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Bright rays of sunlight shone through the little pink bedroom. It wasn't too fancy, but it served its purpose to the little girl who claimed it as her own. It had a desk, a dresser, and a little bookshelf with all her favorite stories inside. On the far end of the room laid a simple bed with a white frame and light pink blankets. Beside it sat a nightstand with one simple picture on it.

The picture was of a little girl and her mother. The girl's short, pink hair had been curled and laid perfectly on her tiny shoulders. She wore a light yellow sundress with a dainty, floral print. Her brown eyes shined as brightly as her fanged smile.

Next to her sat a beautiful woman with long blonde hair that reached her waist. If you truly cared to know who she was, you would recognize her as the beautiful Lucy Heartfilia, though she no longer went by that name to keep her identity a secret. She wore a plain white dress with a key necklace dangling from her neck. Just like her daughter, she had big, beautiful brown eyes.

The peaceful morning was disturbed when the girl's bedroom door was swung opened. At the door stood the blonde woman who was in the picture on her desk, only this time, she wore a light blue dress shirt and black dress pants, all her hair pulled up into a side ponytail held up with a blue ribbon. On her right hand was a white glove.

"Nashi, are you still sleeping?" Lucy questioned toward the lump of blankets on the bed. When she received no response, she ungracefully trudged over to the piece of furniture.

"Honey, if you're late for school again you'll get detention, and we don't want that do we?" she asked upon reaching the bed. Without a moment's hesitation, the blonde ripped the blankets away, revealing the little girl with pink hair, staring at absolutely nothing.

She appeared a few years older than when the picture had been taken, at least eight years old now. Her hair had turned a shade lighter than it once was, but still a lovely pink. She wore a simple yellow t-shirt and basketball shorts as her pajamas along with the socks on her feet. Her brown eyes were nothing like the ones in the picture, having a slightly dead look to them.

"You were awake this whole time!" Lucy exclaimed unhappily. Instead of wasting time however, the blonde headed toward Nashi's dresser opposite of her bed. "It doesn't matter. Hurry and get up, I'll get your clothes for you. If you hurry, you might be able to walk to school with Mai."

Nashi didn't move however, she just remained in her lying position staring at the ceiling. With little effort, Nashi moved her left arm to cover her eyes from the suns blinding rays that came trough her bedroom window. Her mother turned around, expecting to see her daughter up and getting her breakfast, however upon seeing that her child had yet to move, she began to grow troubled. Since she was born, Nashi had been a pretty obedient girl, but over the past few days, Lucy began to notice her lack of production, which caused her to grow somewhat concerned.

Her mother walked back to her daughter's side, taking a seat on the bed beside her.

"Nashi," she said quietly, "are you okay? You've been acting different lately." Nashi did not respond. Lucy tried to think of a reason as to why her daughter had been acting this way; only one thing came to mind.

"Did something happen at school?" Nashi moved her arm a little farther down her face, telling her mother she had hit the target. Just like every child, Nashi had her fair share of problems at school, but it had never bothered her so much in the past. Nashi was a strong child who could take everything that was thrown at her; it was so odd that she had suddenly been reduced to a harmless little girl.

"Was it that one annoying kid? Haruto or something?" she questioned. From what her mother knew, Haruto had picked on Nashi when she first started school. He often made fun of her hair color and how she looked like she had hair made of bubblegum, but Nashi being the "big girl" she was, never let his comments bother her. Since then, she never really talked about the things he would say about her. It surprised Lucy when Nashi nodded her head.

"Do you wanna tell me what he said?" she asked. For a few moments, the two sat in silence. Lucy was tempted to leave if it was too personal, it must have been if it made Nashi feel so glum. As she was about to stand, she heard Nashi speak.

"He found out I didn't have a daddy."

Lucy stiffened upon hearing her daughter's trouble. She listened attentively as her daughter went into further detail.

"Career Day is coming up and everyone was talking about the cool jobs their dads have. When Ayame asked what my daddy does, I told them I never knew my dad." Nashi began to remove her arm from her face, revealing the tears she was trying so hard to hold back. Her mother felt her heart break at the sight of her daughter's face.

"H-Haruto started saying I didn't have a daddy because he didn't love me so he l-left us." Nashi said, her lips quivering as she tried to continue. Lucy could no longer hold herself back as she pulled Nashi up on the bed and into her chest. Nashi said nothing as she cried into the chest of her mother. The two remained in each other's embrace before her mother pulled away, a guilty expression on her face.

"Nashi," she said, brushing a strand of Nashi's pink hair out of her face, "It was never your fault. If it's anyone's fault," her mother let out a saddened sigh, "it's mine."

To say Nashi was surprised was an understatement. She had absolutely no idea how to take in this information. In the past, her mother rarely spoke of her father, heck; her mother very rarely spoke of her own past. Nashi had always assumed that it was her father that left them and not the other way around. Nashi looked up into her mother's brown eyes, hoping for a better explanation. A sad mile appeared on Lucy's face.

"I suppose you're old enough to understand," she said, fiddling with the glove on her right hand, "Do you remember the book I wrote, Seeking the Clock?"

Nashi nodded her head. Her mother was a very well known author. Often times, her mother would read her final drafts to Nashi so she could brag to her friends about being the very first person to read it. Seeking the Clock was her mother's very first published book and aside from the names of the people and places being changed, from what her mother told her, it was based on her own life experience. Nashi found this hard to believe because in the story Lucy was a wizard. Like her mother could ever be a wizard.

"Do you remember how I said it was based off something that happened in my life?" Nashi once again nodded. Lucy turned toward the direction of the window as a small smile spread across her lips, "well, your father was there too."

Nashi's eyes grew larger at the revelation of this new information, and then she remembered what had taken place in the story.

"Was he the one who caught you when you fell from the sky?" she said, hoping she had guessed correctly. She gave herself a mental pat on the back when her mother nodded a yes.

"Yes he was. He did so much for me over the years, in fact, he was the one who gave me all those friends I tell you about." Nashi thought back to all the friends her mother had described over the years: the man with the stripping problem, the scary redhead, the flying blue cat, all the stories about her comrades from when she was younger. Nashi loved hearing stories about them, even if she found it hard to believe her mother was once a wizard. It made her happy to know her mother had so many people who had cared about her.

"I can see why you loved him, if he gave you all of that," Nashi said, giving Lucy a gentle smile. She continued staring blissfully out the window, reminiscing the adventures she had with her nakama. She had told her daughter plenty of times that she used to be a wizard, but she never actually showed her what she was capable of. She gave up that life long ago after she left Nashi's father behind. Thinking about him made her heart ache. Even now, nine years later, she still loved him with all her heart.

"What happened to him?" her daughter asked her. The blonde let her mind wonder back to the day she had lost him. It always felt to painful for her, which was one of the reasons she never told Nashi, but she would find out one day, so why not now.

"I loved your father," she started, "I wanted to tell him so many times, but I never did." She paused, finding it to heartbreaking to speak about, but she had already started, so she might as well finish it, "and then one day, someone else beat me to it." Unshed tears began to build up in her eyes. "I wanted him to be happy, so I left so he could have that happiness with her."

The blonde woman remembered that day vividly. She had lost the man she loved to another and she never got the chance to confess to him directly. She had left him a letter, sharing her unsaid feelings, but it wasn't the same as speaking to him directly. And because she had never told him, because she was too much of a coward, she ran away from her home, her loved ones, him! And even worst, her only daughter had to go her whole childhood without a father and her father didn't even know she existed all because she was to cowardly. Lucy gripped the white glove on her hand tighter, almost afraid of ripping the fabric. Suddenly, she felt her daughter's body ram itself into her side, hugging her as tightly as her little eight-year-old arms could hold her. Lucy felt a wet substance begin to drip down her arm where Nashi's head was. It didn't take her long to guess she was crying.

"I don't blame you Mommy! So don't blame yourself!" Lucy sniffed a little as Nashi's words rang through her head. Nashi pulled away so she could look her mother straight in the eyes.

"All you wanted was for Daddy to be happy, that's all you ever do for people, make them happy. So don't blame yourself. I could never hate you for taking me way from Daddy." She said, shaking some of the tears away. Lucy could only stare into her daughter's large irises. Lucy felt a large amount of happiness well up inside as her daughter still held onto her tightly.

She thinks just like you, Natsu, Lucy thought as she pulled Nashi into a warm embrace, how did I get so lucky to have a daughter like her?

Lucy and Nashi held each other for a few minutes, just basking in the love that radiated from the two of them. When they pulled away, Lucy's eyes were drawn to the clock on the wall of Nashi's bedroom. Lucy stood up and handed Nashi the cloths she had forgotten she was holding.

"Well silly goose, it looks like we still have time to get you ready for school. Hurry and get dressed, I'll through together your lunch." Nashi shook her head happily as she hopped off the bed as well to take off her pajama's. Lucy strolled back towards the door, giving her daughter privacy. Upon reaching the doorframe, Lucy looked over her shoulder to see Nashi on the floor pulling off her socks. She giggled, before calling out her daughter's name. Nashi looked up from what she was doing to see her mother still in the doorway. Her mother gave her a loving smile.

"Ignore what Haruto said. He would be jealous if he knew who your father was." Nashi didn't fully understand that last part, but she smiled and nodded anyway. Satisfied, Lucy finally left the room and closed her daughter's bedroom door. Standing with her back to the door, Lucy inhaled an easy breath before walking to the kitchen to make Nashi's lunch.

You would be so proud of her, Natsu.