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Chapter 10

Damon was on a mission. All he saw was red as he tore through the two-story cabin searching for his brother.

Stefan was waiting for him on the lower deck. He knew what was coming, and he didn't want the entire 'scooby gang' as an audience.

Damon came barreling towards him, and Stefan didn't have the acuity to recoil nor brace himself. His brother's right hook caught his jaw with painful precision.

Stefan couldn't recall a time when Damon's punch knocked him on his ass. His anger and disgust were paramount, as was Stefan's self-abhorrence. He didn't even react when his brother demanded he returns to his feet. Before his brain could formulate a response, Bonnie was standing between him and his irate brother.

"Calmati." She whispered softly to Damon, her tiny hand resting gently on his pectoral.

Damon's nostrils flared and exhaled involuntarily. He could feel Bonnie controlling his emotions, inadvertently pissing him off more.

The lift of Bonnie's eyebrow and the condescending upturn of her lip set Damon off.

"Ti ha violentato, Bonnie." Damon roared! "lo ucciderò!" (he raped you, Bonnie, I'll kill him!)

"Quello è tuo Fratello!" (he's your brother)

Damon's nostrils flared again. Not being in control of his own emotions, he looked toward the cabin where everyone was gawking.

"Handle him, or I will!" He said through gritted teeth.

"And you will be explaining when we find a moment to ourselves."

He whispered in her ear.

Bonnie nodded slightly.

"Si." She agreed breathlessly causing Damon's nether regions to stir.

"I will erase the memory. You have to know that he no longer has those cravings. His soul has been absolved?"

"I do." Damon reluctantly agreed. "I should still whoop his ass though."

Bonnie chuckled seductively and teasingly ran her hand over Damon's nipple.

"Strega!" (witch)

Damon purred into her ear.

"E tu lo adori'" (and you love it.)

Bonnie replied provocatively causing Damon to growl. His eyes darkened, his hands twitched, and he was seconds away from pouncing.

"Keep teasing me..." He warned, still standing over her whispering in her ear.

Stefan finally stood, feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the sexual tension between the duo. He quietly excused himself, but neither noticed. Bonnie was having way too much fun exciting Damon. And Damon was too worked up to notice anything that wasn't Bonnie Bennett.

Bonnie was the first to look away, sensing the dark-haired girl approaching from behind.

"When you are done with your newest toy, I might be available." She said to him before retreating.

"What's going on?" Elena asked as she approached.


Elena screeched when her boyfriend didn't respond, nor take his eyes off the bare back of her tiny friend.

Bonnie was taking Klaus by the hand, and Damon's reaction was immediate. He growled lowly, not wanting to upset his girlfriend.

He exhaled before finally addressing her.

"Apparently Stefan isn't the saint he pretends to be." Was all he said before retreating toward the cabin.

"You coming?" He asked.

He was still worked up from his little tiff with his brother, and Bonnie's teasing, he needed to let off some steam.

Elena smiled widely, feeling more assured about Damon's feelings towards her. She couldn't believe she ever doubted him.

Bonnie knew Damon better than he knew himself. She knew that after her little game of teasing, Damon would promptly take his little toy to bed. Bonnie also knew herself, so she decided to spend some time outside the cabin with her own new toys. Never before had her Damiano bedded another woman knowing she was in the next room. Over fifteen lifetimes together, some as enemies, and he never once thrust a lover in her face. His level of disrespect was intolerable, and she couldn't promise that she wouldn't react if she had to hear them again. He was so cemented to this current life, Bonnie would have to get him alone soon for a soul cleansing. Else wise, she would have to gut him, then string his newest mistress up by her toes… wouldn't be the first time!

Sitting at an upscale night club in New York City merely seconds after stepping outside the cabin door in Nowhere Virginia was giving Caroline a kind of high that she didn't know existed. She felt more alive than ever before. And being part of Bonnie's coterie had her feeling indestructible. She was so busy dancing with three irrelevant "hot-boys" she strategically chose to make Stefan jealous, she didn't notice the commotion in the corner.

Apparently, several lowly vampires couldn't resist the intoxicating scent Bonnie's swaying hips gently expelled into the atmosphere.

She felt them approaching, but never halted her movements. She had a small harem and knew they would handle any inconveniences set on ruining her good time. Klaus quickly intervened, hating himself for wanting so desperately to please the Witch. It only took him a few minutes to handle the vermin, so imagine his surprise when he turned around and found Enzo dancing with Bonnie. He growled, causing Bonnie to look up at him. That perfectly arched eyebrow of hers inched north. She smiled at him, and he was spellbound. His feet moved without his permission. He didn't care that she was already dancing seductively on Damon's bootlicker. He promised himself that he would have her that night, and he had no plans on being gentle about it.

The 'witching hour' used to be his favorite time of night, but as he lay with his arms wrapped tightly around his lover he couldn't find peace. It wasn't that he was left wanting, Elena always knew how to satisfy his carnal cravings. So why was he wide awake brooding over life choices? He should have gone after her. He had no idea what she was doing, and who she was doing it with, and it was driving him insane. His girlfriend hadn't been too happy about him inviting tag-a-longs on their weekend getaway, so he was trying very hard to appease her. But he didn't have it in him to let Bonnie out of his sight for too long. He felt like a cheating spouse trying to juggle two women, except he wasn't a spouse, and he wasn't cheating. So why did he feel like he was? And why does he feel like Bonnie is the one he is cheating on? His thoughts were running amok in his brain, and he couldn't stop worrying about who had their filthy hands on her.

He kept his ears open trying to hear when she came in to close those pretty little eyes for the night. There was no way he could sleep until he knew that she was fast asleep, and alone in her bed.

Damon sat motionless all night waiting for the sounds tipsy supernaturals usually make when they stumble home at the ass crack of dawn. So by the time the sun came up, and there were still no signs of Bonnie; Damon was seething. Somewhere around 9:00 am the smell of pancakes and bacon awoke Elena.

"Morning." Her raspy voice broke his concentration.


He rushed to say as he jumped up to get showered and dressed. He missed the hurt look on his girlfriend's face because he was too busy trying to figure out how he still hadn't heard a sound, nor did he sense anyone in the house.

By the time Damon made it downstairs everyone, aside from Bonnie, was already seated at the table. Giddy conversation hampered down as he sat.

"Where's my witch?"

He tried to say in a joking way, but inwardly he was still seething.

" Your witch?"

Elena questioned with a little more attitude than she meant to.

"Probably recovering." Enzo jokes.

"From what?" Elena asked the question before Damon got the chance.

Various forms of giggling are the only answer the oblivious couple got.

Enzo finally decided to let the duo in on what was so god damned funny.

"How did you sleep through all the screaming, the erotic moaning, the banging of the headboard, the shit went on for hours?

Before Damon could ask Enzo what the hell he was talking about, Jeremy shot to his feet, and out of the front door.

Bonnie walked in seconds later with the stench of the Original Hybrid clinging faintly to her. Her damp hair suggested she recently showered, so Damon didn't want to consider why she still smelled of Klaus.

"Oh my God!" Elena gasped, her brain finally registered what was going on.

Damon closed his eyes tightly, not wanting to believe what he knew to be true… Bonnie slept with Klaus! Again!

Damon was livid. But what could he say? He spent half the night balls deep in Elena. He had no rights to the witch. Bonnie was a free agent. She could sleep with whomever she wanted. At least that's what Damon kept telling himself. Elena was watching him closely with hopeful eyes. He knew what a reaction from him would mean to her. If he kept his cool, Elena would continue to believe, wholeheartedly, that Damon had no desire for their tiny best friend. But jealousy was a bitch. Damon always had a hard time controlling such a powerful emotion. His left eye twitching and his closed fist were the only indications of his simmering rage.

"Silencing spell?" He questioned quietly.

Bonnie could sense that he was seething, but she did nothing to appease him. Instead, she lifted her chin, a clear sign of her indifference. Damon balled his other fist as his nostrils flared slightly. The witch was playing a dangerous game, but instead of airing on the side of caution, she poked the bear.

"It was child's play really. I managed to do it from the club, before our return… your room only." She smiled flirtatiously but directed it toward Enzo.

Damon was seconds from snapping, his fury seeping through his pores. Just as he was winning the battle, Klaus walked into the room. He slid behind Bonnie, his crotch brushing against her ass. Bonnie bit her lip, and Damon lost it. He pounced!

Klaus was so caught up in the feel of Bonnie's ass, he never noticed the unstable vampire until he was on top of him pummeling his face in. Klaus took the beating like a champ because the satisfaction of seeing Damon so unhinged over the Bennett Witch was too euphoric. No one intervened because there was no love lost between Klaus and the other supernaturals in the room. After several long moments of Damon smashing his fist into Klaus' face, and Klaus laughing hysterically, Bonnie finally broke the two apart. With a flick of two fingers, she had Damon pinned to the wall. He was heaving like a madman trying to get over to Klaus. Elena quickly ran over to her irate lover.

"Calm down Damon!" She tried.

Damon acted as if he hadn't heard her. His fangs were extended, his fist was bloody, and his nostrils were flaring like a bull.

"Get him out of here, or I'll kill him!" Damon threatened.

Klaus laughed, and Enzo rolled his eyes.

"Damon!" Stefan warned. They all knew he couldn't kill Klaus, and Damon's hypocritically possessive attitude toward Bonnie was beginning to irk Stefan.

Bonnie began to move toward Klaus in an effort to get him away from Damon's wrath.

"Not You!" Damon roared causing Bonnie to stop in her tracks.

"You!" Damon motioned to Alaric.

After a subtle nod from Bonnie, Ric and Klaus headed for the door.

"Everyone else out too!" Damon demanded.

Elena's jaw dropped, but Stefan managed to escort her outside without much hesitation. Everyone else quickly followed.

Before the front door even clicked shut, Damon demanded.

"Spell the room!"

Bonnie briefly closed her eyes signaling she would cooperate...for now. She gracefully sat at the table across from him, and motioned him to have a seat.

"It's done." She informed, causing Damon to blink several times because he hadn't seen her do or say anything that would indicate she had done any spell.

"My powers are much stronger than they have ever been." She explained, sensing his confusion.

"That's the understatement of the century." He quietly joked even though he was still seething.

"Why!" he said as he refused the seat offered and began pacing.

"Why what? Il Mio Amore" (My love!)

Damon rolled his eyes with a disgusted look on his face.

"Don't call me that!" He barked. "Not after…"

"After what?" Bonnie antagonized.

Damon spun around quickly and was in front of her face in a flash.

"Dopo essersi prostituita ad un altro!" (after whoring yourself to another!)

Damon exploded, spittle landing on Bonnie's face.

She knew he would be angry, but she didn't care. He had his lover, so she'd have hers. His angry Vampire visage did turn her on a little though, enough to cause her to squeeze her legs together tightly.

Again he looked at her disgusted once he realized what she was doing.

"What kind of fucking Angel are you?"

Damon tried to get under her skin. He was pissed off, and misery loves company.

Bonnie giggled, angering Damon more. He quickly wrapped his large hand around her tiny throat, his grip only tight enough to keep her still. Now hovering over her with his nose nearly touching hers, he grits out...

"Keep testing me, witch!"

Before Bonnie could respond Elena walked in. "What's going on?" She asked, a little upset about the compromising position she caught them in.

"Nothing!" Bonnie and Damon answered together. Damon released the witch and backed away.

"Vacation's over!" He yelled while marching up the stairs.

It had been two weeks since the gang returned from their impromptu vacation, and Damon was losing his mind. Bonnie hadn't moved out because, for some lucky reason, she needed to be close to him. But she was always gone, or surrounded by her 'harem of super-naturals.' What was she up to? And why didn't he know about it? When she first woke. She did call him her Sentinel, didn't that mean she needed him?

As if sensing his despair, Bonnie materialized out of thin air. He was stepping out of the shower, so it startled him and caused him to slip. He did not fall but he did lose his balance, irritating him further.

Bonnie smiled while looking down at his impressive…

"Stop looking at my dick!" Damon yelled as he regained his balance.

He quickly wrapped a towel around his waist and stormed out of his bathroom. Bonnie's only response was a quirk of her lip as she followed closely behind him.

"Is there a problem?" Bonnie asked.

The pained look on his face shifted her mood. All playfulness halted when she realized something was really bothering him.

"Damiano?" Bonnie soothed!

Damon sighed and dropped down on his bed unceremoniously.

"I just hate this." He admitted, "This distance between us is killing me."

"You did this to us!" Bonnie yelled.

Damon was taken aback. He hadn't expected this version of Bonnie to show such anger.

"You are mine, as I am yours. Yet you keep your whore in a room right next to mine. A room that was ours just a few months ago. Tell me how I should feel. Am I to sit here, and continuously listen while she shamelessly moans your name just for my ears? Am I to sit here, and pretend that I do not care her scent lingers on you all day? Or watch her hang on your arm like a bitch in heat while you humor her with a smile. I can not pretend that this does not affect me. If you insist on having your lover, I will have mine!"

He had her pinned against the bed with his hand wrapped around her throat in seconds.

"Stop while you're ahead witch." He demanded.

Bonnie simply raised a challenging brow causing Damon to quickly retreat.

He was no fool. He could sense the amount of power Bonnie had, and though he was almost certain she wouldn't harm, he didn't want to test that theory at that particular moment.

"I'm sorry." He spoke softly as he helped her up.

"I can't leave her." He admitted. "I love her, but I can't lose you either. Please, just…. Please." He didn't know exactly what he was begging for, but he didn't like the pain he was beginning to feel in his chest. It reminded him too much of the night he found her lying on the restroom floor at the grill.

Bonnie's face held no emotion, she was closing herself off, and he didn't like it.


Before he could say anything else, Bonnie was gone.

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