And now, the finale of Thank you, Nashi.

The mover lifted the box with ease and squeezed through the doorframe of Lucy's apartment, or old apartment. Lucy thanked him for his service and turned back to the empty room. All of her furniture had been removed earlier that week except for a few stray boxes, which had just been taken care of. The room now reminded her of the first week she had arrived at the guild. She sighed happily, she was really going to miss it, but now she was moving in with her husband.

Husband, it sounded to good to be true. When her and Natsu got back to the guild and told them of Natsu's proposal, the guild burst into full out party mode. Everyone congratulated the couple, even Lisanna to Lucy's surprise. They didn't speak too much during the party, but Lisanna made it clear that she was truly happy for them and wished them a happy future. Lucy couldn't be anymore overjoyed that she was still her friend.

It didn't take Fairy Tail long to plan the perfect wedding for Natsu and Lucy. It took place within he month and it was the most beautiful wedding Lucy had ever been to, and it was her own. Lucy smiled the entire time and Natsu couldn't take his eyes off of her in her beautiful gown. And now, four months later, Lucy Heartfilia was now officially Lucy Dragneel.

Lucy rubbed her hands over her growing abdomen, a content smile on her face. Since they had a baby on the way, Lucy had delayed her move out until Natsu and the other men of the guild could add extensions to his house, or their house. Now that they were done, Lucy and Natsu could finally move into their little home. Taking one more look around the room, Lucy strolled to the door and closed it lightly.

She gave her landlady her key and gave her a hug, thanking her for everything she had done since Lucy moved there. She walked into the crowded streets of Magnolia, casting one last glance at her beloved apartment.

"Excess me?" a voice said beside her.

Lucy looked to her left to find a young couple walking up to her. The man had friendly brown eyes and green hair combed back neatly. His arm was wrapped around a smaller woman with short white hair and purple eyes. Lucy couldn't help but notice that the woman's stomach was about as plump as her own. She gave them a cheery smile.

"Hello there, can I help you?"

"Yes actually," the man stated, pointing at the apartment building in front of them, "I was wondering if you knew if that building had any open rooms. We saw you leaving it and assumed you knew."

Lucy nodded, "Why yes I do actually. I just moved out of mine. My old landlady would be happy to help you."

The woman clapped her hands excitedly, "Thank goodness. We have been looking all over town for an open apartment, we were starting to think we would have to try another town."

"It's no problem. I'd be happy to help new parents to be. As you can see, I'm having my own" she said, gesturing to her round stomach. The man pulled his wife into a sideways hug as the three laughed.

"Do you know what you're having?" the white haired woman questioned.

"We're having a girl," she said, meaning her and Natsu. The woman gasped, startling Lucy.

"So are we! Maybe we can schedule play dates for them!" Lucy liked the sound of that and she was sure Natsu would agree.

"That would be lovely," Lucy held out her right hand, which the green haired man shook, "I'm Lucy Dragneel."

"I'm Tobias and this is my wife, Cho." Lucy shook Cho's hand.

"So Lucy, do you know what you're going to name your daughter yet?" asked Cho. Lucy shrugged playfully.

"No idea. My husband has an idea, but he won't tell me what it is yet. What about you?" The couple looked at each other happily. Tobias gathered his wife's hand in his own.

"We're naming her Mai."


Natsu sat on his bed, reading the book Lucy had in her hands. His arm was wrapped firmly around her waste, drawing little circles on her large stomach. It had been nine months since he confessed to Lucy and asked her to marry him, meaning their daughter was going to be born any day now. The thought of seeing Nashi again made Natsu's heart soar, and this time they wouldn't have to deal with Scarab's Wings.

After the guild party celebrating their engagement, Natsu contacted the Magic Council and informed them about the location of Scarab's Wings headquarters. They didn't believe him at first, saying it was nothing but a myth, but eventually he was able to convince them to check it out. They stormed the building and captured everyone there. Natsu chuckled, remembering Shinzō's face in the paper as he was being led away. He looked so shocked and confused. The council also found his plans for rebuilding the Eclipse Gate and had it dismantled and the plans taken away. Now Nashi and Lucy's future was safe, and everything was going to be fine.

Natsu jumped slightly when his wife shut her book loudly. She placed it on the nightstand beside the bed and looked at him strangely.

"Okay Natsu, I've been patient, but now I want answers."

"What are you talking about Luce?" he asked, genuinely confused. She awkwardly shifted herself so she was better facing Natsu.

"For starters, what is up with you? How did you know I was planning on leaving the guild? How did you know I was pregnant? How did you know it was a girl? In general, how did you know all of this? I don't understand."

Natsu sighed. Lucy had been asking him about this for a while now. He didn't knowhow to tell her he was from a future where she left him and their daughter died.

"I don't think you would believe me," he said honestly. He would have a hard time believing himself. Lucy gave him a puppy dogface, one that was making it hard for him to ignore.

"Try, please."

Reluctantly, Natsu nodded. An idea of how to explain it to her popped into his head and he smiled at her.

"Once upon a time, there lived a young man…"

"Natsu, how does a fairytale have anything to do with-"

"Just hear me out, please," he begged. Lucy frowned, but let him continue.

"Once upon a time, there lived a young man with two friends. One he had known since he was a boy and the other his best friend, and both of them were in love with him. This man, well he wasn't the smartest. He didn't understand things like love like he thought he did, and when his childhood friend confessed to him, he agreed to be her boyfriend. A few days later, he discovered that his best friend heard the confession and believed that he would be happier if she left, so she did."

"He was heartbroken. After she left, he realized that it was her that he had been in love with, but by then it was too late. So he spent the next few years, wallowing in sadness, an empty shell of the man he once was, until one day. A small girl found him and told him her mother had been kidnapped and she needed his help to save her. The man and the little girl grew closer and closer and bit-by-bit, she revived the old him. It wasn't until later that he discovered that this wasn't some random girl, but his daughter, and her mother was his old best friend. After discovering this, his love for the child and her mother only grew, and he was determined to bring them all together again, that is until the girl was kidnapped, and killed," Natsu's eyes grew watery, remembering how his daughter dies in her mother's arms.

"The two parents were broken, wondering how someone so kind and pure could be taken so easily. However, all was not lost. The man had a second chance to fix everything. So he took it, he changed the one little thing that tore them apart and fixed it. His friend was never taken, his daughter never died, and he was happy, and he lived happily ever after."

Lucy sat in silence as her husband completed his story. He grabbed her left hand, fiddling the wedding ring on her finger, "Do you understand now Luce?"

"No," she said without hesitation, "No, I don't understand, but I trust you. I trust that whatever this "man" did was the right thing, and he has no regrets about it."

Natsu smiled at his wife, wrapping his arms around her, " and he doesn't." Lucy wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling closer to Natsu. They closed their eyes, readying themselves for a kiss when Lucy gasped loudly.

"Lucy! Are you okay?" Natsu called out. Lucy hunched over, clutching her stomach in pain. Natsu hopped out of bed and ran over to her side, "Luce what's wrong?" She looked up at him, a distressed look on her face.

"T-The baby's coming." Natsu didn't need to be told twice as he swept Lucy off the bed bridal style and ran to the door.


"AHHHH!" Lucy screamed. Natsu held her hand tightly as Porlyusica and Wendy rushed around the guild infirmary. Juvia was on the other side of her, rubbing her forehead with a wet washcloth. Natsu and Lucy were lucky that it wasn't late in the evening when they arrived at the guild, plenty of people were still there. The other guild members were able to get Porlyusica there in record time,

"N-Natsu," she whimpered. Natsu tightened his grip on her hand.

"Everything is going to be okay Luce, I'm right here."

"Are you ready Lucy-san," Wendy called as her and Porlyusica slipped on some gloves. Lucy shook her head, some sweat flying from it. Pain shot through her.

"Push Lucy!" the medicine woman yelled over Lucy's screams. Lucy's grip on Natsu's hand increased exponentially and he was starting to wonder if she had this strength the whole time. He could have sworn he heard his fingers crack through Lucy's screams. Time felt like it had slowed on purpose just to make it more agonizing for the couple

"Push Lucy-san!" Called Wendy from the other side of the bed, "We can see the head." Lucy let out one last scream, panting heavily.

The room went silent. Nobody made any sudden movements.


Lucy lifted her head tiredly, Juvia helping her part of the way. Natsu's eyes widened at the sight of the squirming infant being wrapped in a towel by Porlyusica. Despite her hate towards humans, the pink haired woman smiled.

"Congratulations Mrs. Dragneel, you have just given birth to a healthy baby girl."

Lucy let out a breathy laugh. Natsu followed suit as h pulled Lucy's weak body into a hug. Porlyusica handed the child to Wendy for her to wash up. Juvia went with her to aid her in her task.

"Natsu," Lucy whispered, looking into his dark eyes, "tell me, what did you want to name her?"

Natsu smiled, rubbing Lucy's blonde hair lovingly, "Nashi. I want to name her Nashi."

"Nashi?" Lucy repeated. She giggled lightly, "Funny, I came up with the same name."

"Then it must be a sign." He said, giving her his famous fanged smile. A few seconds later, Wendy walked in, holding a small bundle in her arms. The young girl smiled as she handed her to her mother. Lucy gathered the child in her arms, pulling her close so Natsu could see as well. She had small wisps of pink hair on the top of her tiny head just like her father. Her eyes were closed, but Natsu couldn't wait to see her brown eyes that reminded him of the woman he loved. The child breathed steadily, sleeping soundly in the arms of her loving mother. Lucy laughed happily, tears pricking at her eyes.

"Nashi. Little Nashi. I love it."

"And I love you," whispered Natsu. Lucy looked away from her new child. She was taken back when Natsu crushed his lips into hers. Lucy closed her eyes, basking in her husband's love. Natsu pulled away slowly.

"I love you Lucy." Lucy smiled, a blush spreading on her face.

"I love you too, Natsu."


Natsu stared out the window of the guild infirmary, his new daughter in his strong arms. Lucy was lying in her bed, sleeping peacefully after the events that had just transpired. Natsu marveled at her strength to go through something so wonderful as bringing a child into the world. He truly was lucky to have her as his wife.

He looked down at his new daughter. It was weird to think that everything they went through, all the adventures the two of them had never happened, only he would know and remember.

Questions had been left unanswered, such as why Shinzō's magic didn't work on him or Nashi, but that wasn't important to him now. He was sure he would find out one day, but it didn't matter to him now. He was happy. He had his family now, and he wasn't going to let them go for anything.

He gazed down at the child in his arms. She squirmed slightly before falling still once more. To think, that such a small thing was capable of such greatness. A child, who was born with so little, grew up to offer so much. She held no blame, no spite, and was always smiling. She made friends with all she came in contact with and knew just what to say to make everything all better, all because of her mother's guiding hand. Natsu was determined to make sure that she was raised the same way she was before, only this time, with her father holding her other hand. Rising her a bit higher, he kissed Nashi on the top of her forehead, whispering as he pulled away from her.

"Thank you, Nashi."

I was listening to the extended version of "A Tender Feeling" from the Sword Art Online soundtrack and just as I wrote the last three words, the song ended. I feel so happy right now I want to cry. Thank you all so much for your support and I hope that you continue to read my work. I'm working on a one-shot called "The Warmth of His Hand" so look out for it or anything else I write in the future. Goodbye.