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Chapter 5

True to his word, Alistair was gone by dawn. Faye had watched him disappear into the night from her tree.

Fear took him away from the army. He wanted to live; as to why, Faye could only wonder. Just because she see his past didn't mean she could hear his thoughts. She didn't know the motive behind his actions unless he had spoken them aloud at some point.

"Why are you afraid of death, Alistair?" She whispered.


"I told you she was a better hunter." Michael laughed.

Faye's hands were bloody from skinning the deer. Jonathan looked down at his rabbit hanging limply from his hands. It was small, but it had been the only thing he could catch all day in the cold snowy weather.

"Fine. Fine. Faye, you are officially the hunter in this group." Jonathan plopped down into the snow and began to skin the rabbit.

"It was no trouble." Faye shrugged. "I was taught archery from a young age."

"Perks of being a rich person." Jonathan added. "I guess we weren't as lucky, eh, Michael?"

The brothers laughed.

"Doesn't matter now," Michael said. "Health is the new wealth now."

Faye grimaced at the dead animal at her feet. Michael had taken its skin and promised to make a coat out of it.

Michael and Jonathan had lived in London before the pestilence had struck the city. They fled and lived off the ruins of others. Villages abandoned still had food and water.

Faye trembled when she thought of Madison's dead body. Trying to think of her when she was alive, only made her think more about her death. The way she coughed blood over her bedding. The way the servants shrieked and fled the manor. The way her skin went cold in Faye's hands.

Michael coughed into his elbow.

Immediately, Jonathan and Faye snapped their attention to him. Panic settled into Faye's stomach.

"I'm fine. It was just a cough," Michael assured them.

"That's how it always starts." Jonathan grabbed Michael's shoulder and pulled the fabric from his neck, exposing the skin. Faye saw no blemish ruin the boy's flesh.

"There's nothing wrong with me." Michael pulled out of Jonathan's grasp.

They fell into a silence as the panic subsided. But fear still boiled in their stomachs.

Death ruled over them, and it was only a matter of time before their end came.


. "Alistair has been gone for days." Esme finally called attention to the nomad's disappearance.

One of the nomads, Garrett asked, "Maybe he went hunting. I haven't seen him hunt in a little over a week."

"No. He's never taken so long before." Carlisle admitted. "He must have left for good."

Silence befell over all the vampires. Faye dropped from her tree and crept toward the house. She sensed tension, and wanted to see what was going on.

"He is only doing what the rest of us should." Amun suddenly whispered. "We are insane to have even thought of gathering against the Volturi."

"Amun," Carlisle added. "We are not going against the Volturi-"

"Of course we are." Vladimir cut in smugly. "The Volturi would never forgive anyone for standing on the opposite side as them in any situation."

The other vampires began to murmur. Was it really worth risking their lives for this?

Faye slid open the back door and entered the house. Amun was in Carlisle's face. The others had given them their space. Esme stood behind Carlisle with worry etched into her face.

"I have already risked too much in coming here." A shadow of fear came across Amun's face. He immediately looked at Benjamin. "We are leaving. Kebi, Tia, Benjamin."

Kebi walked to Amun's side, ready to follow him. Tia looked with uncertainty at Benjamin.


The vampires shifted back making a circle of space for Carlisle and Amun. Benjamin positioned himself next to Carlisle.

"Amun, I will not leave. We have already said we would witness for the Cullens."

Tia lifted her chin. "I will stay with Benjamin."

"Benjamin," Amun growled. "We are leaving."


Faye heard footsteps fall as Bella, Edward, and Renesmee rushed inside. In another part of her mind, Faye wondered where they had been.

Amun hissed, turning his anger to Carlisle.

"Amun, if you want to go, no one is forcing you to stay," Carlisle said in his overly calm manner.

"You're stealing half my coven, Carlisle!" Amun shrieked, pointing violently at Benjamin. "IS that why you called me here? To steal from me?"

If these were normal vampires, somebody would already be dead, Faye thought to herself. She calculated Carlisle's expression, bewildered to find him calm. Before he could speak however, Benjamin rolled his eyes.

"Yes, Carlisle picked a fight with the Volturi, endangered his whole family, just to lure me here to my death." Benjamin gave a humorless laugh. "Be reasonable, Amun. I'm committed to doing the right thing here- I'm not joining any other coven. You can do whatever you want, of course as Carlisle has pointed out."

"This won't end well," Anxiety leaked into Amun's growled words. "Alistair was the only sane one here. We should all be running."

He was going in circles with his arguments. Faye almost wanted to delve into his memories to find out why he was so scared. Well, more scared than everyone else here.

"Think of who you're calling sane," Tia murmured. The army murmured quick comments to one another, barely heard by others.

"We're all going to be slaughtered." Amun cried out.

"It's not going to come to a fight,: Carlisle reassured him.

Faye scoffed at the same time Amun screamed, "You say!"

"If it does," Carlisle sighed, "You can always switch sides, Amun. I'm sure the Volturi will appreciate your help."

He was so assured that this wouldn't end in a fight. Faye thought him stupid to believe such a lie. She didn't miss the quick glare Edward shot her at her though. She barely stopped herself from making a face at him. 'Don't read my thoughts and you won't be angered'.

Carlisle, Benjamin, and Amun ended up ending their argument without tearing each other's throats out. Though, Amun and Kebi did leave the house quickly.

"He's not leaving," Edward whispered to Bella. "But he'll be keeping his distance even more from now on. He wasn't bluffing when he spoke of joining the Volturi."

Figures. Faye wasn't sure who she hated more. The Volturi or cowards who bowed before them. When she first decided to join this army, she was excited. For the first time in hundreds of years, there would be a global resistance to the Volturi. Even though, these were hippie vampires looking for peace and all, Faye knew this would end in a fight. The battle would be enough of a distraction for her to take her mother and flee. Quickly, she erased that thought from Edward's mind. It was almost a reflex for her now.

"Why did Alistair go?" Bella whispered.

Faye wondered if the two realized everyone was listening to them.

"He wanted to save his hide." She spoke up. Instantly, all vampires turned to her. "I saw him before he left. He didn't want to risk his life and end up dead."

"But we can prove our innocence in this," Carlisle insisted.

Eleazar sighed. "From the sound of his mumblings, it was a bit more than that. We haven't spoken much of the Volturi agenda, prove your innocence, the Volturi will not listen. He thinks they will find an excuse to achieve your goals here."

Everyone became uneasy. Except the Romanians of course. It was ironic. They hated Faye the most, yet they had nearly the same agenda. Destroy the Volturi. Minus one on Faye's part, but still.

Everyone began their own conversations. In short, everyone talked about their ideas on the Volturi and their doubts of whether they could get out of this alive.

Faye only focused on the Romanians when they looked at her.

"And who knows what the witch-look-alike can do."

Most conversations stopped, and Vladimir and Stefan took the spotlight.

"With their witch twins they have no need for the illusionist or the fire touch."

Zafrina and Kate.

"Nor is the mind reader exactly necessary. But I see your point. Indeed, they will gain much if they win."

"More than we can afford to have them gain, wouldn't your agree?"

Stefan sighed. "I think I must agree. And that means . . ."

"That we must stand against them while there is still hope."

Good. Faye internally smiled. They would surely provide good distractions for her.

"If we can just cripple them, even, expose them . . ."

"Then, someday, others will finish the job."

"And out long vendetta will be repaid. At last."

They spoke together in unison. "It seems the only way."

The two were creepy. Faye was beginning to wonder if they had planned out their speeches in advance with the way they finished each other's sentences.

"So we fight," Stefan grinned.

"We fight," Vladimir agreed.

Should she clap for their performance?

"We will fight, too." Tia stood confidently with Benjamin. "We believe the Volturi will overstep their authority. We have no wish to belong to them."

Benjamin shrugged. "Apparently, I'm a hot commodity. It appears I have to win the right to be free."

More distractions. With Benjamin's fire . . . he could take out nearly any opponent. As soon as the battle starts, she would have to make a dash for her mother.

"This won't be the first time I've fought to keep myself from a king's rule," Garrett added.

"We stand with Carlisle."

"We have not decided."

"The same goes for me."

"And me."

The wolf shifter added his own proclamation. "The packs will fight with the Cullens. We're not afraid of vampires."

"Children." Peter scoffed.

"Infants." Randall added.

Nearly the entire army gave their own dramatic decision.

"The Volturi took something of mine long ago." Faye spoke. Eyes went warily to her. "I will fight."

"Well, I'm in too," Maggie, the closest vampire to Faye said. "I know the truth is on Carlisle's side. I can't ignore that."

Good. With these declarations, when the battle came there would be enough people to keep the Volturi's hands full. She and Jane would escape easily.

Most vampires drifted off to different places to do their own things. Before Faye began to move to leave the house, Edward, Bella, their hybrid child and the shifter made their way to the front door. Faye followed distantly behind.

Outside, she heard the shifter, Jacob mutter. "Stupid leeches. Think their so superior."

"They'll be shocked when the infant's save their superior lives, don't they?" Edward said.

Faye laughed. "If consolation, mostly everyone here are infants in my eyes."

Jacob tensed when he realized she was behind them.

"Faye!" Renesmee smiled.

She instantly took a step back. Why did the child like her so much? Yeesh!

Jacob scowled.

"Thank you for choosing to fight with us," Edward said sincerely.

"Your welcome."

The hybrid child danced forward and held out her hand, asking to put her thought in Faye's head. The vampire sighed and bend down on her knees.

"Sure, go ahead, Ren."

"Ren?" Bella rose her eyebrows.

"Well, I'm not calling her whatever it is you name her." Faye admitted bluntly. "Ren is easier to remember."

Renesmee eagerly let her hand touch Faye's cheek.

She received an image in her head. Faye hunting animals with the four of them. She blanched at the thought. Hunting animals?

"Ah . . . no thanks." Faye stood up. Renesmee looked slightly disappointed. Edward held a guarded expression on his face.

"I prefer the people blood." Faye told the child. She could have said worse, but the others still flinched. Jacob kept his growl in his throat.

"Have fun killing Bambi, Yogi Bear and all of Snow White's animal friends." She called as she walked away smirking.

"I really hate that vampire." Jacob muttered under his breath.