I just couldn't resist posting this...please forgive/enjoy this bit of silliness!

"You did say you wanted to be alone? I wanted that too." She pulled the completely undone tie from under his collar. "And you did mention missing me. I missed you too," she purred rubbing his collar between her thumb and forefinger. "So yes, I just want a few minutes to touch you. Teach me?"

She wrapped her hand under his chin and pulled him forward into a kiss.

Georg gently pushed her back and shifted his hips a bit further away from her. He pressed a kiss to her forehead and gave her a weak smile, hoping she wouldn't notice him lying through his teeth in just a moment. His felt his fabled control slip again as she shifted back and brushed against his zipper with her plush bottom.

He gritted his teeth and tried to sound unaffected. "Hmm, that offer has a lot of potential. I'll be taking you up on it in about three weeks," he smirked, tapped the end of her nose, and tried to stand up without dumping her onto the floor.

She planted a palm on his chest and pushed back with surprising strength.

"Captain, if I didn't know better I'd say you looked," she paused to study him for a moment, "...well uncomfortable. Did I do something wrong?," she murmured, genuine worry creeping into her voice.

"Mmm, what? No not wrong," He grasped both of her hands in his and kissed the tips of her fingers. "Love, you've done nothing wrong but I fear you don't know what you asking for. If I told you the things I'd like, all the things I want…" he shook his head and wrapped his arms around her waist in a what he hoped would be an end to her line of questions.

He should have remembered who he was dealing with. He felt her push up and he sighed with relief, but it was short lived. She was simply shifting in her chair a bit so she could look him in the eye.

She gave him a look he couldn't read and seemed to be resigned to her fate when she spoke. "Well, If you're certain then. Can I at least have a kiss goodbye since we don't know when we shall have another moment such as this one?" She presented him with her cheek.

He smiled at her and leaned up to kiss her cheek but she turned her head at the last moment and his lips landed on hers. She reached up to grab his jaw and hold him in place as she ran her tongue along the seam of his lips and nip at his bottom lip until he gave in. Grabbing at her back for purchase he all but hauled her up toward him as his body reignited under her surprising skilled mouth.

"Oh, darling we shouldn't.."

"Yes, we should..." she murmured into his mouth as she shifted completely in order to slide on leg over to fit herself more intimately against him.


"My turn remember, no talking", she said holding a finger against his kiss swollen lips. He nipped at her finger and let her plunge them back into a rough kiss. He felt her hands move to the buttons of his shirt, tugging.

"Oh, I can't...the buttons…" he silenced her with another long kiss. Undeterred by his insistent kisses she kept trying to get at his buttons.

Georg laughed against her lips but she was having none of that as he felt her grip the sides of the fabric and rip it down to his navel, buttons pinged and skittered across the desk. He breathed in a shocked breath at her audacity.

"Much better," whispered as she pressed urgent kisses down his neck.

He felt her rock her hips against his one time, felt the exquisite pleasure and frustration for one moment until he realized he was falling.

Or better yet they were falling backward as the chair simply gave way beneath them. Landing in an undignified heap with his fiancee crumpled on top of him momentarily knocked the wind out of him. He wheezed.

"Oh darling! Are you alright?" he heard her ask as she ran her hands over his chest while trying not to laugh, looking for broken bones.