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Chapter 1:

Mikito breathed a sigh of relief. It took 8.5 hours but it was finally done. She looked at her husband then to her sons.

Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Tokeo. Her twin sons.

As they cleaned her sons, she saw their shoulders and gasp. They had the mark of the Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan on their shoulders. Sasuke, who was born first, had the mark on his right shoulder and Tokeo had the mark on his left shoulder.

"They will be powerful. They are meant for greatness." she thought. When her husband, Uchiha Fugaku went to get the artiest to paint the honorary first portrait of the newest members, she picked up her sons.

"My baby boys." she whispered.

(Later that night)

All was silent. But that was soon to be broken. A man appeared in the twins room and studied them. Finally, he picked up Tokeo.

"You shall be our savior." he whispered with greed sparkling in his blue eyes.

With a twist he disappeared with a loud pop. Sasuke woke with a loud wail that woke the whole house. Fugaku stumbled into the room and noticed that only Sasuke was there. He quickly raised the alarm but it was too late. Albus Dumbledore had disappeared along with Tokeo.


(12 years later)

Harry clutched his arm as he stumbled back over to Ginny. He could feel the basilisk venom running through his veins. He estimated he had long enough to save Ginny and send her toward Ron. He took the basilisk fang and stabbed the diary. As Riddle died, Harry smirked.

"Take that, you bastard." he growled.

Once Ginny was awake, Harry could feel the venom weakening him. He quickly ordered Ginny to go find her brother at the end of the tunnel. As she ran off to find Ron, Fawkes fluttered down next to him.

"Thanks for your help." Harry murmured, "I guess I wasn't good enough."

Fawkes tilted his head and cried into his open wound and it closed it. But Harry could still feel the effects of the venom working its way in his system.

"You have the power to win this battle." a voice echoed in his head. Harry looked around to find the source of the voice but it was just him and Fawkes.

"Is that you Fawkes?" Harry croaked out feeling weaker by the second.

Fawkes nodded his head and voice come again.

"To purge your system of anything abnormal, you need to dig deeper than just your magical core. Your core is just a cover for what it really is. Find the lock and release it. It will free the real you and everything will be as it should have been if my foolish former master had not interfered."

Harry nodded. Dumbledore never seemed trustworthy. Just something in the back of Harry's mind nagged at him when he was around Dumbledore.

He reached into himself, further than he had ever done before. Suddenly, a flash and Harry could see a gate with a thick padlock on it. A name was engraved on the lock.

Albus Dumbledore.

Harry trembled in anger. He locked up a part of Harry. How dare he! Harry looked at the door closer. There was a name adorned above the doors handle.

Uchiha Tokeo.

Strange, that was a Japanese name if Harry was correct. But the name stirred up a memory.

When Harry first found the mirror of Erised, there was a boy that Harry could not identify, that stood faintly in the background. His voice had been but a whisper but that was the name that he had been calling.

With a sudden burst of determination, Harry broke the locks and all hell broke loose on Harry.

A light burst and enveloped the young boy. Harry could feel a new type of energy rushing through his system.

What was happening to him? Then the pain hit. Harry could feel his body changing. A black smoke erupted from his scar. Soon the smoke dissipated and the scar faded into nothing. He grew a few inches and his hair grew longer and the front laid flat but stayed spiked in the back and lightened till it took on a blue tint. He also got a strange mark on his left shoulder. But his eyes was the biggest change. They darkened until the emerald green was gone. It's color was now a onyx black but with a hint of green tint.

Fawkes watched as Harry changed. As he changed back from Harry Potter to Uchiha Tokeo. Once the transformation was compete, Fawkes grabbed the young boy and disappeared in a flash of fire.


Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke were heading back to Konohagakure after their first real mission in the Land of Waves. Kakashi was speaking to his team.

"You all did good back there. But you have a long way to go to become elite ninja. When we get back, we will-"

He suddenly broke off as he sensed something. The rest of the team, noticing that something was wrong, tensed up ready for a fight.

"What is it Sensei?" whispered Sakura.

"A large chakra energy over there." he said as he gestured to the treeline.

Just as he finished that sentence, a flash of fire blinded them for a second then disappeared.

"What was that?" asked a curious Naruto.

"I don't know." admitted Kakashi, "Lets find out. Proceed with caution."

They crept into the woods silently. When they reached the source of the light, to their surprise, they found a boy face-down in the dirt. Using his chakra, Kakashi scanned the area for traps and enemy's. Sensing nothing, he turned his charaka onto the boy. It confirmed that the boy was, in fact unconsciousness, and that he was the source of the large charaka energy.

Sensing no danger, he approached the boy. With his team behind him, he gently flipped the boy over. To everyone's surprise, he looked like Sasuke.

They all looked at Sasuke in shock. The only difference they could tell was that the new boy was paler than Sasuke. Kakashi pulled up his headband to check for henges. Finding nothing, he frowned. Then he noticed the blood.

"He is injured. Pass me the med kit." he ordered.

He pulled off the boys shirt to reveal several scars littered all over his body. He looked like he had been tortured. But the source of most the blood was from a gash on his upper shoulder.

But what caught Sasuke attention was a mark on the boys left shoulder. Sucking in a breath, he grasped his right shoulder in shock. Sakura, noticing this action, asked if he was ok.

"That mark. Why does he have that mark?" he breathed out.

Kakashi furrowed his brow at Sasuke's reaction as he finished doctoring up his shoulder. Curious, he studied the mark on the boys arm. Finally he spoke.

"We are only about half a days walk away from the village. Lets get him to a doctor."

As they walked though the forest, Sasuke's eyes never left the stranger's face. 'Why did he look like me?' he wondered.

In the middle of his thoughts, they reached the village and got him to a doctor. As soon as the doctors disappeared with the boy, Kakashi pulled Sasuke to the side.

"What do you know about that mark?" he asked quietly so that the other could not hear.

"All I know is that I have the same mark on my right shoulder instead of my left." he replied as he pulled up his sleeve to show the mark.

Kakashi took one look at his arm and nodded.

"Come on. I think we need to talk to the Hokage." he whispered then leapt out the window with Sasuke close behind.

It did not take long to reach the Hokage office.

"Hello Hokage. We are here to report a strange boy that we found in the forest. He looks like Sasuke but paler. And apparently he has the same mark as Sasuke but on his left shoulder instead of his right."

Once Sarutobi heard about the mark, his head whipped up. He stood quickly and went to a cabinet without a word. He opened the safe and pulled out a sealed scroll.

"Sasuke, your parents gave this to me in case that this ever happened. This scroll contains a letter, a trunk, and a key. I would open it in your own home. Good luck."

Sasuke nodded and left. Sarutobi looked at Kakashi.

"He does not know how much his life is about to change." stated Sarutobi.


Once Sasuke finally arrived at his house, he bit his thumb and smeared his blood of the seal of the scroll. It glowed then, on the table, was a key, a large trunk with the Uchiha Clan Symbol on the lid, and a letter. He first opened the letter and teared up. It was his mothers writing.

My dearest Sasuke,

If you are reading, then we are gone and you have encountered a boy that has the same birthmark as you but on his left shoulder. That boy is your twin brother, Uchiha Tokeo. When you were just hours old, he was kidnapped from the crib you two were sharing. We looked high and low but could not find who took him. But the 9-tailed fox and wreaked havoc on our village and we had called off the search for the time being.

We were about to resume the search when we overheard a plan to overthrow the Hokage. It seemed that just about the whole clan was in on it. Your father and I knew we could not allow this to happen, so we went to the Hokage. Itachi had already gone to the Hokage and informed him so we come up with a plan. We had to rid the village of the Uchiha Clan. But we knew that we could not exterminate the clan completely. So we choose you to be our surviving member.

But we ran into one more problem. Who could we trust to do this task? But that was soon solved also. Your older brother volunteered.

Now your father and I are writing this the day before the attack. We hope that you have it in your heart to forgive us and your brother. If you have found Tokeo, I need you to take care of him. Teach him the clan ways and tell him that his mother and father loved him and we are sorry that we could not see you together again.

We love you my son,


Uchiha Mikoto.

Sasuke had tears streaming down his face. His brother was not a traitor and he had a twin. He was not alone.

He picked up the key and opened the trunk next. On the very top was a birth certificate. It was Tokeo's. He took a quick glance at it, finding out that he was the elder twin, born 32 minutes before Tokeo. Putting it to the side, he pulled out the next items. They were baby clothes that looked like they were never worn.

'Because he never got the chance to.' Sasuke thought.

Then something caught his eye. He pushed aside the rest of the clothes and pulled out a framed picture. It was of 2 identical baby boys. Tears welled up in his eyes. This was made just hours before his brother was taken from him. The brother he never got to know. Fury welled up inside him as he promised to the spirit of his parents that he would make whoever took Tokeo away from his family pay.

Sasuke glanced out the window. It was getting late. He then decided that he was not going to miss his brother waking up. He gathered up supplies and put into a scroll and set off toward the hospital.

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