It had all started when the Dursleys decided to take a vacation... Harry was only brought along because they didn't want their "precious objects" mangled by his freakishness. He has told to stay in the bag, not move, and wait with all the other luggage until the plane landed. And Harry existed in a time where Airplane safety networks weren't a thing, so he wasn't detected. Harry's life was rather miserable. He was beaten with a belt if he ever messed up a chore, and fed only the scarce pickings of what his family didn't finish with their food. He could barely sleep and slept in a smelly, dusty and cold cupboard.

It was so hard...He didn't want this...Every night, when he went to sleep, he would have dreams. Dreams of a soft, gentle touch, reaching out for him, assuring him all would be all right. These dreams made him wish...They made him wish he had someone to care for him. They made him wish he had...a mother. These instances of need for any sign of affection made him observe the children around him and their interactions with their own mothers. He watched them hug, and coo and gently discipline them. 'They don't like that touch enough...' He thought darkly in his squished confines. He was very sad witnessing these displays of affection. 'I wanna be held like that too' He though, tearing up and biting his lip. Sighing, he sat in total stillness for the hours and hours of flight that awaited him...

Harry jolted up in a sudden confusion and moment of fear before remembering where he was. 'We must have landed...' He had to fight back the desire to yelp in fear as the suitcase was yanked upwards quite roughly. If he made a sound, they'd find him and get Uncle Vernon in trouble, which wild make him get in trouble, which would mean he'd get hurt again! So he hit his lip and felt himself dragged through baggage. Harry was so'd been days since his last couple of bread slices, and if he didn't eat soon he felt as though he would just...die. He would die alone in a suitcase...Nobody would EVER love him...He'd never get a chance to be happy. He felt himself violently rolled through the airport, down a street, and into an inn. He was roughly dragged upstairs in the likeness of an angry Hulk, and tossed into the bedroom corner where he was yanked out of the confines of the suitcase A small part of him was happy to be pulled out of the suitcase. Maybe he'd finally get his bread after his beating... A few moments later his aching body was thrown in the corner. A small bag of old Vending Machine chips were thrown at him and he was left alone for a majority of the evening. Harry took that time to find out where he was. It was...a small house...? It was...nice. But where was the cupboard he would be sleeping in? 5He found a...small crate...not good... He noticed the was very warm here!

The little boy curled up in a tight ball, trying to give himself as much space as possible. It was cramped... Wait a minute...there were books! Harry took a moment to check out what he was seeing here, and found a thin book called, "The Town's Lore and Legends" He was curious. He wasn't very good at reading, as he hadn't been taught...But thankfully, there were lots of pictures. A mean pirate lady with purple hair had tried to steal everyone's treasure! But a pretty genie woman with purple hair had defeated her on multiple occasions, and had even...used magic?! Harry was so intrigued, he read it over and over again. His childlike wonder was setting in as visions of Miss Genie defeating Miss Pirate with magic and made his heart beat quickly and let a smile on his face again! Then he got to thinking...A genie...If only he had a genie...The genie would give him exactly what he wanted...

Three wishes...

Harry sat in the floor and tossed this around in his little head. Three wishes to get what HE wanted for a change. That alone made him happy inside. He thought about some things he'd want, and only one came to mind.

A mother.

'I wish...I wish I was someplace where people would like me...please...I need it...'

A genie would never react to this wish...

However, Harry's own magic would. And in a bright flash and a loud cracking sound, like a stick hitting pavement, Harry was gone...

He suddenly found himself in an empty spot of land. It was much hotter now, and he jumped up in confusion. What...? Sand?! Where was he?! He stood and looked around. It was hot and the air tasted of salt. He could see a beach nearby with crystal blue waters that reflected so beautifully that it made Harry start to calm... But not for long. He dashed away from the beach and towards the town nearby. His uncle was going to KILL him! He wasn't supposed to go outside! Not EVER! As he made it to the town, he decided it'd be safer to go through the Alley Ways. He walked through one, and tried to round a corner onto what he thought was an empty street in silence. But he had exhausted himself from his run and slumped down to the ground in the alley. He panted heavily, clutching his chest, not used to running for so long...And then he attracted attention from a group of bandits... "Hey what've we got here? A little homeless brat with nowhere to run." The smaller leader said with sick glee as he approached the shocked Harry. They began to circle him, terrifying him until...

"Hey!" A female voice called out, angered. "Leave him alone!" The Gang quite suddenly froze, and turned to look towards the voice. The also seemed to cower in fear and take off at high speeds, quite terrified. Harry let out a sigh of relief. But then, he began to feel frightened. The woman could hurt him now! He looked out on the road, just to see if she was close, and froze in shock. His mouth fell open in a comedic expression as the recognition of this woman took hold.

It was the the pretty Genie lady...and she was looking right at him!


The famous Half-Genie Hero Shantae had been making her rounds in the seaside town, enjoying her day, when she spotted a little one being terrorised by bandits! She rolled her eyes and groaned softly. Those bandits were nothing but trouble! "Hey!" She called stomping towards her enemies,"Leave him alone!" The scourges of Scuttle Town fled at the sight of her. "That's right, you better run!" She called after them, shaking her fist in their direction before putting her hands on her hips. "Meanies. They're nothing more than a bunch of bullies." She turned to face the child that was being Harassed. She'd never seen his face around town! She blinked with a tilted head before smiling warmly. 'Aww, what a cutie...' Why was he trying to get away? She saw him look up at her with a very confused and excited look. She hopped down from the building she stood on to meet up with him, so she could talk to him. "Hey kiddo! Where did you come from?" She asked, sauntering over to him. He was still staring at her in total shock and awe.

"...I-It'" He breathed. "It's really, really you..."

"Hm? You know who I am?" She asked in confusion. Harry blushed and looked away from her with an EEP!

"I'm sorry!" He said softly. "Don't hurt me!"

"Aww cutie, I would never hurt you!" She said, crouching down bext to him, "Where're your mommy and daddy? They must be worried."

Harry looked at her sadly. "M-My mommy and daddy...? Th-They're dead..."

Shantae grew shocked and sad quickly. This little one was an orphan?! That was horrible! She pouted and reached out, stroking his hair. "Aw, sweetie..." She cooed. "You're too little to be out here all alone."

"But, but I'm with my Aunt and Uncle!" He said quickly, "but...the's gone..." He finished, deflated.

Shantae tilted her head. "Do you know what inn you were staying at? I'll help you find them." She offered.

Harry looked down. "I...I don't know...I...never saw where it was...Or what it was called..."

Shantae was really starting to become worried for this small child. She'd never seen his face around, and they was only two inns in town. This raised the question of, "How'd you get here cutie?"

Harry flinched as he gave his answer... "Th-The freaky stuff...The freaky stuff brought me..."

Shantae really didn't like this child's life he lived. Sizing him up, she saw he was very thin and frail, looking as though the slightest push could snap a bone. His clothes were very...different from the other townsfolk, and his hair was shaggy. He was paler than a ghost, and his eyes were bloodshot. He was also, very small. He could probably only reach her knee at full height... "What's the freaky stuff baby?"

Harry sniffled softly. "I...I don't know, just...just freaky stuff..." He admitted.

"Hmm..." She hummed with a strange look.

Harry tried scooching away once more, scared she'd be angry with him. Instead, however, she snatched him up into her arms and...and...HUGGED him? "What a-are you...?"

"I'm giving you a hug're just so deserving of one." She said happily. "I mean...You just look SO SAD..." Harry sniffled lightly, realising that this touch was all he'd ever wanted...he snuggled into the hug of the genie and she giggled. "Aren't you just the cutest little THING?" She gushed gleefully. "Don't you worry. I'll get you back to your family."

Harry, in his moment of comfort, shook his head violently back and forth. "N-No!"

Shantae's eyes widened. "Huh? Why? Don't you wanna see your family again?"

"Um...I-I can't say..." he responded, dejectedly. Shantae, still confused but not wanting to upset him, nodded.

"Well...If you don't wanna see your family, what AM I going to do with you?" Harry slugged and cuddled into her once more. He liked Miss Genie... Shantae giggled and lifted him up happily. "How about you stay with Miss Shantae ?"

Harry gawked at her, stunned. "R-Really...?" He asked softly. "You really mean it? You'll let me be with you?"

She nodded, "Mm hmm! We'll play and have lots of fun!" She would keep him, and try to find out what his deal was After all, there had to be SOME reason he didn't want to see his family. ...She was worried.

She carried him off against her hip, sashaying through Scuttle Town with a happy face. Harry smiled and leaned into her side. They spotted her tower like home overlooking the waters and Harry gasped. He had never seen a house like this before! Shantae giggled and brought him inside. "This'll be your new home for a while. What's mine is yours." She cooed.

Harry looked at her, positively flabbergasted. He actually got...things?! "N-no miss Genie! I could never take your things...

Shantae giggled. "Oh, don't be silly! You're not taking my things, I'm sharing them with you!"

Harry tilted her head up at her in the most adorable look of confusion! "S-Sharing...?" He asked her, the word unfamiliar.

Shantae nodded. "Uh-huh! Now come on, I'll get you something to eat."

Harry's stomach growled at the sound of FOOD! Delicious delicious food... "Okay, so um...I get bread...right?"

Shantae, her suspicions growing, put on a confused look. "Bread? No, you get Fish! Fish anything, since we're a port town." She smiled. "That's not all we get, of course, other food is ported...but there'll be lots and lots and lots of fish, so...I hope you can get used to that." Harry was drooling at the sound of something not made him so happy... Shantae giggled. "Aw, you look like you haven't eaten in days, you poor little thing." Shantae cooed. Harry grimaced at her observation. Why? Because it was true...

Shantae entered her messy but cozy set up and set Harry on a nearby counter. She frowned as she placed her hand on his head. "You need to take a bath..." She mused softly.

"B-Bath?" He asked, not knowing what a bath was.

"Oh...well...a Bath is a GLORIOUS ritual that cleans your body!" She told him. She giggled and poked his nose. "And you, my friend, need one very soon." Harry nodded and gave a small smile and left him for a moment to get to her cooking. Harry just sat patiently on the counter, softly humming a little tune to himself.

Moments later, Shantae had cooked up some fish and set it down in front of him. "There ya go baby!" Harry just spent a few seconds staring at the seafood, unsure of what he was meant to do with it... "Go on honey, eat it!" She coaxed happily with a small smile. Harry reached at it a picked it up, taking a bite of it and suddenly growing very, VERY hungry. He quickly began shafting it down at high speeds. Shantae giggled slightly, a small bead of sweat forming on the back of her head. "Wow, you're REALLY hungry, huh?"

Harry had half of it finished, when he choked up, his stomach hurting from so much food at once. Shantae's expression changed from a warm smile to a surprised, worried frown as she went to his side and patted his back. He coughed up some of it into a plate and held his tummy, suddenly scared and worried. Shantae patted his head and leaned into his view. "How you feeling now little guy?"

Harry sniffled. "I...I don't like having a tummy ache..."

Shantae gave him a comforting hug and kissed his head, kinda regretting doing so do to the sweaty, greasy, blood-Bloody!? Shantae checked her eyes to see that he had a lightly bleeding head... "Kiddo...wait what's your name?"

"Um...H-Harry..." Harry said softly.

"Harry...Um...Take off your shirt, please." Harry blushed and sheepishly and slowly pulled it off to reveal a pair of ribs and multiple scars and gashed, along with bruises. Shantae's fears and suspicions had been confirmed...Someone had hurt this little boy. And those who were hurt, needed to be healed. Especially if it was a child. With her mouth set in a thin line, the half-genie hero took the child into her arms and held him close. "Harry...Sweetie, please, PLEASE tell me...Who did this to you?"

Harry whimpered a bit, scared, but enjoying the contact. He said in a tiny, timid voice, " uncle..."

Shantae was frozen. Perhaps she didn't hear him right... "I'm sorry...Please repeat that...?" She said softly.

"My uncle...My uncle did it..." Tears sprung to her eyes instantly and she hugged the tiny child tighter and tighter. He whimpered a bit and snuggled into her, wanting comfort as his own tears began falling. "H-He hit me every night...It hurt...It hurt so bad..." He sobbed.

Shantae had never experienced a more pained soul... She had to find some way to help him, but how?! She looked down at him, and gave him a hug. Then, she got a brilliant idea. "Harry...I'm a half genie, so I can't grant wishes instantly...but I offer you three wishes anyway." She told him. Harry looked up at her, shocked. She simply smiled back. "Just tell me what you want...And I'll do everything I can to give it to you."

"I-I...I wish I didn't have to stay with my family anymo-"

"Granted, you'll live with me." Harry looked at her, smiling tearfully. Such simple words, yet so wonderful to hear... He cried into her chest, wetting her body and clothes with the amount of tears that were flowing. Shantae didn't mind, rubbing his exposed back and kissing his head.

"Aww, it's okay, sweetie..." She cooed softly as she began rocking him back and forth. "I'll protect you...And that's a promise." Shantae, for hopefully many, many years, would be known as the Half Genie Mother...and that thought made her so happy inside... She did wonder what his next wishes would be...Buuut, she could wait for that.