"Kakarot...kakarot..." the voice kept repeating for a while, kakarot slowly opened his eyes to the harsh lights. He looked around the clear glass of what he presumed was a cell of some kind.

"KAKROT!" Diana shouted from her cell

"Uhhh...what do you want?!" he responded, still trying to shrug off his nice nap he was having.

"Finally! I thought you were in a coma or just ignoring me...I went for the second reason" she shrugged her shoulders or tried to since her hands were handcuffed to the ceiling with her feet barely touching the floor.

"I probably was ignoring you, it feels like something I would do. Now where are we?" he looked at his mate for answers

"You are in a prison cell for super powered beings therefore, you are our prisoners" the voice in the shadows answered the question of the saiyan.

"Great...now come out so I can see the ugly face of my capturer" his tone filled with boredom

"I'd watched that tone of yours little man!" The voice threatened

"Oh! A weakling with an ego...I'm so scared" kakarot continued to taunt the unknown character.

"WHY YOU-!" his eyes glowing red in the dark

"Calm down idiot! He's only trying to get you mad" a deeper voice announced itself. several seconds passed until the heavy breathing stopped and the glowing red eyes disappeared.

"Thanks for that. I might've killed him for that"

"Learn to control your temper or else I'll have to fix it myself. Now back to you two, who are you?!" the deeper voice asked Kakarot.

"Well...im a guy named Kakarot, harmless and a wish to be killed as soon as possible" he flashed the shadows an innocent smile.

"Why are you here Diana? I hope the justice league doesn't think they can begin attacking us"

"..." she decided not to talk which caused the two figures to leave abruptly and close a metal door.

"What happened?" kakarot asked his mate

"All I remember is being pulled into a portal and that's it, I woke up a few minutes after you, Since them I have been trying to wake you but like I said, you probably ignored me"

"You know I cant ignore someone like you, princess..." he taunted the amazon

"That's queen kakarot! Now hurry up and bust us out, these chains are too strong for me" she grunted as she tried to break the chains holding her.

"Not yet...if my senses are right, then this isn't our universe" his eyes narrowed as he began to look for his planet but failing.

"Damn! he must of sent us to an alternate earth. Now we're stuck here with these morons"

"No, we have to see if they can use the same tech that sent us here, if they know who you are then I assume you and the justice league have met them before"

"It has to be them, if Im right then they have the technology to send us home. That is if they can build it, we destroyed their last one after we defeated them"

"I guess we play the waiting game..." he looked at the amazon for a few minutes, his body screaming to move and begin fighting the unknown opponents. He saw the amazon staring at him longer than he liked to admit, a small smirk came across her features after a few minutes.

"What are you staring at?" trying to look somewhere else but with their cells facing each other, it was hard to do.

"Its just...you look handsome with dark hair, your eyes look nice as well" his eyes widened as he remembered he fell out of his ssj2 form due to being unconscious

"Well don't get use to it..." he muttered,

2hours later

the sound of the door opening brought their attention to another figure entering, a feminine one.

"Hello Diana, Its been a while since we last fought...and who is your friend?" she saw the figure stop next to kakarot.

"My mate weakling, now back off or I'll smash your face into the ground like last time" the figure ignored the threatening tone of the amazon and stepped into the light. Kakarot saw another Diana looking at him but dressed in an all black spandex suit with grey high heel boots that stopped at her thighs. Arm padding that stopped at her biceps and left her shoulders bare. Between her gifted breasts was the silver "S" emblem that held up a black small cape with yellow inside. Her somewhat curly/straight hair made her look extremely beautiful but also dangerous.

"..."kakarot was left speechless.

"Hello...I heard your name was Kakarot. What makes you so special to be the amazon's mate?" she opened the cell and began circling the chained saiyan

"Good looks" he joked

"No...she chooses powerful mates, like that superman fellow. I could use her lasso to make you talk...or maybe mine" she raised two golden ropes.

"Don't you dare touch him superwoman!" Diana warned the amazon next to kakarot.

"Don't worry Diana, those things cant affect me. Its pretty pointless to use it on me" his response drawing a small laugh from superwoman.

"My good man, these ropes have special abilities. One makes you tell the truth to any question and obey my every command, the other forces you to tell your secrets that embarrass you and releases your secret inhibitions. Which one do you want me to use...?" the golden ropes flashing as she brought them closer to Kakarot.

"Neither!" he answered, wrong answer

"Well lets have fun first" she wrapped her own rope around the saiyan's torso and watched as it shined brighter "What is your greatest fear? I know we all have them" she smirked as she watched his face scrunch up, he was trying to resist the influence of the rope but slowly failing.

"Fight it Kakarot!" Diana shouted

"T-trying t-to but...it's r-r-really hard!" his hair flashed from black to gold, this did not go unnoticed by superwoman. The room shook a little as he continued to resist

"Tell me now!" superwoman shouted.

"I-I-I am afraid o-of...NEEDLES!" he felt instant relief after confessing his fear, his annoyance increased as he heard the laughter of superwoman.

"NEEDLES! you're afraid of needles! That's unbelievable!" she held her stomach, trying to catch her breath. He glared at Diana when he saw her trying to hold her laugh in.

" How would you feel if a small, thin blade could pierce your skin, no matter how strong you are!" he defended himself, it didn't help alleviate the laughter.

"Alright...alright...Now onto serious questions..." she removed her rope and wrapped Diana's rope around his torso again "Why did you come to our Earth?"

"We were sent here because batman tricked us" he didn't resist, these were just simple questions.

"So you're stuck here?"


"Now, what are you?"

"A saiyan"

"What's a saiyan?" her curiosity at its peak.

"A race of warriors that were wiped out by a tyrant named frieza, me and a small group survived but after a while, only I remain" this revelation shocked Diana and she felt sympathy for the warrior.

"That explains some things...Now why did batman trick you? Did they fear you in your earth?" she saw him begin to resist and his hair begin to change.

"They feared me...they feared me because..." his body shook as he tried to resist the influence but something was different with the rope. It burned when he tried to resist and now it was pushing him to unleash his power because of the pain. His hair began to rise and change to gold. He gritted his teeth as his anger increased from the pain.

"Why did they fear you?! What makes you so dangerous that they had to send you to a different universe?" she ignored the screaming amazon in the cell and looked at the glowing golden hair of Kakarot.

"T-they feared me because..." lightning shot from his body and his golden aura began to show. With a powerful shout, his hair became spikier and his eyes snapped open revealing two yellow orbs. His muscles slightly grew and more defined but he shattered the chains holding him and landed on the floor, he ignored the burning rope and looked at a shocked superwoman "They fear me because I AM THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION!" he shattered the strong glass and stalked towards Diana's cell. Ripping open the doors he broke her chains and looked back at the frozen form of superwoman. He unwrapped her lasso from his torso and handed it to Diana.

"Don't use that on me unless we are having sex. That thing fucks with your head" he turned back to superwoman "Now send us back home before I destroy your whole planet!" they looked at the metal doors flying off its hinges and several heroes came flying in. The lights came on and revealed what Kakarot thought was the justice league but more evil looking.

He saw a superman but with a "U" on his chest and a darker skin tone, a man dressed as an Owl, a green lantern raising his fist to build up an energy attack, and a figure in yellow with a weird helmet that made him faster. Before the saiyan stood this Earth's most feared villains and rulers of the planet.

The crime syndicate of America

"Stand down! We wont hurt you...much" Owlman warned, his shuriken already out and aimed at the glowing saiyan.

"I'd suggest you stand down bird boy! We want a way home and the only thing stopping me from destroying your entire planet is that" Kakarot warned the syndicate.

"He's full of it! There's no bloody way anyone can do that" Johnny Quick said.

"Yeah, so drop the empty threats and give up. There's no way you can beat us, even she had a hard time fighting superwoman last time" ultraman boasted and pointed a growling Wonderwoman.

"So you want take on the weak ones and i'll get the strong ones" he whispered to Diana, she smirked and dropped into a stance. He rolled his shoulders and popped his neck, trying to get his sleeping limbs loose.

"Before I kill you, Do you guys have a portal that could send us back to our universe?" he asked the syndicate.

"Yeah we do, we were going to attack again before you showed but I guess we have to hold off that plan" power ring said as his green aura showed up. They all stood still and waited for one to make the first move. The only sound was Kakarot's aura and the machinery of the giant satellite.

"Are we on the planet or a satellite?" kakarot randomly asked

"The satellite...why?" superwoman asked, she clutched the two ropes tightly.

"So I can do this! HHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" his aura grew and a big blue ball formed in his hands. He launched the attack at the syndicate and they quickly evaded the attack. The ball burned through the metal and continued out of the satellite.

"HA! missed idiot!" quick taunted

"Oh...he wasn't aiming for you..." Diana said. They all looked behind themselves and saw the blue planet in the hole of the satellite. They ignored loss of air and watched the shields come on, the view was still there and to owlman's horror, he knew what was coming.

"3...2...1..." kakarot counted down


The giant ball of light grew in size and continued to grow, the clouds were blown away and rocks were flying into the atmosphere. They saw the land of south America disappear in the light and part of Mexico be blown away.(I have to practice my descriptions but just imagine the explosion from DBZ: INFINITE WORLDS when you use your ultimate attack)

They saw a dark hole on the planet after the blast disappeared and ultraman looked more closely, he could see lava racing towards the surface.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?!" Ultraman shouted

"Gave your planet a new battle scar, now are you ready to fight?" he smirked and dropped into a turtle hermit stance.

"YAHHHHHHH!" ultraman shouted as he charged the saiyan in blind rage. The others were ready to move until they saw kakarot duck under ultraman's sloppy right hook and receive a powerful punch to his sternum. a ball of saliva came out of ultraman's mouth and he slowly fell to his knees. He couldn't believe someone as puny as kakarot could deliver such a blow. He couldn't breathe and think properly, the world was spinning and his head pounded with each heartbeat.

"Haaaaaaa!" kakarot delivered a Ki empowered kick to the head of Ultraman, they all winced as they saw his head turn at a sickening angle and saw his body shoot through the walls and towards the planet, more specifically, North America.

"You got them right?" he asked Diana

"This should be easy..." she cracked her knuckles and slowly walked towards them.

"Make sure to not easily kill them, we still need a way home" he called out and launched out the hole and towards the planet.

"Dammit!, Activate Kryptonite cache and send it to Ultraman's location" Owlman spoke into the comm. Outside a glowing green missile was launched after kakarot flew by and was heading towards the planet where Ultraman landed.

"And send The heavy Help..." he concluded, he focused on the approaching Wonderwoman and launched his shuriken from his belt. Diana easily dodged them and flew straight at power ring, he created a shield to protect himself but she easily broke through and landed a powerful right hook, breaking his jaw upon impact. His body flew by johnny quick and through the metal walls. Not wasting a second, superwoman and quick attacked her together. Quick began launching a barrage of attacks but it did little to the powerful amazon, Diana stomped the ground and caused intense vibrations while dodging the slow fist of superwoman.

"Its like they're moving in slow motion, its only been a month and the results are showing" She caught the golden rope of superwoman and pulled the female with her superior strength towards herself. Superwoman closed her eyes as she braced for the impact the hard floor would give. She fell through the floor and into the lower levels, Quick recovered from his stumble and repeated his attempts with Owlman firing explosives at the female. She expertly dodged every single blast but was becoming infuriated by the speedster running around her.

"This is why I hate enemies that hit and run!" she equipped her lasso and concentrated on the pattern quick was running, it was difficult with owlman attacking her but she found it. She delivered a powerful kick to Owlman and sent him into the wall and wrapped her lasso around a box like structure, waiting for quick to run by. She saw him coming at her and with a mighty pull, she sent the debris falling on the runner and burying him in the rubble. He screamed in pain as his leg had a metal rod sticking through and tried to run crawl away. He stopped when a black boot was in his way, he slowly looked up to the cold blue eyes of Diana. He gulped when he saw her grab a sharp piece of metal from the wall and aimed it at his head.

"Maybe we can t-talk about this?" he joked, it didn't help alleviate his fear.

"You can talk all you want in hell..." she screamed and brought her sharp weapon down on the speedster's head. His screams died away as Diana stabbed a hole clean through his head, the blood sprayed on her face and quick's body fell limp after a few seconds. She left the metal rod in his head and faced the rest of the syndicate as they climbed out of the holes she sent them through.

"What the hell are you?!" superwoman asked, this wasn't the Diana she remembered. This one was more powerful and killed someone without following her code. She actually feared her fellow amazon and was ready to surrender before her life was taken.

"I'm an amazon...you should know that" she smirked and launched herself at the trio of villains.

The people of the city scrambled away from the smoking crater and a brave few stayed to see what was in the crater. They saw a human hand shoot from the rubble and a bruised ultraman slowly climb out of the ground. People remained quiet as they saw the one person they hated fall on his knees and gasp for air. Then they saw a blonde man flying through the sky and land right on ultraman in a earth shattering punch. Smoke flew into the air and many tried to see what was happening but were forced to wait like everyone else. They jumped when they heard the screams of ultraman and watched in fascination as they saw the glowing being planting his foot in the chest of ultraman. They didn't care if ultraman was still alive, they began cheering and hollering as they saw the kryptonian struggle to remove Kakarot's foot. Many shouted profanities and some screamed to kick ultraman's ass.

"How ironic! they cheer when they see the person they hate the most on the ground screaming but don't know you are the only thing standing in the way of their planet's destruction. Hilarious!" he laughed as he watched ultraman scream in pain. His laughing was cut short as a huge black box fell from the sky and landed a few yards away from them. He looked down when he heard ultraman chuckling, his eyes widened when he felt a powerful being inside the box. He lifted his foot of ultraman's chest and slowly walked towards the black box. Each step, his saiyan blood kicked in and made him anxious to meet his new opponent.

"You're fucked now!" ultraman shouted, his super hearing picked up the missile heading his way. He smiled as he saw the green hue fill the sky and race towards him, Kakarot looked at ultraman in confusion until he saw the missile hit ultraman head on. The area was destroyed by the green blast and kakarot covered his eyes as the dust raced passed him.

"What the?!" he sensed ultraman's power level increase dramatically and a feral scream tore the air. He watched glowing green eyes look at him from the smoke and a fully healed ultraman slowly walk towards him. His body was glowing in a green light and his muscles were bulging. He shock was interrupted by the sound of metal tearing apart and a feral roar shattering all the windows. People ran from the area and cars were speeding away from the newest battle. He turned around and saw a 10ft monster with glowing red eyes staring right at him. His body littered with spikes, his knuckles equipped with sharp spikes and his knees as well his feet had spikes protruded out. The creature had grey skin and huge muscles with a terrifying face.

"Meet doomsday weakling! You should've given up when you had the chance, too late now..." Ultraman shouted.

"This could get bad...but it will be exciting!"


"LETS GET STARTED!" Kakarot shouted and unleashed his aura. The ground shook as he raised his power level and rocks floated as his voice was heard for miles. Not waiting another second, doomsday ran at the saiyan at incredible speeds and brought both of its fist down on the screaming saiyan. Kakarot's eyes widened as he blocked the incoming attack, the ground caved in beneath him from the incredible strength and kakarot saw some blood leak from his arms as he held the beasts arms up. Quickly reacting, kakarot did a powerful leg sweep that sent the giant falling but kakarot followed through with a powerful kick to his face. He watched the creature fly through the buildings and destroying multiple sites. He looked at his arms and saw the blood leaking through the cuts, he reacted quickly to ultraman's punch but took one in the sternum. He hunched over and coughed up saliva.

"Payback" ultraman whispered but was cutoff by the saiyan's response in the form of a gut wrenching punch. His eyes widened but he quickly retaliated by throwing multiple sloppy punches. Kakarot easily dodged them but was still feeling the effects of the punch he received from the kryptonian. His train of thought was cut off as he sensed the creature from before charge at them, he reacted to slowly and was tackled into multiple buildings for a few miles. Kakarot tensed when each building came into contact and watched some fall to the ground.

"ENOUGH!" he smashed doomsday's head into the ground and they both were tumbling for a few miles. Kakarot used his quick speed to land a powerful uppercut on ultraman, to his shock ultraman didn't even budge. He gave the saiyan a cocky smile before delivering a powerful heat vision blast into the chest of kakarot. He screamed as he was blasted into the ground and into the sewers. Quickly recovering, he looked at his burnt GI and looked back at the smirking kryptonian.

"Im going to hurt you so badly..." he said in a threatening tone, knowing he could hear him.

"I'd like to see you try" ultraman challenged. With a feral roar Kakarot shot from the hole and towards the surface, he blocked the incoming punch from doomsday but couldn't stop the claws from grazing his skin. He grunted as he watched the spikes cut into his skin but his own response was a Ki empowered punch that ripped through doomsday's stomach. With a satisfied smirk he watched the giant body fall to the ground and he returned his focus to the floating kryptonian. Putting two fingers to his head, he disappeared and reappeared behind ultraman.

"What the fu-" he received a powerful blow to his spine, almost breaking it. Kakarot followed through with an axe punch to ultraman's back. It sent him into the ground next to the dead body of Doomsday. His smirk faded when he saw the kryptonian stand with a smirk crossing his features, then the giant figure of doomsday slowly stood before unleashing a powerful, kakarot saw the wound on his stomach heal instantly.

"Just like Majin Buu but mixed with a saiyan. If I want to end this then I have to do it quickly...or I could easily blow the planet up" He smirked and cupped his hands together, a small blue ball appearing as his aura grew. The sky turned dark from the mini sun and all eyes of the running civilians looked at the glowing saiyan.

"KAAAAAAAAA..." he began, the ground shook as the small blue grew.

"MEEEEEEEEEE..." Doomsday was growing impatient and decided to throw objects at the saiyan.


"MEEEEEEEEEE..." he saw doomsday jumped right at him with ultraman following.

(perfect...) he thought in his head.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" The giant blue sphere became enormous after his cupped hands shot forward, the villain duo couldn't do anything but watch the giant beam of white light race towards them. Doomsday screamed as his body was engulfed, the skin and organs burning away each second the blast continued. Ultraman crossed his arms and blocked the powerful beam, he was pushed into the ground and further into the earth. He gritted his teeth as the heat became intense and felt lava burning through his costume. Kakarot watched as the blast grew and destroyed the entire city and more land beyond that, the screams of everyone disappeared just like the buildings that once showed the great city of metropolis. He stopped the flow of power and watched the bright light fill the entire area and his ears fill with the familiar sound he always heard after a powerful blast was dying down.

The fighting on the satellite stopped between Wonderwoman and the last two standing members, Owlman and superwoman. Green lantern's body was laying in the hangar with both of his arms missing and his head twisted backwards.

"HE DID IT AGAIN!" superwoman shouted, she winced when her broken ribs were bothered. They saw the giant ball of white but smaller show up on the surface again.

"That monster!" Owlman shouted.

"We told you to help us get home but you refused and look what the cost was! Last chance to give up weaklings" Diana said as she barely sustained any damage while Owlman was fighting through multiple injuries his enhancements couldn't fix.

"No..." he responded

"Are you stupid?! we have no chance against them and from what I see, the planet is good as dead!" superwoman shouted

"Are you going to stop fighting for your home?! are you giving up?!" he shouted

"Its not giving up if there is a better choice" Diana said, silencing the arguing couple.

"What better choice is that?" superwoman asked the amazon.

"Join us in our universe, kakarot is leading a powerful army on a conquest to conquer the universe. I saw how pointless it was to keep protecting earth, Im sure you want to control something larger rather than this small planet" the interest of superwoman was caught but Owlman remained unaffected.

"No deal, we will kill you and that saiyan.." he was cut off by a swift kick from superwoman to the ribs and sent flying into the wall. He fought through the pain to stand but he was failing, he watched the two amazons walk towards him and superwoman kneel next to him.

"Sorry Owlman but if what she said is true, then I want to rule a universe!" she brought her hands to his head and leaned in close to his face.

"What about me?" he whispered, he felt betrayed that the woman he trusted would betray her.

"It was just for fun..." she planted a passionate kiss and looked at him, she swiftly twisted his neck till it faced the wall and stood up. She felt no regret, she saw how powerful Kakarot was and truly believed he could conquer the universe.

"Now take me to the portal, we need to guarantee we come back to our universe in one piece" Diana ordered.

"Right this way, Wonderwoman" she obeyed

Kakarot landed on the ground to inspect the damage he caused with his old technique. He saw the land barren and geysers of lava shooting from the sky with volcanoes shooting out more lava. He saw the skeleton of Doomsday and no sign of ultraman, he shrugged and began walking away(To look cool). He stopped when he sensed the still powerful energy level of ultraman shooting towards his position. He felt the ground shake and heard the roar of ultraman as he flew from the ground. Kakarot turned around and saw the lava covered kryptonian glare at him with glowing red eyes.

"Don't you know how to die!" kakarot joked.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR COMING TO MY PLANET AND DESTROYING MY CITY!" more geysers of lava shot from the ground.

"I guess its just you and me then..." he took a stance, his focus was brought back to the skeleton of doomsday as he saw the skeleton shake. Kakarot gagged as he saw the muscles, organs, and skin regenerate on the body of doomsday. He saw the creature's spikes become sharper and his body slowly stand. The red eyes snapped open and once more doomsday returned from death.

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! YOU SHOULD BE DEAD!" Kakarot shouted in disbelief, at least Majin Buu had a substance to come back to but he literally came from bone.

"You should know he never dies, he comes back stronger than ever after each death. Rapid adaption" ultraman explained.

There was one thing kakarot hated besides needles, and that was opponents that kept on coming back to fight him.

"Time to end this! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" he shouted once more and his aura surrounded his body, the lava became more present and the rocks were crumbling as the earth shook. Doomsday for once remained still as he watched the saiyan power up. Kakarot's muscles became a little bigger but what shocked them was the amount of energy pouring off of him. They saw the clouds and smoke being pulled towards his body and saw the electricity increase more. His veins showed on his face and hair began to grow. The light became brighter and Kakarot's voice grew in volume. From the satellite they saw the clouds around the whole planet being pulled to one spot and saw the bright light shine brightly. Diana smirked as she watched the spectacle and superwoman remained shocked by the event. The countries were thrown into chaos as the ground shook and buildings crumble. The ice caps were breaking apart and many hurricanes along the coasts were intensified. People ran for cover and animals took shelter, they all looked to the sky as if they heard the voice of Kakarot screaming from the heavens.

"What the hell is he?!" Ultraman asked himself as he and doomsday dug into the ground to withstand the strong winds. They saw his hair still growing and eyebrows disappearing as his power increased. Inside Kakarot's head, he called upon his power of the Oozaru and used it to ascend to the next level. He felt the power of his great ape and remembered when he first achieved the form. With a final shout, his aura grew and a white light filled the area. Doomsday and ultraman covered their eyes and slowly waited for the white light to disappear. They looked at a changed Kakarot, one in confusion and the other in fear. They saw golden locks reaching his lower back and no eyebrows present on his face. The lightning surrounded his body and his muscles were even more defined. Kakarot slowly opened his yellow eyes and looked at his newest victims.

"Sorry that took a while, no one has forced me to use this form in a while, you should feel honored" his tone, more deeper and confident " Before you die, this form is called ssj3. You stand no chance now!"

Doomsday and ultraman shot forward towards the powerful saiyan and launched powerful punches towards the saiyan's face. Their eyes widened as they saw their fist caught in his hands and crushed by his superior strength. Ultraman fell to his knees in pain but doomsday continued his assault, he felt extreme pain as his insides were destroyed by the powerful punches Kakarot delivered.

"Whats the matter?! Cant handle a few jabs?!" Kakarot taunted. Doomsday roared and attacked again, they exchanged fists for several minutes but doomsday was quickly losing.

"Its a shame, but I have places to be. Time to end this!" his golden aura came to life and Kakarot unleashed a deadly combo on doomsday. Bones shattered and limbs were ripped off. Kakarot grabbed his right arm and tore the limb from its socket, he quickly ripped out doomsday's heart and smashed the body to a bloody pulp. Kakarot learned his lesson already, he launched a powerful blast at the remains and continued to pour more power into the blast until he saw the bones disappear and in doomsday's place was smoke. Kakarot turned to the glaring ultraman and slowly walked towards the villain.

"How do you want to die? with your planet or in space?" he taunted the weakling

"Fuck off!" he shouted and unleashed a powerful vision blast, the smoke slowly cleared and revealed a smirking Kakarot.

"Nice try, but I think I want to send a message to the league when I return" he grabbed ultraman's head and began pulling. The area was filled with screams of pain as kakarot slowly ripped ultraman's head off, he saw the skin slowly rip apart and bones breaking. With a final pull, he pulled the head of Ultraman of its owner and raised it to the sky. He looked at the spine it was connected to and it kind of reminded him of Darkseid. He laughed as he took flight towards the satellite, he passed the atmosphere and turned around.

"Goodbye earth!...Again!" He laughed as he created a small ball of light but with more power than before and launched it at the glowing orb. He placed two fingers to his head and quickly IT(Instant transmission) to Wonderwoman's power level. He appeared behind the amazon, he saw her watching superwoman operate a massive machine and quietly walked behind her. He dropped the head and wrapped his bloody arms around his mate, she smiled and locked lips with him.

"You took longer than I thought" she taunted

"They brought in some guy named Doomsday, he wouldn't just die" he planted kisses on her neck and had drawn out a low moan. She her hands to his hair but instead of feeling spikes she felt huge locks leading downward. She turned around and looked at his new look, she gasped and looked at how feral he looked. The golden locks caught her attention and his voice had drawn heated feeling from her core.

"Wow..." she admired his hair and placed her hands on his chiseled chest, she bit her lip as she pulled him into another kiss. He quickly pulled away and picked up the head of Ultraman.

"We need to leave now"

"Why?" Diana asked, her answer was a bright light appearing in the planet and Earth's surface becoming superheated. They saw a white portal open and a beaten superwoman walk towards them.

"Its ready kakarot" she gave a slight bow

"Convinced her to join did you?" he smirked at his mate

"I couldn't kill a fellow amazon" she defended herself.

"HA! you two go first, I want to get something" he walked to the giant window and raised his wrist, they looked at each other before walking into the white portal.

The entire base was on alert as soon as the white portal appeared, the heavy hitters such as superman, Supergirl, and john Stewart were waiting to see what would appear. They saw two figures walk out and into the opening.

"Diana, superwoman?!" Clark shouted

"Don't be surprised weakling, you sent us to them to be their problem" Diana responded and sheathed her sword with her shield(she got it after killing Owlman)

"Why is she here?!" cyborg asked, pointing at superwoman.

"She took my offer, and you may have caused her world to be destroyed" she shrugged after her response.

"Where's the bastard that took Karen?!" Kara shouted, she was pissed that the amazon she looked up to would do this to them.

"Right here!" the voice inside the portal said, they all watched in fear as they saw the outline of Kakarot. Superman and Batman tensed as they saw him casually walk through. He quickly threw the head of Ultraman at Clark.

"He said he wanted you see you again" he laughed a little at his own joke, they all saw his golden locks and his dangerous looking appearance. His voice shot fear through most of them as they saw the man responsible for destroying the major cities of Earth. Batman narrowed his eyes as he saw saiyan look right at him.

"You are the only I respect right now Batman! I may be powerful but that was pretty clever, send us to a different universe. Although you may want to send us to somewhere that doesn't have the same level of technology as you, or maybe you hoped I would like it there?" he asked "ANYWAYS! I brought back what is it you earthlings call it?...video blog, sounds right. I brought back a video blog of my latest adventure, it may be 30 seconds but its worth it" he gave the data pad to batman and waited for him to play the video he recorded. Batman didn't want to get on his bad side so he put the video on display for the entire league.

"I present to you! Earth's Destruction!" he announced, all eyes widened as they saw the blue planet slowly die and consumed by fire, then in super explosions, they saw the lava Geysers shoot into the atmosphere. Many cried as they saw the planet slowly deteriorate and eventually die by a massive explosion. The center burst outward and rocks were flying towards the space station Kakarot was on.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!" Clark shouted, he knew the saiyan threatened him before about destroying his planet but to see it happen and it was an alternate earth that was almost like earth. It pushed him farther than any villain did. He saw the saiyan smirk and stand in the center of the hangar.

"YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY I DESTROYED THE PLANET?...IT'S REALLY SIMPLE!" he looked at the scared justice league and some angry ones.