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Steven and Amethyst sat side by side at the counter, grinning for one of their favorite snacks, fry bits, the sun was beginning to set, hazily pouring over the streets of beach city...not much activity roamed the streets, only a curious Ronaldo staring at something in the sky looked at all lively...Unless you count the two gems at the counter begging for their fry bits.

"Steven we're closed." The oldest fry man said, begging them to go easy on the counter before they broke it, especially Amethyst.

"Aw what?!" Steven asked, Amethyst cut in,

"Give em' the bit's!" Amethyst said, banging on the counter once more. "The bit's! The bit's!" She began chanting. Steven followed, laughing in between chants.

"Okay okay! Take it easy on the counter." He said before disappearing into the small dark room to prepare the fry bits.

"Works every time." Steven laughed. He awaited his fry bits as the sun began to set. They high fived each other for their achievement. The fry man set down their fry bits and Steven saw something in the sky. His eyes went wide. "Uh..Is that...A second sun?" Steven asked. He knew exactly what it was, it was the red eye...Peridot mentioned it before, it was too report gems on the planet. He was hauled off towards Garnet and Pearl, "My bits!" He cried.

"Guys did you see that thing in the sky?!" Amethyst asked, Steven was ready to bolt he didn't need to hear this, they just barely made it last time before it crushed them all.

"Yes, some of us are trying to protect humanity where were you?" Pearl asked.

"Eating fry bits." Amethyst said casually as if it wasn't a problem at all. Steven was sweating with anticipation. He had to get to his dad and find the light cannon again...

"Steven?" Pearl asked seeing how nervous the boy was. Steven snapped out of his concentration.

"U-Uh I'm fine!" He lied, he saw Garnet staring at him, he needed to tell the gems...about all of this, too see if they could help. "Guys I-" He was cut off as a rock hit him upside the head. "Huh?" He said quietly, the red eye wasn't close enough to start lifting up rocks, or anything for that matter. Someone must have thrown it at him. He didn't have time to explain himself anyways, he bolted for the car wash.

"Steven?!" The gems called after the boy, he kept running, he had no time. he rubbed the back of his head it still hurt form the rock, but who could have thrown it? Maybe Lars? No..He was at the Big Donut why would he not be? Just to throw a rock at Steven...He didn't last time, Steven would have remembered that.

He pushed his feet to go faster, he needed to cut back on the doughnuts and fry bits. A glimmer caught his eye as he was running, he didn't stop, but he sure did see it, he kept trudging too, 'It's a wash!' he needed his dad to get open the storage, and get the light cannon.

He briskly climbed on top of the van, taking a second to stare at the Red eye, 'Not this time..' He thought to himself. He banged his feet on the van.

"Daaad~ Daaaaad~!" Steven called, he knew his father was inside, "Common we have to save the world!" he said, slipping and falling down, activating the car alarm and grinning.

"Who's-" Greg was cut off when Steven got in front of him.

"It's me dad! I need the light cannon that belonged to mom!" Steven insisted, jumping nervously and anxiously. His dad blinked for a second.

"Steven...What are you doing up so late?" He asked, not noticing the still brightly lit sky.

"The sun just set an hour ago." He stated, not wasting any time. His dad blushed a bit.

"Oh, it was a...slow day at the car wash.." He said sheepishly. Steven looked at him with impatience and he got the message.

"Alright, if it's anywhere-" He paused to life up the garage door, "It'll be in here." He finished, Steven quickly got a flashlight and tied it onto his head with a sock and laughed.

"Alright..." He went inside, it was just as he remembered it, like a dad museum. "It's a dad museum!" He echoed his thoughts, accidentally cracking a photo. "Dad! I think I cracked this old photo.." He said guiltily.

"It's okay buddy if every pork chop were perfect we wouldn't have hot dogs!" He joked with his old catchphrase. Steven laughed a bit before noticing the faint glow coming from the back of the shed.

"Dad I found it!" He cried, seeing the large cannon in a faint rose colored glow. "Get the van!" He said, attempting to crawl out of the mess. A glimmer caught his eye, he caught a glimpse of a faint purple string..It seemed to glow, it had a tiny gem on its tip, Steven pocketed the strange looking thing to show the gems later. It wasn't there the last time..was it?

He crawled out of the tumbling mess, watching the compacted junk turn to a pile in a matter of seconds and reveal the light cannon.

Steven grinned pulling out a red wagon and setting the cannon inside. "I think we're good to go!" Steven said, hopping in the van and taking out an old CD, immediately putting it in without another word, needing some music to calm down and raise everyone's spirits since they seemed to not be too happy at this particular moment, he let himself zone into the music, forgetting about the menacing red eye about to crush them all for just a moment.

"I couldn't give those things away." His dad sheepishly laughed as his son began to sing the lyrics happily.

Approaching the beach the two unhooked the cannon, rolling it over too the sand, Steven insisted they leave the van a little away so it wouldn't get sucked up. His dad agreed. Steven left the CD going as they readied the light cannon.

"S-Steven?! How did you-" pearl was cut off as Garnet spoke.

"There's no time we need to find out how to activate it!" She cried. Steven spoke up.

"It's okay guys! If every pork chop were perfect..We wouldn't have-" Steven was cut off as a loud humming was heard form the red eye, it widened, glowing a pink. "We wouldn't have hot dogs!" Steven cried as the light cannon glowed, aiming at the red eye. Steven helped aim it and the rest of the gems came over to help readily.

"Brace yourselves!" Garnet cried as the light cannon emitted a large energy beam, sending Steven back a few inches, crashing into Pearl, before regaining his composure. He looked up just in time too see the Red eye explode, a large rock came down, Steven realized he made a mistake, it crashed right into his dads van.

The city calmed down as they all took a moment to process everything. The gems left Greg to do his thing.

"I live in there!" They heard Greg say as he went over too it, it was fixable, just not anything inside of it. "It's okay dad if every pork chop we're perfect-" Steven was cut off by the bewildered Pearl by his side.

"H-how did you know that would work, and how did you even know to look for a light cannon?!" pearl asked.

"W-well...I saw it while going through dads shed and said that thing dad always says and it glowed, so I figured it's be my best bet." Steven lied, struggling to keep a honest face. The gems seemed fine with the answer and left Steven to clean up the debree from the Red eye. Steven was sure too ask the gems about it later, but was way too tired right now...He unconsciously crept his hand towards his pocket, clutching the purple glinting string, the gem broke, allowing the shards to gleam away, as the boy fell asleep on the wet sand.

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