Chapter 1

The Cullen's enormous house was more crowded with guests than anyone would were in and out of the three story white mansion. Some would show off their abilities, and others would chat.

How could any of them guess that they were being observed? High up in one of the tallest pine trees sat a vampire. She kept her eyes on the figures moving around below her.

"You can always turn around." She told herself. Her voice was quiet enough that the wind stole it before any other vampire below could hear her.

She had to decide whether or not she wanted to join this war. This was the first opportunity she had seen in her centuries of waiting. She couldn't refuse.

Then why was it so hard to let go of the branch and show herself? Wind played with her pale brown hair. It wasn't because of fear. The vampire scoffed at that.

"I am fear."

So why couldn't she make up her mind? Let go of the branch and join the army or leave as if she were never there. With all the vampires coming to the Cullen's help, how could one more shock them? Just one more. She groaned softly. Trying to delude herself into believing this was a good idea wasn't working very well.

Laughter floated by her ears. While she hadn't been able to hear the conversations, laughter and shouts of joy always made their way up to her ears.

This is the reason she held back. Or one of the reasons. She heard the merriment of them and ground her teeth together. This wasn't a little get-together play date! This was a war.

These vampires didn't understand what it meant when the Volturi decided to attack, did they? Those thoughts were the smaller ones. The ones she tried to use as an excuse for her hesitation.

The small vampire had never socialized like the people below were doing.

Some may call her a recluse, but she had never gotten along with others, vampires or humans. She was beginning to suspect it might be her and her own problems that led to this.

But then again, she was a vampire. "We are supposed to be nomadic and on our own." she thought.

Whatever she thought was defied by the joyous attitudes displayed by the large group.

"This shouldn't even be possible." She thought sourly.

Desperate needs call for desperate measures

She still could't wrap her mind around this happy little army. When the story came to her ears about the immortal child, she hadn't expected this. She had seen many armies filled with vampires. All of them had been hostile and tense, particularly in the South Wars. Shaking her head, the vampire remembered her reasons for wanting to join this army.

If dealing with a bunch of happy suckers ended with gaining what she wanted, then it was worth the torture.

Whispers of conversations not clear enough had been going all day. But a harsh snarl was clear. "No!" it screamed. Her vivid crimson eyes shot to the scene below.

One of the vampires, she had straight, brown hair, held the immortal child away from one of the blonde vampires.

A smirk grew on her face. maybe the torture wouldn't be so bad after all.

With that thought, she finally let go of the branch and fell to the forest floor beneath her.


The Cullen house was lively. Edward Cullen snickered with the rest of the vampires as Garret stood to his feet.

He could sense Kate and him were sprouting in love from their thoughts. Speaking of love.

His eyes flickered from the budding lovers to Bella. She was still holding Renesmee, his amazing daughter.

Bella's yellow-orange eyes darted to him. She smiled slightly before setting Renesmee down.

"She's safe, love." He whispered to her when she ran into his arms.

"I know."

They still don't know I'm here? Should I say something? It would be dumb to say "I come in peace" wouldn't it?

Edward heard all the thoughts of everyone around him. He normally let them buzz, but this thought shot through his head clear as a bell.

Was this person someone Alice had sent? Whoever he or she was, the person seemed unsure. As if the invitation hadn't been extended to the vampire.

Tuning into the newcomer's mind, Edward was shocked when the next thought came to him.

Hello? Isn't there a mind reader here? Gosh, I feel so dumb doing this.

"Edward, what is it?" Bella asked him, seeing the confusion on his face.

"Hold on." He listened for footsteps.

I swear if I get attacked, I am out of here. No turning back. The voice complained to itself.

"Bella," Edward turned to his wife. "Take Renesmee inside. I believe we haveā€¦ company."

The first crunch of leaves met with Edward's ears. All the vampires outside snapped their heads up to where the sound came from.

Bella and Renesmee were gone immediately.

Simultaneously, all the vampires inched toward the house, case this new vampire was a threat to the hybrid they had all come to adore.

"Who's there." Edward called out with no hesitation.

The small vampire who looked no more than fifteen stepped out of the shadows of the forest.

Laughing to herself at the defensive look of the army, she continued walking closer.

Her appearance clearly stated her status: nomad. Bare feet covered in dust along with ripped jeans that were splattered with a few drops of dried blood. An old white shirt smudged with dirt. Hair tied up in a knot. The girl's feral look distracted the others for a mere few seconds before they began to see the resemblances.

The vampire looked eerily like Jane from the Volturi.

She had the pale brown hair, wide eyes threat were the color of blood, Not as short, but still barely 5'2. She might as well have been the Volturi guard with the response she received from the other vampires.

The gasps weren't new to her. Neither were the accusations that spilled out of their mouths. Nor the snarls and growls. Only those who truly observed this newcomer were able to restrain themselves from condemning her on the spot.

She was definitely more aged than Jane. Her mature frame and higher cheek bones were proof of that. And if one looked harder, they would find her eyes didn't hold a sadistic, cold glint, rather a pained, searching glance.

However the differences, most of the army was reminded of what Jane had done to them, or the other horrid stories behind the sadistic witch. In the five seconds since the vampire had shown herself, almost every vampire had thrown her a look of hatred.

The newcomer rolled her eyes and waited for one of two options. The interrogation or the attack. She knew how to handle both.

She stared every vampire in the eye before speaking. "I am here to help you with your disagreement with the Volturi. I am not Jane, although the resemblance is uncanny so I hear. And if you want to accept me I will offer whatever I can to aid you."

Confused murmurs spread through out the little army quickly. The vampire smirked.

"Who are you?" Emmett asked with his arms crossed. Her eyes snapped to him.

"My name is Faye."