Bold = Emphasis/Commentary

Italic = Emphasis

[] = Artificial Intelligence/Android Speech


He stared at the ceiling of his domain as he woke up from his deep slumber, with the first thoughts emerging in his mind being the hunger, the hunger that craved delicious meats and a great many other things, the hunger that would have to be forsaken in favor of the more prioritizing responsibilities before him. For he was no ordinary kid.

He was Benjamin Tennyson, 16 year-old kid with an abnormal tendency to forget responsibilities, especially a certain thing that he was supposed to do today.

He looked up at the ceiling of his room, attempting to ignore his craving for the chili fries and smoothies. He tried to remember what was supposed to happen today, he knew it was important, and he knew it was something that he signed up for - a while ago. 'So what was it?' he asked himself. He tried to stay focused, but to no avail, he was too tired to wake up early. He tried looking at his watch to tell the time, only to remember that his watch couldn't tell time, it could only do something else.

Ben breathed one last time before he drifted off in to his sleep again; the thoughts in his mind recurring, what important thing was he supposed to


"Ben! Get down here and help your cousin!"

"Why?" asked Ben, what was ever so rigorous about making normal food?

"Because you can't get any hot dogs if you don't help," his grandfather responded.

He paused for a moment. "Yeah it's totally worth it," the kid said.

Another day in the "normal" life of 11 year old Benjamin Tennyson. As if it were normal enough (if you know what that means) It was finally one of those days when his Grandpa Max was making normal food, no fried butterflies, no live maggots, no octopus eyes, just normal processed pig guts in a bun. He was lying on the roof of the Rust Bucket, letting the sun shine on his face. It actually made him want to sleep.

Just when he was finally was drifting off, a meteorite zoomed by and crashed into the woods, or at least what he could make out to be another meteor; he watched as it landed down in the forest...typical.

Well, on the bright side, it definitely didn't to crash on him.

"Aw shoot, just when I was having me-time," he complained to himself, he got off the roof and opened the RV door, ignoring Gwen reading, "Hey, I'll be back, 'kay Gramps?"

"Don't wander off too far." said Max.

"Yeah, sure." he responded, as if! As he walked into the woods, he readied his watch for what could have been a huge fight.

Confusion was the only thing that could come to his evolved mind as he looked through the telescope. More or less he feared whether what was coming was ever so hostile or not, but from the looks of it (quite literally) he mustn't take the chance of it being non-hostile. He saught to rule Earth, not destroy it. For he is Mojo JoJo, and he will save this planet from destruction, no matter the cost, no matter how many lives (he) must end.

"There is only one safe way to determine our chances though. Sky Monkeys! Prepare thyselves for takeoff!"

Wrick Wrick

Just another day in the lab...programming his giant, groundbreaking inventions. Nothing special. Actually he was getting his inventions ready for a public showing, in hopes of starting a technology corporation that can revolutionize the world. No big deal...

The yellow light began beeping, a news alert. The only thing was it was beeping rapidly...a breaking news alert.

"Computress, please display this news report."

[Command denied; following priority directive: 'don't let anything distract me from my work!]

Dexter facepalmed at how stupid or arrogant he could be at sometimes. He never accounted for what could've been a world catastrophe.

"Authority overide, command change prompt 7." he said.

[Command denied; following priority directive: 'and do not let me even try to change my mind! I am to stay focused at all costs! Not unless my calendar says so!']

'Did Einstein ever have to deal with his own crap?' Dexter thinks to himself. He took out his phone and called the association that was sponsoring his "techfair" and asked for a rescheduling.

The good news was, they said OK! The bad news was...the next time he could display and distribute his inventions was in five years from now.

"(Sigh)... I'll take it," Dexter reluctantly said. He turned around to face his rather frustrating AI. "Okay, I have cleared my can I see the news report?"

[Accessing recent media]

The screen showed that a mysterious asteroid had crashed near a small suburban town called Peach Creek. Government Officials were stating that the asteroid had an abnormal green glow coming from the inside, and they assumed that whatever it was, it was hostile. They were also calling in any local scientists to help investigate.

"And that's my cue." Dexter said while he hid a smile. "Computress, I shall be heading out. Get a pack ready just in case."

[Already done, sir.]

He casually took his pack and left the lab. As he walked out, he thought to himself 'Note to self: rewrite authority override system.'

News reports were all over the place, all about the same thing, unholy asteroids from outer space that glow green and do nothing for a full hour. SECT was all over it, citing one of these things in Peach Creek, another in Bellwood, and two in Townsville. Of course, they forgot about the huge one in Sector V. Classic SECT.

"Hey Two, anything so far?"

"Nothing yet. Hasn't been anything so, how's your sister?"

"Sis' is cool," said Numbuh Five, "she's into this weird phase where she uses weird phrases and then quotes's the little guy?"

"Tommy is...well...Tommy, still trying to be a superhero, like me..."

"We ain't heroes, Numbuh Two."

"Well Tommy's pretty hell-bent on believing that stuff, and no matter what you do, you really can't change his opinion," Numbuh Two said, "I think my mom is gonna go to an insane asylum if he keeps up with this stuff."

She chuckles at his joke, "Funny," she says, "So what do you think is in the meteor?"

"I don't know...probably another alien."

"Well yeah, 'course it's alien, but what do you think it's going to do when it comes out?"

"I really have no-"

"Fine, what do you think it's going to look like?" she asks.

"Oh, what if it's like one of those aliens in Bellwood?"

"They didn't exactly come out of meteors."

"Well then I can't decide." Numbuh Two said. Just then, his phone began beeping, and after looking at it, he continues, "Anyway, does the rest of the KND know about the asteroid?"

Numbuh Five sighed, this must have the fifth time he'd asked her this. "No, they're having some trouble with their Wi-Fi."

"Well I just got a reply from Numbuh One, apparently he just found out about the situation about this and he wants us to go down, take a look at the thing ourselves."

"Hold on...remind me again... where is Numbuh One?" she asked.

"He's with Kuki and Wally, 274 assigned them this weird mission in Nevada, something about this new base on a mountai-wait!"

Numbuh Five glanced over to wherever Numbuh Two was looking at. The asteroid was finally cracking open. Both operatives raised their weapons, awaiting whatever in hell's name they were going to see.

The asteroid split open, revealing a strange alien egg-like plant-blob that began growing, rapidly. The vines from its bottom began spreading, and the KND operatives started backing away from what they clearly didn't want to see.

The blob somehow spawned a green glowing creature with glowing red eyes and jagged mouths. They hesitated for a while, looking around with vicious glares.


"That...ain't right at all..."

After a few moments of hesitating, a KND operative came closer to the spawnling, shaking as he aimed his rifle at it. The creature looked at him in what seemed to be a mixture of caution and aggression, but they all knew it was nothing like that at all. As the operative took one step closer, small green tentacles began to emerge from the thing's body. It grabbed the operative's gun-

-and straight out took a bite out of it-

-and then disintegrated the remains of said gun...with another touch.

The operatives stood there in near shock as the unnatural organism began licking the dust that was once a weapon.

After a long moment of silence, an older operative spoke up, "Well, I'm out."

The spawnlings then began attacking the KND, they all started screaming, running as fast as they could (some actually running back to their homes, crying). Noticing the situation down there, Numbuh Two and Five headed down and begin firing at the spawns (almost aimlessly). The spawns were hit, but they uncannily regenerated at every move. Realizing their weapons were absolutely useless, Two and Five immediately headed back to the treehouse, while still trying to fend off the spawns (with their useless weapons(such logic).

Numbuh Two began trying to call in reinforcements, but something was jamming their comms. They were then, something that would make superhero fans faint took place...(without the superhero fans)

Pink and Blue lights entered the battle in a sonic boom, with all the spawns obliterated by the wind in the process, Two and Five stared at the remains (just a bunch of goo really) of their attackers, dumbfounded. Dumbfounded to the point where they didn't realize that they were being lifted up in the air.

They were just the Powerpuff Girls.

Coming back to reality, Five immediately blurted out "Two! You owe me $5!"

"What? Why?"

"Remember last week? You said that if we were held hostage by Mr. Boss or somethin' stupid, the PPG wouldn't save us!"

"Is this really a time to talk-"

"'Like three ten-year old girls are ever going to want to save us!' So I bet you it was totally possible, here they are now, and now you gimme my money!"

Eventually, the two stopped their bickering out of exhaustion. The PPG got them safe on the ground afterwards. They then-wait, why were they exhausted?

"You two look bored."

"From your constant bickering." said Blossom, the pink one.

"Wait," said Numbuh Two, "weren't there three of you?"

"There are, Buttercup is actually here in Bellwood, one of those things landed here too."

Numbuh Two looked confused, "We're in Bellwood?"

"Yeah," said Bubbles, "you two have been at it for two straight hours."

Another loud boom is heard in the distance and suddenly, pieces of goo fall from the sky. As the puddles lay there, Buttercup (the green one) lands on the group with her glowing eyes fading. She walks towards the four as they stand there in...disbelief?

"Hey," she said, "What took you guys so long?"

"Don't try to pull off that trick!" said Blossom, "I can tell someone helped you out."

Buttercup's victorious grin faded a little.

"(Pause) Yeah, I had help..."

"Why didn't anyone tell me that we were having a party?" asked someone unseen, until everyone turned around. A flaming humanoid figure with an hourglass symbol on his chest appeared, his skin charred and broken apart like a magma rock in a volcano. He flew down and landed facing the PPG and the awestruck KND operatives. He touched his symbol and morphed into an eleven year old kid, "I would have brought chips!"

Awkward silence was everywhere. No one would have guessed that an alien was just an eleven year old human. Then again, they themselves existed, so there weren't that many surprises in store for them.

"Wait, you're a kid?" said Numbuh Two in a rather disappointed fashion.

"This whole time, you've been a 10-year old? An innocent 10-year old who just put himself in harm's way?!" exclaims Bubbles.

"We're the ones who're s'possed to be helping kids, kid! Not you!" Numbuh Five added.

"Oh excuse my eleven year old being," replied Ben, then turning towards the two KND operatives, "were you expecting Chuck Norris? Also, you're two to talk, you don't have any frickin' powers to begin with!"

Behind all five of them, the puddles started to come together, literally. It began to materialize in a form that was as large as a buffalo. Ben noticed it and readied his watch, and the others followed with their own paraphernalia. But just as the blob was about to form, it got incinerated by a blast of plasma, leaving nothing but smoke and a bomb shadow. A boy appeared in a white lab coat with a strange set of glasses, holding a smoking futuristic gun; he was strapped to a white, compressible exoskeleton, which quickly decompressed into a small backpack.

Like that was nothing out of the ordinary...

Ben broke the moment of silence, "So is this a party or not?" he said, "'cause I swear, I can get chips like right now."

"Is this really the time for humor?" the boy said. He then calmly said to the pink one, "On your left by the way."

"Can we please stop with the dramatic and unexplained entrances, Dexter?" said Blossom, as she punched the monster on her left.

"Look, let us get out of the city, it is not safe at all." said the boy, "These creatures are going to continue to - respawn, and it doesn't look they won't be ceasing to do so any time soon."

Everyone looked at each other in agreement, then back at the boy. They immediately left the area. Little did they know that behind them, the blobs of goo that were scattered all over the street began inching towards each other, yet again, having fused into larger puddles and formed a large enough shape to look like how it did originally. It tried to move, or hop, but instead made a moaning sound out of pain. It could feel that the damage inflicted by that lab-coat boy was more effective than that of those girls or those KND operatives. Rather than attempting to build itself back up again, it made its way to the green egg that it had spawned from.

The compiled puddles allowed itself to be absorbed by the egg, just as a nearby security camera zoomed in.

"My name is Dexter McPherson," the boy said, "I'm a local scientist from Genius Grove. I was investigating one of these things in Peach Creek, and then-"

"Weird monsters came out?"

"Broke some tech?"

"Interrupted a very nice day?"

"Yep, a very nice day!" said Dexter with much irritation in his voice, "Anyway, I barely came out of that attack, and as I was escaping I detected three more of these "eggs". When I went to their impact sights, they weren't spawning those creatures. But people were trying to harm it, it kept on regenerating!"

"Regenerating?" said Buttercup, "What are you talking about? I blew up the egg and it's not regenerating."

"I noticed. Obviously something's not right, I invite you all to my laboratory in Genius Grove, we can break down the situation there."

"This kind of enemy is nothing like we've fought before." said Buttercup, with an already tired sigh.

"Sure, and it is only going to get harder. If we continue to attack with simply brute force, we may just make this situation worse. We need a basic plan of response. Luckily, I've come up with one."

"Wait," said Bubbles, "you know how to defeat the monsters?"

"No, I do not know...yet," Dexter said, "but I have some theories, does that count?"

Everyone gave him a shrug, to which Dexter turned around, "Lovely! Remember, Genius Grove - Dexter's Lab! 11:00 AM, no more, no less!"

PRESENT DAY: MAY 22 - 2014

Dexter's Lab...

Dexter's Lab?



'Oh crap!' He thought.

Ben swiveled his head to face his calendar, and saw in horror the big red 'X' that was scribbled over the the 22nd of May.

'OH CRAP!' He thought again.

The thought almost escaped him, he had volunteered for this...this experiment that he had signed up for that was being headed by his old friend. Ben facepalmed mentally for forgetting this extremely important event, especially one that was being hosted by a friend! He jumped out of bed the moment his eyes opened, the calendar behind him serving as a guilt-instilling reminder to his sub-conscience.

'Stupid, stupid, stupid!' Ben thought as he frantically got dressed out of his shorts and into his jeans. 'Of all the days to forget, why now?! Why now?!' He then turned to the clock above him. It marked 1:30 PM. Ben mentally facepalmed for the second time as he remembered that Dexlabs needed him by at the most 11:00 AM.

Realizing that he was two hours late, he left his room, having fully dressed, and dashed through the living room. Grabbing the toast from the kitchen and running as fast as he could. He would just use his watch and transform into XLR8, but that would be overkill...and stupid. He ran out the door in a state of undress, his jacket and shoes missing from his chest and feet. Realizing he was partially naked, he quickly ran back inside and fixed the mess, now equipped with his signature green racing jacket and shoes.

"GottagoI'mverylateloveyoubye!" Ben said to his mother as he was running out the door frantically. Once he left, his mother continued preparing eggs and sausages in a monotone fashion. "Don't run in the hallway dear!" she said quietly, minutes after he had already left.

Ben was at this point running for his life, he was gasping for air as his body began anaerobically respiring. He saw the bus stop ahead, and saw the Dexbot heading back in. Oh no! This meant it was leaving, leaving and not coming back for at least 2 hours! It meant he'd have to run at least another mile to get to Tech Square.

Run another mile.

"N-NO!" He exclaimed as he reached for his watch.


The streets were chaotic, people being chased by these slime monsters, police trying to fend them off, police running away from them; it was all in panic, and no one had a clue what exactly was going on.

Back in Genius Grove, all those who witnessed the alien attacks were gathered in Dexter's lab, along with three other KND operatives that the Two and Five had called over. They were bickering, unsure of what to do based on the creatures they've fought individually, and it was annoying the hell out of Dexter.

"I say we freeze em!"

"How about a stun ray?"

"Throw 'em in the ocean?"

"No! We need an anti-goo machine!"

"No weapons with flaws, Numbuh Three!"

Luckily enough, the back-and-forth arguments was a scratch to Dexter, compared to the gushing gash before him. These bio-machines, or "terrafusers" as Dexter called them now, were getting larger and their spawning rate was rising dramatically, and surprisingly no one was as tense as Dexter thought they might have been.

Dexter was shocked at his findings, he had been monitoring the crash sites he visited, and the terrafusers that he co-ordinated on the way to Bellwood were showing things he had never seen before. He then looked at the the rest of his research, trying to find a connection. Finally, emerging from a deep thought came an enthusiastic: "Everyone! I have a plan!"

Everyone, as if a charm had been placed, finally stopped arguing as they heard those exciting words. They looked at him fiercely, as if they were waiting to leave the lab and stop the craziness happening outside.

"Having compiled enough data based on police reports, specimen sampling from SECT departments, recent geological and gravitational telemetry, and of course our own eyes, there is a way to be-"

"Dexter! Your plan won't make sense without us knowing, at all what those things even are!" said Blossom, rather irritated that one hour of planning came down to nothing but orders, "Why are you keeping us in the dark?!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I have been listening in on your arguments, and you all seem to want to take these things head-on, no?"

"Yep! There shouldn't be much sweat, right? Just give me a sec with those blobs and those things will be history..."

"Ben! You're not helping!"

"Why so? Sounds great to me!"

"Buttercup! You're not helping either!"

"Look, there is an ugly truth to all of this, a scientific explanation; I highly doubt that any one of you will understand the findings, and we are on the clock here."

"'hat's a klutz-way ta think, y'know," responded Numbuh Four, "'s he always like this?"

"Dexter, look," Numbuh Five said as she gazed into Dexter's eyes, or what she could make out of them behind those thick goggles, "It don't help to just take orders! We need information before we'all just start shootin' at each-other."

"Numbuh Five is right, Dexter," concurred Numbuh One, "without knowing what these aliens are actually doin-"

"All right! All right! I'll show you the ugly truth if you do so please!" Dexter shouted across the room, not having the slightest visible change in emotion, aside from a small twitch around his shoulders. He took a deep breath, and continued.

"The spawns, to begin with, are obviously of extraterrestrial origin. What was more interesting was the reason behind their bizarre physiology. I collected a sample of one of the spawns from our encounter in Peach Creek and examined it closely. Check this out, this is at 4500x magnification. Computress!"

With a flash of light, many people in the room were stunned at what they saw, and many people were plain confused. Though based on the content shown, it could be safely said everyone fit into either one of these two categories. The picture was fuzzy, with small grey elements that could be made out through the green background shown. Everyone could figure, notwithstanding how much they knew in the field of science, that the image was magnified 4500 times, which should have captured the atomic level. Keeping this knowledge in mind, a question was quickly raised.

If this was the atomic level, then where were the atoms?

"Dexter, this is at 4500x, right? So are we at the subatomic level?"

"I understand the confusion, but surprisingly, it is not. This is at the atomic level."


"Where are the atoms? I looked deeper into what was missing, I even checked to see if the microscope used to take this photograph was malfunctioning, or if its view was too narrow. But as it appears, the microscope isn't broken. Instead, it appears it is apart of the creatures' greater biological functions. Simply put, they don't have atoms."

"This is probably Gwen's work on me talking, but Dexter? I don't think I need to be smart, or even need to transform into Grey Matter, to know that that is 'biologically' impossible." said Ben, showing an uncharacteristic intrigue in the subject matter. "Atoms are needed for pretty much anything. Without atoms, there's...well, there ain't anything! But last I checked those things are touching and attacking folks like there's no tomorrow.

"Ben, you being the alien expert here, do you believe this to be of terrestrial origin?"


"So why do your aliens from that watch of yours, which have powers they should not really have, refuse to defy that logic?"

"Hey, don't judge the alien powers, it's complicated!" Ben said with shame, "anyway, sure, this world is a pretty amazing place. But this world, much like every living thing on it, is made of atoms. Duh!"

Dexter stared at Ben and struggled to comprehend the sarcasm in his voice, and let out a huge sigh. "To get to the point, those smudges you see on the screen are - barely atoms themselves, they are just protons, neutrons, and nothing more. I too was shocked at this discovery, it wasn't scientifically possible for protons and neutrons to exist outside a formal state of matter. That was when I had to dig deeper, and I found this," he displayed another image on the screen, the same as the last, with more focus on the green background. "They are being held together primarily by this foreign substance, which I've detected uses a magnetic frequency to do so."

Bubbles continued to draw blank expressions at Dexter's theory. "What exactly is giving off 'magnetic frequencies' here?"

Dexter looked at her with intuition as he flipped to the next image, this one a satellite image of the Bellwood crash site. "From what I can tell, it is a nanocomposite polymer electrolyte chain that has been laced around the specimen like some kind of force field. What that means for the creatures is that it acts as a healing agent, as well as an assimilating property that allows them to absorb other matter. It could explain how they are able to draw themselves back together even after a powerful blast. But here is where it gets scary. Remember how we saw the creatures get absorbed by the terrafuser? Right, we weren't there. You see, I hacked into the security cameras near the area of our fight, and the terrafuser stitched itself together as if Frankenstein was performing self-surgery. It drew back the dilapidated creatures, or whatever was left of them." That came to everyone's shock, especially Buttercup's. "Well, I found that it was doing that by using a variant of ionic energy. I rigged up an algorithm to trace that energy back to its source." Dexter pushed another button, only this time, there was no other image. The image of the crash site zoomed out to reveal a map of the tri-state area. "From the looks of it, the creatures that spawned from these machines were the ones who gained that ionic energy, as if there is some kind of psychic link between them, and it is transmitting to this epicenter," he pointed to the area labeled TERRAFUSER ALPHA, it was at Goat's Junkyard "where the ionic energy is charging up, getting ready for something..."

[Foreign Objective: Unknown - but we can be certain it is to no good cause], Computress's voice rang through the lab like bells to ears, startling everyone present, [Our operation is to destroy the core before the ionic build-up of energy; time remaining: uncertain - hypothesis: we need to move fast]

Once the AI finished, Dexter followed with a strategy, "Police initially tried to destroy one of the machines by using a weapon designed by Mandark Industries; around that same time, spawning activity in the other areas came to a short standstill before booting back up. What this could mean, presumably, is that these four terrafusers work as one, like a machine. TERRAFUSER BETA, TERRAFUSER GAMMA, and TERRAFUSER DELTA are like the processors: subdue them, and the machine is rendered vulnerable. So when that chance comes, we strike, at the same time, with our combined forces and my latest invention!" Dexter proceeded to display design sheets for what could best be described as a giant cannon, only less cannon-like.

"I call it an electro-pulse cannon. Simply put, it can charge raw ions of imagination energy with an electromagnetic pulse, which also magnetizes the particles and gives them the ability to separate matter constructs, such as our green little friends here, and it delivers it with a powerful concussive blast." Dexter said, with a level of conviction and pride that was not seen often due to his stoic nature.

"Imagination Energy? How do you know these things can be hurt by Imagination Energy?" Numbuh Two asked. He knew Imagination Energy had lots of applications; its the stuff that creates imaginary friends, and can purify acidic reactions that could cause lots of damage, but to weaponize it? Use it as ammo against an alien force with very similar qualities? It sounded like fighting fire with fire, which - instead of working out in the end - really just creates more fire.

"Because I have seen the damage imagination energy can caused upon these creatures. Take a closer look at the security feed from earlier on. Observe the puddles of the goo as they try to reform." Dexter tapped on the image and, like a touchscreen it zoomed in. The creature, as it was struggling to piece itself together, was groaning in agony.


"Talk about pain, huh..."

"Where exactly do you get your imaginary energy from?" Numbuh One inquired.

"A place called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, where runaway or outgrown imaginary friends can stay for god-knows-how-long. They allowed me to collect data on imagination energy for research purposes, and then I designed a transducer that could store this type of energy; we could use it to amplify the blast created by the EPC, and make sure that it finishes these things for good...if I had it."

As if they were let down, everyone looked at Dexter with confusion, and later aggression. Numbuh Four decided to break the silence by voicing everyone's concerns.


"Where the heck is it now?!"

"I still say we freeze them!"

"ALL OF YOU, BE QUIET!" shouted Dexter, "I have not lost it, I donated it to the Townsville Science Center, but it was stolen recently by none other than-"

Blossom knew immediately who he was speaking of, "-Mojo JoJo..."

"We've heard the news reports about that..." followed Ben. "We didn't know it was yours though..."

Dexter paused for a second, thinking of what to do next. The solution, like an electric charge, quickly came to his mind. "So we organize a strike team, to infiltrate Mojo's laboratory, and extract the transducer." He turned his head towards the Powerpuff Girls. "Girls, you know Mojo the best, and have probably been in his lab countless times before. You three will lead the strike team. Ben and Numbuh Two will be right behind you." He pointed to the two, as the former readied his watch while the latter adjusted his goggles.

"If you want, we can call the professor to help you." said Blossom

"He's one of the leading minds in blowing stuff up...or was it chemistry? I don't know, just get him." followed Buttercup

"If Professor Utonium agrees to help, then of course you may." responded Dexter, "Now, Kids Next Door, I want you and any reserve operatives securing the areas under attack, specifically the site of Terrafuser Alpha."

"Cover up our existence after this rubbish and we just might!" said Numbuh One. The KND wouldn't have allowed them to operate out in the open like this anyway, especially around adult police officers, their secrecy was paramount here.

Dexter had no choice but to nod in agreement. He was stepping, and possibly interfering with everyone's own little worlds here. But this threat was just too big, it was the only way - to bring them all together, to team up - to stop those spawnlings. But even as he saw everyone leave the room, Dexter knew that it wasn't enough.

"We probably need more someone more familiar in designing weapons, two heads are better than one, after all." said Dexter to himself, and without hesitation, he continued.

"I'm calling Mandark."

PRESENT DAY: MAY 22 - 2014

Ben couldn't help but to sit down. He nearly missed his bus to Tech Square, which was actually leaving just as he was coming out of the house. He panted as he noticed that his omnitrix was powering down, making the familiar beeps and the eventual flashing green light reverting him back to his human form. The only other occupant was a man of age 40, with a body practically comprised of muscles. He wore a black v-neck t-shirt under a black flannel, a standard pair of jeans, and ray-brands that covered his eyes; he sported slicked back golden hair, that was pulled up in a cartoonish fashion.

"Heya! Howyadoin?" asked the man.

"I'm fine, thanks Johnny." Ben found himself

"Well, hey now! Don't get too sleepy!" said Johnny, in a hip and active voice that didn't suit his age at all. "You musta been in a rush to come up here as a freaky freaky alien! Any coolio like you must be in some cool stuff to do."

[Johnny Bravo: You have arrived at: Park County, Suburbs Area - Bellwood City, California - Have a safe, and pleasant stay]

"Later kiddo!" waved Johnny. Ben waved right back.

Johnny Bravo may not have been a good role model, but his advice was worth every ounce of boredom, especially for the simple subjects. Ben reminded himself to stay awake, keep himself fresh. He volunteered to do this, he had the responsibility of so. Also, not to mention, he had never been to Tech Square before.

Who knows how that place would be like?


"I've never actually bothered asking this 'til now, how exactly is there a volcano smack-dab in the middle of a city?!"

"Honestly, I don't have a clue," answered Blossom, "apparently it was for marketing and tourism purposes, but that's all just stupid-talk. But never mind that right now, let's finish what we came here to do."

Numbuh Two didn't intend to use a hyperbole for his question, because it was kind of weird as to why an architect would build a city around an active volcano. That question had bothered the citizens of Townsville like a toothache, albeit an abnormally painless one. All most citizens could understand was not to go near it. They didn't think this because it was a volcano, but rather because on top of it was the lair of Mojo JoJo, the most frequent and fearsome foe of the Powerpuff Girls.

"Some evil genius," said Ben (as Upgrade) with an obvious level of sarcasm, "guy can't even program a half decent security system!" Ben's sarcasm had layers of truth to it. In the world they lived in, with not only three super-powered little girls, but also aliens, secret organizations, and boy geniuses, you'd think he would widen his focus to those threats too.

The moment the door opened, everyone readied themselves for a stun-ray blast, only to be disappointed. To their surprise, the laboratory was dark, pitch dark. They expected Mojo to call them out from the shadow, but the eerie and quiet nature of the clearly abandoned lab was reflected through the crickets chirping in the background.

"Looks deserted," said Ben, "must be away."

"Yeah, Mojo isn't always up to tyranny, if I can remember." said Bubbles. "Sometimes you could even catch him at the mall."

"Aw shoot, I was lookin' forward to some monkey business..." said Numbuh Two.

"Ugh..." retorted Buttercup, just as she had found the light switch, and within milliseconds the lab illuminated, revealing all of Mojo's instruments: his giant telescope, numerous control panels, an "anti-crime lab" (whatever that was), among other things. Finding the device would be like finding a single LEGO brick in a child's messy room.

"Where do you think Mojo went?" Blossom asked.

"Who the heck cares? Lets just find this Transducer and get outta here!" replied Ben, who transformed back into his original form. of course, he was underestimating the amount of thought and searching it would take to find the device, though. As everyone started searching, he checked his watch to see if it was out of charge, as his Upgrade transformation was only brief. He transformed into Grey Matter soon after.

"You sure about this, Dexter?"

"Positive." Dexter said to his rival and friend. "Raw ions of imagination energy with an electromagnetic pulse, should be able to destroy these things and leave them in the dust."

"Splendid, and you need my help...why?"

"We both know the answer to that, Mandark, you are the best weapon designer that I know, and I know nothing in this field. You also know a computer's worth of information on ionization and matter formation, which is far more than I could ever hope to process."

"Yet you build a near-functional electro-pulse cannon. Although, I should say, the design is rather sloppy; its hardware is not efficient for firing concussive blasts like such. Luckily, it is nothing Mandark Industries can't retrofit." Mandark said, with a proud smile on his face, not much to the stoic Dexter. "Also, I looked through your calculations, and I could not help but notice that there is a missing variable."

"The missing variable is supposed to represent external matter from the outside atmosphere, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon." said Dexter as he rolled his eyes. "It is then oxidized by the imagination energy. I have found that this form of power is capable of injuring these things."

"But perhaps you should add another variable." offered Mandark, "You should try to look into this: isolated anti-matter. It is twice as effective, and lord knows what that stuff can do with imagination energy, a source that can purify nearly anything.

Dexter crossed his arms, he was thinking of the offer. "Firstly, Simon, this isn't a business proposal, I'll be taking this regardless. Second, anti-matter can't co-exist with living matter, it goes against the laws of the universe. The only way that could happen is if there was a substance that could create a stabilizing agent-" Dexter stopped himself, realizing that the imagination energy was already a stabilizing agent. Theoretically, a concentrated addition of it would be just enough to allow the matter and anti-matter to co-exist. Furthermore, in layman's terms, whatever of the matter and anti-matter wouldn't be stabilized would be allowed to react, thus allowing for a more concussive blast and possibly extra firepower. "Oh...I see now."

"So? Could it work?" asked Mandark. "Honestly, I have no idea, I haven't retrofitted any of my technology with an anti-matter based power source before, your cannon is my test trial, so I'm legitimately asking, will it work?

Dexter gave no reply. He had a strong sense of integrity, one that he wasn't fond of losing, especially to Mandark, who founded his own company at age 12, while Dexter, age 11, was lying in the dirt.

"Throw aside the integrity-trash, Dexter. I may not have tested it, but I always know when I'm right, and so do you" said Mandark. Dexter huffed a bit out of frustration, sometimes it was like Mandark could read his mind. His frustration was interrupted by a small beep. It was an alert from Computress, someone was at the door.

Dexter looked at Mandark with a shrug, and walked out of his lab and down to his living room to open the door. A man stood there with an exhausted look on his face; he wore a white lab coat underneath a shirt and tie.

"Excuse me? Is this...uh," the man looked at the piece of paper more closely "McPherson Residence? I'm sorry, I'm just looking for a Dexter McPh-"

"You've come to the right place, Professor Utonium." Dexter said.

The Professor took a long sigh. "Oh thank god. I'm sorry if you waited, my girls forgot to give me a proper address." said Utonium, straightening his tie and fixing his hair, erasing the nervous impression he was giving off a few moments earlier. "What do you need me for exactly?"

"Your daughters recommended we ask you for advice on the biochemistry of a substance we have come across." said Mandark, who revealed himself to the Professor, "Your thoughts would be nice to see if we need to make any changes to our plans."

"Thanks, but they aren't my daughters." Utonium replied, ignoring the confused look on both Dexter and Mandark's face. He then turned to Dexter, "But shouldn't you be able to do it? The girls tell me you're much smarter than I am."

"Yes I am," said Dexter with a level of affirmation and confidence that made the Professor cringe. He had expected Dexter to be much smarter than him, but he also expected Dexter to be a bit modest, "But I have no focus in my field of science, whereas you do. Your knowledge in biochemistry can help make sure we are making all the necessary calculations among other things. You are needed, sir."

There it was...

With a deep breath, Utonium asked: "What's the current situation?"

"The girls are accompanied by a few others on a mission. They are retrieving an imagination energy transducer from Mojo JoJo's laboratory. They should be okay."

"We are NOT OKAY!" thought Blossom, "We are NOT OKAY!"

Blossom was screaming in frustration on the inside. She was still trying to understand how the spawns found the team so quickly. They were actually hiding behind wooden desks while the spawns were regurgitating explosive matter at them. It was actually surprising that the wooden tables were durable enough to protect them so well. Blossom could see that the kid with the watch, Ben, was getting extremely impatient. He jumped up (then crouched back down as his head nearly got blasted off) with much futility.

"Why aren't we being useful?! Let's take them on now!" shouted Ben.

"We can't! We still don't know where the transducer is! If we just throw stuff, we could accidentally break it!"

"Well I don't know how playing duck is any better!"

Blossom hated to admit it, but the kid was right, and her poor decision making deadlocked them into hiding, in little to no position to move at all. She was so stupi-no, never mind that now. They had a mission. But still, how were they going to do it at all if they were stuck here?

"What about a diversion?!"

"That's the oldest trick in the book! They won't ever fall fo-" Blossom tried to continue, but halted upon hearing a sound all too familiar to her: lasers. She looked at Bubbles, who hadn't moved a bit, and found the usual instead. Buttercup was firing her heat vision randomly at the spawns, to which they retreated a little.

"Buttercup! What are you doing?!"

"The only thing I can do! Make a sweet-looking diversion!" replied Buttercup, much to everyones' confusion. Then they realized that one of them was missing from the scene.

Numbuh Two kept on searching for the transducer, with much irritation; if he knew what it looked like (which he did), this job would be a whole lot easier. Not to mention, but his searching space was limited to the area behind their makeshift fort. Good thing the monkey kept all his goodies in the back. That made Two think: Mojo must have stolen it for a reason, or why would this stupid situation be happening right now. 'Where could he have put it?' he thought. Sometimes, he wishes it was easier on him, like it was for Ben, who was able to hack into the security systems with a single touch. Better yet, Ben got the luxury of having to claim that he should widen his security features for others.

Wait a minute...

Two realized that maybe security had more to do with it. Mojo seemingly never did care to protect his lab from other super-powered people. He was so obsessed with his own ego that he had only three targets in mind. Mojo's only true enemies, the ones he would look out for the most. The ones...that could break into his lab at any moment without much help from an alien shapeshifting hero. So it's real easy for the Powerpuff Girls to break in to his lab, like crooks breaking in with a crowbar, but for protection reasons...

...wouldn't it be best to have a gun in hand against the crooks?

With that, it dawned on Two. The transducer had to be exposed, kept out in the open for quick and careless use. It just had to! He searched the 'anti-crime lab'; nothing. He looked for a secret door; nothing. Sliding panel; nothing.

Behind the megalomaniacal poster of Mojo; something.

The panel with the poster opened upon sensory revealing another panel inside. At last, he finally found it! It was in a glass box, labeled 'In case of Powerpuff Girls'.

Of course...

The glass quickly lifted, allowing the transducer to be taken. He took the slightly vibrating device and yelled "Guys! I found it!"

"Finally!" shouted Ben, as he transformed into Four-Arms, those lovely words were like bells to his ears. "TIME TO THROW STUFF!"

The eleven-year old tetramand kicked back the somehow still-standing wooden tables back with full force, crushing most of the spawns on contact. He then charged into the crowd of spawns like a football player on adrenaline while a group of spawns made their way towards Numbuh Two. The KND operative backed himself into a corner, sporting a fearful posture, which he was quickly relieved of thanks to Bubbles. The Powerpuff girl took him by the arm and hoisted him into the air, giving him a clear scope of the entire area.

Blossom, being the more proactive type, flew back to avoid any damage. She then drew in a lot of air, and called upon her ice breath to keep the spawns at bay. She did so knowing full well that there attacks were merely to hold them off. They didn't have any ion cannons or stuff like that. Ultimately they needed to stall them or damage them enough to get out of the lab, and make sure to secure the transducer...

...unless the transducer was exactly what they needed.

Meanwhile, Two and Bubbles seemed to be fairing well, but not well enough. Bubbles was shooting repeatedly at the spawns with her heat vision, but it was becoming clear that her eyes were tiring as she fired less and less powerful beams, catching Two's attention. Grabbing his R.A.Z.O.R gun from his back-pocket, the operative began firing unprotected, and sharp, utensils from a piece of string as he was kept hovering above ground. "That was a close shave!" he said, much to Bubbles's giggles.

"I will end you!" retorted Ben, with much annoyance in his voice.

"You talking to me or the spawn-things?"

"You wanna find out?!" said Ben, mashing all four of his fists together and cracking his knuckles, much to the sheepish smile on Two's face. Before Ben could go any further, he is stopped by Blossom.

"Not now!" She said while turning around "I have an idea! Numbuh Two, pass the transducer to me!"

Numbuh Two hesitated to give the transducer, not knowing what she was going to do with it, but whatever it was, it was probably something smart. He tossed it in to Blossom, who threw her fingers into strings of movements as if they were knitting strings of yarn. As she tinkered with the device, the spawns grew closer. They were accelerating towards the group of ten year-olds at a speed seen only in scary scenes in horror movies. Suddenly, Blossom held the transducer up, and with a flash of light and one shockwave later, the spawns were violently propelled backwards, reverting back into the goo they were made of.

The redheaded Powerpuff looked back to see her new friends' faces filled with delight and relief.

"Did...we win?" Blossom asked sarcastically.

PRESENT DAY: MAY 22 - 2014

[Ben Tennysonn: You have arrived at: Tech Square, Downtown Area - Siyenn City, California] said the voice on the bus, which woke Ben as fast as XLR8, [Have a safe, and pleasant stay]

Ben made his way off the bus, nearly tripping and falling off the platform-based, window-less bus that was about 20 feet above ground. He wasted no time in leaving the bus station and heading straight to the center of Tech Square, where a Dexlabs employee was waiting impatiently on the grand staircase to their magnificent headquarters.

"Ben! We've been waiting practically all day for you!"

"Stuff it, Carl!" retorted Ben as he walked up the stairs to Dexlabs Headquarters. As he made his way through the laboratory, he rushed to the red-headed scientist tinkering on his computer. Ben, reduced to a tired, panting mess, fell to his knees to catch his breath. Once he did, he raised his head to see a figure around his height. He had red curly hair, black thick-rimmed goggle-like glasses, and a black turtleneck sweater with black slacks and matching black dress shoes, and a white belted lab coat. It was none other than Dexter McPherson, CEO and Top Scientist at Dexlabs, Inc.

"Hey..." said Ben, "I'm sorry I'm late, Dexter."

"No need to apologize, Ben." said Dexter, turning his head around, "We've been waiting for you."

Ben looked around the lab of Dexlabs a bit, always admiring its advanced look, advanced technology, advanced everything, really. It struck him as signs of the world getting more peaceful. Hopefully when that could happen, he would finally be able to hang up the watch. As he walked around the lab with Dexter, he saw most of the scientists and engineers glaring at him with looks that could kill...him.

"Of course, as always, thank you for volunteering for this important time travel experiment." said Dexter, with a degree of sympathy, "The number of people who refused to go on this little trip was unbelievable."

"Yeah, you'd think the words 'time' and 'travel' would be a little more - you know."

"Yeah, I do know." said Dexter, "So how is life?"

"It's alright I guess," Ben replied with little confidence, "I got an upgrade for the Omnitrix..."


"I actually haven't unlocked it yet, but based on what I heard about it, I'm calling it ultimate mode."

"Do you feel you need it? You're already doing fine as you go now." said Dexter, to Ben's appreciation. "Back on the topic at hand. Have you ever gone time-traveling before?"

"Yeah, once," said Ben, "but it just turned out to be an alternate reality, and a stupid one too..."

At that moment, Dexter pressed a button that made his glasses look flashy, to which he turns around, "if that is what you are concerned about, then you signed up for the right experiment."

"What was that?" Ben asked.

"What was what?"

"What you just did?"


"No, the glasses thing."

"Ah yes, it is a small app that makes my glasses flash without any dramatic lighting. It makes me feel more ingenious than I already am!"

Ben looks at his long-time friend with a long face, and soon after a long sigh. "No, it really doesn't." If he was so ingenious why is he still a socially awkward idiot? "You've been hanging around Blossom too much, man."

"Evidently not. Like you, she and I have not spoken for a while. As a matter of fact, it has been a while since I saw any of you, until now of course." Dexter said, with a small smile on his face, one that couldn't be made out neither from afar or up close. "As I was saying, our invention is not an ordinary time-traveling device. The machine you are about to enter has been designed specifically to tap into this timeline's chrono-keys. Meaning if our theory of fate is real, it can take us to the real future, our future. Of course, this is all an experiment, we do not know for certain until the theory has been proven."

That last bit threw Ben off a bit, but from the sound of it, it was going to be one hell of a ride. He was so enamored with the experiment, that he failed to notice the small creaking sound of a door, and near-mute tip-toeing.


[Dexter, the drone you have commissioned is now arriving at its destination - terrafuser charge-up: 87%] said Computress through the P.A.

"Oh no...Professor, what's your progress?"

"Just working out the kinks in this anti-matter adapter that I've rigged up to keep the stuff flowing." Utonium responded, "What about the girls? Are they safe yet?"

"Safe and sound, Professor!" said a voice from afar. Utonium let out a deep breath of relief. "and with one intact imaginary energy transducer!"

"Mojo wasn't there for some reason," said Numbuh Two, "but there are spawns that are currently headed our way."

"We'll hold them off here! Get to Goat's Junkyard and meet up with the KND before it is too late!" Mandark said. But the Junkyard was miles from here, Blossom thought. They'd have to teleport if they were to get there in time.

"Back to the S.C.A.M.P-" Numbuh Two tried to say.

"Not enough time! Head into that prototype teleporter! Now!" said Dexter with a terrifying sense of urgency, though that wasn't what was actually terrifying for the others. He did say 'prototype' teleporter, right?

As they boarded the pad, Dexter began operating the control panel, and placed his hand on a lever, not waiting a moment's time for anyone's approval. With a flash of light and intense machinery noise, they were gone.

"Dexter, you continue to do things that scare the living hell out of me." said the Professor.

"Oh, do not be so over dramatic! I tested it once...on my sister's Rainbow Monkey plush." replied Dexter.

"Did you test it with organic material?!"

It took a moment for Dexter to understand what the Professor was referring to, which in response he widened his eyes in fear. "O-Of course, it was...uh...just now?"

"Hold the line, Sector V! We ain't out of the woods yet!" said Numbuh Five.

"We surround the terrafuser-thing and make sure no creepy alien gets past us!" said Numbuh One.

"Remember your blamblam maneuvers!" added Numbuh Three.

Suddenly, a flash of light appeared behind the terrafuser, noticed by Numbuh Three. Out of that light came Numbuh Two, the Powerpuff Girls, and that kid with the watch. In Blossom's hand was a large, cylindrical device that was pulsating from something inside.

"Oh boy, I might hurl!" Ben said with excruciating pain in his stomach, so much so that he was clutching it tightly. He retreated to a corner to release the vomit, much to the others' disgust.

"Take it somewhere else man!" exclaimed a KND Operative.

"Hey Coop? You hear somethin'?"

"Yeah I did cryin' like a little girl after I beat your ass in 'Destructo CHALLENGE!'"

"...You never let me have anything!"

Little did the two slobs in the RV know that the sound outside was a destructive battle, that was making even a junkyard look dilapidated. In short, the battle between the spawns and the heroes was intense. Blossom and Buttercup rushed to fly in, and both swiftly gave a devastating uppercut to a spawn, all while still having the transducer in hand and unharmed. Ben transformed into Stinkfly and immediately began spraying the spawns with toxic waste, while the rest of the heroes fought the spawns with more traditional methods.

"Hey, Blossom was right! Freeze Rays are cool!" said Numbuh Two, as he fired his freeze ray at the spawns, and once at the terrafuser.

"Does he ever shut up?!" asked Ben (as Diamondhead) as he kept punching the terrafuser.

Numbuh Five gave a small chuckle, "Ha! No way! Hey, it looks like our strategy is working!" Numbuh Five pointed to the Terrafuser slowly decaying. It was being deprived of the ionic energy that the spawns were collecting, and with the damage it was getting every now and then it was failing to hold itself together. Numbuh One, however, looked a tad bit confused.

"Hey, I just realized. If all of us are here, who's distracting the-"

Numbuh One's inquiry was interrupted by a sharp sonic sound from his belt. Someone had hacked KND transmissions, and their voice came from the walkie talkie. "Rest assured Nigel, my Mandroids are handling Terrafusers Beta to Delta right now. There is currently one hovering above the junkyard you are positioned at. It has been loaded, and is ready to fire, but we need the transducer inserted into the EPC first! It's being held by my Mandroid above the junkyard!"

Numbuh One realized what needed to be done, and quickly gave the hand signal to his comrades to take over for him. He went over to find Blossom, who apparently had the device last.

"Blossom!" shouted Numbuh One, getting the Powerpuff Girl's attention. "I have orders from that Mandark fellow! You need to insert the device into the cannon, it's up in the sky with a robot!" Blossom nodded in response, and made her way up in the air.

She spotted a drone, holding an immensely large cannon, and figured nothing but the obvious. She went over, transducer ready and pulsing, and looked for a plug in or something for the cannon to utilize the contents of the transducer.

After moments of searching, she found a small button, that she clicked, revealing a secret patch frame. She couldn't help but blush, she loved all that mystery stuff. And with the small click, the cannon was loaded and ready.

PRESENT DAY: MAY 22 - 2014

"So..." Ben paused, since most of Dexter's experiments normally caused him to violently puke, "...this is safe. Right?"

"Do not judge things by mere looks, Ben." Dexter responded. "Also, please sit down."

Ben took a moment to notice his confined space. It was a large container with a single chair for his leisure.

"Okay, so before we begin, I'm going to need you to manually input your personal profile into the system." Dexter said, "Stand by, and I will bring it up on your monitor." Ben found himself before a large holographic interface asking him to type in his name. Wondering where to type his name, a holographic keyboard appeared, almost as if on que. He willingly typed in his information, including name, hair color, eye color, and date of birth.

"Now let the machine take a quick bio-scan of you to affirm that you are "Benjamin Kirby Tennyson"...your middle name is 'Kirby'?"

"I liked the video games, okay?" said Ben, with a hint of embarrassment.

Dexter shrugged it off and returned his attention back to the monitor. "Excellent, your bio-scan is nearly complete. While that is finishing, let us run a communications test. Computress?"

Even from inside the capsule, Ben could hear that ever-so-familiar voice on the P.A. [Communication servers: operational - I will be able to converse with the subject upon arrival in the future]

A voice from outside his view from the window called Dexter, "temporal flux-charge initiated, doctor."

"Affirmative." Dexter said, then turning back to Ben, "Dr. Xyrespace means that the energy source we are using can create temporal fluxes in time, like holes in a blanket, that allow you to travel swiftly and easily. It is charging that energy right now into the main engine, so you may feel a little bump."

Before he knew it, it became more than 'a little bump'. The place was practically shaking, and with no seat-belts anywhere, Ben had to hold the arms of his chair to keep himself from falling off. When the main engine calmed down a bit, and the "bumps" became more bearable, it was then, that Ben saw something out of place.

It was a girl; a little older than him and much taller than him too, in one hand a iced coffee, and in the other a pink handbag. She had a single ponytail held at the top of her head, that went down as far as her neck; she wore a white pair of spandex pants, as if she did yoga, and a magenta top, which was covered by a silk pink sweater that barely reached her elbows. On her face was a clueless smile that spoke all kinds of mischief.

She was also wearing ballet shoes...weird. But that uncanny observation became more alarming as he saw her tip-toeing behind most of the scientists, who were too enamored with what they were seeing to notice her.

"Uh, Dexter?"

"Not now, Ben. Prepare for launch!"


"It is all ready, Dexter! Now fire the EPC!"

Just as before, Dexter hated admitting things to Mandark. But even he had to admit he was waiting for those words for a while now. Behind him, Professor Utonium fist-pumped in the air.

"Excellent work, Simon! Stand by to fire!"

The red translucent button began to beep like there was no tomorrow, which there probably wasn't if it wasn't pressed soon. Dexter, quick-thinking as always, did not hesitate to press the big red button. Funny, big red buttons were normally his bane (usually because of his sister), but here, there was no problem, no destruction, and no mayhem... why the hell was it showing an error sign?!

[Electro-Pulse Cannon - Malfunction! Electro-Pulse Cannon - Malfunction!] Computress repeated over and over again. Dexter's mind was racing, how could there have been an error?! All the calculations, the trajectories, the theories, the compositional matter matrix-

The compositional matter matrix!

"Dexter?" asked the Professor, "What happened?"

"Mandark happened!"

"This is not good" the Professor continued, as he saw the spawns finally overcoming the KND's defense barriers, and they merged back into the already glowing terrafuser, and before they knew it, the green egg shot out a magnificent green ray of light into the sky and beyond. Its light blinding everything in its path, and being bright enough for the whole world to see. It destroyed everything in its way, including the Mandroid holding the cannon, and a passing-by plane.

The latter of the two quickly got the attention of the girls, and Blossom looked at both Bubbles and Buttercup. With one small glare, they knew what they had to do. They quickly rushed away from the battle scene, while Blossom rushed down to get the cannon before its permanent destruction. However, Blossom couldn't help but was really heavy!

Meanwhile, back in Genius Grove, Dexter was tracing the problem and doing some small research on 'anti-matter', and he wasn't pleased with what he found "I should have known! That Mandark didn't do his research properly! Anti-matter may be compatible with normal matter with a stabilizing agent, but the result can reduce the number of necessary chemical reactions in order for it to exert said matter as a concussive blast! The thing interfering with that speed was the programming! So it resulted in failure!"

Utonium gasped at this revelation. "So you mean it-"

"-was not fast enough! Yet he was fast enough to nearly sabotage this whole operation!" Dexter couldn't believe this, he expected more from Mandark, not this. "Professor, we need to extract that anti-matter before that terrafuser can cause anymore damage!"

"I'm working on it!" shouted the Professor in response. He picked up his cellphone while looking at the EPC blueprints, "Blossom! Are you there?"

"bzzt-Y-yeah, I'm here!-bzzt-WHY DIDN'T THE CANNON WORK?!"

"A small hiccup in our progress, but we can undo this!" said Utonium, "Alright, do you see a small hatch anywhere?"


"Open it, and you'll find a red wire, blue wire, and a purple wire. Are any of them damaged?"


"Fantastic, I need you to cut the red wire!"

"What if it explodes in my face?"

"It won't, Blossom. Trust me!"

Blossom didn't think for a second; she cut the red wire and with all her strength, held the cannon up in the air and in range of the terrafuser, and with another beautiful, cascading light, the tables were turned. The electro-beam, utilizing ionic imagination energy, decimated the terrafuser, melting and destroying all the spawns, and ending it before it could do any more damage.

"Did we win now?"

PRESENT DAY: MAY 22 - 2014

Ben grew increasingly worried when the girl in the pink clothing shoes disappeared from his sight of vision.

"Launching in 3!"

Ben couldn't take the anxiety anymore. He just had to close his eyes.


Just get to one already! he thought to himself.


"Hey Dexter, what does this button do?"

Almost as if the world had ended before his eyes, Dexter froze in even his most minuscule of movements. He turned around slowly to notice the pink girl toying around with some of the emergency interface consoles. Ben had not seen a face like for a long time

"No, Deedee! NO!" He shouted, he made a jump for his stupid sister's button mashing.

But by the time he made it to the console...

...he was already too late.

[Warning! Temporal flux disabled! Warning! Temporal flux disabled!]

"Einstein's ghost, Deedee! Do you have any idea what you have done?!" shouted Dexter. Deedee looked a bit confused at first, not understanding what her little brother was talking about...until she heard pounding from inside the machine.

What did she do?!

Whatever she did, it shut off Ben's view, and darkened the inside of the capsule. He could hear Dexter's screams calling his name.

And then it was like there was nothing.

Pure peace and quiet.

And then came the motion.

Before he knew it, the time capsule was going at what seemed to be a supersonic speed. Ben clutched his chair, at a loss for words for what literally happened in one minute. Ben later thought of something, a memory from a time not so long ago.

Why did that come to mind of all memories?





"WE DID IT!" rejoiced Numbuh Three.

"It's over!"


A small party at Genius Grove was hardly the definition. They, as a team, fought back an alien invasion! Sure, the kid with the watch may have done so lots more times, but not with a team, and definitely not a plan.

All was well, if it wasn't for the mini-explosions outside.

"No, no, no, no!" repeated Dexter. But to his favor, it wasn't what he expected it to be. There were no terrafusers or spawns outside.

No, spawns could not be easily confused with green-skinned monkeys...nor should their leader be either.

"MOJO!" shouted Buttercup, rushing to face him, "I should have known!"

"Known what?"

"It all makes sense, you created those aliens, you wreaked havoc all across the state! Why don't I just pound you?!"

"N-no...I was...not..."

Buttercup looked at her longest enemy without change in face, he could have been lying for all they knew! Dexter decided to intervene and question Mojo himself.

"Mojo! What did this to you?"

Mojo gave him no response, too weak to do so anyway, with multiple bruises and head traumas.

"He's been hurt, bad. You girls should get him to a hospital."

"B-blast...beacon!" Mojo said, surprising everyone. "It is c-coming, for us...all." He relapsed back into his weakened state, leaving everyone confused.




Eyes widened, ears still recovering from shock, he sat up in a dizzy state. The world was spinning endlessly around him, and Ben was failing to recover. Luckily, his brain was doing the job for him. He opened his eyes wide open, hopefully to regain focus, and he did. He looked around and noticed something was clearly wrong, aside from scattered metal from the destroyed time machine.

The grass was greener than usual.

Not in the sense that it looked healthy, as a matter of fact it looked the opposite, the grass he was sitting on looked like it was decaying rapidly, with the 'green-ness' coming from a strange glow under the soil. Ben looked up in shock as he came to his senses, but not before a voice rang in his ear.

[Error: You have been sent much farther into the future than Dexter intended]

Ben shivered at this eerie and unsettling information, and soon he regained his senses. He looked up, and what he saw, was more than startling.

The world around him was a battleground. Buildings were tipping over, the sky was green, and smoke filled the air from the flames that filled the ground. He saw countless terrafusers around him, much to his horror. In the center of it all, in the sky, was a giant fusion of planets, a planet covered in that goo, and it was coming straight for the earth.


DEVELOPER'S JOURNAL - Chapter 1: A Fusion Matter (A/N)

I think I owe you all a very heartfelt explanation for the three-year delay of this fanfiction. Even though not any of you have been leaving reviews, its still wrong of me to leave you all in the dark. So here it is.

I'm a writer, like, a real training. I'm not your typical fanboy who writes because he ships two characters, or wants to see two franchises collide. I'm a fanboy who pays attention to his schoolwork and studies, and is currently striving to become a filmmaker. Yeah, I have a passion for filmmaking; right now, I have completed my second movie, and am currently editing a documentary on China. This may all sound like an extreme excuse to push fanfiction aside, but it ain't. Hopefully most of you people will understand that.

So my work outside this website is one factor. There is also the fact that I am getting better in my writing skills every day. So of course, when my writing becomes more sophisticated, it takes long amounts of planning, such as whether to use foreshadowing here, or use certain types of syntax to different levels of effect. I'm not looking to make this a short story here, I'm trying to introduce a shared universe here. That alone takes an impressive amount of work!

So, to wrap it up. I'm sorry for the wait. But make no mistake! I have every intention to finish this story, and go beyond. Plus, tonight is the night FusionFall Retro may get released, what lucky timing! Make sure to review, its important that reviews be made here for this story's sake and survival in this already large community. Thank you, and I'll see you in either FusionFall Retro tomorrow, or next time, next week in the next chapter! Later!

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-end transmission