I never loved you either..." she said.

"Liar" he whispered, they both ignited their auras and added even more power to their attacks. The entire area shook and was enveloped in the white and purple lights from the fighters, Kakarot and Vegeta began yelling and causing their voices to be heard all the way to the location of his generals to hear them. Faora and Superwoman looked to the bright lights and quickly retreated inside the building to find Harley, the bloodied regime chased after them with killer intent. They found the clown and to their fortune, she had the broken remote, Lois grabbed her weapons and Harley with Faora clearing the way to the top of the building. They flew higher into the sky and stopped as soon as they felt they were clear enough, Superman and his followers flew in front of them with weapons and fists raised. Unaware of the growing lights in the middle of the city, they were only focused on the people who murdered all the soldiers with them and nearly killed cyborg.

"Give up!" They ignored him and looked to the screaming voices.

Below Kakarot and Vegeta had fully powered their attack and waited to launch them at each other, Kakarot only put as much power as Vegeta did and waited for her to move.

"Goodbye Kakarot!" she screamed "GALICK GUN!"


They both pushed their hands forward and both beams raced to each other and met in the center. The winds dramatically increased and the shaking grew even more, causing the ground beneath them to buckle. The white and purple beams created a huge ball in the middle and only grew in size, the rocks flew past them with cars exploding when they crashed into the walls.

"DIE!" Vegeta screamed she added more power, Kakarot watched her beam grow in size and begin to cover his attack. He wondered if he should just let her win the power struggle, he still needed her answers and the attack would only hurt for a little bit.

Vegeta gave a small smile when she saw her attack begin to over power Kakarots, the male saiyan grunted a bit before adding more power. The ball in the center only grew even more, Kakarot decided he might as well try. It was a stale mate and they both knew what was going to happen but to Vegeta's surprise Kakarot stopped his attack and let the huge beam rush to him.

Vegeta only saw the beam cover him before the strongest explosion this earth ever experienced occur.


Superman looked at his city be engulfed in a white light followed by powerful winds and an ear splitting scream. Faora and Lois flew higher and farther away from the blast radius. Harley looked at the second sun that just appeared blow every building away and caused the water to vaporize. Faora with her vision saw the people running away vaporized and the water begin to rise higher and higher, she saw the white light reach land and destroy everything it could reach. She thought it would stop but it kept going almost reaching two kilometers.

Vegeta let her body go with the winds and away from the center of the explosion, she flew faster and faster until she reached the sky. She looked at their combined attack destroy Superman's beloved city with no hope of revival, there was no way Kakarot could survive and if he did he would far to weak to fight back.

"I have avenged you " she muttered, the white light died went away after a few minutes but left a black hole on the surface. Vegeta looked at the massive hole and saw multiple red lights appear around the hole. She saw lava erupt from beneath earth's surface and begin to flow anywhere it could reach. She heard people behind her and spun around to see Superman and his followers looking at her with neutral expressions.

"You destroyed it all..." Clark said, he was still looking at the place that was once Metropolis City "Just to kill one man" he muttered.

Vegeta ignored him and looked at Hawkgirl, Wonderwoman, yellow lantern Hal, Captain Marvel, Sinestro and Black Adam.

"Let the ocean wash it all away, we're finished here"

"Finished! YOU DESTROYED MY HOME!" Vegeta was unfazed by his temper but the others remained wary.

"There's no point crying over this, we just blame the insurgents and get more support than ever before. We won" Clark was just quiet, he did not know what to say.

"She's right Kal, we need to move. The losses were great but that wont affect us" Diana said, the others agreed shocking Superman.

"Is this what I created, a bunch of heartless bastards?" he muttered "Maybe Bruce was right"

"What is that?" Hal pointed out, they looked at yellow light growing in the distance "Maybe one of ours?" he asked hopefully.

"Impossible" Vegeta muttered, she saw the yellow light keep growing followed by someone yelling "No!" she said, she flew to the crater with everyone following. They landed a few yards away from the blinding light, it died down and revealed the God of Destruction looking right at them.

Kakarot proudly stood in torn GI pants with his torso exposed, He transformed into his ssj3 and looked directly at the saiyan woman with calmness.

"You really thought that weak attack was going to hurt me, Its sad you believed that" He chuckled, everyone watched Superman step forward and raise his fists.

"I'm glad you're alive, now I can kill you for causing this" Kakarot only chuckled and raised his hand in a come here gesture.

"I'm waiting superman, dont worry Vegeta" his yellow eyes focused on the female "You will be next, after I kill these heroes nothing will save you from me" She saw his eyes narrow.

"Faora! Wait a few minutes, then we can leave!" The kryptonian in the sky heard his message, she told the others and watched Kakarot look at the other people. Superman prepared to take off, Hawkgirl raised her mace, Wonderwoman had her sword drawn and the two lanterns raised their yellow rings. Captain Marvel and Adam were ready to fight and Vegeta call upon her power. Her blue form glowed and raised her power a bit more or so she thought it did.

"I'm waiting Justice league! Fail now and the entire planet is dead! And I'm not going easy this time Vegeta!" Vegeta growled in anger and launched herself at the saiyan god with the others following. Since Vegeta was faster she met Kakarot's fist with her own but a swift kick to her chest sent her flying away. Superman tackled Kakarot but the saiyan just reversed his charged and slammed him on his knee. Clark cried out in pain but he felt himself thrown or more like swung into another person. Vegeta came back screaming but she met the powerful body of Superman, they both crashed a few yards away. Kakarot focused on the others, he caught Hawkgirl's mace and smashed it into her face breaking the mask she wore. Wonderwoman tried to stab him but he simply snapped the enchanted blade in half and stabbed the sharp end into her thigh just before punching her in the face.

The amazon crashed into the ground holding her broken nose and bleeding thigh, The two 'gods' charged after the saiyan and smashed their fist into his face.

"Is that all?" Kakarot taunted, their shock turned into agony as Kakarot grabbed both their arms and snapped them in half "You should ask your gods for help, might raise your chances to live" he chucked before smashing them into the ground by their broken arms. Kakarot tilted his head to the right and a yellow beam shot by his face, he turned around to see Hal and Sinestro begin shooting him with energy blasts. He disappeared and reappeared in front of the duo, he grabbed their outstretched hands and began increasing his grip.

"You know, I always wondered what would happen if I rip your arms off" he said darkly, they began applying more power but the problem was Kakarot didn't fear them. Their rings fed off fear.

"Whats wrong, I'm suppose to be scared?" he laughed, Kakarot pulled with little might and ripped their arms from the sockets and tossed them into the lava getting near them. They screamed in pain but Kakarot grabbed them by the throat and tossed them into the lava as well. The changed into their normal forms and helplessly fell to the lava screaming. Kakarot saw Superman catch them in time and drop them a few yards away from them. He sensed Vegeta behind him and dodged her fist to the back of his head.

"Really Vegeta? When I'm not looking" he said.

"SHUT UP!" She tried to attack him again but Kakarot swiftly delivered a knee to her stomach causing her to spit out saliva. Kakarot grabbed her by the neck making her gasp for air and claw at his hand.

"H-how?" she managed to get out, he couldn't be stronger than god KI.

"How I'm stronger than your 'blue' form?" he asked "Its easy, I mastered that form the first year I became a god. There's nothing special about it, its only used for keeping your KI from being wasted" He laughed.

"Once I learned to master my own KI, I had no need for it. I still have a god form but it isn't exactly like yours" he chuckled before slamming his fist into her stomach and sending her flying into the ground. He saw Superman try to hit him with his heat vision but a quick energy ball sent him flying a bit farther than everyone else and exploding on impact. He dodged Hawkgirl's swings and appeared behind her, he quickly snapped her wings causing the warrior to scream and fall to the ground. Wonderwoman met the saiyan with several kicks and punches but Kakarot easily caught each one.

"You know, my Diana seems more better than you" he said, catching the amazon off guard "She actually knows how to fight" he sent a fist into her ribs breaking them and grabbed her in a choke hold.

"Go to sleep amazon, you wont have to wake up again" he chuckled, she clawed at his arm but his superior strength overpowered her. Just before she lost consciousness she heard the saiyan say one thing.

"Tell hades to have fun" he said just before he snapped her neck, he arms fell limp and a screaming Superman was heard from far away.

"Who's next, ho-" he was grabbed from behind by Black Adam and held Kakarot up to the sky.

"SHAZAM!" Kakarot saw a lightning bolt rush towards them and hit him square in the chest. They were shrouded by black smoke and in the same position but Kakarot only looked bored.

"Really? That was your big attack?" Adam's eyes widened as he saw no damage on the saiyan "My turn, EXPLOSIVE WAVE!" Everyone who was still alive saw the two engulfed in a bright purple light and a screaming Adam fade away and only Kakarot standing there dusting off some ash.

"You monster!" Captain Marvel screamed.

"Like I haven't been told before" he dashed at Marvel and smashed his fist into the god's stomach. Marvel hunched over in pain but the pain only intensified as Kakarot dug his fist deeper in Marvel's stomach to the point anyone watching could see his back extend even farther out. The hero attempted to use his superior strength but Kakarot arm wouldn't yield, he felt Kakarot open his palm and a sudden heat appear on his insides.

"Goodbye kid" A white beam pierced through Shazam and into the sky before stopping. It was a yard long and looked like a sword, Kakarot pulled his hand away from the coughing hero to see him fall to his knees trying to stop the blood flowing from his stomach. Deciding to no longer let him suffer anymore, Kakarot raised his energy sword and swung towards Shazam's neck leading to a soundless decapitation.

"Another one falls" he said, he turned around to see Vegeta and Superman looking at him from far away, saiyan with anger and the other with pure hatred "I'm not killing you Vegeta, Clark?" He pointed his energy sword at the 'hero'. Superman was ready to attack but Vegeta stopped him.

"Go get help"

"What?!" Vegeta gave him a glare saying there was no room for argument, Clark looked at the saiyan before looking at Kakarot smirking at them. He shook his head and left the arena looking for anyone powerful enough to fight.

"This is only between me and you Kakarot"

"I'm sure the dead and missing limb people around us agree with you" Vegeta saw the two lanterns running away and the dead amazon consumed by the lava. Shayera was only in the background with no way to help because of her broken wings.

"Hey Vegeta!" She looked at the saiyan taking a fighting stance " Humble a god with a good fight"

"When did you become so arrogant?" she said, also taking a fighting stance.

"When I defeated the original god of destruction!" he shouted, their auras ignited and the whole area shook with rocks floating in the air. The storm above them thundered and geysers of lava exploded from the ground.

"Make your first move Kakarot!" The male saiyan took off from the ground at light speeds, Vegeta barely had any time to block the punch aimed at her face. Kakarot didn't allow the female to attack but kept hammering away at her defenses, she crossed her arms as Kakarot kept punching her chest and held on until Kakarot changed his target and landed a punch on her sternum. Vegeta coughed up some saliva after feeling the fist dig into her stomach, Kakarot spun around with his foot aimed at her chin and sent her into the sky. He held two fingers to his head and appeared behind the saiyan just before landing a powerful kick to her exposed back.

"GAH!" Vegeta felt her spine buckle under the pressure and her momentum immediately stop.

"Is that it princess?" She heard the cocky saiyan say, she screamed in frustration and wildly attacked Kakarot with punches and kicks but he easily dodged every single attempt "You really need to learn how to fight, should have asked the person who introduced you to that god Ki you seem to love!" Vegeta only screamed louder and began shooting energy balls at the annoying saiyan. Kakarot lazily swatted away the weak attacks, he could sense she was calling on power she didn't have. Her reserves could only get her so far.

After a while the screaming stopped and energy attacks cease, Kakarot looked at the beaten form of Vegeta gasping for air and trying to stay afloat as well as remain in her blue form.

"What did I say? Wasting power" he floated towards her with no fear, she could only watch as Kakarot smile at her. She was too weak to keep fighting, she lost the fight the moment he transformed. She got a closer look at his form and saw the golden locks shine in the darkness and his eyebrow less yellow eyes narrow.

Annoyed with the lack of a challenge he grabbed her by the neck " Time to go, you have answers I want" She choked for air and felt the darkness begin to consume her.

Kakarot chuckled as Vegeta stopped struggling, he tossed her over his shoulder and flew to where his people were watching. Harley gasped at his changed appearance but the other two were not surprised.


"Yes, Kakarot but question?" Lois asked.

"What?" he looked at the other general.

She held up a nervous Harley Quinn" what do we do about her?"

"I say drop her" Faora quickly added

"NO!, waitwaitwait!" she pleaded "I can be of use to you somehow"

"How?" the saiyan asked, actually interested in her excuse.

" I-I can..." she quickly looked through any of the traits that made her a supervillain "I was a psychiatrist!"

"We dont have any use for someone who helps people" Superwoman said

"But I can help people with themselves!" she pleaded, the two generals were saying their opinions but Kakarot looked at Vegeta then thought of the other people back home struggling with accepting their new life. Maybe this human can help them see his way, those are powerful people he does not want to lose. He may have an empire but his personal ties are all connected on thin threads, his generals have close people and if those close people betray them then the whole thing unravels.

Friends turning on each other and civil war amongst his empire, he looked at the Human.

"We'll take her with us"

"What?!" Faora shouted in disbelief.

"You heard me, I have some people that need to be helped, if she can do it then we have a stronger empire"

"But we can find a psychiatrist on Earth, hell we can just take the one from Ivy" She saw the annoyance on Kakarot's face and quickly stopped arguing.

"Fail Harley, lets just say I have a lot of soldiers that love human meat"

"Yes, um sir?" she responded, thankful to not about to be destroyed by the saiyan god who easily handled the regime like nothing.

"KAKAROT!" Kakarot shuddered a bit, it sounded like that brute Broly he fought before. They turned to the direction and saw Superman with a bunch of yellow lanterns, some villains like Lex and shockingly some of Batman's people all floating in front of them.

"Wow, pretty weak roster" Faora said, clearly bored already. She saw Doctor fate, Constantine, and Zatanna hovering next to Superman ready to fight "Kakarot?"

"Lets go, they had their chance" Kakarot flew higher into the sky until they reached a good enough height without killing Harley. He tossed Vegeta to Faora and raised his hands.

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING COWARD?!" Clark shouted, unfazed he began gathering power in his palms.

"I love this part" Faora said, chuckling and waiting for the finale. The combined insurgency/regime forces all waited for what the saiyan god was about to unleash, Kakarot's aura ignited and the small ball in hands expanded in a blink of an eye, Superman's eyes widened at the sight of the still growing red ball.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Kakarot screamed, the entire sky turned red with the clouds evaporating from the intense heat that somehow didn't affect Kakarot's group. Everyone on the planet could see a red glow slowly wash over the planet and earthquakes began bringing down buildings and causing chaos everywhere. Planes crashed and volcanoes long dormant erupted, governments still standing looked to their satellites and saw the exact same thing Superman was seeing with everyone else.

Kakarot was nothing but small man compared to the planet sized ball of energy floating above him, the saiyan smirked while his generals laughed in amazement as the sheer size of the ball.

"I'm not a coward Superman! I dont run from a fight, I finish it!" Kakarot raised his hands "Now catch!" In one motion, Kakarot launched one of his ultimate attacks on the poor planet below. Everyone Superman had brought with him raised their rings to push the attack but the magicians disappeared in a poof of magic leaving the tyrant alone with his men to push the ball back. Clark screamed and rocketed to the ball, he collided with energy and began trying to push back but the ball kept moving forward. Kakarot laughed at the futile attempts to save their planet.

Clark's upper costume was vaporized and his hands began burning from the intense heat. He screamed in pain when he felt the ground beneath him, he thought he had more space but it would seem he could not stop it. He screamed in frustration as he was pushed deeper into the ground, abandoned by his yellow lanterns he watched helplessly as he sunk deeper into the earth.

"HEY SUPERMAN!" he faintly heard, he could smell the burning skin on his hands and the lava begin to hurt him.

Kakarot raised one hand and gathered more power for his final attack.

In a mighty voice "WELCOME TO OBLIVION!" The energy in hand shot forward in a massive beam heading straight for the red ball, in a ear splitting explosion the ball activated and began detonating. The red energy consumed the surface and was inching closer to the core by the seconds, Superman scream's faded away as he was vaporized by the energy. His last thought was of his dead wife and unborn child.

'I'll be with you soon' he thought, too bad for him his actions will deny him his wish.

"Lets go" Kakarot finally said, the whole place was collapsing and people were screaming for someone to save them. Batman watched from a ship far away from the planet as his beloved home die, he took off his cowl and looked at the survivors he took with him.

"Where are we going? The remotes busted" Harley showed the broken remote to Kakarot. Kakarot laughed to their annoyance, he tapped his shoulder waiting for them to grab on.

"We're going home, to Apokolips" Faora and Superwoman smirked and shook their heads in understanding. The group of five disappeared from the exploding planet that was once a powerful world because of the heroes.

Maybe having heroes isn't so great.

"We got her Barda!" Barda strode into the hangar and saw the princess sleeping and covered in a blanket. She could see that blasted brown tail swaying back and forth like it was waving at her.

"Where's my daughter?!" Barda heard Maxima shout over the commotion, she rolled her eyes and stepped aside to see the redhead begin to fuss over her child.

"Get her to my ship!" The soldiers in green quickly followed orders and took away the princess. Barda looked at Maxima waiting for an explanation.

"What happened?" Maxima asked

"What happened?! Your daughter turned into a fucking giant ape and nearly killed me!" Everyone went silent as the two queens stared at each.

"I'm sorry for not warning you" Barda looked a little shocked to get an apology so quickly "She's the child of Kakarot, you think he would tell everything there would be to know about his race" she said.

"I thought Whis informed you"

"He did! He just left out some key information"

"He sure did! Like twenty stories of it!" Barda said "Just get her out of here, I have work to do"

"Don't be mad at her Barda" Maxima said.

"I'm not mad at her, I just dont want her around our work right now. Now leave my ship" Barda said, Maxima only shook her head and left. She saw a brief glimpse of some metal in crates but ignored it for now. She had to get to her daughter.

On Apokolips, with Karen and Kara...

"You have an obsession" Karen said, she let go of Jessica's hand. The lantern stumbled back to Nightwing and Starfire, she winced as she switched the ring on her good hand before waiting for Dick.

"Its not an obsession" Kara argued "Its a hobby, I'm sure Kakarot would agree with me"

"I'm sure he would" She said sarcastically "Now what about them, kill them?"

"Some, if I know those heartbeats outside. Then he brought his little teen titans"

"RAVEN NOW!" The group sitting in the corner were enveloped in a black shadow and disappeared.

"Looks like they got away" Kara said, she made no effort to hurry after them and Karen calmly opened the door.

"Lets go Kara" They walked out of the room and to an empty hallway, the teen titans already had a head start " How far do you think they've gotten?" she asked the younger girl.

"I say the front doors, guards will stop them" They walked side by side past the cells, Karen kept fidgeting with her new costume(New 52) and adjusting her breasts.

"Hate the new costume?" she asked her older counterpart.

"I miss the opening, gave the girls some breathing room" Kara saw how that would be an issue.

"I'm not looking forward to getting those anytime soon" she said, Karen looked at her in annoyance.

"This beauties help me all the time"

"Like get Kakarot's attention? Hows that been working out?" she asked knowingly.

"Shut up" she mumbled, they walked up the stairs and past the throne room. They heard explosions and people grunting with a few weapon clashes. They walked to the entrance and saw the teen titans fighting only one Parademon while the other one watched. The Parademon was easily beating the titans and was about to kill the small green boy before he ate it for dinner.

"Wait!" The Parademon quickly stood to attention with the other one. Robin limped over to the group and Raven held out her hands, ready for a fight.

"Let starfire go, and we'll let you all walk free" Kara said, she could see her pet actually want to return. She was so broken.

"No, we came here for her!" Nightwing shouted, she saw his face bruised and he was nursing his left leg. Jessica raised her ring again, ready to fight the villains.

"Okay then, we kill each them and sent them to Batman as a gift" Karen suggested, she could imagine the look on Batman's face.

"No, lets just knock them out. We'll figure things out later" They stepped forward but Raven acted faster. The room was covered in darkness and both Kryptonians used their xray vision to see the teen titans begin to disappear. They sped forward just in time to grab Raven by her throat and quickly knock her out. The room returned to normal but an unconscious Raven was laying on the ground.

"Damn, guess they got away with your pet" Karen said, she saw Kara chuckle and pick up Raven.

"No worries, she will come home on her own. I have a new one to break" she chuckled darkly before walking to the dungeons laughing.

"Like I said, Obsession" she returned to the labs to tell them to give her a different costume and to tell them their teleportation was good.

"No place like home!" They all appeared in a palace mixed with a cathedral. There was no guards around and the halls were filled with a scream from a victim.

"Only thing different is the palace" Faora said, Kakarot walked to the throne room to the evil being behind the doors. He got a flashback to when he first arrived, he wondered if the results will be the same. Not wasting a second he kicked open the doors, breaking them and sending them flying into the large grey figure looking out the window.

"Hello!" Kakarot yelled, the doors that landed on the grey figure were vaporized and a angry Darkseid was looking right at them "Yeesh, you're uglier than I remember" he said.

"Who dares -" He saw the brown tail swaying behind Kakarot and saw the familiar female tied up in a golden rope "Saiyan" he growled out.

"I'm guessing you met Vegeta" he said, he saw the red eyes begin to grow "Don't try those omega beams, they didn't work for the other version you and they wont work here as well"

"What do you want?!" Kakarot was shocked, he was actually smart.

"I want my remote fixed, then I'm out of this universe and so is she" he pointed at Vegeta. It seemed like a good deal in his opinion.

"And why would I help you?"

"Cause if you dont I kill you" he simply said with a smile, He sensed the figure sneaking up on Faora but believed his general would hear it. Like he predicted Faora ducked under a sword and swiftly kicked the figure further into the room and through a pillar. Kakarot watched the figure quickly recover and hold up what looked like a scythe and had the same glowing red eyes as the other man.

"Holy shit" Kakarot muttered, he looked at the dark haired figure in a cloak with a black leotard lined with yellow. her arms had ribbed gauntlets with golden arm bands and a yellow belt going across her generous chest. He saw the belt with a weird symbol hand on to her nicely shaped but covered hips. She wore dark high heels armored that reached her knees and had straps across her exposed thighs.

"Who are you?" she asked in a tone that sounded like Diana from his universe.

"No one you need to concern yourself with, Me and the big guy here were talking about my demands before you decided to start trying to cut guests" She swung the scythe around to intimidate the saiyan.

"It does concern me when you threaten my slave" Kakarot looked shocked, he looked between Darkseid and the woman multiple times.

"HE'S your slave?" he pointed at the quiet Darkseid.

"Yes, now answer my question" she said.

"How? Are you his wife? Lover? Master? Oh wait, you said that already"

"ANSWER THE QUESTION!" He saw her eyes become angry red and the palace shake a bit.

"Make me" he simply said, he saw Darkseid charge right at him with his fists raised. Darkseid punched the saiyan in the face but to their surprise he barely moved, Kakarot gently grabbed Darkseid's hand and sharply twisted to the left snapping the bone. The giant fell to his knees but Kakarot showed no mercy, Kakarot grabbed Darkseid's head and within a few seconds snapped the god's neck.

"Not wasting my time on such a weakling" he mumbled, he saw the body twitch and quickly grabbed the leg and threw him out the window. Kakarot raised his hand and launched a small ball, the ball hit its target and a decent explosion rocked the palace. Kakarot turned to the woman but was met with a scythe aimed right at his neck, the woman smirked but looked closer and did not see any blood spurting from where the weapon hit.

"Impossible! This should kill anyone, even a god" She wasn't paying attention to Faora's fist and was sent crashing into the wall.

"She's an amazon" Superwoman said, she saw the glowing rope and recognized the symbol on her belt "Looks like her mother gave birth to Darkseid's kid"

"What?!" Kakarot said slightly disgusted "Now you have no excuses to sleep with other humanoids" he joked, Superwoman smacked him in the head making Harley giggle at their antics in such a tense environment.

"She has a strong jaw" Faora said, shaking her fist. The rubble exploded in red energy and red beams came rushing at the group but Kakarot lazily swatted the deadly beams back at the user. The woman screamed in pain and held the spot where she was hit, she was shocked someone so powerful could easily handle her omega beams.

"You done yet?!" The woman stepped out of the destroyed wall with her weapon lowered but red eyes trained on the saiyan "Good, now help us and you dont have to see me ever again" he simply stated but quickly added " sorry about the big guy, I already killed him once from our universe. Pretty fun"

"How are you so strong? All of you?" She asked they looked at each other in confusion, wasn't this woman wanting to kill them.

"Trade secret, now are you going to help us?" Kakarot said, he was already tired of this universe and this attractive woman was stalling him.

"I don't know if I can help, I killed almost everyone here. I was coming after Earth after this"

"Don't bother, Earth is gone" Kakarot said, he strode past the woman and sat on the stone throne.

"You destroyed it?" she asked, she saw the brown tails on both the female and male but from what she could gather, they weren't people to underestimate.

"Yes" He tossed the remote to Faora " Get to work Faora"

"Why?" she asked, she was a soldier, not a scientist.

"Because you know technology, don't worry I'll be down to help" The kryptonian stomped away leaving the woman and Kakarot to talk after telling Lois and Harley to watch Vegeta someplace else.

"Whats your name conqueror?" Kakarot asked, the woman narrowed her eyes before answering.

"I'm grail, the daughter of Darkseid"

"Some daughter, controlling your own father" He joked, the woman still didn't move.

"Well I'm Kakarot, the son of a saiyan" he didn't really care about his father's title.

"Kakarot" she said, testing the name out "move off my throne" she commanded but Kakarot stretched his tired muscles.

"No" he responded, Grail growled and stomped towards him.

"I said move"

"There's enough room for us both" he gave the half amazon a wink but she wasn't fazed "Worth a try" he mumbled, he dropped his ssj3 form and met her red eyes with his.

"Why do you wish annoy me saiyan?" She asked

"Can I ask what you do? It seems odd someone as deadly and beautiful as you go on a killing spree" The woman grumbled in annoyance but Kakarot could see a very small smile on her features.

"It is my purpose, my prophecy, I am the goddess of Anti-Life" Kakarot's eyes seemed to glow a bit brighter.

"Now we're talking" he said, a evil smile growing on his face.

"Why does that interests you" she asked, the saiyan only kept smiling.

"What do you say you join me" he said, Grail only gave the annoying saiyan a confused look.

"In what?" she said, she was curious as to what he could offer when her goal in this universe was done.

"Well your specialty" he said.

"Destroying life" He chuckled a bit when he saw her red eyes light up a bit more.

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