Triggers: Brief mention of pornographic material.

Yuu was sat staring at a computer screen while he surfed the web looking for something to do. He sighed exasperatedly as he had to blow his fringe out of his face every now and then. He was sat sucking on a cherry lollipop absentmindedly as he clicked away across various websites trying to find a fun game to play.

He was hiding with DarkKnightmon in the temporary hideout, which was a cave in the middle of the digital world. The only bonus of being in the middle of the digital world in a cave was the amazing internet signal which meant Yuu could load movies instantly.

An idea sprung into his mind and he clicked onto his saved bookmarks, scrolled down and then clicked his favourite website. He began to scroll through all of the videos on the website excitedly as he watched any that drew his attention. As he clicked onto an obscure video an advertisement popped up onto his laptop screen. "Do you want to see sexy naked pictures?" it asked ominously aloud. Yuu's eyes wandered to the free video of a girl who seemed to be on a beach in California and nodded eagerly. He looked for the yes button, which, luckily, wasn't too hard to find as it took up around a quarter of the page and clicked it without a second thought.

He waited excitedly as the site loaded but was shocked as he looked at the first video. It was two guys. This wasn't what he clicked. The lady in the picture had been so pretty! Yuu shrugged, assuring himself it was an advertisement or something and scrolled down but it didn't get any better. He looked up and read the address bar quickly. He was shocked to see it said ' /mainpage'

Slamming the laptop closed, he looked around, embarrassed that he had clicked on it and then started crying. It didn't take long for DarkKnightmon to arrive.

"Hey, hey now, calm down," DarkKnightmon said, stroking Yuu's head with his metal hand.

Yuu stopped sobbing, and turned to look at DarkKnightmon. Tears obscured his vision. "I'm tired," Yuu said, frowning.

DarkKnightmon smiled. He lifted Yuu into the air and carried him in his arms, as a father would, and they headed down one of the inner tunnels.

Yuu closed his eyes, soothed by the constant movement until he felt DarkKnightmon rocking him into a gentle sleep. He felt warm suddenly and then was tucked in all cosy. He curled up into the foetal position and began to suck his thumb, falling to sleep quickly.

DarkKnightmon smiled and walked out of the room, flicking the light switch off. The comfort of all the half-dead Digimon in that room always lulled Yuu into a deep sleep; it was almost endearing.

Nene crept into the cave, careful not to alert anyone to her presence. She was hoping to find her brother and help him escape before anyone found out, especially not DarkKnightmon. Hunting high and low for her brother, she prayed desperately that she would find him. As she got past all the basic security, she followed the distant sound of snoring that was coming from one of the tunnels.

She walked in and saw her brother, in the dim light, sleeping in his bed. He was wearing tiger feetie pajamas and his hair was messed up but he was the same cute little brother that she remembered. Nene grinned, just happy to finally see him, and rushed over. She ignored the putrid smell that was lingering in the air and curled up next to him to hug him tightly. Nene quickly fell into a long happy sleep, one from which she didn't want to wake up from in a hurry.

I hope you enjoyed this! I released it a while ago but took it down because I wasn't sure I liked it. I rewrote it and I figure that some people enjoyed it the first time so hopefully people will this time.