And back to the story...….


Kakarot sat on the throne and gazed at the goddess with a confused look.

"No?" He asked, he sat there wondering why she wouldn't accept the deal, he counted his fingers thinking what it included.

' to (almost)everything

' (kind of)powerful enemies'

lots of living things(she's already doing that)

The more he went down the positives the more he saw the fact she's doing the exact same thing. Perhaps she may change her mind if she was offered something but what could the god of destruction offer the goddess of Anti Life.

"Faora, go fix the remote" He ordered, his general looked at him liked he grew a second head.

"Are you messing with me? I'm a soldier not an engineer!" she said glaring at her leader " Besides we need a strong energy source to power the damn thing, anything weaker and we would just be hopping all over the place with no way to steer to the correct universe"

"Then just fix it, we'll worry about that later. I think our guest here has something I need" His red eyes flashed as he stared at the woman in front of him giving him a cold stare "Lois, take Vegeta and Harley into another room, I'll be by to interrogate her" He said, the woman bowed before pushing Harley out the broken doors and picking up Vegeta before throwing her as hard as possible.

Kakarot winced a little as he heard the woman scream and several walls break, Lois simply shrugged her shoulders "Looks like I used too much strength" she giggled before walking out. Kakarot rolled his eyes before looking at the impatient woman with flashing red eyes and flashes of a red aura.

"Im torn between killing you or killing you, since you destroyed Earth I have no reason to be here. I can move onto the next universe to start my next mission" She said.

'I must leave as soon as possible' She thought but her attention was brought back to see a smirking Kakarot looking at her.


"I'm just wondering, how do you travel throughout the universes? You must have a special power because from what I see" He glanced at her body " you don't seem to be carrying anything technological" He gave her a grin.

"I do have a power, it allows me to lock onto those with the speed force and then use them as a bridge" Judging from the look on Kakarot's she can quickly see what the crazy 'saiyan' was thinking.

"I refuse to help your pathetic cause, you have nothing to offer me when I can easily kill everyone in the universe"

"And that's a lie" he said shocking the new god "You don't kill everyone in the universe, just the ones that might be a problem for your master"

She smirked " Don't be ridiculous" she chuckled

"I sense some really powerful beings near the edge of the universe, the funny thing about universes is there is a hierarchy of power, from weakest to strongest and right now I sense a huge gap in power meaning you eliminated the ones that would pose a threat to your master in one form or another. He can handle the strong ones easily, not the ones who can stop him in different ways."

"Tch" she shook her head at the monkey before her" And? your point?"

"Its very simple" he paused standing up and walking until they were a foot apart, they were eye to eye looking at each other "I want you to take me and my soldiers back to where we come from and then we can part ways"

"And what's to stop me from killing all of you in your universe" she said causing the saiyan to laugh much to her annoyance.

"oh please, I made sure all of my soldiers become stronger than what they were. Faora can handle someone like you" He smirked giving the goddess "Tell you what, if you can beat me in combat then I'll give you whatever you want"

"I don't want anything, nothing you have is of any worth" He turned around crossing his arms and looking out to the flame ridden world.

"How about an angel?" he said grinning, Grail was quiet until she began laughing. A rarity for the goddess to meet someone who wasn't afraid of her let alone joke with her, what she expected was for this man to be nothing more than a glorified monkey but perhaps he is something else.

An anomaly...?

"Angels don't exist, never have and never will unless I missed some on the way"

"Then Ill show you"

"You really did a number on her did you?" Harley said while looking over a bruised Saiyan woman.

"I haven't noticed" Lois said while sitting in a comfortable chair looking at her sword.

"grrr... bitch" Vegeta growled out, trying to break through the rope "stupid amazons" she muttered.

"Watch yourself saiyan, I might accidently stab you in the stomach" she said pointing her sword at the woman

"And risk killing me, I'm sure that wont be the best option if you want Kakarot's attention" Lois simply rolled her eyes and focused on the man walking through the hole looking at the saiyan woman with a look the amazon general hasn't seen.


Faster than the eyes that could follow saw Kakarot disappear and reappear with Vegeta slamming into the wall then being held by her throat in the air.

"How are you alive?!" he yelled, Vegeta only glared at him "Last I checked you were vaporized right before my eyes!" His mind flashed back to falling out of the sky while looking up and seeing the last female saiyan smiling at him before a purple light enveloped her.

"Not my best moment" she muttered before she gave a startled yelp from the tightening hold on her throat.

"Vegeta" he whispered, he dropped her on the ground looking down on her.

She caught her breath before looking at the saiyan with a smirk "Your son finally did it"

"What?" He narrowed his eyes at the mention of his first child.

"He revived our race, he found the dragon balls" Harley snickered in the corner as quietly as possible with Lois covering her mouth.

"That's impossible, the namekians were hidden"

"Yes they were but he found them then revived all of us along with our planet...I was happy" she dropped her head to hide the small sad smile.

"Your first mate?" she asked surprising Lois. The way Kakarot tensed up when he asked showed the woman he was worried about "She's living a better life, one where Kakarot doesn't exists and Vegeta is different. She's better off without you" she said making the god angry and his eyes flash purple.

"That doesn't even make sense, the gods wouldn't even allow that much change with the dragonballs"

"And you're right, they sent their strongest and destroyed the planet along with my people" she changed into her blue state and looked at Kakarot with far more anger than he thought possible.

"I WAS A QUEEN! I HAD A FAMILY AND IT WAS ALL TAKEN AWAY BECAUSE OF YOU!" She screamed shocking the saiyan, she dropped out of her form and on her knees looking at the ground with tears appearing her her eyes.

"My children were taken from me, my..." she choked, forgetting her pride and remembering the past "I cant get them back until I defeat you, I cant get my home back until I kill you" She said looking at Kakarot with determination.

"They're the ones who gave you the power of a god" He turned around "Then that means I'm no longer a god of destruction"

He quietly said to himself"if Vegeta made it here then they know my general location. I have to get back to Whis"

He walked out of the room but stopped before looking at the saiyan woman.

"Its nice to know you moved on and had children so quickly princess, he must be a lucky guy" he sarcastically told her before walking out of the room not looking back.

Not looking up she whispered " There was no other guy fool" Lois quickly stood, not understanding most of what was said but quickly getting the end.

"I was pregnant the day I died" she said, laying on the ground tired and defeated "They were like him" she whispered falling asleep.

Kakarot quickly followed the sounds of cursing and breaking walls until he walked in a room containing Faora throwing machines into a wall already destroyed. She was shaking with annoyance from being unable to put together the remote. Her attention was quickly focused on the saiyan but from looking at his face he seemed even more serious than before.

"What is it Kakarot?"

"Forget the remote, we got our way home. I need to get back and start preparing"

"Preparing for what?" she asked, following the saiyan out of the room and outside to an empty field "Kakarot, prepare for what?" she asked again

"I don't know yet but I need to make sure everyone is ready for what's about to come, it can mean the end of everything we've come to known or it could be the start of my ending" he finished standing right across from the scythe wielding woman ready to fight.

"What?!" Shocked by the final part she wanted to ask more but it seemed his mind was on the coming battle.

"His people sent her to kill him but the universe they sent her too wasn't the right one, they are looking for him so that means we have to be ready for when they do find the right one" Lois said appearing next to the kryptonian woman.

"His people?" she muttered looking at the saiyan taking a stance "How do we even prepare for people who are on his level?" she whispered to the kryptonian general.

Vegeta ignored the others and focused on her target getting ready to fight.

God vs Goddess!

"You know the deal! I beat you and you get us home!" he yelled

"and I get the angel if I win!"

Not bothering to transform he took his stance, digging his feet into the ground with his muscles tightening.

Kakarot narrowed his eyes before blasting off at the woman at full speeds with his fist aimed right her face, the woman only smirked before using her scythe to swipe at the man. Kakarot ducked under the incoming blade and with practiced ease he shot his leg forward nailing her in the shin knocking her leg from the ground. She quickly spun on her one leg landing a kick right in his face shocking the saiyan and sending him skidding into the ground face first.

Not wasting a second Grail jumped into the air bringing her weapon down on Kakarot, Kakarot rolled to the left before bouncing up. His eyes widened when the swift swings came in succession, he raised his arms to stop the blade from coming to his neck. Grail grinned when she saw some blood begin dripping down his arms, she used her super speed to quickly punch the saiyan in his exposed stomach sending Kakarot crashing into a destroyed tower.

"What's the matter saiyan?! I thought I wasn't an issue?!" she taunted, slowly walking to the smoke.

In the distance his people all watched annoyed that their god was being on the defensive.

"He's doing it again!" she growled out, seeing him stretch his muscles and waiting.

"I know..." Superwoman said, shaking her head and crossing her arms under her impressive bust. Harley coming outside after hearing the explosions looked at the scary woman walking towards a destroyed tower.

"Um... does he usually get his ass kicked before actually fighting GAH!" she saw the death like glare coming from Faora and decided to be quiet until Kakarot was back at least.

Grail stood outside the rubble looking at the red eyes looking at her. She smirked before throwing her scythe at the red lights, her eyes narrowed as she saw the smoke part and her scythe pierce the wall destroying what was left. Her head snapped to her right just in time to stop the saiyan's foot from digging into her ribs, his eyes were filled with amusement before jumping backwards to create more space between them.

She raised her hand recalling her scythe and giving a few spins before speaking.

"I can see you are not being serious, are you actually not worried for your own well being" she raised her scythe licking the blood on the edge smiling "Tasty" she said.

"I wanted to get a feel for you, see what you lack and what you are strong at"

"Oh? Well I guess I should indulge you then, go on"

"He smiled rubbing his hands "Well for one you know how to fight hand to hand, had me on the defensive for a bit'

"Okay..." she slowly said shaking her head.

"You obviously know how to use your scythe"

She rolled her eyes

"But you are too slow" he said counting is fingers.

Her smile vanished and her red eyes seemed to glow brighter.

"Your strength is not that powerful too"

One could hear her knuckles pop and her see her hand tighten around her scythe.

" My kid might be strong as you but she's still a child sooooo "

An inhuman growl escaped the goddess's lips and a red aura began to appear around the deadly warrior.

"What else" he pondered tapping his chin in thought "Oh! You also have a very large set of...WOAH!" He quickly ducked under the fast slash from the goddess, she spun around slamming her foot onto Kakarot's trapping him. He looked down only to be met with an uppercut sending him flying into the air, faster than the untrained eye could see grail appeared above Kakarot slamming her hands into his back sending him racing to the ground sending dirt and debris into the air.

"Uh... is she faster than before?" Lois asked her comrade, they saw her moving faster than before and her body was glowing a lot more than usual.

"Stronger too..." she trailed off before looking down at the tied up Vegeta "Are you really that petty?" she asked in a bored tone, Everyone watching looked at the smaller woman in confusion. The smaller woman in question gave them a confused glare before answering.

"What are you blabbing on about? I'm still too weak to even transform" Confused even more they looked back at the battle only to be shocked at the goddess's eyes turn white while she was holding her head.

Kakarot slowly stood dusting off the dirt from his tattered clothes and giving his opponent a confused look. Kakarot and Vegeta's eyes widened as they felt the familiar energy begin to pour off the goddess.

"It's not possible!" They both yelled.

"M-My Head!" Grail screamed out, her mind slowly losing the impossible challenge "I cant stop it!" She screamed out before falling to her knees clawing at the ground.

Her red aura grew then changed to white, her head shot up in pain before falling into a calm serene expression.

Only two people would know who that look belongs too...

"Found you..." The voice of Grail mixed with someone else said giving the saiyan a smirk "Hello Kakarot..."

A powerful purple beam shot from Kakarot's hand intending to erase the woman but to his shock to puppet slapped the beam to the side sending it into a mountain. The puppet looked at their hand only to see it was missing, it looked at the angry saiyan with a smirk still on their face.

"Its bad to be underestimating me child..." It chuckled making the saiyan even more mad.

Kakarot warily stood facing the puppet before speaking...

"Damn you Grand priest..."

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