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A Happy Ending

Despite being the two people most likely to kill King neither Harry nor his mate had done the bastard in so the next logical culprits were...were people who could get past the highly trained and very lethal dominants assigned to protect their guild master from having his head ripped clean off. To have gotten past them, the extensive technical security, AND left behind no clue as to their identity was no small feat. Or that would normally be the case.

Perhaps not at the moment, Harry reasoned, depending on who was on guard duty currently. But surely Chester had known to be careful about who would be watching over his safety in the near future, knowing that his life had never been more in danger than it was currently.

Which wasn't to say that King hadn't trusted the wrong bodyguard. Those closest to him were arguably the ones most like him. Ergo not to be trusted as far as a human toddler could throw them if betrayal was in their best interests.

Given that Roxy was in the know, did that mean she'd been called in to work tonight or had all members of Kingsman's guard been notified and perhaps called in to investigate the assassination? The latter made more sense, especially since it had been made quite clear this afternoon that King was very much capable of having the Morton family assassinated without regret. Chester would have to be off his head to think they'd protect him. More like plot his demise.

Members of the Morton family were most likely at the top of everyone's list of who had most likely done this. After Eggsy of course.

Harry gave some thought to the possibility that it was one or more of the Mortons who'd killed King, but it just didn't play for him. They were the logical suspects after all and they'd know it. Better to make the death look like an accident or just make King 'disappear' if they wanted to kill the bastard personally. It wasn't like the Mortons didn't know that Harry and Eggsy would happily help with the body disposal. And killing King. They'd happily have helped with that.

Actually...it probably wasn't a good idea to keep thinking such negative, bloodthirsty thoughts considering he was pregnant with a telepath.

Wincing over that Harry was about to pat his stomach in apology when it hit him.


A strong, powerful dominant. One King wouldn't have stood a chance against. Seasoned, intelligent, with access to all the information he would need to break into the house, find his target, and dispatch him without being caught. Who wouldn't care about leaving the body behind to be found-who perhaps wanted the body found and the grisliness of it reported so that everyone got the message it sent. Someone confident that he wouldn't be caught-or that no one would dare accuse him of the crime.

Colin's father.

"Right. Yeah. Thanks for calling, Rox. I'll talk to you later. Get some sleep."

Roxy likely said something similar, then Eggsy was ending the call, tossing it onto the bedside table.

"Well fuck. I should have seen that coming."

"Someone killing him?"

"Who killed him."

"But you said she didn't-that they didn't know who did it."

"She didn't say he did it. I mean her phone could be tapped after all. But it's pretty obvious it was her granddad. Ripping the head off-that's old school."

"Old school." Harry repeated.

"Yeah. I mean think about it. You ask most dragons how they'd kill someone and they're gonna say normal, human methods. Shoot the bastard or run im through with somethin sharp. Colin would probably go with something like poison, less messy. I mean I know he said he'd go clawed and gut im before, but that would be a heat of the moment thing. When your back's to the wall or you're seein red and ain't thinkin your best. This was thought out."

When he'd been thinking of killing Chester in Edward's office his first thoughts had been guns and knives. But he had liked the idea of using his hands a lot more once his brain had gone there. Also Harry was pretty sure Eggsy was wrong about Colin being too prissy to claw someone's guts out unless he had no other option, but decided not to argue the point.

"And when ya think about it...you and me, we were ready ta kill the bastard to protect Lee that day in Edward's office, a for we'd even seen what the sprog will look like. Yesterday Colin's dad found out that his beloved child, ALL his grandchildren, AND his great grandchildren-who he's known and loved for decades-would have died because of King's plans. That his family could still come ta harm, if King tries somethin. There was no fucking way Larsson would let im live."

Harry thought about that. And absolutely agreed.

"Do you think the Keepers knew this would happen? That that's why ours insisted Colin's dad should be there."

"Wouldn't surprise me."


"We really need to send those Keepers some flowers. Perhaps a monthly delivery." Harry had no idea how to say 'thank you for manipulating Fate itself to protect my family' with gifts...but he would strive to find out. Colin could help.

"Gift baskets galore." Eggsy agreed, leaning over to give Harry's cheek a kiss. "And we should get some sleep now, Luv. I have a feelin it's gonna be one hell of a morning. And baby needs lots of sleep ta grow, right?"


Another kiss and then the two of them snuggled in under the covers again, cuddling in the dark as they slowly slipped into slumber.


The next morning they were flooded with calls, emails and text messages. Far more than they had any chance of answering any time soon. They were still bigger news that their Guild Master getting his head ripped off, though Chester's death was a close second. Both he and Eggsy got the sense that a lot of their guild thought that they had something to do with King's death but were opting not to say so. At least not to their faces or in writing. Wise of them, especially since a number of them were on their 'Suspicious or Shit' lists. In fact that only one who was accusing them so that everyone could hear was Veronica, but that was no surprise. Also no surprise was the fact that her family was blaming her rants on her shock and grief over the loss of her husband, her father asking Harry and Eggsy not to hold it against her.

Since they had a lot more to hold against her Harry had graciously assured the bitch's father that they had no intention of challenging his daughter over the insults to their honor.

Losing the position of Consort, on top of all the backlash she'd face since everyone knew how they felt about her and vice versa, yeah...social pariah didn't begin to cover it. Veronica's life, at least in the dragon community, was pretty much over.

Especially given who the new Consort was probably going to be.

If he wouldn't rather regularly rip his teeth out of his own mouth without anesthesia than be Consort again Harry would have been seriously offended on his mate's behalf. Not that Eggsy wanted to be a Guild Master-he'd hate that even more than Harry had hated being Consort-but it was the principle of the point. Every member of their Guild who weren't close friends of them should be kissing up to them like their lives depended on it yet hardly anyone was putting forth Eggsy's name for the position, snobs that they were. it was bloody infuriating.

They'd have rejected the nomination of course, but still...

Eggsy was fine with it of course, especially given who most of their Guild was nominating to replace King.

The official reason most were giving for their nomination of Edward Morton for Guild Master was that in the visions the Keepers had shown them there'd been that scene of Guild Masters in a meeting with Lee and Diana about what to do about the elves. Edward had been in that scene, ergo he was meant to be Kingsman's Guild Master in the future. It was the only logical explanation and therefore everyone else in their guild was one hundred percent behind the idea.

And as Eggsy pointed out Edward was perfect for the job, which was true. And Colin was certainly up to the role of being Consort. He was pretty much born for the role. Better Colin than him, that's for sure.

As for the speculation and discussion about just who had killed their Guild Master-aside from Veronica's ranting-well no one was really naming names there. It seemed they all thought someone outside the Guild had done it to protect Harry's future children but no one was saying someone specifically. No one mentioned Colin's father.

Eggsy's quick call to the Morton house that morning to see how they were all doing had revealed the fact that Guild Master Larsson was due to return home that evening. The contents of the visions the Keepers had shown them yesterday had already spreading across Europe and his Guild needed him.

And so Harry and Eggsy drove over to the Morton house that evening before the older man was due to leave. They wanted to say their goodbyes in person.

When the two of them arrived at their destination the cars scheduled to transport the Swedish Guild Master and his entourage to the airport-his entourage had grown significantly-were already there in the driveway. The entire Morton family was also there to say their goodbyes too, said goodbyes already underway since there was rather a lot of them for William Larsson to bear hug.

Eggsy headed over to speak to Roxy while Harry made a beeline for Matthew, Colin's omega son.

This Matthew looked young and happy, the opposite of the Matthew from the visions. But at the end of the day Harry had seen for himself that if Lee had needed to be saved, Matthew would have done his best. And Harry felt thanks were due.

So he went over and hugged the omega, his thank you heartfelt and sincere.

Matthew returned the hug. "You're welcome. Though technically I didn't do anything. And hopefully I'll never have to."

"From your lips to Fate's ears."

More hugs followed, Harry eventually making his way over to Colin's father. He wasn't even surprised when he got pulled into the father of all bear hugs. It was Larsson's thing. And while it wasn't really his thing at all Harry made an exception and hugged the man back just as hard.

"Thank you." He whispered.

"Not sure what you're thanking me for-but we're family." Was Larsson's murmured response before drawing back, a twinkle in his eyes and a wide smile on his face. "It seems your little one and my baby's coming baby will be very close."

"I did get that impression, yes."

"And now we'll all be safe. And take good care of each other so that we stay that way. You'll take very good care of Harry and my future grandson in law, yes, Eggsy?"

"Too right." Coming over Eggsy gave Colin's father a big hug too. "And we're definitely family. Anything you need, just ask."

"Thank you. I look forward to getting to know you both better in the future. I might not have your little one's gift of sight, but I have a feeling that I can quote the late Humphrey Bogart when I say that I believe this is the start of a beautiful friendship."

"Here's looking at you, Kid." Colin piped up, wrapping one arm around Harry's waist in a half hug. "And you better hurry and get into the car before you're late getting to the airport, Papa. Remember the construction in that area."

"How could I forget."

Grinning mischievously the older man opened up his arms, Colin rolling his eyes as he let go of Harry to receive another goodbye hug from his father. As they hugged the two spoke to each other in Swedish, Harry having absolutely no idea what either was saying. But the love and affection they felt for each other came through clearly.

After a few more hugs Guild Master Larsson made his way to the car, everyone crowding around to wave the man off with British level fanfare. Which was admittedly somewhat subdued, but there was genuine warmth behind it.

Tucking his mate up against him Edward brushed a kiss over the top of Colin's head as they watched the cars disappear from sight.

"Don't look so sad." He murmured. "You know he'll be calling you every night from now until Oliver is at least a year old. Just like he did with the rest of our kids."

"Seriously?" Eggsy asked.

"Oh yes." Edward confirmed with a sigh.

"He knows you take very good care of me, Darling. He just worries. Especially now."

"He might call twice a day." Roxy put out there, making both her fathers wince.

"At least." Was Percival's opinion.

"Well hopefully he'll take comfort in the positive visions we were shown about Oliver and Lee. Though knowing my father he'll start calling Eggsy and Harry on a regular basis too. Especially once Lee is old enough to talk. He'll want to make sure all visions related to his family are good ones."

"Given what we owe im...that's fine by me."

Everyone sharing looks of understanding-which pretty much confirmed that they all knew who had killed Chester King but had no intention of ever outright saying so-the Mortons and the future Unwin Harts had that moment of shared understanding and then Colin suggested that they head inside for some refreshments.

Taking his mate's hand Harry agreed that that sounded like an excellent idea to him. Especially since he had an event to plan for a year or so from now that he wanted to start discussing with Colin.

And so talks of weddings and babies dominated the conversation for the rest of the evening.

It was a good night.


Epilogue: Five Year Later

Opening up his eyes Lee Unwin Hart scrunched up his face in sleepy displeasure. Like his papa Lee took considerable issue with losing sleep, especially since he was getting less than normal already. Diana would NOT stop talking to him in his head when she was bored and couldn't sleep. But in this case she hadn't woken him up, though Lee could feel her in the back of his mind, awake for the same reason. The nightmare hadn't actually been a nightmare, but a vision of what was now. And to be. Sadly it wasn't the first time a vision had gotten in the way of his sleep either, and in this case he couldn't go back to sleep and tell his parents to deal with it in the morning.

Tossing aside his blankies and leaving his stuffies behind Lee very bad temperedly sat up and shuffled across his mattress until he could slide out and onto his feet, which landed on his rug with a light thud. Making himself get out of bed was always the hardest part.

Sending a mental message to his sister to tell her that he had this and to go back to sleep already Lee walked across his star lit room to his bedroom door and let himself out, continuing on his way until he reached his parents' bedroom door.

Technically he was always supposed to knock-especially if they were 'playing'-but Lee knew how tired they were and that they needed their sleep. Sleep was the best thing ever, second only to cuddling with his Olly WHILE sleeping. And cuddling with his dads too, of course.

So instead of knocking Lee opened the door just enough, slid his body halfway through the opening, and then used his telekinesis to retrieve his papa's phone from where it was sitting on the bedside table.

Once it was in his hand Lee closed the door behind him as gently as possible. Then knuckling his eye with his free hand Lee walked a couple feet away and lowered himself to his bottom, sitting cross-legged on the carpet in the Spiderman pajamas Aunt Serena and Uncle Percival had given him.

He had to stifle a yawn before politely asking the phone to call someone for him.

"Harry? What's wrong?"

"Hi, Grandpa Larsson."

"Lee? Is that you? What's wrong?"

Another yawn escaped. "Pardon. I'm o-kay." Another yawn. "I had to call you cause really, really soon today your guard Johan is gonna shoot you. Bad people have his little boy and they said they'd kill him if Johan didn't do what they said. The little boy is being held at the house of the main bad guy. His name's Dolph. He's got mean blue eyes and smokes yucky cigars. I think you know him?"

"I do."

"Good. Go send him to his room. He's being very mean to Tomas."

"I will make him very sorry, yes."

"Okay." Yawn. "I need to go back to bed. And put Papa's phone back."

"That would be a good idea, yes. Thank you for your help, Lee. I need to go now to help Tomas, but I will come visit and bring you a present soon."

"That's okay. I don't need a present. But Olly, Dee and I do miss you. So come soon, kay?"

"I will. Jag älskar dig, Lee."

"Love you too. Bye."

"Sleep well."

Ending the call Lee yawned again and then groggily got to his feet, swaying a little. He was so ready to go back to bed, especially since his gut was now telling him that everything was going to be fine. But first he had to return his papa's phone or there would be a big fuss tomorrow morning. He knew this from experience.

So Lee returned to his parents' bedroom doorway, opened it up and sent the phone flying back through the air to land on the table once more, closing the door firmly behind him.

Bed and sweet dreams were calling him, and all was right in his world.

The End