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Chapter 1

"We have to stop meeting like this." Bonnie says thru her yawns when she rolled over, and came face to face with Damon Salvatore.

"I missed you."

Bonnie rolled her eyes. "Is this your pathetic attempt at apologizing? You just saw me…" Bonnie looked over his shoulder at the clock on her nightstand. "Two hours ago."

"You weren't in bed."

"I'm in bed." Bonnie quickly replies.

"My bed." Damon shoots back irritated.

"Damon, you told me that snapping my neck would solve every one's problems."

"You know I didn't mean that."

"Do I Damon?"

"You should. I chose you Bonnie. I chose to save you."

"And you won't let me forget it." Bonnie yelled sitting up on her elbows. "If Elena is what you and everybody else wanted, you should have let me die. Why save me Damon?"

The two silently stared at each other for several seconds before Bonnie gave Damon her back. They have had this same conversation countless times over the last four years. The room was silent for ten whole minutes before Bonnie spoke again.

"Us sleeping together is unhealthy."

"Not this again." Damon said while pulling her closer to him, her back pressed firmly against his chest, his arms planted comfortably around her waist.

"I'm serious Damon. What would Elena think?"

"Elena would want her boyfriend, and her best friend to be happy. This makes us happy."

This was another conversation that seemingly played on a loop between the two. Kai binding Elena's life to Bonnie's was a surprise to everyone. Damon choosing to save Bonnie's life was an even bigger surprise, well to everyone but Bonnie. She knew where she stood with Damon. She knew he would gladly sacrifice his chance at happiness with the love of his if it meant saving Bonnie's life. And she would gladly do the same. Now Elena lied in the Salvatore tomb in a deep slumber until the day Bonnie Bennett's life came to an end. The magnitude of the entire situation didn't hit Bonnie until she was using a sealing spell to lock a very human, magical sleep induced Elena into the Salvatore crypt to keep all the supernatural crazies from going after the coveted doppelganger or cure for vampirism.

After performing the spell, Bonnie made her way back to her childhood home, curled up in bed, and cried for hours. Sometime during the night Damon slipped behind her, wrapped his arms tightly around her, and held her until they both finally went to sleep. They slept the same way every night ever since then. Most nights she slept in his bed at the boarding house, but other times when their arguments got too heated, Bonnie would find herself back at her childhood home in her own bed. Damon always found himself there hours later. For the most part no one in their circle ever spoke on it. The consensus was that the two needed each other. Although very intimate, the sleeping together never led to anything sexual. That was a line that neither was brave enough to cross. Damon fed those urges with frequent meaningless hookups. Bonnie on the other hand didn't do casual sex…it wasn't her way. She did find herself in a few short term relationships over the past four years, but nothing of substance, especially once the guy found out she spent every night in the arms of another man.

"I hate you." Bonnie whispered before going to sleep.

Damon kissed her temple. "I hate you too."

Klaus is excited. One of his loyal minions had informed him that the Doppelganger was once again human, and in a comatose state being protected by the Bennett witch. He came to Mystic Falls trying to confirm this revelation. He was elated when he found it to be true. He watched from a dark corner of the upscale night club that was new to Mystic Falls. The couple on the dance floor was extremely amusing. They weren't dancing with each other, but they were definitely dancing for each other. He watched as a slightly drunk Damon Salvatore stuck his tongue down the throat of a random blonde club goer in a blatant attempt to make the Bennett witch jealous. He watched a very inebriated Bonnie roll her eyes in an attempt at indifference, but her body language gave her away. Her shoulders slumped and she wiggled closer to random patron number two. She turned around and began shamelessly grinding against his crotch. He watched as Damon's eyes got real wide, and he stalked over to the Bennett witch, grabbed her roughly by the upper arm, and lugged her over to an empty table leaving random one and random two alone on the dance floor. The dynamic duo exchanged heated words. The Bennett witch then downed her drink, and stood abruptly. Klaus caught the tail end of their argument as Damon caught the witch's wrist before she headed back to the dance floor.

"Don't make me regret choosing you." He said to her angrily.

Bonnie snatched away from him, threw her arms up over her head, and drunkenly made her way back to the dance floor.

'This is too easy.' Klaus thought to himself. 'I'll just seduce the drunken witch into telling me how to get to Elena, and she might even let me fuck her.'

Klaus had to admit the Bennett witch was a beautiful woman. This was not the first time he thought about getting in her pants. A sinister grin graced his face as he sauntered over to the witch. He slithered behind her, wrapped an arm around her waist, and pulled her closer to him.

"Hello Miss Bennett." He whispered in her ear.

Bonnie's brows shot to her hairline as she turned to face him. She hadn't seen Klaus since he left Mystic Falls headed for New Orleans. Seeing Klaus usually meant trouble, but in her inebriated state Bonnie couldn't seem to care what he was up to.

"Klaus!" She giggled excitedly while turning to face him. She wrapped both arms around his neck drawing him closer to her. "What are you doing here?"

"Dancing." Klaus answered.

That was good enough for her. She threw her leg up on his waist, and started gyrating. Klaus growled and dipped her backwards causing her hair to sweep the floor. When he brought her back up, Bonnie smiled brightly causing his dick to twitch in his pants. Her beautiful smile quickly faltered though because she saw Damon approaching them at lightning speed. She freed herself from Klaus' grip. But that didn't stop him from standing closely behind her, so close she felt his erection graze her behind.

"We're leaving." Damon said while grabbing for her hand.

"I'm not." Bonnie said moving her hand from his.

Damon saw red, his anger swiftly getting the best of him. She would rather slut it up with Klaus than go home with him?

"Are you that desperate for male attention? You want to stay here and practically fuck an original on the dance floor instead of saving what little bit of dignity you have left and going home."

Bonnie chuckled. "Right because sleeping with you every night is freaking dignified."

Klaus raised a brow. So there was a lot more to the witch's relationship with the eldest Salvatore. Bonnie grabbed Klaus' hand.

"And I haven't fucked him yet." She yelled while tugging Klaus thru the crowd. "But I'm going to."

"Remind me again why I don't just snap your neck right now so I can have my girlfriend back."

Klaus heard Damon yell at their retreating backs. 'It can't be that simple' Klaus thought. Killing the Bennett witch was all he had to do to make his army of hybrids, an army that could help him take over New Orleans. And she's dragging him to the secluded restroom. Klaus smiled. Life can't be this sweet? He came to Mystic Falls to gather information, but what fate as dropped into his lap is way better. He gets to fuck and kill the Bennett witch in one night, and he'll have access to the doppelganger without interference from her magical bodyguard. Life don't get no sweeter.

The door shuts behind them. Klaus locks it, and is on her in the blink of an eye. His lips devour hers hungrily. His hands roam her body freely. He could feel the magic simmering beneath her skin. He has to taste it, so he rips her skin tight jeans from body with one tug. The sound of material tearing causes her to gasp.

"What am I supposed to wear home?" She asks.

Klaus smirks. He had no plans of her leaving.

He hikes her up on the sink, and pulls her panties down. They dangle from her left foot. She spreads her legs wider, and he dives right in taking her lady nub into his mouth. Bonnie moans loudly. Her release comes only minutes later. Once he eats his fill, Klaus places Bonnie's thigh up on his hip and plunges into her heat. She moans. He grunts. The feeling is magical. Their eyes meet, both surprised by the amazing feeling of their bodies joined. He knew the witch would be an amazing lay, but this… It's going to be extremely hard to let her go. He takes a moment to gather his bearings. There's a loud bang outside, but neither care. Klaus starts his movements, slow at first but he quickly increases his pace. He fucks her like… well, like it's the last time he's going to get the chance. She felt sinful. Letting her go was going to be real hard. Her legs tremble before she starts screaming his name as her climax hits her. Klaus takes advantage of her moment of ecstasy by biting into her neck. She screams again. Her blood taste even more divine than her pussy. Yep, letting her go would be really really hard. Klaus explodes inside of her, but it doesn't stop him from drinking her blood. Before she gets the opportunity to realize he plans to drain her dry or before he decides to keep the vivacious witch alive so he could fuck her again, Klaus snapped her neck!

When Damon saw her walking away with Klaus, he was pissed. He yelled at her retreating back.

"Remind me again why I don't just snap your neck right now so I can have my girlfriend back."

He knows that was low. He knew how much bringing up Elena hurt her, but he was angry. She was allowing Klaus to touch her. He watched them disappear into the bathroom. He pondered just leaving, but decided against it. He had to make sure Bonnie was okay. He made his way to the back of the establishment where Bonnie disappeared to. Standing in the darkness of the hallway he heard her moan. It was the most beautiful, enticing, maddening, sound he ever heard in his life. He was fuming. She's actually fucking him… Bonnie is actual fucking Klaus. Damon punched the wall causing it to explode. Clearly Bonnie was too busy to come out and see what all the ruckus was. Damon only got angrier. 'Fuck it' if she wants to whore about with Klaus, let her. Let him take her home.

Damon ran toward the boarding house as fast as he could. He was busting thru the door three minutes later. He was still so mad, he began throwing things, turning over furniture, and breaking antiques.

"Calm down Damon." He heard his brother say from behind him. He continued his rampage.

"Where's Bonnie?" Caroline asked standing beside Stefan. Still he continued his rampage. He annihilated his living room. He didn't stop until he felt a sudden pain in his chest where his heart used to be. He sank to the floor trying to figure out the sensation.

"Damon, what's wrong?" Stefan was by his side in a flash.

"I don't know Damon says clutching at his chest. Maybe I need some water."

"Water? We haven't needed water in nearly two hundred years Damon."

Damon sat silently for a while holding his chest as Stefan and Caroline tried to figure him out.

"What happened Damon?" "Did you and Bonnie have another fight?" "Is she sleeping at home tonight?" "What's going on?"

Were some of the things he barely heard while minutes ticked of the clock. The trio sat there for a while. It could have been minutes. It could have been hours. Damon wasn't really sure he was too focused on the sensation in his chest. He was brought out of his haze by a loud gasp.

"Oh my God." Caroline screamed.

He looked up, and saw Elena standing in the foyer looking only mildly confused. She looked around briefly.

"I see not a lot has changed. How long was I gone?"

"Elena?" Damon whispered breathlessly. "Bonnie!" He yelled desperately as realization set in. He was on his feet, and out the door in a flash.

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