Baby Time

I got to the garage and Jake was struggling to loosen a bolt on a cute older model sports car, I just watched him because it was adorable. He succeeded and lifted the cover and it looked like his struggle was worth it as he proceeded to fix a problem far beyond my scope. He hadn't yet noticed me and seemed intent on his project. I was intent on Jake. I started undressing him with my eyes and when I was down to his boxers he finally looked up.

"Ness!" he bounded over to me to give me a little kiss. "Have you been here long?" I shyly told him what I'd been up to and he honestly blushed. I gave him a better kiss and put my hand up his shirt, then Rosalie walked around the corner.

Rosalie went to open her mouth but shut it again. She's learning.

"I'll wait for you Jake. Then we'll run to the bridge?" It was only ten miles, but I wanted to run with Jake, not the wolf. He nodded and kissed me, paying no attention to Rosalie. I went to sit on the couch and started reading but Jake had to nudge me awake.

"Are you too tired, Ness? Should we go home instead?" I stood and stretched but shook my head.

"I just need some fresh air, Jake." It was crisp out, a little icy in patches but just nice to stretch and relax after a full day of work. It was only a little suspension bridge over a small gully but it was picturesque and quiet – until Jake started shaking the bridge.


"Are you scared, Ness?" About the bridge, no. But there was plenty to be scared of.

"If I say yes will you hold me?" he quickly pulled me to him, kissing me, cradling me to his body.

"Always, Nessie." He knew I wasn't really scared, it didn't matter. I could have held him there forever but we had to run home and get ready for dinner. There would be a way to shower and leave with the way I was feeling. I hoped. He shook the bridge again holding me and I imagined taking Jake right where we were; the bouncing bridge was already doing wonderful things to our bodies…

"Let's go, Jake. Our dinner reservation is at six thirty." I wanted more time with Jake than a quickie on an icy bridge, not to mention the chill factor.

"Race you." I said and then kissed him. He grumbled already knowing he was defeated. I do have few vampiresque skills. I showered and changed even before Jake made it home. I picked out Jake's clothes and left them and a towel in the bathroom. I was just finishing making the bed with new sheets when Jake came in. I didn't let him pounce on the bed because I knew I'd want to join him, instead showing him into the bathroom and closing the door behind him even though he tried to pull me in.

We were ready to go in ten minutes and pulled up to the restaurant at six twenty seven leaving us three precious minutes to talk.

"I called Edward. Told him. Asked him. He said he would." My cryptic words were enough. Jake gripped my hand in his.

"Thank-you, Ness." He tried to blink but I whisked away a tear.

"Jake. I love you. I don't want to hurt you. Edward said something today – he said the family was divided on changing me if I didn't agree. You would have been the tie breaker, Jake. What would you have voted?"

"Let's go for dinner, Ness. Please don't make me answer."

"You would have done it." I was certain. Jake nodded reluctantly.

"You would have hated me. I wouldn't have cared. Edward had already told me he wouldn't. I was hoping he might change his mind if the time came but I couldn't bet my life - your life – on it. I'm sorry for being an ass the last few days."

"I should apologize too, Jake. It's not an excuse, but I am scared – about this. About everything that's unknown for us. I'm glad I have you to help me through. Though never again will we wait three days to talk about anything, right?" He agreed, gave me a kiss and helped me out of the car. We were a little late for our reservation, but at least we made it.

Jake ordered something that sounded odd to me called osso bucco; I ordered the more straightforward chicken cacciatore. We wound up sharing and both dishes were delicious. We also had tiramisu cake for dessert to cap off a beautiful evening. When we left I thought we'd head home and I was starting to shake. It had been a very long time since I'd been nervous to go to bed with Jake. He turned off the road at the mall and headed to the cinema.

"You're tense Ness. Relax. Let's go to a movie." Jake pulled me out of the car and into the theatre.

We got back home after the movie, still laughing about the absurdity of the plot in the name of comedy as we walked up the stairs. The second we closed the door behind us and rearmed the alarm the atmosphere changed. Jake pulled me into the bedroom and started undressing me as well as himself, I helped with my bra and his boxers and Jake scooped me up and placed me within the sheets. So many days without him and I was acutely aware of every caress. We kissed and I felt it ripple through my body pulling him on top of me willing every inch of our bodies to touch. He nibbled on my ear causing me to buck no matter his calming touch or whispers. I begged, Jake kissed me. I pleaded, he caressed me. He licked my nipples and sucked causing me to arch again. He looked down intent on following with his mouth and tongue, but I pulled him to my lips instead.

"Tonight, Ness? A baby, Ness. Our baby?" he asked, I nodded. I saw him eye our condom drawer but I guided his gaze back to mine.

"Jacob. I want your baby. I want you, forever." He kissed me on my lower lip whispering I love you and looking into my pleading eyes as he slowly and gently nudged at my vagina and slid inside me as deeply as he could cradling my buttocks in his hands. We sighed simultaneously reveling in the moment with no barrier to prevent nature's plan.

"OH, Ness." He was so warm and I couldn't imagine moving from this very space forever. Jake seemed have the same thought. We just watched each other; it was minutes before he kissed me and in response I pulled him even closer, pressing myself into him. Short thrusts and long kisses; we could barely part as our urgency rose. Jake was panting and pressing against me.

"Nessie…Nessie…NESSIE!" I could feel each quiver from Jake and the warm liquid released deep into my body. I shook with him moaning his name. We quieted, still joined, and listened to each other's raged breathing. Jake kissed me again and my lips joined his; still connected below Jake filled me immediately which I was not expecting and I squealed with shock and desire. We usually had certain things to take care of before we could continue; today that was not a concern. Jake kept me under him, showing his prowess with a quick release. He was eager to pull out to pleasure me in other ways. I pulled him down wanting his seed.

"Jake, I love you" I kissed him over and over causing him to respond again. "How often do you think we can do this?" The man I know doesn't back down from a challenge. And he was confident.

"Ness, we do have seven hours..."

"I need you more than sleep Jake. Please." I would have resorted to more begging but Jake pulled me to him again and again. I lost count clinging to him, not wanting our bodies to separate. He rolled me onto him and with extraordinary kisses and caresses as he lulled me to sleep.

I woke where I'd slept, nuzzled against Jake's neck my body covering his. Pressing into him he was still responding and my reaction to his caused him to stir; I moved my body with his causing a dangerously good morning though it was not yet sunrise.

A few hours later Jake felt it was his duty to mention his tally was higher than mine. I didn't know he was keeping track. At first I was reluctant for him to move even though all of my muscles were stiff. Jake winced as he uncoupled us and I looked at him with concern. I might have to take better care of that muscle in particular.

"Relax, Ness. Do you want to sleep or …" he asked as his fingers found my clitoris, already swelling at his touch. The swelling, arching and my crying out "Oh, Jake!" put sleep on the back burner again. He thrust his fingers in and I tightened. He followed below with his tongue as I quivered again and again. Then, it seemed as if the sensation of pleasure was without end. He could feel the pulses around his tongue.


Jake was caressing my cheek with concern when I finally opened my eyes but in response to my smile he grinned kissing me. He straddled me wanting to know "Again, Ness?" Had I ever turned Jake down? I didn't think so. But I just wanted to remember this forever. I touched his cheek and showed him why. I was interrupted by a warm rush of fluid between my legs.

I lifted my hand and looked at Jake. He was blushing and looking around for what I presumed would be a towel. I pulled him beside me as I sat up a little running my fingers through his semen.

"Wow. Jake."


"Do you want to see the rest, Jake?" I showed him and we were both stickier as a result.

I used the top sheet to clean us both and pulled Jake to the shower, when he glanced at the clock in panic. "Ness, it's five minutes to eight!"

He ran the water rinsed himself and grabbed a towel. "You shower, Ness. I'll find you some clothes then call Rose." He kissed me.

"She'll be thrilled, you know. I'll come by tonight to help out." I ran in quickly soaping and rinsing and did a quick shampoo. I dressed quickly, Jake had found me my favorite blouse and jeans. I gave Jake a quick kiss and an I love you and was out the door making it into clinic only two minutes after eight. If this was baby-making we are going to really enjoy the process. We'd just have to remember to set an alarm clock. I have serious plans to pick up exactly where we left off when I get Jake home.

I was very glad I'd missed Carlisle, Jake's scent would no doubt still be all over me, one place in particular and I didn't want him to know yet. Jake and I didn't even have time to talk about it. I got to work immediately. Most of the volunteers had taken Christmas off which is why I was putting in so many hours. I was learning a lot and today after a few catch up jobs of cleaning and sorting toys in the waiting room and stocking supplies I was able to spend the better part of the morning in the immunization clinic. The flu had hit pretty hard this year and though it was a little late for the vaccine there was quite the line up at the door. Better late than never. I was tasked with holding kids if the parents were too nervous themselves and handing out smiley face stickers when they were done. The stickers were ugly and the band-aids generic –the kids were all screaming, we needed to make this more fun.

I took an early lunch and went to the pharmacy to buy some adorable princess and superhero stickers along with some character band-aids. I really should be taking better care of my body and not skipping breakfast was on the top of my list – I picked out a ready-made sandwich and a milk, healthy as packaged food goes. Also as I went through the vitamin aisle I picked up some maternity vitamins. I didn't think they'd hurt me but it was another thing to ask Carlisle. I ate my sandwich and drank the milk as I walked back. I put the vitamins in my pocket (I didn't want the nurses asking questions) and carried my stash of goodies back into the clinic. The line ups weren't getting shorter and the kids were getting louder. I gave each of the nurses two boxes of band-aids and some stickers - the kids who were crying looked intrigued; the nurses grateful. I brought some toys from the main waiting room and that quieted the line-up as well. So I spent the afternoon holding babies (good practice, I thought), handing out stickers and playing with toys. So many of the parents were thankful and told me how good I was with kids. Maybe it's because it wasn't so long ago that I was a kid myself but I had so much fun with all the kids that I was shocked when quarter to five came and we had to shut the line down until Monday morning. It was a good thing I bought out the store – there were a few stickers and band-aids left but not enough to get through the next week. I'd check a few stores or maybe ask about a supplier – I'm a sucker for happy kids.

I got to the garage and made a snap decision (since Rose already knew) – I threw the vitamins at her. "Think I should take these, Rose?" she did almost have her medical degree and I knew she kept up on things like this even though it pained her. I hoped she'd be ok if Jake and I do manage to make it happen. I made a mental note to talk with her again about it without Jake and Emmett listening in.

She caught the bag mid-air as she leapt to hug me. "Your man can be an hour late for work anytime, Ness." She hadn't opened the bag but there was no doubt she caught Jake's scent.

"Rose, that's not what I asked. You promised." I reminded her. I wondered if she really could tell how much semen was actually in my body. Not a question I was going to ask.

"Sorry." She took her time and read the label. "Might be a good idea, Ness. Of course these are for human consumption. Your folate levels – both your plasma and red blood cell levels – have been normal on all your labs but pregnant or nursing you should probably take a little extra."

"Thanks, Rose."

Jake was patient during my conversation, but when we were done he kissed me carefully to avoid getting me greasy. "Missed you." He said with an undertone I couldn't miss. I could have taken him then and there. We didn't exactly finish things properly this morning. I kissed his nose quickly with a "Me too" and ran to change into one of Jake's old shirts and calm my raging hormones. I put my blouse in the vitamin bag after taking a vitamin and before tackling an oil change. Jake was still working on some wiring on the sports car from yesterday. I didn't know what he was doing so offering to help would likely just take him twice as long as would need to walk me through it. Instead I went to talk with Raelynn – she was happy to have a five day break at Christmas and her son was in the school play that night. There was only ten minutes left so I told her I'd get the phones if she wanted to head out and she was extremely grateful. When she left I organized the candy and checked the stock. I was surprise at how well my project was going – we were certainly making quite nice donations to the clinic every week. I booked two appointments for the following week and by then it was nearly time to head home. Jake popped his head in to kiss me again telling me he'd be ready after his shower. My innocent question "Can you shower at home?" wasn't so innocent.

We took off with a quick good-bye and a 'see you on Sunday' to Em and Rose.

When got home we jumped into the shower picking up from the morning caressing one another. Jake reluctantly confessed under the running water what exactly had made him an hour late for work – he had to change not once, but twice as he ejaculated in his pants thinking of our morning and my memories. Even his confession caused a Jake to swell, and I guided him into me before it was too late. We soaped and shampooed still connected, then Jake took me to bed still dripping wet as he pleasured me, I pleasured him and we pleasured each other. We took to the shower again, finally rinsing and drying. Jake managed to don a pair of boxers. He headed to the kitchen to start dinner while I dried my hair, put on some of the lingerie Jake hadn't yet seen me in and then covered up with a nightie that was a bit on the short side. I was more than a little interested to see his reaction. Jake was just finishing preparing a chicken bake so I opened the oven for him. I crouched down staying covered though Jake reacted spectacularly all the same. He sighed.

"Jake, should I put on something else?" He should his head, he was panting a little. I love what I do to him.

"Just give me a second." I could see it shrink and was disappointed. I had to focus on methodically setting the table though occasionally my thoughts made their way to Jake and I naked right where I was placing the water glasses. Jake was preparing the veggies and I figured it couldn't hurt to give him a little kiss. We managed to kiss in the kitchen and I put on the rice noticing a new swell in Jake's shorts. Part of me loved our heightened sexuality; another part was dreading Sunday dinner with the family. I suppose if they could pretend to be oblivious to Jake and me in my bedroom they could also pretend to not notice both of us having orgasms at the dinner table just by eyeing one another.

"Jake, while the rice is cooking I'm going to do the laundry."

Jake had to carefully exhale yet again when he said "I've got a load in there. Can you please put it in the dryer?"

I threw his stuff in the dryer and stripped the bed again. The sheets were soaked from the shower and our recent sojourn; I even had to add the mattress cover to the load. I added all the towels we'd used that day and started up the machine. I made up the bed with a beach towel under the sheets knowing the cover couldn't go in the dryer. I cleaned up the bathroom and Jake was just serving the plates when I emerged.

"Smells delicious Jake" I said and it was. We could cook with a little time and effort and I decided we would start right away preparing for the week. We put the leftovers into take and go containers to freeze them, perfect lunch for Monday when we were usually running late.

We lay on the couch watching TGIF on TV, most of the shows were decent and then at ten we turned to the movie channel where the old comedy Junior with Arnold Schwarzenegger was just starting. Jake and I were in hysterics throughout the movie, mostly about how it paralleled our life and I kept telling Jake to watch out for all the symptoms. Jake even volunteered to have our child if it were ever possible. Given that we do have forever I might wind up taking his offer seriously, someday.

When I tried to pull Jake off the couch he couldn't move. Oops. My short nightie had ridden up above my teal lace naughty-panties without a crotch. He was already leaking when I removed his boxers and slid him inside me, bending down to kiss him and ask him what he thinks of my lingerie. I didn't get a coherent answer but I did pull off my nightie, gliding myself up and down ever so slowly along his shaft. I felt his release before he noticed, his gaze intent on me. He pulled me down to him stroking my back as he finished. He kissed me and carried me to bed and I stand corrected – he didn't finish. Jake was just getting started. We fell asleep just as the sun was rising.